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Topic: Chrysler platforms

  Mercedes & Chrysler merger after 8 years: a wise move? - CarSpace Automotive Forums   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Benz sent some aged platforms for Chrysler to work with for the tepid Crossfire and the much more successful 300 (based very loosely on the previous generation E class chasis).
Slap a Chrysler emblem on a Mercedes R class, and it could be a Pacifica.
Chrysler has been admirably prolific in their styling (sometimes successsful, sometimes not) while Benz remains as usual very conservative.
townhall-talk.edmunds.com /direct/view/.f0e26f2   (1179 words)

 Chrysler Europe - Simca and Rootes, including Hillman, Singer, and Humber
This was to sow the seed of the second alliance, the Chrysler Alpine/Simca 1308 of 1975.
Once Chrysler took over their main aim was to try and centralise the two companies and market a decent European that would challenge Ford of Europe and GM Vauxhall/Opel for sales.
Chrysler UK (as it was now renamed - in 1976 the Hillman name, which was the only one left, was replaced with Chrysler so the cars became the Chrysler Hunter, Avenger etc.) called this new car the Alpine and added it to the existing range rather than replace anything.
www.allpar.com /model/eurocc.html   (3832 words)

Chrysler evaluates the various components available from different suppliers by performing Life Cycle Management (LCM) studies, which compare components on the basis of not only piece price, but also environmental, health, safety, and recycling considerations in a systematic business decision framework.
A Life Cycle Management study was conducted by Chrysler to evaluate the hidden costs associated with continued use of the mercury switches compared to other available lighting alternatives, and to determine the least expensive alternative.
Chrysler has incorporated ECA into the set of decision tools is uses.
www.p2pays.org /ref/02/01309.htm   (694 words)

 allpar.com - Chrysler, Dodge, and Mopar news
The Chrysler's list price is $360 less than the comparable Odyssey, or $24,330, while the Dodge's list is $515 less than the Odyssey ($24,175), presumably on the assumption that the Chrysler name still has positive connotations of some sort.
Chrysler's base minivans can be purchased for under $15,000 with a four-cylinder (150 hp), making them considerably cheaper than the new Kia Sedona, as well as optioned-out economy cars like the Toyota Corolla LE and Honda Civic EX.
Chrysler is reportedly set to introduce four new minivan models later today, and to announce what we already knew was coming - a 3.5 liter van with the highest horsepower of any minivan.
www.allpar.com /cgi-bin/news/view2.pl?mIndex=838   (1228 words)

 rec.autos.makers.chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
Chrysler was working on quality before the takeover, yielding the PT Cruiser - which seems to be beating the Honda Civic on quality surveys - and the Jeep Liberty, which is also doing very well.
Chrysler products have quirks which most mechanics don't seem to be aware of, leading them to replace transmissions when the fault is in a 20 cent vacuum hose, or to replace the engine computer instead of plugging in a hose or changing a sensor.
Chryslers are often seen as ordinary American cars (unlike makes which many mechanics will admit they are not familiar with) -- but what will work on a GM or Ford will often not work on a Dodge.
www.faqs.org /faqs/autos/chrysler-faq/general/part1   (2970 words)

 2004 Chrysler Crossfire - The Automobiles Forum   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
An interesting touch is the ridge, or spine as Chrysler calls it, that runs from the bottom of the front bumper and up the hood and then continues along the roof and down the fastback to the bottom of the rear bumper.
The automatic also includes clutchless-manual operation under the Chrysler name AutoStick, but it’s clearly the same as Mercedes’ system, in that the lever can be moved to the left or right to downshift or upshift sequentially — without sliding into a separate shift gate.
The power is well matched to the car, and Chrysler wisely didn’t hold off on offering a manual — as Mercedes did in the early days of the SLK — or an automatic, which Audi did with the TT.
www.auho.com /forum/showthread.php?t=858   (3640 words)

 Neon is more than smoke and mirrors - Chrysler Corp.'s new Neon subcompact car Ward's Auto World - Find Articles   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Fernandez, Chrysler Corp. executive engineer-vehicle development, small-car platform team, is a long way from the barn, enjoying lunch in a lavish hotel on the edge of the Black Forest during the company's long-lead for the '95 Neon.
But when he talks about leading Chrysler's small-car platform team, it's clear he never felt he had a nickel or a moment to spare when he put together his show -- the 4-door Neon that goes on sale Jan. 1.
The car is designed to accommodate right-hand drive, but Chrysler has not decided whether to produce that version.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m3165/is_n10_v29/ai_14280397   (798 words)

