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Topic: Chrome plating

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In the News (Wed 21 Aug 19)

  Aerospace Chrome Plating
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www.openfos.com /product/Aerospace-Chrome-Plating.A12   (329 words)

  NationMaster - Encyclopedia: Chrome plating   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Chrome plating is hardly a matter of dipping an article into a tank, it is a long involved process that often starts with tedious polishing and buffing, then cleaning and acid dipping, zincating, and copper plating.
Decorative chrome plating is sometimes called nickel-chrome plating because it always involves electroplating nickel onto the object before plating the chrome (it sometimes involves electroplating copper on the object before the nickel, too).
Chrome plating is hardly a matter of dipping an article into a tank, it is a long involved process that often starts with tedious polishing and buffing, then cleaning and acid dipping, zincating (if the part is aluminum), and copper plating.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Chrome-plating   (888 words)

 Automotive News PACE Awards > Winners > 2003 > Robert Bosch Corporation - Cassette Chrome Plating Process   (Site not responding. Last check: )
As a result, chrome plating is usually avoided because of these environmental and health dangers or problems.
Third, because of this, Cassette Chrome Plating is the only system known to be installed in the flow layout of component fabrication directly feeding assembly in a plant where cleanliness is vital to quality.
Fourth, Cassette Chrome Plating was a necessary and critical element for the design of Bosch’s new EV 14 fuel injector.
www.autonews.com /files/07_pace/winners/2003_Robert_Bosch.html   (329 words)

 finishing.com FAQs: Chrome Plating.
Chrome is slang for Chromium, one of the 91 naturally occurring chemical elements.
Hard chromium plating is chrome plating that has been applied as a fairly heavy coating (usually measured in thousandths of an inch) for wear resistance, lubricity, oil retention, and other 'wear' purposes.
There are no laws that define what triple chrome plating actually means, so salespeople will be prone to call their service "triple chrome plating" if there are a total of 3 layers of any kind of plating, or "quadruple chrome plating" if there are 4.
www.finishing.com /faqs/chrome.html   (2029 words)

  Chrome plating
Hard chromium plating is just chrome plating, but it is applied as a fairly heavy coating (usually measured in thousandths of an inch) for wear resistance, lubricity, oil retention, and other 'wear' purposes.
The chrome plating in decorative chrome plating is exceptionally thin, measured in millionths of an inch rather than in thousandths.
Chrome plating is hardly a matter of dipping an article into a tank, it is a long involved process that often starts with tedious polishing and buffing, then cleaning and acid dipping, zincating, and copper plating.
customwheelsmarket.com /chromeplating.html   (428 words)

Hard Chrome Plating has long been used to increase wear, reduce the coefficient of friction, provide corrosion resistance, provide superior release in mold applications and reduce galling and abrasion.
Whether it be build-up, smoke or flash chrome, our years of servicing the tool and die and mold making industry has given us the expertise necessary to supply the highest quality chrome plating available.
Our in-house chemistry department constantly monitors our plating baths to ensure that the chemistry of our baths are capable of providing the best deposit possible.
www.meadvilleplating.com /chrome.html   (314 words)

 Subject Top Page: What Is Chrome Plating?
Chrome plating is the process by which an electrical charge is applied to a plating bath containing an electrolytic salt (chromium anhydride) solution.
Chrome plating operations are categorized based upon the thickness of the chromium metal layer applied.
Hard chrome plating is a process in which a thicker layer of chromium metal is deposited directly on metal substrates such as engine parts, industrial machinery, and tools to provide greater protection against corrosion and wear.
www.arb.ca.gov /toxics/chrome/whatis.htm   (414 words)

 Chrome Plating
I then plated, with agitation, for five hours and wound up with an hour-glass shaped piston, due to a 13 mill chrome deposit measured at mid-skirt level and 21 mils on the edges (formed by the bottom of the skirt and the piston crown).
This process is particularly useful when the chroming operation has been interrupted to measure the thickness deposited and the workpiece must be returned to the plating bath for the continued build-up of a thicker plate.
Chrome deposit would be thickest on the cheeks and thin nest on the outer rim, due to the position of the anodes relative to the cathode workpiece.
freepages.pavilion.net /users/nickfull/chrome.htm   (5910 words)

 Chrome Plating Bath Recovery by Vacuum Evaporation
Chrome plating bath recovery and reuse is practical and economical, and an environmentally sound alternative to traditional methods of waste treatment and sludge generation and disposal.
Because of the electrical inefficiency of chrome plating solutions, 75-90% of the chromic acid purchased for electroplating is actually lost through drag-out and subsequent waste treatment.
Chrome baths being successfully recovered are the conventional sulfate, proprietary fluoride, tri-chrome, hard chrome, and bright-dip baths.
www.ddpsinc.com /Recovery/ticr.html   (717 words)

