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Topic: Christian Democratic Party

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  Encyclopedia: Christian Democratic Union of Germany
A right-of-center Christian party, the CDU is the biggest conservative political party in Germany.
The CDU was the dominant party with Adenauer as its leader from 1949 to 1963.
Opponents of the CDU are the social democratic SPD, the communist PDS and the environmentalist Bundnis90/Die Gruenen.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Christian-Democratic-Union-of-Germany   (4182 words)

 Encyclopedia: United Christian Democratic Party
The United Christian Democratic Party is a political party in South Africa.
Party leaders' participation in the junta governments established after the reformist coup gave them an opportunity to organize and prepare to participate in the democratic process initiated in 1982.
The party's absolute majority in the legislature was seen by him and his fellow Christian Democrats as a mandate for the continuation and extension of reforms.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/United-Christian-Democratic-Party   (228 words)

 Christian People's Party (Norway) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Christian People's Party (Kristelig Folkeparti or Kristeleg Folkeparti, KrF), is a Christian Democratic Norwegian political party founded in 1933.
It is often referred to as the Christian Democratic Party.
Kjell Magne Bondevik served as prime minister in 1997-2000, in coaliton with Venstre and Senterpartiet, and the in 2001-2005 with Venstre and Høyre.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Christian_Democratic_Party_of_Norway   (385 words)

 We, the Christian People’s Alliance, are very concerned with the welfare of our members
The Christian Democratic Party feels that immigrants who do not adopt the values are not likely to contribute positively to the United Kingdom and should not be encouraged to stay.
Christian Democratic Party's view is that if a "guest worker is paying taxes for at least 12 months he should get benefits.
The party feels that asylum seekers are allowed to stay in the country too long while the application process is in progress.
www.lsu.edu /faculty/lray2/teaching/4068/cd.htm   (1619 words)

 El Salvador Christian Democratic Party - Flags, Maps, Economy, History, Climate, Natural Resources, Current Issues, ...
The year 1979 was a turning point for the Christian Democrats, as it was for the country as a whole.
Duarte and his party used their control of the executive and legislative branches to further the agrarian reform program first established by decree in 1980, to draft a new Electoral Code, to approve an amnesty for political prisoners, and to pass additional economic reform measures.
The decline in the fortunes of the PDC was tragically and almost symbolically accentuated by the announcement in June 1988 that President Duarte was suffering from terminal liver cancer.
www.photius.com /countries/el_salvador/government/el_salvador_government_christian_democratic~738.html   (1496 words)

 Christian Democratic and Flemish - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
It is a centrist Flemish Christian Democratic party.
On the 20th of july 2004 Yves Leterme presented the new Flemish government and was sworn into office as the new Minister-President of Flanders.
The party changed its name from CVP to CDandV on 29 September 2001.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Christen-Democratisch_en_Vlaams   (290 words)

 Islam Online- News Section   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The Christian Democratic party claimed that hijab places woman at a lower status and was a political symbol not entrenched in the Muslims’ holy book, the Noble Qur’an.
Thomas Kufen, the party’s immigration affairs officer, alleged that disputes could emerge in schools over the issue of hijab and that a legislation was needed.
The Socialist, Green and Free Democratic parties have voted against the motion, accusing the party of religious discrimination.
www.islamonline.net /English/News/2005-03/24/article07.shtml   (706 words)

 Tiscali Forums - Christian Democratic Party for Britain
The Christian Peoples Alliance is a group of committed Christian Democrats from across the UK who have concluded that none of the British political parties are worthy of the support of Christians.
The majority of Christian Democratic parties on the continent tend to be based on 'social Catholicism', the strand within Catholicism that is concerned with social justice for the less well off and alleviating the effects of capitalism for workers.
Whilst the Christian Democratic Party for Britain are at the moment doing what I would call some admirable things - organising opposition to the DSEI conference for one - I doubt that if they gain any power they will not follow a strong neo-liberal agenda.
www.tiscali.co.uk /forums/printthread.php?t=91296   (859 words)

 [No title]
Christian Democrats in Finland is part of the worldwide Christian Democratic movement.
Christian Democrats in Finland (Suomen Kristillisdemokraatit, KD) is a political party founded in 1958 to promote Christian Democratic ideals in puplic and political life.
The partyäs activity is directed by the party's activity is directed by the party's executive committee.
www.kristillisdemokraatit.fi /kd/main.php?p=400   (997 words)

 Andrew Amos, Christian Democratic Party - Pittwater
The Christian Democratic Party is the only party that is specifically working towards ensuring that our Christian heritage is not eroded further.
The CDP is committed to the aid and care of those in our society who are underprivileged, those who are marginalised and in need of compassionate assistance.
The CDP is the party to vote for, if you want to affirm the family and make Australia a better place for all Australians.
www.awamos.com /WhyCDP.htm   (390 words)

 Christian Democratic Party - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Christian Heritage Party — in Canada and New Zealand
Index of Christian politics to browse political ideologies by name
Christian Democratic Party (USA) — nascent Christian Democratic party in the United States
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Christian_Democratic_Party   (181 words)

