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Topic: Christian Dior

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In the News (Tue 16 Jul 19)

  Christian Dior Biography and profiles of fashion designers
Dior is a member of the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture et du Pret-a-Porter.
The Christian Dior S.A. itself holds 42% of the LVMH assets and is the holding company for the fashion brands Christian Dior Couture, Kenzo, Givenchy, Christian Lacroix, and Louis Vuitton.
Christian Dior is a wolf in very tight-fitting clothing due to its 42% controlling stake in luxury goods giant LVMH.
www.infomat.com /whoswho/christiandior.html   (907 words)

 ArtandCulture Artist: Christian Dior   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
In 1947, Christian Dior put Paris back in the center of the fashion universe with his "New Look." The new style melded the best of the Belle Epoque with the most advanced styling techniques of the times.
Dior's genius is evident in the way he engineered a renaissance of classical styles and ideals.
Dior died in 1958, leaving the control of his fashion house in the hands of the tremendously talented Yves Saint Laurent.
www.artandculture.com /cgi-bin/WebObjects/ACLive.woa/wa/artist?id=141   (410 words)

 Christian Dior / Fashion Designer (1905-1957) - Design/Designer Information
Christian Dior was born in 1905 in Granville, a lively seaside town on the Normandy coast.
Dior longed to become an architect but, at his father’s insistence, he enrolled at the prestigious Ecole des Sciences Politiques (nicknamed Sciences Po’) in Paris to take a degree in politics which, or so his parents hoped, would prepare him for a diplomatic career.
Dior was invited by a childhood friend from Granville to revive Philippe et Gaston, a struggling clothing company owned by Marcel Boussac, the “King of Cotton” with an empire of racing stables, newspapers and textile mills.
www.designmuseum.org /design/christian-dior   (2563 words)

 Christian Dior
In 1905 Christian Dior was born in the town of Grenville on the French coast and when he was 5 years old, his family moved to Paris.
Dior explained that this theme was meant to animate the figure, demanding that the eyes follow the lines of folds boned, wired and lined to stick out as far as 2 feet from the body.
Dior felt that he was not being recognized enough for his work and did have plans to give him more recognition, but he died before these plans could be put into place.
www.designerhistory.com /historyofashion/dior.html   (2197 words)

 glbtq >> arts >> Dior, Christian
Dior was born on January 21, 1905 to a wealthy family in Granville, France.
Dior never married, and there were and continue to be rumors and speculation about his sexuality.
The absence of any discussion of Dior's private life in his autobiography may constitute a kind of negative evidence of his presumed homosexuality, for it was difficult, if not impossible, for gay men in the public eye to come out in the first half of the twentieth century.
www.glbtq.com /arts/dior_c.html   (813 words)

 Elegant-Lifestyle.com: Clothing: Fashion: The Grand French Haute Couture Houses: Christian Dior
Christian Dior (1905-1957), who had originally studied to become a diplomat, briefly worked for the designers Robert Piguets (1901-1953) in 1938 and Lucien Lelong (1889-1958) in 1942 before founding his own couture house in 1946.
Christian Dior's 'New Look' was to solidly restore Paris after World War II as the sovereign city of fashion.
Christian Dior attracted many young talents such as Pierre Cardin, Jean-Louis Scherrer and Yves Saint Laurent who were all later to open their own couture houses.
www.elegant-lifestyle.com /haute_couture_dior.htm   (612 words)

 Christian Dior (1905–1957) | Special Topics Page | Timeline of Art History | The Metropolitan Museum of Art   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
Christian Dior's reputation as one of the most important couturiers of the twentieth century was launched in 1947 with his very first collection, in which he introduced the "New Look." Featuring rounded shoulders, a cinched waist, and very full skirt, the New Look celebrated ultra-femininity and opulence in women's fashion.
While the House of Dior is still a thriving business today, Dior's untimely death in 1957 left the fashion world without a great dictator of style.
Christian Dior designed under his own name for only a decade, but his influence will be felt for many years to come.
www.metmuseum.org /toah/hd/dior/hd_dior.htm   (477 words)

 Christian Dior
Dior, clip style earrings in a round design with center red tone crackle glass.
Dior, clip style earrings in a heart design with red center tear drop and accented with clear bright rhinestones.
Christian Dior opened his own business in 1946.
www.vcj4u.com /christian_dior_costume_jewelry.htm   (267 words)

 Christian Dior   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
In the space of ten years, from 1947 to 1957 (the date of his death), Christian Dior succeeded in creating a fashion house whose name is famous the world over.
The House of Dior was bought up in 1987; today, it belongs to the world's leading manufacturer of luxury goods, the Louis-Vuitton-Moët-Hennessy Group.
The Dior touch is all there, noticeable in the cut of the suits, the sense of detail, the inlays and hidden seams, the embroidered, white guipure coats, the swallow-tail jacket trains and the velvet evening gowns, faithful to that "sense of the accomplished and perfect" dear to the inventor of the new look.
www.diplomatie.gouv.fr /label_france/ENGLISH/DOSSIER/MODE/dio.html   (318 words)