 Chrome Plating History   (Site not responding. Last check: )
In the 18th century, the plating of copper or brass with silver by fusion was originated in England (Sheffeld Plate).
Plating of chromium followed shortly thereafter in the mid to late 1800's in the United States.
Nickel plating was common, and shiny, on guns in the old west: http://www.madogre.com/Interviews/Finishes.htm Chrome plating was tried as early as the 1840's.
www.newton.dep.anl.gov /askasci/chem03/chem03387.htm   (254 words)

 BOSTON BIKER - Boston area motorcycle chrome plating shops
The copper plating tank was designed by the owner to hold any size part that he was likely to encounter.
We were told that a large capacity rectifier is needed to pull the plating into the intricate sections and fine details of the parts being plated.
The time in the chrome tank is the shortest of all three plating steps.
www.bostonbiker.com /chrome_plating.htm   (796 words)

 Chrome Services
Aluminum and and steel items chrome plated by Chrome Services are covered under warranty to the Purchaser, up to 1 year from the time of invoice.
Chrome Services accepts absolutely no responsibility for the replacement of bearings, or parts damaged as a result of bearing removal from an item that has been chrome plated.
Chrome plated parts should be cleaned with mild soap and water.
www.chromeservices.com /services.htm   (420 words)

 Chrome Plating
Due to the chrome plating process requiring the part to be electrically conductive, a series of steps are required before the chrome can be deposited onto the surface of the product.
A large proportion of plastic parts that will be chrome plated will be moulded from ABS as this gives a very good surface finish to plate onto.
This involves applying a negative charge to the part being plated and dipping it into a solution of the metal it is to be plated with, which has a positive charge.
www.aki.co.uk /page/chrome_plating   (601 words)

 Chrome Plating FAQ's
Your chrome may be dull or turning yellow for a couple of reasons.
It's a tough metal to plate and its preparation for plating is very labor intensive.
Chrome plating conforms to the surface of the part.
thechromeshop.net /_wsn/page2.html   (545 words)

 Chrome Plating Explained by Santa Ana Plating Co. - Feature Review - Super Streetbike Magazine   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Santa Ana Plating is one of the nation’s largest chrome-plating facilities, equipped with several enormous chroming tanks and a skilled workforce with the expertise and ability to chrome nearly any piece the man in brown drops at its doorstep.
Chrome is essentially a shiny reflection of the surface of the metal underneath—if that bare metal has any flaws, uneven surfaces or other imperfections, these will be visible in the final product.
Chroming is anything but a simple process, and laying down a quality chrome surface like they do at Santa Ana Plating is only accomplished with plenty of patience, preparation and careful attention to detail.
www.superstreetbike.com /features/chrome_plating_process/index.html   (1444 words)

 Chrome Plating Care
Chrome is the third and final layer of the plating process.
Chrome plating is tough but remember, the chrome layer is thin.
In places like the wheel, calipers and where the rotor meets the hub, it is possible to crack the chrome plating.
thechromeshop.net /_wsn/page3.html   (327 words)

 Part 21 1999-06-0
The impact of the potential for thinner chrome plating on operating fuel has been determined not to create a substantial safety hazard, and, therefore, is not reportable pursuant to the provisions of 10CFR21.
However, only a small fraction of the specified minimum chrome plating is actually required for the sleeve to meet its functional requirement of protecting the CEA guide tube from wear.
Therefore, the chrome plating thickness in previously delivered fuel is adequate for the fuel to continue to meet the scrammability and coolability requirements of the General Design Criteria; which was the basis for NRC acceptance of the original sleeve design in Reference 2.
www.nrc.gov /reading-rm/doc-collections/event-status/part21/1999/1999060.html   (1236 words)

 Thermal Spraying versus Hard Chrome Plating
Hard chrome plating has been a trusted industry solution for wear, erosion, corrosion resistance and dimensional reclamation for many years.
Boeing are at the leading edge of utilising thermal spray to replace chrome plate on critical components.
The lead taken in evaluating and utilising thermal spraying on previously plated components by the major airlines in the US and Europe, and other high volume, high profile users of Chrome Plating, should reinforce the confidence level of other industries enough to evaluate what thermal spraying can provide.
www.azom.com /details.asp?ArticleID=1576   (1454 words)

 poeton plating
Following a three-year project to develop a low effluent hard chrome plating plant in partnership with the Environmental Technology Best Practice Programme, Poeton Industries (www.poeton.co.uk) has dramatically improved the quality of the hard chrome plating it produces by introducing a more efficient and environmentally friendly high-pressure filtration system into its processing plant.
Explaining the significance of the new process, Colin John says that visually all chrome looks the same, so the efficiency of the new Apticote 100 process allows customers with critical applications to specify hard chrome plating with confidence.
He says, "adding that faster plating with improved pitting reductions at less cost makes the new Apticote 100 Chrome a double winner".
www.lboro.ac.uk /departments/cg/research/filtration/poeton_plating.htm   (248 words)

