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Topic: Christian Antisemitism

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In the News (Wed 19 Jun 19)

  Holocaust, Part 3
In addition, what Christianity preaches is that Jews, and all others who do not believe in it, should, after death, be punished by horrible torture and ultimate destruction, whereas believers could qualify for a life of everlasting bliss.
A combination of Christian anti-Semitism, racist theories, and Germanic super-nationalistic ethnocentrism reached its zenith in the Nazi era, forming a mixture of lethal volatility that exploded in the flames of the Holocaust.
"Christianity from its beginning, tended toward intolerance that was rooted in its religious self-consciousness." It is possible to cite many authorities who confirm that intolerance of Jews is part and parcel of Christianity.
www.ffrf.org /fttoday/back/hakeem/holocaust3.html   (1235 words)

 islam and antisemitism
Describes the antisemitism of the ancient pagans; of early, medieval, and modern Christians; of "post-Christians" (such as Voltaire who reintroduced the Jew-hatred of the ancient Greeks and Romans); of liberals (who would deny the Jews an autonomous existence); and of socialists and communists from Marx to the rulers of the Soviet Union.
Antisemitism and persecutions of the Jews are mentioned throughout the historical narrative, from antiquity to the present.
Christian law regarding the Jews was inconsistent, and Jews were victims of rulers' arbitrariness, while Islam's treatment of the Jews followed Omar's Laws regarding dhimmis, which secured legal stability for the Jews.
sicsa.huji.ac.il /islam.html   (14607 words)

 Cross Currents: On Renouncing Antisemitism. - Review - book reviews
Eakin argues that "antisemitism" has been a danger in Christianity from its origins, has negatively influenced social relations even in the relatively benign environment of the United States, and must be consciously renounced and combated if Christian denominations are not to continue perpetuating it.
Readers who think of racist ideologies when they read "antisemitism" will be taken aback by the anachronism of such phrases as "manifestations of antisemitism in the early church" (51); or "with the emergence of Christianity a new genre of antisemitism arose" (18).
For the nineteenth and twentieth centuries the subject is complicated by the fact that "the antisemitism that emerged was essentially attributable to the two intertwined factors of xenophobia and massive immigration" (90).
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m2096/is_4_49/ai_58621588   (749 words)

 Questions on Christian Anti-Semitism   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-03)
There in fact were several Christian churches and two broad forms of Judaism: Hellenistic Judaism (the vast majority in the Roman Empire that didn't revolt) and the Pharisees all that survived from the Jewish Revolts.
What the typical Christian with their nose stuck in the Bible fails to understand is Christianity was based on the Hellenist Paul and a Greek convert (Gnostic) named John.
There are Christians, Jews, and Muslims...rather than applaud its diversity, many self-described progressives seek to attack the administration by targeting its officials on the basis of color and sectarian belief...The grand old dame of the liberal and progressive community The Nation began the downward spiral in...
www.sullivan-county.com /news/mine/antisemitism.htm   (5091 words)

This is not an attack on Christianity and Christians but it is a straight forward and honest questioning of many traditional church attitudes and claims written by a noted rabbi who has been wholeheartedly engaged in Jewish Christian relations for decades.
Christian readers may wish to say something more about Jesus than they are presented with in this learned work by the Oxford Jewish scholar, Geza Vermes, but they will appreciate the contribution that he has made to this burgeoning part of New Testament (and related) studies.
The extent of antisemitism in the pagan world before the rise of Christianity and the specifically theological contribution to its development are key issues.
wgcjr.unitingchurch.org.au /Bibliog-Anderson.htm   (4771 words)

 Holocaust a Result of Christian Antisemitism
Deeply etched into the minds and hearts of Christians, this distorted image of the Jew was at once a contemptible creature and a dangerous power persisted in the popular mentality into the twentieth century.
Medieval Christian antisemitism, which saw the Jew as vile and fearful and Judaism as repulsive--which had stamped the Jew with the mark of Cain--fertilized the soil for modern antisemitism.
The Christian Social Workers' party, founded in 1878 by Adolf Stoecker, a prominent Protestant preacher and court chaplain to Kaiser Wilhelm I, engaged in antisemitic agitation in order to recruit the lower bourgeoisie to the cause of the Protestant church and the Prussian monarchy.
www.hcacentre.org /HolocaustCause.html   (2673 words)

 Jews, Christians and the ‘new antisemitism’   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-03)
It is interesting that Christians who argue this way have not often drawn the same deduction about Christian faithfulness, which has not been a notable and consistent characteristic of the last two millennia.
Christian theology has been profoundly revised at the official level – the vast majority of Churches are committed not only to the fight against antisemitism and to teaching about the Jewishness of Christianity but also to rejecting ‘replacement theology’.
This ‘vital resource’ is one attempt to ensure that ordinary Christians and Jews are aware of the transformation in recent years and that Jews and Christians share “a common mission to the world that God’s name may be honoured”.
www.axt.org.uk /essays/Kessler.htm   (2726 words)

