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In the News (Thu 23 May 19)

  Chora Church - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Chora Church (Turkish Kariye Müzesi, Kariye Camii, or Kariye Kilisesi — the Chora Museum, Mosque or Church) is considered to be one of the most beautiful examples of a Byzantine church.
The Chora Church was originally built outside the walls of Constantinople, to the south of the Golden Horn.
The Anastasis fresco in the parecclesion of the Chora Church.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Chora_Church   (1297 words)

 Sfakia-Chora Sfakion, South-West Crete   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
The district of Sfakia, with its main village Chora Sfakion, is a very special part of Crete, far away from the mass tourism of the north coast.
The rough and dramatic landscape of this area is softened by olive trees, tamarisk and pine trees and the gentle sound of sheep and goats’ bells.
Chora Sfakion is perfectly situated for day trips into the nearby mountains or along the coast by boat.
www.chora-sfakion.com   (464 words)

 [No title]
However, CHORA BATIR is not primarily a report of the conquest or of relations with Muscovy, neither is it a chronicle.
CHORA BATIR is a dastan, an ornate oral history which embodies the essential issues of Central Asian identity.
Since the majority of the events related in CHORA BATIR generally took place in the first half of the 16th century, we must conclude that Gazi Alim was referring to the Tatars, whose tribal confederation included the Naymans from earlier times.
www.angelfire.com /on/paksoy/chora.html   (6548 words)

 CHORA: Intervals in the Philosophy of Architecture
CHORA (the Greek word for "space"), is devoted to exploring the potential of architecture beyond conventional aesthetic and technological reductions.
CHORA offers a space to meditate on the possibility of such an architecture, capable of both respecting cultural differences and acknowledging the globalization of technological culture.
While the main philosophical framework for CHORA stems from phenomenology and hermeneutic ontology, the architectural pursuits in this collection could be placed generally in the broad context of European philosophy, which demands a fundamental redefinition of thought and action, and a substantial rethinking of traditionally accepted values.
www.mcgill.ca /architecture-theory/chora/?Style=Printable   (526 words)

 SAMOTHRACE-Settlements of the island-Chora
Chora is situated inland, 6 km from Kamariotissa.
Chora is the island’s capital and was so built by the inhabitants so as to avoid the raids by the pirates who pillaged the island.
The Church of the Assumption of the Virgfin Mary in Chora is well worth visiting for its old icons and the mummified heads of the "Five Martyrs of Samothrace".
alex.eled.duth.gr /Samothrace/en4a.html   (437 words)

 The Chora
The Chora is the initial state in a child's life where, between zero and about six months, it is driven by a chaotic mix of perceptions, feelings, and needs.
French feminists use the chora to reject Lacan's claim that gender is defined through language and the symbolic register, highlighting it as a pre-Oedipal position from which identity can be spoken.
The term 'semiotic' is often used either in tandem with 'chora' or sometimes as a replacement.
changingminds.org /disciplines/psychoanalysis/concepts/chora.htm   (180 words)

 Chora - The Village
Chora is one of the most beautiful villages in the Cyclades.
If you want to enjoy the beauty of Chora quietly, you´ll be better off visiting during daytime when most of the peopleare on the beaches.
Above Chora on the slope the twelve windmills remind you of farmer days, when the islanders used the power of the wind efficently to make their windmills work.
www.iospartyisland.com /aa_docs/general/chora.asp   (379 words)

 Bystory: Chora
From a Platonic viewpoint, the chora is the space where the philosopher's eternal truths are stored, a metaphysical memory bank, and the topos is the situated, literal place the sophists use as memory aids.
The project is then to replace topos itself (not just one particular setting but place as such) with chora wherever the former is found in the trivium.
"Chora receives everything or gives place to everything, but Plato insists that in fact it has to be a virgin place, and that it has to be totally foreign, totally exterior to anything that it receives.
mason.gmu.edu /~bhawk/bystory/chora.html   (572 words)