 Christian Dior
Christian Dior Germany faux pearls and green glass earrings.
Christian Dior by Kramer gold color metal strap bracelet with a large clear rhinestone center plus small round clear rhinestone accents.
Christian Dior by Kramer clear rhinestone necklace with a red rhinestone center piece.
www.treasures-in-time.com /christian_dior.htm   (238 words)

 Christian Dior ( - ) Artwork Images, Exhibitions, Reviews
Christian Dior, "Venus" evening dress: bodice, skirt and sash pale pink with full skirt and strapless bodice, 1949
Frederick Christian Lewis (the elder), At Enfield, 1845
Designers such as Christian Lacroix, Zandra Rhodes, John Galliano for Christian Dior and Diane von Furstenberg share their elegant visions of the golden West....
wwar.com /masters/d/dior-christian.html   (640 words)

 Christian Dior Biography
Between founding the fashion house of ‘Christian Dior” in 1946 and his death in 1957 fashion designer extraordinaire, Christian Dior, gave the fashion world the new look.
Christian Dior with his partner Jaques Rouet was the first fashion designer to develop the concept of licensing.
The modern House of Christian Dior has replaced the new look with a new elegance that has been designed by Englishman John Galliano since 1996.
www.zoozoom.com /designers/biography/christian_dior.html   (281 words)

 Christian Dior sunglasses,eyewear, eyeglasses, occhiali,Lunette,Zonnebrille,Sonnenbrille
Christian Dior sunglasses are a leading brand in the world of high class designer sunglasses.
The Christian Dior Diorliwood is a pair of sunglasses that only the truly stylish can wear.
We also have discount Christian Dior sunglasses for you to choose from, because no one should let money come between them and fashion.
www.sunglassesitaly.com /dior   (647 words)

 Cosmeticmall.com, Shop the Beauty Superstore - Make Up, Cosmetics, Skin Care, Hair Care, Fragrances, Tools, Men, Gifts. ...
Christian Dior, in addition to being the legendary fashion house and leading manufacturer of luxury goods, also produces some of the worlds finest cosmetics, perfumes and skin care products.
Christian Dior cosmetics are a trendy and fluid line of cosmetics following the keys trends and colors of each season that espouse the "New Look".
Thirty years of research at Christian Dior labs has resulted in innovative and ground breaking skin care treatment lines.
www.cosmeticmall.com /category.aspx?nav_mode=brand&brand_category_id=801   (125 words)

 Christian Dior Watches - Orolus.com
Christian Dior watches - a world leader in luxury watches.
Each watch in the Christian Dior collection is an original and exclusive creation, a timeless object, the reflection of a personality.
Christian Dior watches are warranted by Christian Dior to the original purchaser to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use for a period of two years from the date of
www.orolus.com /christiandior.shtml   (157 words)

 Amazon.com: Christian Dior: Books: Richard Martin,Harold Koda   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
Dior was an artist, a seeker of Beauty, and we're all the richer for it.
This is a portrait album of a sampling of Christian Dior's masterpieces shown in the 1996 New York Metropolitain Museum of Art's retrospective.
The text offers a balance of historical costume references that Dior used in his creations against the social and economic era he designed in.
www.amazon.com /Christian-Dior-Richard-Martin/dp/0300085850   (748 words)

 Genuine Christian Dior watches from About Time
Whether it's a Christian Dior Riva Chrono Sparkling, a Chris 47, a Malice Sparkling, or any other fine timepiece, all About Time® timepieces are brand new, in the box, with all appropriate papers and serial numbers.
However, we guarantee that the Christian Dior® watch you receive will be the exact Christian Dior watch you ordered.
Remember, if you don't see the exact watch that you are interested in on our Christian Dior® page, it doesn’t mean that we can’t quickly obtain the watch you desire.
www.abouttime.com /abouttime/christian_dior.invtc.html   (673 words)

 Christian Dior
Christian Dior (1905-1957) was an influential French fashion designer.
In the 1950's, Dior jewelry was produced by Kramer, Henkel and Grosse (from 1955) and Mitchel Maer (from 1952-1956).
In 1955, Swarovski and Christian Dior developed the iridescent aurora borealis stone.
www.collectingcj.com /christian_dior.htm   (57 words)