 Weaver Santaniello - Nietzsche's Antichrist : 19th-Century Christian Jews and the Real Big Lie - Modern Judaism 17:2   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-03)
It is thus vital to recognize (with Kaufmann) that Nietzsche's critique of Christianity is entwined with his disdain for antisemitism, and that his position regarding Judaism is an exact reversal of the traditional Christian antisemitism of his time.
Placing Nietzsche's stance toward Christianity and Judaism in dialogue with his antisemitic opponent Renan reveals that Nietzsche's prime motive was not to ridicule Judaism (or the Jews), but was designed to reprimand Christianity and overturn Renan's antisemitic Christian theology.
The Christian God is a god of the sick and one of the most "corrupt" conceptions of the divine ever attained on earth (18): "Almost two thousand years," Nietzsche cries, "and not a single new god!" (19).
www.bk.psu.edu /faculty/santaniello/17_2santaniello.html   (5471 words)

It was a surprise to her that she had actually become a Christian, because many Christians had frightened her and treated her very poorly.
But, she told me a story that truly shocked me. She had liked a boy in school, who happened to be a Christian, and had gone to his house for dinner.
I realize that many people have had bad experiences with certain people from a particular people group, and so I understand that stereotypes are inevitable, and I don’t unnecessarily criticize a person for having stereotypes, profitless though they may be, and a slippery slope towards bigotry thought it may be.
www.neiluchitel.com /index.php?p=106   (763 words)

After Christianity became the official religion of the Empire, in the 4th century, and after the birth and spread of Islam in the 7th century, Jews found themselves living as a social, cultural and religious minority among majorities.
A sacrament and the central act of worship in many Christian churches, which was instituted at the Last Supper and in which bread and wine are consecrated and consumed in remembrance of Jesus's death; Communion.
In the Nazi case, by contrast, the persecution of the Jews was pure, abstract antisemitic ideology in the context of biological racism, and it became a central factor in Hitler’s war against the world.
www.u.arizona.edu /~shaked/Holocaust/lectures/lec2b.html   (11886 words)

Jews and Christians in Teruel: The Fuero of Teruel, 1176 CE Excerpts from the Fuero, or urban ordinance
Canadian Council of Christians and Jews The CCCJ is a non-religious organization dedicated to promoting cultural, racial and religious harmony among the people of Canada.
Vidal Sassoon International Center for the Study of Antisemitism Established in 1982 at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem as an interdisciplinary research center dedicated to an independent, non-political approach to the accumulation and dissemination of knowledge necessary for understanding the phenomenon of antisemitism.
www.shc.edu /theolibrary/antisem.htm   (2459 words)

 Christian Antisemitism, from WUJS   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-03)
Non-Jewish converts were on the periphery until Paul's mission to covert the gentiles changed the composition of the early Christians.
With the establishment of Christianity as the official religion of the Roman Empire by Constantine in the fourth century, Christianity soon began to enjoy a position of superiority over Judaism, which caused serious consequences for Judaism.
After the marriage of Ferdinand and Isabella (1469), the Marranos were denounced as a danger to the existence of Christian Spain." Suspected Marranos were tortured until they confessed to practicing Judaism, and then were burned to death en masse at an auto-da-fe.
www.wujs.org.il /activist/campaigns/christian.shtml   (849 words)

 Soc Culture Jewish Antisemitism/Christian Relations Reading List: Antisemitism
Flannery, Edward H. The Anguish of the Jews: Twenty-Three Centuries of Antisemitism (Studies in Judaism and Christianity).
[Discusses antisemitism from its beginnings to the present, tracing it from its pagan roots to the Christian charge of deicide and beyond, to the massacres of the Crusades and the Inquisition, which heralded later blood libels and fantasies of Jewish conspiracies for world domination.
Focuses on the dramatic reemergence of antisemitism in the wake of the collapse of Communism and the new national hysteria which has set the ground burning under the feet of a still substantial Jewish minority.
www.shamash.org /lists/scj-faq/HTML/rl/ant-general.html   (592 words)

 Books about Religious Conservatism in the United States
Pat Robertson and the Rise of the Christian Coalition, Prometheus, 1996.
Verna M. Hall, The Christian History of the Constitution of the United States of America, Foundation for American Christian Education, 1983.
Christian Faith and Political Action in America, Harper and Row, 1988.
polaris.gseis.ucla.edu /pagre/right.html   (8575 words)

 Reconciliation: A Jewish-Gentile Issue Facing the Church Today
After all, I was raised to believe that Christians hated us (the Jews) and that the "Christian" community had participated in the persecution and murder of my ancestors.{4} I also knew that my own Jewish brethren (including my family) would surely exclude me from the community in which I was raised.
Many Christians hold this theology today even though it is a ploy of the enemy to divert attention away from the fact that God is faithfully grafting the Jewish branches of Romans 11 back into their own olive tree.
This stronghold has manifested itself through the Church in a number of ways: an antisemitic spirit, a tremendous hatred between Jews and Christians, a blindness to the prophetic purpose for the saved remnant of Israel,{16} and hatred and infighting among Christians who are supposed to be known by their love for one another.
www.baruchhashemsynagogue.org /resources/reconciliation.html   (5401 words)