 Chora/Raoul Bunschoten   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Chora is developing the concept of dynamic planning and is developing an interactive web based tool kit, called the “Urban Gallery”, to orchestrate this.
Chora is currently working on two commissions: the organisation of the Future Centre of the Rijkswaterstaat, in the Netherlands and a masterplan for Homerton, a district in London.
Raoul Bunschoten and Chora are, in particular, the authors of Public Spaces-Prototypes, (2002), Metaspaces (2000); extended Chinese version, 2004) and Urban Flotsam(2001).
www.archilab.org /public/2004/en/textes/chora.htm   (235 words)

 Chora Sfakion in Crete, Greece, pictures and information, beaches, nature, travel, hotels, apartments, car rental
In the harbourfront of Chora Sfakion there are a lot of tavernas and some rooms for rent.
Besides the boat that will take you to Agia Roumeli, Loutro, Sougia and Paleochora, there is also a ferry that sets sail for the island of Gavdos a couple of times a week (two hours trip, usually in the weekends).
Chora Sfakion is really a very nice place to stay.
www.angelfire.com /me4/greekislands/csfakion.html   (147 words)

 [No title]
Chora Batir is the Tatar account of events and associated social conditions within two Tatar (Kazan and Crimean) khanates prior to the Russian conquest of Kazan.
CHORA BATIR is a dastan, an ornate oral history.
CHORA BATIR does not, however, allude to the overt competition which existed among Crimea and Muscovy for control over the Turgay-Yayik basin.
vlib.iue.it /carrie/cec/Chora_Batir_1986.shtml   (6496 words)

 Hotels in Turkey | Hotels in Istanbul | Blue Voyage Yachting and Cabin Charters | Museum of Chora
The Monastery of Chora was thus named, as it lied outside of the city walls built by the Emperor Constantine.
After the conquest of Istanbul by the Turks in 1453, the Chora Monastery was converted into a mosque in 1511 by Atik Ali Paþa, the Grand Vizier of Sultan Bayazýt II.
No interference was made to the architecture, except the addition of a minaret, and the name of the Chora monastery became Kariye since then, and it became known as the Kariye Mosque.
www.exploreturkey.com /exptur.phtml?id=112   (679 words)

 urban gallery | chora
CHORA is an urban and architectural research laboratory founded in 1994 with the aim of understanding, modelling and transforming dynamic processes in complex urban situations.
It is a peripatetic urban agency that combines practice with research.
Through in-situ urban studies, theoretical and critical reflection, CHORA has developed an original methodology aimed at registering, through fieldwork, proto-urban conditions, the dynamic modelling of these conditions, the ordering and unfolding of programmes through scenario development, and the formation of Liminal Bodies – urban prototypes – for policy-making and action planning.
xarch.tu-graz.ac.at /proj/chora/about_chora/about01.html   (87 words)

 Ataman Hotel - Istanbul - Chora Museum
The dictionary meaning of Kariye (Chora) is "outside of the city", or "rural" in old Greek.
All the mozaics and frescoes were uncovered with the work carried out by the American Institute of Byzantine Research between 1948 - 1958.
Chora mosaics and frescoes are the most beautiful examples of the last period of Byzantine art (14
www.atamanhotel.com /istanbul/chora.html   (674 words)

 Beaches around Chora Sfakion - Sfakia - Crete - Greece
In Chora Sfakion itself there is a very pleasant pebble beach at the western end of the village know as Vrissi (‘spring’).
For those who prefer not to walk along this path, a fishing boat takes passengers to Sweetwater from Chora Sfakion every morning during the season and returns in the late afternoon.
To the east of Chora Sfakion, there are several beaches which can be reached by foot – Amoudi, which is down a track just before the large Vritomartis hotel, and Filaki, which is after the hotel along a dirt road.
chora-sfakion.com /english/beaches.htm   (258 words)

 Chora Documentation
Bleeding-edge development versions of Chora are available via CVS; see the file docs/HACKING in the Horde distribution for information on accessing the Horde CVS repository.
Since Chora is written in PHP, there is no compilation necessary; simply expand the distribution where you want it to reside and rename the root directory of the distribution to whatever you wish to appear in the URL.
Note for international users: Chora uses GNU gettext to provide local translations of text displayed by applications; the translations are found in the po/ directory.
www.horde.org /chora/docs/?f=INSTALL.html   (702 words)

