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Topic: Christopher Eccleston

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  Virginia's Christopher Eccleston Website.
Disclaimer: This entire site was created by Virginia McGovern in 2006, it is not intended to infringe any official copyrights and is not endorsed or approved by Mr.
Eccleston in any way; it is solely for the pleasure of his fans.
Privacy statement: This website does not track visitors to this site, it only counts hits, nothing else about the visitor is recorded and no information is passed onto anyone else.
homepage.ntlworld.com /doctor9fan   (173 words)

  Christopher Eccleston - British Television
The youngest of three lads, Christopher Eccleston was born in 1964, among the terraces of Salford, Manchester.
Eccleston struggled with his character, trying to find the truth behind Bentley, a man wrongly accused of killing a policeman in 1950s London.
Eccleston played the impassioned politically minded Nicky Hutchinson in the series that was lauded as an epic- and one of the most successful BBC series to emerge from the 1990s.
www.bellaonline.com /ArticlesP/art22190.asp   (511 words)

 Christopher Eccleston
Christopher Eccleston was born on 16 February, 1964 in Salford, Lancashire.
Christopher Eccleston appeared in Andrew Davies' television adaptation of Shakespeare's Othello, but has said: "I wasn't always such a great fan of Shakespeare, mind you.
Christopher Eccleston was chosen as the ninth Doctor Who in the famous BBC television series.
www.biogs.com /famous/eccleston.html   (352 words)

 BBC NEWS | Entertainment | TV and Radio | Eccleston is new Doctor Who
Eccleston, who starred alongside Nicole Kidman in the horror movie The Others, will be the ninth TV Time Lord to control the Tardis in a 13-part series.
Eccleston was superb in the zombie movie 28 Days Later, portraying a calm, intelligent and charismatic army officer, who had eccentric delusions of grandeur.
I have only seen Christopher Eccleston play gritty hard roles and am concerned that he won't have that underlying eccentricity that is much needed for the role.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/entertainment/tv_and_radio/3552087.stm   (1638 words)

 Christopher Eccleston - Biography - Moviefone
A remarkable actor who brings a vibrant intensity to his performances, Christopher Eccleston is widely held to be one of the most talented British actors of the 1990s.
Eccleston's handling of the role paved the way for more work, and he was soon starring opposite Robbie Coltrane in Cracker, a popular British television series.
In 1999, Eccleston could be seen in David Cronenberg's eXistenZ and in Heart, a fl comedy in which he starred as a man so consumed with jealousy over his wife -- whom he believes to be having an affair -- that he gives himself a heart attack.
movies.aol.com /celebrity/christopher-eccleston/21084/biography   (583 words)

 Bio for Christopher Eccleston on MSN Movies
Eccleston's handling of the role paved the way for more work, and he was soon starring opposite Robbie Coltrane in Cracker, a popular British television series.
The film, which starred Eccleston, Ewan McGregor, and Kerry Fox as three flatmates with a corpse on their hands, proved a success, and Eccleston won praise for his portrayal of an unhinged accountant.
In 1999, Eccleston could be seen in David Cronenberg's eXistenZ and in Heart, a fl comedy in which he starred as a man so consumed with jealousy over his wife -- whom he believes to be having an affair -- that he gives himself a heart attack.
entertainment.msn.com /celebs/celeb.aspx?mp=b&c=242716   (550 words)

 Christopher Eccleston Talks Heroes
Eccleston said that the other role he was offered was a villain and he stated that he didn’t want to play the villain hence his choosing to play Claude.
However the biggest reason Eccleston chose not to play the bad guy was because he feels it has become somewhat of a cliché for European actors to play the heavy in American TV, and it was a trend he didn’t want to continue.
Eccleston when asked about challenges in regards to portraying an invisible man revealed that playing the super power aspect of it isn’t particularly challenging.
scifipulse.net /othersfnews/C_Eccleston_Heroes.html   (626 words)

 Christopher Eccleston quits Dr Who role
While Christopher looks set to be replaced by Scottish actor David Tennant, former singer Billie Piper will continue in her role as the Doctor's sidekick, Rose
Hot on the heels of his Dr Who debut — which drew a TV audience of ten million viewers when it returned to TV screens on Saturday — new Timelord Christopher Eccleston has announced he is to quit the hugely popular show.
Christopher will say goodbye to the Tardis in June after saving Billie's character Rose from his longtime enemy the Daleks.
www.hellomagazine.com /celebrities/2005/03/31/christophereccleston   (265 words)