 Catholic Timeline on Antisemitism
A mob of Christians, at the instigation of their bishop, looted and burned the synagogue in Callinicum, a town on the Euphrates.
In a pastoral letter on January 23, Bishop Johannes Maria Gföllner of Linz, Austria, declares that while the radical anti-Semitism preached by Nazism is completely incompatible with Christianity, it is the right and duty of Christians to fight and break the harmful influences of Jewry in all areas of modern cultural life.
The general consensus among the Catholic papers in Poland is that Jewish influence should be reduced in all areas of life, that the Polish and Jewish communities should be separated as much as possible, and that the most desirable option is mass emigration of the Jews from Poland.
www.shc.edu /theolibrary/resources/timeline.htm   (3755 words)

 Judaism Reading List: Antisemitism and Christian Relations (Pt. X)
The final chapter deals with the impact of the New Testament on Jews and Christians for the past two millennia and the possibilities of revising this trend through alternate interpretations.] [13][Buy at Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0819192953/socculturejew ish/] [HayXX] Hay, Malcolm.
Includes a review of the differences between Christianity and Judaism; a look behind-the-scenes at Hebrew-Christian congregations; interviews with Jews who were once members of these groups: they explain who they were missionized, what strategies the missionaries used, and why they returned to Judaism; and a discussion of how to combat missionary tactics.
It has been augmented by material from my library that I obtained from a course on antisemitism that was once taught by Dr. Deborah Lipstadt at UCLA and from suggestions in The Jewish Catalog.
www.cs.uu.nl /wais/html/na-dir/judaism/reading-lists/antisemitism.html   (3754 words)

 The Dogma is root cause of Christian antisemitism   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-03)
The accusation that the Church's most fundamental doctrine is the reason why there is Christian antisemitism, and because of this, the dogma "Extra Eccesiam Nulla Salus" must be officially renounced by the Church.
While he praises those Liberal Catholics and Modernists for their attempts at being pluralistic about salvation, he sees that the Church has always and to this day continues to officially teach that there is no possibility of salvation outside her pale.
Let us pray that the Pope does in fact speak authoritatively, so that the blindness of the Jews may be lifted, that they may acknowledge the light of God's truth, and be rescued from their darkness.
www.catholicism.org /News/goldhagenbook.htm   (549 words)

 Judaism Reading List: Antisemitism and Christian Relations (Pt. X)
The Conflict of the Church and the Synagogue: A Study in the Origins of Antisemitism.
Judaism in the First Centuries of the Christian Era: The Age of the Tannaim.
The Jew and the Christian Missionary: A Jewish Response to Missionary Christianity.
www.faqs.org /faqs/judaism/reading-lists/antisemitism   (3675 words)

Top Document: Judaism Reading List: Antisemitism and Christian Relations (Pt.
Antisemitism: Part One of the Origins of Totalitarianism.
Faith and Fratricide: The Theological Roots of Antisemitism Seabury Press.
www.faqs.org /faqs/judaism/reading-lists/antisemitism/section-2.html   (655 words)

 syllabus332   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-03)
This course offers an opportunity to examine the roots of antisemitism in western civilization and the path leading to the ultimate antisemitic outburst, the genocidal program of the Nazis now known as the Holocaust.
Rubenstein and Roth, "The Triumph of Christianity and the Teaching of Contempt," 46-65 (Study Questions)
Theological Implications of the Holocaust for Judaism and Christianity
crab.rutgers.edu /~scharme/syllabus332.html   (2029 words)

 Find in a Library: Christian antisemitism : a history of hate
Find in a Library: Christian antisemitism : a history of hate
To find a library, type in a postal code, state, province, or country.
WorldCat is provided by OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc. on behalf of its member libraries.
worldcatlibraries.org /wcpa/ow/9b2c6c42b1d9abb4a19afeb4da09e526.html   (40 words)

 Landes--Curriculum Vitae
"Literacy and the Origins of Inquisitorial Christianity: The Exegetical Battle between Hierarchy and Community in the Christian Empire (300- 500)," in Social History and Issues in Human Consciousness: Some Interdisciplinary Connections, ed.
Israel and Antichrist: Jews in Christian Apocalyptic Scenarios, Public Panel discussion, Boston, November 5, 1996
25) "Christian Reaction to Al-Hakim's Destruction of the Holy Sepulcher in 1009: Apocalyptic Fears and the The Origins of Popular Anti-semitism in Western Europe" History and Jewish Studies, University of California, Berkeley, and Stanford University and University of California, Berkeley, February 1993
www.mille.org /people/rlpages/cvlandes.html   (2547 words)

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