 ICA/UT: Chersonesos Chora Excavations
The agricultural hinterland (chora) of the Greek city of Chersonesos, like that of many Greek colonies, was divided into lots for the farms and vineyards of the colonists.
This division seems to have taken place about a hundred years after the establishment of the city and left visible marks on the landscape, in the form of roads, stone division walls, vineyard planting walls, and the farmsteads themselves.
These new approaches and questions were put to practice in the course of geophysical prospecting and excavation at a site called Bezymyannaya, at the furthest edge of the Greek chora.
www.utexas.edu /research/ica/chersonesos/01ch_chora_excav.htm   (525 words)

 Tanzschule ChoRa und Verlag
In autum 2000 the Circle Dance School ChoRa was founded.
The word ChoRa has its roots in the Greek word Choreia and means "dancingplace of encounter".
This stile of dancing is becoming more and more popular.It is now possible to learn these dances in a weekend.
www.chora.ch /96242.html?*session*id*key*=*session*id*val*   (301 words)

The importance of the church does not come from the building itself, the frescoes and the mosaics are superb and reflect the magnificient heritage of Byzantine Art.
The Chora Church Museum is open every day from 9 a.m to 4:30 p.m except Wed.
he word "Chora" means "in the country" in Greek because of the original church which was outside the city walls.
www.guideistanbul.net /chora.htm   (463 words)

 ISS X-Force Database: chora-diff-command-execution(16401): Chora diff utility command execution
Chora is the freely available Web-based repository viewer for CVS, the Horde Project's CVS repository viewer.
Chora versions prior to 1.2.2 could allow a remote attacker to execute arbitrary shell commands on the system, caused by a vulnerability in the implementation of the diff utility.
By default, the PHP file upload functionality is enabled, which could be used by a remote attacker to exploit this vulnerability to execute arbitrary commands on the system.
xforce.iss.net /xforce/xfdb/16401   (323 words)

 Istanbul Holy Savior Of Chora Museum Information - Istanbul Informative Guide
The church of The Holy Savior in Chora (Kariye Camii) is the most important monument of the Palaeologan age.
Be that as it may, it would appear that the origins of the monastery in Chora can be traced back to the 3rd century, and this is why the site was considered sanctified.
The name of Symeon, abbot of the monastery in Chora, appears among the participants in the 8th Ecumenical Council of Nicaea (787), which restored the veneration of icons.
www.istanbulinfolink.com /the_city/museums/chora_1.htm   (665 words)

 Vassilis Tsaktsarlis of oinopedion Biblia Chora
Among the reasons for this (in no discernable order) are that the vines are still young, noone else in Greece has done it and it makes for a superb (and, as it happens, award-winning) blush.
The three wines (white, red and rosé) that presently comprise the Biblia Chora label are in limited supply.
In 2003 Gerovassiliou and Tsaktsarlis hope to release 20,000 bottles of the white, 7,000 bottles of the rosé and 20,000 bottles of red.
www.greekwinemakers.com /czone/winemakers/Oinopedion.shtml   (1202 words)

 Ios : ios greece, ios hotel   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
The hotel is located just a few minutes walk from the cosmopolitan city of Ios (Chora) and the sandy beach of Yialos.
The Hotel is situated right at the bus stop of Chora, the main village, close to bars, restaurants, mini market and night -life.
On the beautiful island of Ios and in the most favoured area, 650 meters from the main village and 700 meters from the famous beach of Mylopotas, you find PELAGOS Apartments - A class rooms, with a quiet family atmosphere and friendly services.
www.greekhotel.com /cyclades/ios/chora/home.htm   (443 words)

 Gruppo di ricerca filosofica Chora
Il Gruppo di ricerca filosofica Chora è un'associazione culturale senza fini di lucro, costituitasi nel 1998 per iniziativa di alcuni laureati in filosofia dell'Università di Pavia.
Il gruppo Chora organizza incontri su temi e problemi di carattere filosofico: convegni, conferenze, seminari, cicli di lezioni, presentazioni di libri, spesso in collaborazione con importanti esponenti della filosofia italiana, quali Silvana Borutti, Salvatore Natoli, Fulvio Papi, Carlo Sini, Mario Vegetti.
Il Gruppo di ricerca filosofica Chora è lieto di annunciare l'uscita della sua prima realizzazione editoriale, il volume Socrate a Tortona: lezioni di filosofia 2004-2005, pubblicato dall'Editrice Impressioni Grafiche e realizzato con il contributo della Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Tortona e il patrocinio della Città di Tortona e del Liceo Peano.
www.gruppochora.com   (287 words)