Chrysler's new cost-cutting strategies, including job cuts and squeezing suppliers, are expected to save the company $4.63 billion in expenses this year.
Chrysler is considering using Mercedes engines and transmissions in its new large cars, and possibly using a small Mercedes diesel engine in its PT Cruiser.
Chrysler is desperately trying to differentiate its vehicles from the rest of its U.S. competitors, as it seems that the discounts it is currently offering are not boosting sales as much as previously expected.
oak.cats.ohiou.edu /~hk303998/esp/wsj.htm   (2289 words)

 Rest In Peace, Plymouth! (via CobWeb/3.1 planetlab2.netlab.uky.edu)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Chrysler was out right duped by the Daimler folks, who had nothing more in mind than the expansion of their corporate aspirations.
That's most of the current platforms except for the LH cars anyway (and that variation would not be too hard or expensive to do either--maybe that was another omen that Plymouth was going back then that they didn't get a version of it).
Everything that Chrysler has on the ground is technically superior to most anything GM has (and the Chrysler products have been selling well also) so all it would take to keep Plymouth around is for someone to decide that it needs to be done and make it happen.
www.allpar.com.cob-web.org:8888 /ed/rip-plymouth.html   (4532 words)

 cars - Chrysler 300
This page is about the modern Chrysler 300, not the Chrysler 300 letter series cars of the 1950s and 1960s.
When Chrysler redesigned the LH cars in 1998, the Eagle Vision was discontinued.
The new 300C and Dodge Magnum both share the Chrysler LX platform, which is based on the previous-generation Mercedes-Benz E-Class.
www.carluvers.com /cars/Chrysler_300M   (730 words)

 Chrysler LeBaron Parts - Partstrain.com
The M-body Chrysler LeBaron was dropped for the 1981 model year, only to be replaced by a car with the same name but this time based on the K-body platform.
After 1986, the Chrysler LeBaron was fitted on the J-body platform, and from 1990 until it was dropped in 1995, on the A-body platform.
Although both the J-body and K-body platforms were just variations of the K platform, one can easily see the differences the later platforms has over their predecessors.
www.partstrain.com /shopbyvehicle/chrysler/lebaron   (507 words)

 Charges of $3.9B to fix Chrysler woes - Feb. 26, 2001
The company did not announce any additional job cuts at Chrysler as it outlined a slow, steady plan to restore profitability at the unit, which was the most profitable North American automaker at the time of its purchase by Daimler Benz in 1998.
Rubin said that Chrysler's problem are not only management missteps since the 1998 merger but also the product they have on the market today, which was set in place even before the merger, as well as increased competition in its key light-truck segment such as minivans and sport/utility vehicles.
The company will make a strong effort to cut the number of platforms its different models are built upon as a way of saving engineering resources and parts and lowering costs.
money.cnn.com /2001/02/26/europe/daimlerchrysler   (1333 words)

 Goodyear Tire - News Release Index
AKRON, Ohio, May 31 - Although Chrysler's 2001 PT Cruiser may be difficult to categorize, there's no mistaking the vehicle's tires.
For Goodyear's Jim O'Neal, automotive engineer on the Chrysler platforms, the Eagle tires are cool, too, but not "too cool to categorize." The tires are responsive and quiet; they're unassuming, yet effective.
Chrysler PT Cruisers are manufactured in Toluca, Mexico.
www.goodyear.com /media/pr/pr_2000/22064ti.html   (513 words)

 chrysler weblog » Blog Archive » Is there a such thing as a concept car?
Chrysler 300C…Dodge Magnum… Dodge Caliber… Dodge Nitro… Dodge Hornet (pending partner match)… all concepts green lighted or soon to get the green light to production in their true concept form.
Chrysler concepts are now being modified LX platforms, or existing Caliber platforms.
This entry was posted on Monday, May 15th, 2006 at 7:08 pm and is filed under Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep.
www.chryslerweblog.com /?p=679   (549 words)