 Christian Democratic - Hutchinson encyclopedia article about Christian Democratic   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Ideology of a number of parties active in Western Europe since World War II, especially in Italy, the Federal Republic of Germany, and France, and (since 1989) in central and Eastern Europe.
Christian Democrats are essentially moderate conservatives who believe in a mixed economy and in the provision of social welfare.
This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional.
encyclopedia.farlex.com /Christian+Democratic   (128 words)

 Nations and States
Heiner Geissler, who was general secretary of the Christian Democratic Union from 1977 until 1989, said on Monday that he had repeatedly argued with Kohl about the secret accounts and that the former chancellor knew everything about them.
Tuesday, Christian Democratic leaders acknowledged that there may indeed have been improper financial dealings and that these may have persisted until as recently as a year ago.
They will also will be a major political blow to the Christian Democrats, who were just beginning to recover from their devastating electoral defeat last year to the Social Democratic Party of Chancellor Gerhard Schröder.
www.globalpolicy.org /nations/kohl.htm   (700 words)

 Christian Democratic Party, Uruguay
In 1971 the PDC was one of the political parties (alongside the Socialist Party, the Communist Party and other small political parties) that founded the Frente Amplio coalition.
Nowadays the Christian Democratic Party is inside another group of the coalition: the Alianza Progresista.
The Flag of the Christian Democratic Party of Uruguay is a red flag (with a very slightly "orangeish" shade of red).
atlasgeo.span.ch /fotw/flags/uy}pdc.html   (294 words)

 WheretodoResearch.com - Major Democratic Conservative Parties in Democracies   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
However, not all parties that are members of either the CDI and/or the IDU are conservative.
The CDI consists of leftist, centrist, and conservative parties in democracies, non-democracies and semi-democracies.
Mostly the ELDR is a caucus of like-minded parties in the European Parliament.
www.wheretodoresearch.com /International/Conservative_Parties.htm   (394 words)

 ADEPT : Political parties of RM : Parties' List : People's Christian Democratic Party
After 1998 elections, the party joined the Alliance for Democracy and Reforms, whose goal was to stop the Communist Party and continue the reforms in the country.
Together with the Communist Party, Christian-Democrats gave a non-confidence vote to the reformist Government headed by Ion Sturza and voted for a new one headed by Dumitru Braghis.
Commencing January 9, 2002 Christian Democrats launched protest rallies opposing to the decision of the Minister of Education, Ilie Vancea, on compulsory study of Russian language in the primary schools.
www.parties.e-democracy.md /en/parties/ppcd   (261 words)

 Family World News - Spotlight On Government   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Mr Bradford said the Christian Democratic Party is a new political party for Australia.
The Christian Democratic Party stands for the values I believe in, the values I have strived to stand for during my eight years in the Parliament.
However, the Christian Democratic Party does not accept that compromise is inevitable in politics and the values the Christian Democratic Party espouses will not be watered down or compromised.
www.pastornet.net.au /fwn/1998/may/spotlight.htm   (1630 words)

 Christian Democratic Party - Home Page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The work of the Christian Democratic Party has made the Government include key provisions for transparency and community representation under its new laws to reel in dysfunctional council handling of development applications.
The Christian Democratic Party, represented in Parliament by Rev Dr Gordon Moyes and Rev Fred Nile, took the lead role in fighting against the bill.
The Christian Democratic Party is looking to recruit Candidates who will stand for Election in the Lower House (Legislative Assembly) in the NSW State Elections for CDP coming up in just over a year.
www.christiandemocratic.org.au   (739 words)

 Independent Electoral Commission   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Political parties contesting the 2004 Elections signed the Electoral Code of Conduct today at a ceremony at the CSIR Conference Centre in Pretoria in preparation for the National and Provincial Elections.
Acknowledging that political parties and candidates participating in the National and Provincial Elections in 2004 are obliged to subscribe to the Electoral Code of Conduct which is binding on those participating parties, their candidates, members and supporters.
The political parties participating in the National and Provincial Elections on 14 April 2004 gathered here in Pretoria on this day under the auspices of the Electoral Commission commit themselves to uphold the underlying values and conduct required by the Electoral Code of Conduct, and to which they hereby publicly pledge to adhere.
www.elections.org.za /news_get.asp?press=0&NewsID=235&Opt=&Data=&RecNum=21   (498 words)

 ACT Christian Democratic Party   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The Christian Democratic Party bases its political ethics on biblical principles.
The Party needs witnesses in all areas of activity to motivate support at elections, without which the major parties will not consider the Christian vote as relevant or significant.
Christian leadership in our communities is sadly lacking and your support is needed for those who are called to stand up and be counted in Australian politics.
www.cdp.org.au /act   (359 words)