 [announce] Chora 2.0-ALPHA   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
The Horde Team is pleased to announce the first alpha release of the Chora Repository Viewer version 2.0.
Chora is built upon the Horde Application Framework and provides a read-only browser interface to any number of version control repositories.
The major changes compared to the Chora 1.x versions are: * Subversion support * Patchset information * Cvsgraph integration * Simple commit statistics Known issues: * Documentation is not completely updated yet.
lists.horde.org /archives/announce/2004/000089.html   (254 words)

 Chora Sfakion - Hora Sfakion - South Crete - Greece
Chora Sfakion - Hora Sfakion - South Crete - Greece
Chora Sfakion (or Hora Sfakion) is the capital of the district of Sfakia.
Chora Sfakion is a great place if you want to get a sense of traditional Crete.
www.west-crete.com /holidays-chora_sfakion.htm   (245 words)

 Gentoo Linux Documentation -- Horde-Chora: Remote code execution
A vulnerability in Chora allows remote code execution and file upload.
Chora is a PHP-based SVN/CVS repository viewer by the HORDE project.
A vulnerability in the diff viewer of Chora allows an attacker to inject shellcode.
www.gentoo.org /security/en/glsa/glsa-200406-09.xml   (132 words)

Quoting Abdelrahman gmail.com>: > is there a way i could edit the CVS comments using chora > > I am currently running chora 2.1 No, and in fact that goes against the grain of any version control system - you're not supposed to be able to change history.
In chora setup, I have tried many different permutations to write the path to the svn executable.
I´ve noticed that pt_BR translation of Chora 2.0.1 was incomplete, so I finished it and sent an email to accdias sst.com.br (that is in the translation file as the last translator), but the message returned.
blog.gmane.org /gmane.comp.horde.chora?set_lines=100000   (1335 words)

 Folegandros: Chora Resort Hotel and Spa - Traveler Reviews - A rip off on an almost perfect island. - TripAdvisor
It is not really in the beautiful town of Chora, but rather on the outskirts of the village with views of a dirt parking lot adjacent to the island's only gas station.
Unfortunately they do not make up for the indifference and arrogance of the owner who is rather willing to explain loudly how little he cares about your opinion of his "resort" and his misrepresentations.
We moved into another hotel that offered a dramatic setting and rooms that were three times the size of our Chora closet for much less.
tripadvisor.com /ShowUserReviews-g189426-d611706-r5465575-Chora_Reso...   (992 words)

 Crete | Sfakia (Chora Sfakion) - a visitor's guide by CreteTravel.com
It is probable, that the majority of those setting foot in Sfakia may well have walked the length of the Samaria Gorge and be one of the many muscle-aching souls on one of the ferries that travel from the mouth of the gorge, at Agia Roumeli to Chora Sfakia (or Sfakion).
The village of Chora Sfakia is both quiet - busy with individual or independent tourists in the summer - in its role as home and fishing village to local people, and a port for those travelling by ferry to Agia Roumeli, Sougia, Paleochora and the unspoilt island of Gavdos (
Embarko cafe is on the way in to Sfakia as you come down from the Imbros direction, it has a most impressive view over Sfakia (a view to stir or calm the soul), out to sea and the not-so-distant white buildings of Loutro.
www.cretetravel.com /Sfakia/Sfakia.htm   (1045 words)

 Tower of Glezos (Chora of Naxos)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
The Venetian Markos II Sanoudos built the fortress of Chora in Naxos with circuit towers, one of which, the Glezos tower (Crispi) is still preserved.
In 1995 work was begun on restoring the tower to serve as a museum.
Name of the monument: The Fortress (Castro) of Chora, Naxos, and the Glezos Tower (Crispi).
www.culture.gr /2/21/212/21202n/e212bn04.html   (202 words)

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