 Christopher Eccleston Photos - Christopher Eccleston News - Christopher Eccleston Information
On February 16, 1964 Christopher was born in the northwestern English town of Salford to a modest working class family.
Christopher will be appearing in the new NBC series "Heroes" in January as Claude, a man with the ability to turn invisible.
Christopher: I came out of school in '79 when unemployment was really starting to bite, went back and redid my O-levels, there was a play going on and I was corralled into it.
www.tv.com /christopher-eccleston/person/113652/summary.html   (587 words)

 Celluloid Valhalla - Christopher Eccleston   (Site not responding. Last check: )
That what should have been Eccleston's breakthrough role (as the title character in Michael Winterbottom's 1996 adaptation of Thomas Hardy's Jude the Obscure) was in a relentless downer of a film that only a few dozen people saw in theatres, instead of in a Spielberg-helmed Academy Award winner, has not helped matters.
For all that Eccleston is a regular figure in British television dramas, few of them have been seen in the U.S., a source of endless frustration for his legions of devoted fans here -- all twelve or so of us.
Eccleston can next be seen in THE INVISIBLE CIRCUS, which will premiere at the 2001 Sundance Film Festival; THE OTHERS, to be produced by Tom Cruise and also starring Nicole Kidman; and THE MAN WHO KILLED DON QUIXOTE, with Johnny Depp, directed by Terry Gilliam.
www.cozzifantutti.com /valhalla/ce/ce.html   (575 words)

 Christopher Eccleston
Born and raised in Salford, Manchester, England, Eccleston was trained in the classics at London's Central School of Speech and Drama.
A late bloomer in acting, Eccleston decided at 19 to pursue a career in the art, and only made his professional debut at 25 after several years of formal training.
Eccleston has also appeared on several British television series and movies.
www.tribute.ca /bio.asp?id=1127   (269 words)

 BBC NEWS | Entertainment | TV and Radio | Eccleston quits Doctor Who role
Actor Christopher Eccleston has quit as Doctor Who after just one episode of the new series has been screened, the BBC has confirmed.
Eccleston's first appearance as the ninth Doctor attracted 10 million viewers.
An initial statement issued by the BBC said Eccleston feared being typecast and had found the series gruelling - although the BBC later accepted the statement was not correct and said it had not spoken to Eccleston before releasing it.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/entertainment/tv_and_radio/4395849.stm   (546 words)

 HeroSite.net: Interview with Christopher Eccleston - January 2007
The announcement that Christopher Eccleston would soon be appearing in a recurring role on Heroes was very exciting for fans across the world.
Eccleston was kind enough to take the time from shooting on Heroes' sixteenth episode to do an interview with HeroSite.net's Craig Byrne about his powerful new role.
CHRISTOPHER ECCLESTON: What attracted me to Heroes is that they came in for me, and I appreciated that.
www.herosite.net /eccleston.htm   (1703 words)

 Christopher Eccleston   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Christopher Eccleston trained at the Central School of Speech and Drama...
Is a supporter of Manchester United soccer club.
Discuss this name with other users on IMDb message board for Christopher Eccleston
uk.imdb.com /name/nm0001172   (351 words)

 Meg's Boyfriend: Christopher Eccleston   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Now, if you know who Christopher Eccleston is and you are also a regular reader of this site, then you must also be aware of the fact that I have known Christopher myself for at least 2 years.
Instead, my next Eccleston experiences were with "Elizabeth," "Existenz," and "Gone in Sixty Seconds." All fine movies, but I only actually took note of Eccleston's presence after I'd already fallen in love with him.
So, if you're among the bazillions who think Christopher looks familiar but aren't really all that convinced he's a babe, then I think your problem is the same as the one I had about three weeks ago.
home.comcast.net /~mjbrunner1/archive/christophereccleston.html   (1351 words)

 [No title]
Christopher plays the lead role in Russell T. Davies' 2005 version of TV classic Doctor Who.
Eccleston was very touched by the response he received from children from his role as Doctor Who.
Ten days later, Eccleston told The Daily Mirror this was not true, and expressed some irritation at Davies for his comments [3].
www.lycos.com /info/christopher-eccleston--role.html   (316 words)