 A-1 Chrome   (Site not responding. Last check: )
We specialize in flash chrome plating of core pins, cavity blocks, inserts, and molds ideal for wear surfaces.
Electro chrome plating with its low coefficient of friction and a natural hardness of approximately 70 "Rockwell" done right with conforming electrodes.
Because nickel is magnetic, nickel can sometimes be plated where the ability to be magnetized is needed.
a1chrome.com /plating.htm   (248 words)

 Eternal Rollerz C.C. - Chrome Plating
Chrome plating is not practical for the everyday person to set up and do at home because of money, space and environmental issues.
Chrome can be done a few different ways but the triple plated chrome process yields the best results.
The process is identical to the process used for steel except for the use of special pre-plating solutions to allow the copper, nickel, chrome plating to adhere to the aluminum surface.
www.eternalrollerz.com /TechArticles/ChromePlating.htm   (995 words)

 California Chrome Wheel - Chrome Wheels for Jaguar, Land Rover, Lexus, Mercedes, and more
Unlike chrome plating an original OE (Original Equipment) painted wheel, extra steps and extra care need to be taken to process a previously chrome plated wheel.
Keep in mind that the chrome plating will be new, however, customers' expectations of a rechromed wheel can be unrealistic since the chrome plating reflects any and all imperfections in the base material of the wheel.
Keep in mind, the chrome plating will be brand new, but the end result is only as good as the base material that it is plated on.
www.calchrome.com /rechroming.php   (1515 words)

 Frequently Asked Questions about Hard Chrome Plating
There is decorative chrome plating such as automotive bumpers, wheel rims etc. and there is Hard Chrome Plating utilized for aircraft, aerospace applications such as rollers, pistons, hydraulic cylinder shafts etc. and various other industries.
Hard Chrome plating is chrome plating, but applied as a relatively heavy coating, measured in thousandths of an inch, to ensure wear resistance, lubricity, oil retention, and other 'wear' situations.
During the plating process, hydrogen is produced at the surface of the part being plated.
www.vmplating.com /vm_plating.htm   (388 words)

 29191. Chrome plating business [USA]
You can buy small chrome plating kit for less then 2ooo USD-but you must know that chrome plating is dangerous process-for you and for environment.
In short, plating is not a suitable hobby and chrome plating is a terrible hobby.
It is hazardous materials, but if you really want to try plating (chroming) on a small scale, I have found kits from $800 to $4500 on the web.
www.finishing.com /291/91.shtml   (821 words)

 Advanced Plating. Chrome Plating and Powder Coating
Advanced Plating can provide you with the quality and service you expect from a world class company.
Located in our new 60,000 square foot facility located in Nashville, TN, we are able to turn out the show quality chrome plating and powder coating we have become known for.
For an informative look at the chrome plating process, take a look at Our Process to see what we do to return your chrome parts to like new condition.
www.advancedplating.com   (158 words)

 Forums - SPIE Web
After the lenticular engraving, a post chrome thin-flash plating is applied on top of the copper engraved plating, only to help protect the soft copper finish underneath.
The addition of chrome plating on top of the copper engraved lenticule changes the desired (knife like sharp peaks) of the lenticule profile to a more rounded undesired profile.
The chrome plating effectively can change the intended optical lens design negatively, which can create possible quality problems once printed upon, or when viewed as a computer or TV screen.
www.spie.org /app/forums/index.cfm?CFID=33737443&CFTOKEN=28816216&fuseaction=messagedetail&messageid=2398   (904 words)

 Chrome Plating
Hard Chrome Plating or Anodizing: Acceptable methods for the control of emissions of hexavalent chromium form hard chrome plating or anodizing operations include any process, procedure, method or appurtenance that can be demonstrated by District approved source test to meet the hexavalent chrome emission standard specified in Section 6.
Section 11-8-503 (Reporting): All chrome plating or anodizing facilities must submit records of current consumption to the District on an annual basis.
This is TBACT for plating facilities with hex chrome emissions in the 2 to 10 lb/yr category.
www.baaqmd.gov /pmt/handbook/chrome.htm   (1750 words)

 Samson Technology Corporation - High Quality Electroplaing Equipment & Supplies - Chrome Plating Equipment
Samson's chrome plating kit provides a show quality nickel, copper and chrome plate on items such as headlights, bezels, bumperettes, nuts and bolts, brackets, etc. It can be applied to copper, steel and brass.
The chrome plate is always applied over a nickel plate, which will fuse to most metals quite readily.
The copper plating system is used as a hi-build filler to cover blemishes, pits and scratches.
www.samson24k.com /chrome.html   (439 words)

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