 Separating Benz and Chrsyler - FreshAlloy.com Forums
Chrysler would get their quality know-how and Mercedes-Benz would get Chrysler's ability to produce low-cost vehicles.
But Jaguar is losing points, in many people's minds, by sharing platforms between the S-Type and the Lincoln LS and, more importantly, the X-Type and Ford Mondeo.
I think it is great if a Jaguar developed platform is used as the basis for building a great Ford car, but I don't think Ford platforms should be used to build mediocre Jaguars.
forums.freshalloy.com /showthread.php?t=25079   (2752 words)

 CNN.com - Report: Chrysler brand to debut an upscale SUV in January - Jun 6, 2005
The project is evidence that Chrysler is still bullish on the large SUV market, despite a recent slowdown in demand for similar SUVs including the Chevrolet Tahoe, the Ford (down $0.02 to $9.88, Research) Expedition and the Toyota (up $0.13 to $71.98, Research) Sequoia, the report said.
Because the Durango was just redesigned and the costs of launching a totally new vehicle are high, it is unlikely that the Chrysler-SUV will not look much different, the report said, adding that analysts expect to see a different front grille and headlights, a more refined interior and possibly a different tailgate.
Chrysler officials declined to confirm plans for a new Chrysler SUV, citing a company policy not to talk about future vehicles, the Detroit News said.
www.cnn.com /2005/AUTOS/06/06/chrysler_suv   (372 words)

 platforms - OneLook Dictionary Search
Tip: Click on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "platforms" is defined.
Phrases that include platforms: automobile platforms, computing platforms, list of chrysler platforms, list of ford platforms, list of input methods for unix platforms, more...
Words similar to platforms: chopine, chopines, platform, rostra, more...
www.onelook.com /cgi-bin/cgiwrap/bware/dofind.cgi?word=platforms   (139 words)

 CanadianDriver: 2004 Chrysler Pacifica to be built on same assembly line as Grand Caravan
While the Pacifica will be built in the same plant as Chrysler and Dodge minivans, the vehicle will not be built on any one of the company's short or long-wheelbase minivan platforms.
Chrysler Pacifica will be built on its own new, unique platform, but will use existing components, including the 3.5 litre V6 engine that powers the Chrysler 300M.
With the production of both Chrysler Pacifica and Dodge and Chrysler minivans, the Windsor Assembly Plant will employ approximately 5,900 employees, and will maintain a line-speed of 1,325 units per day, or more than 330,000 combined units annually on a three-shift operation.
www.canadiandriver.com /news/021212-4.htm   (403 words)

 iMedia Connection: Brand Media Analysis: Chrysler
This allows media planners to reach (in this case) Chrysler purchase intenders, by their various media in use, by the media most influential on their brand decision and by which media synergies (working together) are the best to reach the Chrysler purchase intender.
Chrysler prospective buyers, as with most car brands, have a distinct profile regarding which media are most influential on their purchase decision.
Chrysler prospects are very involved equally with new media as well as traditional media.
www.imediaconnection.com /content/10165.asp   (919 words)

 The Oakland Press: Auto/Business: Chrysler planning raft of new products
Top Chrysler officials said in recent weeks that the company has several new products in the pipeline that will fill the company's existing assembly points, including the passenger car plants in Sterling Heights and Belvedere, Ill, which now build older models that have lost ground to the competition.
The Chrysler Group also is preparing for changeovers at the company's Warren Truck plant and Jefferson North assembly plant in Detroit, where it will build the next-generation Jeep Grand Cherokee.
The Chrysler Group and Mitsubishi are now collaborating on the development of a C-segment platform and a D-segment platforms, Chrysler Group officials have said.
www.theoaklandpress.com /stories/031804/bus_20040318062.shtml   (524 words)

 Smart Motorist - Hybrid Power - Hybrid Vehicles - Shared Platforms   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The Chrysler Town and Country, Dodge Caravan, and Plymouth Voyager not only share the same platform, they look virtually identical as well.
GM, Ford and Chrysler realize that brand loyalty remains an important factor in North American marketing, so look for the domestic siblings and twins to continue for the immediate future.
There are numerous examples of shared platforms and look-alike siblings in all vehicle areas.
www.smartmotorist.com /hyb/hyb.htm   (853 words)