 Christian Dior
Christian Dior Face And Eyes by Christian Dior, 8 oz Hydra Dior Purifiante Astringent Lotion for Oily S for Women
Dior Addict Perfume by Christian Dior, 1.7 oz Eau De Parfum Spray for Women
Dior Addict Perfume by Christian Dior, 3.4 oz Eau De Parfum Spray for Women
www.fragrancex.com /perfume-brands-perfume-brands-c-christian-dior.html   (2044 words)

 Christian Dior Spring 2005 Couture Collection on Style.com: Runway Review   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
Christian Dior Spring 2005 Couture Collection on Style.com: Runway Review
John Galliano produced an absolute dream collection at Christian Dior couture for spring—a dream that recaptured all the romantic, gasp-inducing poetry he used to infuse into his shows and that delivered everything, from surpassing technique to a fresh proportion, that sends a fashion audience into a state of bliss.
At last, Galliano has had the change of heart for which his critics have been praying.
www.style.com /fashionshows/collections/S2005CTR/review/CDIOR   (406 words)

 eBay.co.uk Shop - Sunglasses: Christian Dior: authentic, armani, Designer   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
Christian Dior Comic Strip 26n Sunglasses rrp £149
Christian Dior Comic Strip 37n Sunglasses rrp £149
Christian Dior Cosmic Girl 56c Sunglasses rrp £149
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 eBay.co.uk Shop - Happy Miniatures perfumes: Christian Dior: DIOR ME Christian Dior mini perfume MINIATURE   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
Christian Dior CHRIS 1947 EDT7ml mini perfume MINIATURE
Christian Dior ADDICT 2 EDT 5ml mini perfume MINIATURE
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 PureModa.com Christian Dior Handbags ~ Christian Dior Saddle Purses Christian Dior Saddle Bags
Christian Dior virtually dictated fashion styles in the 1950’s.
Christian Dior handbag, handbags, christian dior saddle bag, christian dior double saddle, christian dior purses, christian dior bag
Christian Dior Original Sunglasses CD MY DIOR 3 Blue
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 eBay — Christian Dior, Designer Brands and Jewelry Watches items on eBay.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
DIOR large logo mirror locket 17" AUTHENTIC AWESOME
Authentic Christian Dior Bow Bracelet w/ hanging C and D
Christian Dior Gold Tone Rope and Faux Pearl Pin Signed.
jewelry.listings.ebay.com /Designer-Brands_Christian-Dior_W0QQsacatZ110421QQsocmdZListingItemList   (388 words)

 Dior - Christian Dior Handbag & Christian Dior Shoes & Accessory Items at eLUXURY   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
Shop our Dior boutique for Christian Dior Accessory, Dior Shoes and Handbag collection.
Our Christian Dior Handbag Collection features the most sought after and hard-to-find handbags.
From evening to casual, we have the perfect Christian Dior Handbag and Dior Shoes for any occasion.
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 Christian Dior   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
During the 1930s he worked as a freelance fashion artist for various newspapers and magazines.
In 1938, Dior joined courturier Robert Long as a fashion designer.
He left, and showed his first collection in 1949.
www.paralumun.com /fashiondior.htm   (35 words)

 eBay Store - Designer Empire: Christian Dior: NEW 05 CHRISTIAN DIOR ADIORABLE 6 GREY SUNGLASSES WoW   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
We specialize in 100% Authentic Designer Sunglasses and Eyeglasses: Gucci, Chanel, Christian Dior, Roberto Cavalli, Dolce and Gabbana, Versace, Yves Saint Laurent, Giorgio Armani, Fendi, Cazal, Salvatore Ferragamo, Valentino, Maui Jim.
stores.ebay.com /Designer-Empire_Christian-Dior_W0QQcolZ4QQdirZ1QQfsubZ3QQftidZ2QQtZkm   (146 words)

 Amazon.com: Christian Dior: Books: Richard Martin,Harold Koda,Metropolitan Museum of Art   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
Amazon.com: Christian Dior: Books: Richard Martin,Harold Koda,Metropolitan Museum of Art
Join Amazon Prime and ship Two-Day for free and Overnight for $3.99.
Buy this book with Christian Dior: The Glory Years 1947-1957 by Esmeralda de Rethy today!
www.amazon.com /Christian-Dior-Richard-Martin/dp/0870998226   (815 words)

 Vintage Designer Clothing - Featured Designers - Christian Dior
Click on a picture of an item for its description and measurements.
Christian Dior shirt, size 16 1/2 - 34-35
Christian Dior shirt, size 15 1/2 - 34
www.vintagedesignerclothing.com /dior.html   (37 words)

 Christian Dior   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
Lipstick by Christian Dior - Graffiti Red (622)
Lipstick by Christian Dior - Sheer Pearl (007)
Lipstick by Christian Dior - Sparkling Red (543)
www.cosmeticscounter.com /chrisdiordis.html   (68 words)

 Christian Dior
Christian Dior was born in Normandy, France in 1905, and...
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