 Christopher Eccleston News - Topix
David Tennant is among the actors tipped to play the next Doctor Christopher Eccleston has quit the role of Doctor Who after filming one series, leaving the show's title role vacant.
People April 13, 2007 * According to the Manchester Evening News, Christopher Eccleston is set to star in a theatrical adaptation of Susan Cooper 's Young Adult novel The Dark Is Rising.
I edit the Christopher Eccleston News pages on Topix when no humans are available to help.
www.topix.net /who/christopher-eccleston   (412 words)

 Christopher Eccleston at Hollywood.com   (Site not responding. Last check: )
With prominent ears and a deadly glare, the off-beat, yet oddly handsome, Christopher Eccleston won attention for his portrayal of the chilly accountant who snaps under the pressure of disposing of a boarder's body in Danny Boyle's "Shallow Grave" (1994).
The latter was a cause celebre in England for years, as many felt Bentley (who had the mental capacity of an 11-year-old) was wrongly put to death for his role in the murder of a police officer.
Eccleston also played the leads in two McGovern-scripted TV dramas, the autobiographical "Hearts and Minds" (1995) and the based-on-fact "Hillsborough" (1996).
www.hollywood.com /celebrity/Christopher_Eccleston/187603   (1296 words)

 TV.com Forums - Christopher Eccleston as Number Six in the new version of "The Prisoner"?!!!
Forums - Science-Fiction - Christopher Eccleston as Number Six in the new version of "The Pris...
Christopher Eccleston as Number Six in the new version of "The Prisoner"?!!!
I'd much prefer to see Eccleston reviving it as close-to-quaint-and-eerie as the original than Gibson turning it into speed boat chases, a CGI'd village, b-grade WB starlets playing vamp'd-up villagers and Joe Pesci as Number 2.
www.tv.com /science-fiction/christopher-eccleston-as-number-six-in-the-new-version-of-the-prisoner!!!/topic/107-244880/msgs.html   (810 words)

 Christopher Eccleston - Heroes Wiki
Christopher Eccleston is the British film and television actor who portrays Claude.
Christopher appeared with Malcolm McDowell in Our Friends in the North and with Jesse Corti in Gone in Sixty Seconds.
Christopher declined the role of Sylar because he thought it was a cliché for European actors to play villains in American culture.
heroeswiki.com /Christopher_Eccleston   (260 words)

 Christopher Eccleston Interview
One of the most acclaimed actors of his generation, Christopher (41) accepts that saying 'yes' to reviving the Doctor was a bold move.
When Christopher signed up to play the Doctor, Russell had already written the first two scripts, giving his leading man a character template to work on.
Christopher adds: "When I agreed to play the Doctor, I was reacting with my heart to what I feel Russell has tried to do with all his work, which is deliver television that is entertaining and has substance.
www.sfcrowsnest.com /features/arc/2005/nz7669.php   (961 words)

 Christopher Eccleston - Rejected Movie Roles
Eccleston was reportedly close to signing on as Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow.
Christopher Eccleston was reportedly considered for key role in the British classic.
Note: This Christopher Eccleston trivia and all celebrity trivia on notstarring.com is submitted and reviewed by movie fans from around the world.
www.notstarring.com /actors/eccleston-christopher   (137 words)

 Christopher Eccleston - Celebrity Atheist List   (Site not responding. Last check: )
British actor Christopher Eccleston, star of The Second Coming and the brand new Doctor Who series on BBC1, has revealed he is an atheist.
In an interview for sunday morning program The Heaven and Earth Show, Eccleston discussed his recent screen ventures as well as how he felt about being the new Doctor, citing his hectic schedule as the ultimate reason for his departure from the series after only one season.
Elsewhere in the interview, Eccleston, who ironically played a Messiah-type figure in the British TV Movie The Second Coming, said that he derives his own sense of spirituality from his work, and often prefers to focus on doing good toward others in the here and now.
www.celebatheists.com /index.php?title=Christopher_Eccleston   (319 words)

 Christopher Eccleston - SCIFIPEDIA
Christopher Eccleston played the 9th incarnation of the The Doctor on the British sci-fi program Doctor Who.
Eccleston was born February 16, 1964, in Salford, England.
More recently, Eccleston has appeared as Claude, the invisible man, on several episodes of NBC's Heroes.
scifipedia.scifi.com /index.php?title=Christopher_Eccleston&redirect=no   (197 words)

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