 CHRISTIAN DEMOCRATIC PARTY OPENS PANDORA   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Germany's embattled Christian Democratic Union (CDU) on Friday admitted it had operated an extraordinary web of secret onshore and offshore accounts, run in parallel to its official finances, for three decades.
He said the party had contacted UBS, the Swiss bank where its safe deposit box and some accounts were held, to obtain details of the amounts and the precise flows between Switzerland and Germany.
Wolfgang Thierse, the president of the Bundestag - the lower house of Parliament, which administers the scheme - must decide by the middle of this month whether to unlock the next tranche of state funding due to the CDU and resolve the highly contentious issue of penalties.
www.newsmakingnews.com /germanyaccounts2,11,00.htm   (424 words)

 The Norwegian Electoral survey 2001. The first results - Historical party-switch among voters
The fluctuations for the Liberal Party are naturally not that of the same size, however the Liberal Party has a net gain in relation to the Christian Democratic Party and the Labour Party and a net loss to the Socialist Left party, Centre Party and the Conservative Party.
The Christian Democratic Party and the Progress Party had low loyalty among their former voters in spite of the fact that both parties performed their second best election ever.
The Progress Party's loss to the Conservative Party is partly compensated by a net gain in relation to the Christian Democratic party, Centre Party and the Labour Party.
www.ssb.no /vund_en/main.html   (1193 words)

 Kristdemokraterna / News / A call for support for a free and democratic Cuba   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
A large number of prisoners are members of the Cuban Christian Democratic movement; Movimiento Cristiano Liberación, others were active in other political parties and organisations or as independent journalists.
We regard the present situation in Cuba as acute and we call for the democratic world to become vocal for the sake of our Cuban brothers and sisters suffering from enduring oppression as they try to carry through their non-violent struggle for democracy under extraordinarily harsh conditions.
In the pursuit of these avenues, the Christian Democrats of Europe believe it is time to search for new ways in order to stimulate a democratic change in Cuba.
www.liberacion.nu /article.asp?Article_Id=9882   (1021 words)

 Christian Democratic Party   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Christian Democratic Party of Australia - Promotes Christian values in Parliament and evaluates all legislation on Biblical principles.
Christian Democratic Party ACT Branch - Describes policies, positions, and contact information for the Canberra group.
Christian Democratic Party, Fred Nile Group - Site of the NSW Parliament House office, featuring news, policy statements, and office directory.
www.topiasearch.com /Regional/Oceania/Australia/SocietyandCulture/Politics/Parties/ChristianDemocraticParty   (80 words)

 Selected Documents Pertaining to 1964 Election in Chile
In view of the ambiguous position of the Christian Democratic Party on a number of issues of interest to the United States, the subject of assistance to this party was periodically coordinated at various levels, with the people responsible for policy.
The parties of the Democratic Front coalition polled approximately 921,000 votes in the April 1963 municipal elections which amounted to 46% of the votes cast.
The democratic forces are presently split, with Radical party candidate Julio Duran back in the race after the results of a congressional bi-election in March shattered his coalition of rightist parties and indicated he stood almost no chance of being elected.
www.gwu.edu /~nsarchiv/news/20040925/docs.htm   (5230 words)

 Christian Democratic Union --  Encyclopædia Britannica
With the Radical Democratic Party, the Social Democratic Party, and the Swiss People's Party, the Christian Democratic People's Party has governed Switzerland as part of a grand coalition since 1959.
For much of the 20th century, the Radical Civic Union (UCR) was the primary opposition party to the Peronists, who are represented by the Justicialist Party.
In 1980, the Democratic Party was a house that was divided among the Kennedy and Carter camps.
www.britannica.com /eb/article-9082416   (774 words)

 South African Political Parties
The party emblem is in the centre - the globe and cross- with stripes of equal size and dimensions as in the Haiti flag.
Having its origins as a breakaway group from the National Party in 1969, the HNP as with the Conservative Party, wished to stay as close to the traditional NP colours of orange, white and blue.
The National Party (NP) was the ruling party in South Africa from 1948 until 26 April 1994 when the ANC came to power.
www.fotw.us /flags/za}.html   (4306 words)

 Christian Democrats attack opposition over Christian principles - news from ekklesia
The African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) in South Africa has accused the Democratic Alliance of pushing policies that are "not in line with Christian principles", or at least those espoused by the African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP).
The accusation follows a row between political parties over a comment made by Deputy President Jacob Zuma that the ANC would rule until Jesus returned.
During the war of words the Democratic Alliance's national chairperson Joe Seremane said the African Christian Democratic Party should not present itself as the sole custodian of the Christian faith.
www.ekklesia.co.uk /content/news_syndication/article_04046cds.shtml   (426 words)

 Flemish Christian Democratic Party   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Christen-Democratisch en Vlaams (CDandV) (Christian Democratic and Flemish) is a political party in Belgium, formerly called ChristelijkeVolkspartij (CVP) (Christian People's Party).
Asof 2003 it has been led by Yves Leterme, and before that was led by Stefaan De Clerck.
CDandV led by Yves Leterme won these elections, partlyby forming a cartel with the moderate nationalist N-VA party, and retook it's historicposition as largest party in Flanders.
www.therfcc.org /flemish-christian-democratic-party-154976.html   (191 words)

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