 Chrysler Inks Deal With CNN
D’Alba said the Chrysler campaign is the culmination of the integration unit’s efforts to begin to reach audiences outside of hearth and home.
Chrysler Group announced earlier in the year that it had jacked up its Web advertising budget by 20 percent.
George Murphy, senior vp of global marketing, Chrysler Group, said the campaign is consistent with the company’s ongoing drive “to come up with marketing ideas that break through the clutter and reach consumers in ways that are relevant to them.” The ability to measure consumer engagement and interaction is also key, added a Chrysler representative.
www.mediaweek.com /mw/news/recent_display.jsp?vnu_content_id=1001525028   (524 words)

 Chrysler Not Settled on Platform for PT Cruiser
NEW YORK – The debate over exactly what the next PT Cruiser should be rages on at Chrysler Group, which still hasn’t settled on a platform for the next-generation model believed to be less than two years away.
Klegon says either platform will work for the next-generation PT, and like the Belvidere, IL, plant that makes the C-platform vehicles and the Sterling Heights, MI, facility that will build the new D-segment cars, the PT plant in Toluca, Mexico, will be capable of building both platforms in a completely flexible volume mix.
Chrysler still has some time, Klegon says, declining to confirm the ’08 model timeframe for the next-generation model.
wardsauto.com /ar/chrysler_platform_pt   (501 words)

 BCSP X-13: Under The Banner
The first of its kind partnership allows Chrysler Group to leverage its three brands with the 32 schools in the conferences.
In addition to the media platforms, Chrysler Group will have official automotive status with the conferences and title sponsorship of their football and basketball championships.
Chrysler will also have logo rights to all three conferences, and the opportunity to hold seminars at all championship venues, maintain an on-campus presence for student recruitment and to interact with students, alumni and e-commerce communications.
www.onnidan.com /bcsp/1013/utb1013.htm   (438 words)

 RETHINKING Platform Engineering - automobile industry - Industry Overview - Statistical Data Included Ward's Auto World ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Michael Robinet, director of forecast services for CSM Worldwide, says Chrysler's LX platform, due out in '04 or '05, may be the last unibody car platform developed by the Chrysler Group.
Volkswagen AG, considered by most experts to be the world leader in platform consolidation (although it isn't nearly as efficient at manufacturing them as Toyota and Honda Motor Co. Ltd.), already has chopped the number of its platforms from 16 eight years ago to just four now.
Each body built on the platform is marque-specific and referred to as a "hat." Production of platform and "hat" components is commonized and sourced globally.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m3165/is_2001_March_1/ai_73080034   (963 words)

 News, in russia car rent you volga to build chrysler... - Jalopnik   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
While attempting to get my full fill of the Chrysler Group's SkunkWerks team SEMA 'splosion in Auburn Hills on Friday, I had the chance to sit down (and by sit down, I mean I stood behind a camera, question-filled notepad in hand) with none other than Chrysler Group design guru Ralph Gilles.
The gangster-land Chrysler 300, the mean-looking Dodge Charger and the power wagon for the soccer dad Dodge Magnum all are considered to be the children of his wonderfully wired-for-the-masses mind.
Man, Chrysler better totally hope the folks in Germany don't get sick of them anytime in the near future, because I've no idea where they're going to turn to for a dance partner.
jalopnik.com /cars/news/in-russia-car-rent-you-volga-to-build-chrysler...   (2481 words)

 Inside Line: <i>IL</i> Insider: Chrysler, Mercedes Products Begin Major Convergence Under Zetsche -   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The LY is the replacement for the current LX platform that underpins the full-size Chrysler 300C, Dodge Magnum and Dodge Charger and will be the foundation for the upcoming Dodge Challenger and Chrysler Imperial.
Variations of the platform also will be used as the base for the next-generation Chrysler Pacifica, due in model year 2009, as well as the next Mercedes E-Class (2010), R-Class (2012) and CLS-Class (2012).
Curiously, Chrysler and Mercedes individually are expected to share more components and vehicles with Volkswagen on different continents, but so far the three brands have yet to concur on a common platform that could be used by all three.
www.edmunds.com /insideline/do/News/articleId=115660   (369 words)

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