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Topic: Chrysler Corporation

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In the News (Mon 25 Mar 19)

  Chrysler Corporation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Chrysler and its subsidiaries became part of the German-American based DaimlerChrysler AG after being purchased by Daimler-Benz in 1998.
In 1928 Chrysler founded the Plymouth brand at the low end, the DeSoto brand at the low-medium end and purchased the Dodge Brothers automobile company; all of this was in order to set up a full range of brands similar to that of the General Motors corporation.
The logo was revived for the Chrysler division in the mid-1990s, and was surrounded by a pair of silver wings after the Daimler-Benz merger in 1998.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Chrysler_Corporation   (2363 words)

Chrysler was forced to seek assistance from the federal government in the form of loan guarantees.
Chrysler faced problems of assimilating the AMC employees, who came from a different corporate culture, into its own organization; there was also resentment among some senior managers who had been opposed to the AMC purchase.
Although Chrysler invested half the capital for the Diamond-Star assembly plant, management of the plant was the sole responsibility of Mitsubishi, a company well-versed in the modern manufacturing management principles of continuous improvement, consensus management, discovery of root causes of failure, and just-in-time inventory control.
www-personal.umich.edu /~afuah/cases/case3.html   (8932 words)

 Gibson v. Chrysler Corporation
Chrysler' s second argument is that the plaintiffs seek monetary compensation that is the "common and undivided interest" of the class members, and that the proper amount to consider for purposes of jurisdictional requirements is not each plaintiff' s pro rata share, but rather the aggregated sum of those shares.
Chrysler goes beyond that familiar proposition, however, and argues that punitive damages may be aggregated in a class action so that the totality of punitive damages, rather than the per-plaintiff share, constitutes the amount in controversy.
Chrysler did not seek discovery in federal court after the second removal, and the sanction and fee award entered in connection with the second remand were unrelated to discovery in federal court.
www.law.com /regionals/ca/opinions/aug/9916436.shtml   (9847 words)

 Michigan Historical Marker: Chrysler Corporation   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
On June 6, 1925, the Chrysler Corporation was founded here after a reorganization of the Maxwell and Chalmers automotive companies by Walter P. Chrysler.
The first cars to bear the Chrysler name were manufactured in the Maxwell plant which was built here in 1909 and which is now the center of the corporation's worldwide administrative and engineering headquarters.
Chrysler had its origin in some 130 auto companies founded as early as 1894 and today is one of the few survivors in an industry that has included approximately 1,500 companies.
www.michmarkers.com /pages/S0282.htm   (138 words)

 Chrysler Corporation
Founder of the Chrysler Corporation and American industrial magnate, Walter P. Chrysler, started out as a machinist’s apprentice, to eventually become the General Motors vice president of operations in 1919 and owner of his own company in 1925.
The Chrysler Corporation was incorporated in Delaware on June 6th, 1925, as a successor to Maxwell Motor Cars.
Chrysler was forced to ask for help from the federal government in the form of loan guarantees.
www.u-s-history.com /pages/h1810.html   (1162 words)

 CED: Client Solutions: Chrysler Corporation
Early in CED's history, the learn-use-teach model was used successfully with the Chrysler Corporation.
CED was asked by Jerry Greenwald, the vice chairman of the corporation, to develop a five-day program aimed at the top five hundred executives to help Chrysler focus on its competitive realities.
The success of the concept was proved with the new Viper and then extended in the Chrysler LH program, the new truck, and then the redo of the Jeep.
www.cedinc.com /client/solutions/body_chrysler.htm   (460 words)

 DaimlerChrysler - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
DaimlerChrysler was formed in 1998 by the merger of Daimler-Benz (Germany) and the Chrysler Corporation (USA).
Cooperation between the Mercedes Car Group and the Chrysler Group is expected to become markedly closer under CEO Dieter Zetsche.
Dieter Zetsche, former President and CEO of the Chrysler Group and the Mercedes Car Group, became the head of DaimlerChrysler on January 1, 2006.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/DaimlerChrysler   (727 words)

On September 13, 1988, Chrysler entered into a master credit agreement with East County Dodge by which Chrysler agreed to provide financing to East County Dodge for the purpose of purchasing new vehicles from Chrysler and used vehicles from their sellers [commonly referred to as a "floor planning agreement"].
Chrysler's position is that the funds were intended to be, and were, receipts from the sales of the collateral.
Chrysler argues that the superior court improperly placed the burden of proof on it rather than on the third parties.
www.scu.edu /law/FacWebPage/Neustadter/sdbook/main/cases/chrysler_supct.html   (2542 words)

 Chrysler Corporation Turbine Car   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Chrysler Corporation's Turbine Car of 1963 was the culmination of years of research and development in alternative engine design.
As research continued, Chrysler developed a "second generation" turbine that was put to test in 1959.
Chrysler's acquisition of Elwood Engel from Ford Motor Company in 1961 was already proving to be a good choice for the company.
www.fourforty.com /turbine   (730 words)

 Comments: Chrysler Corporation
Essentially, it is whenever a vehicle is repurchased pursuit to a "mechanism" (informal or state), or a vehicle which has entered a mechanism is settled and repurchased prior to decision.
Chrysler discloses each and every reacquired vehicle it resells at auction with the form attached (or an equivalent type form since some states have their own form).
Chrysler is absolutely confident that dealers are fully aware of the condition of reacquired vehicles at the time they repurchase them.
www.ftc.gov /bcp/lemon/chrysler.htm   (2307 words)

 Chrysler Corporation - Psychology Central   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The Chrysler Corporation is a formerly United States-based automobile manufacturer.
Chrysler and its subsidaries are now part of the German-American based DaimlerChrysler AG after being purchased by Daimler-Benz in 1998.
A return to rear wheel drive was announced, and in 2004, a new Chrysler 300 using this technology and a new Hemi V8 appeared and gave early indications of being a solid hit.
psychcentral.com /psypsych/Chrysler_Corporation   (2392 words)

 Chrysler Corporation   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Chrysler Corporation is the third largest manufacturer of automobiles and trucks in the United States.
The company was incorporated in 1925 by Walter P. Chrysler, and acquired, in full, the entire property and assets of Maxwell Motor Corporation, which was incorporated in 1921 as a successor to Maxwell Motor Co. and Chalmers Motor Co. In 1928, acquired the assets of Dodge Corporation, which became a division of Chrysler.
Chrysler has constructed a training site (the H.E. Zachary Memorial Training Center, named after the UAW president who helped implement the first MOA) at the New Castle plant, consisting of three regular size classrooms and one large classroom, and costing over $200,000.
www.beysterinstitute.org /resrclib/articles/labor/a_m/Chrysler_Corporation.html   (4666 words)

 Chrysler Corporation - Cmp
Respondent Chrysler Corporation is a Delaware corporation with its principal office or place of business at 1000 Chrysler Drive, Auburn Hills, Michigan 48326.
In truth and in fact, consumers cannot lease the Chrysler vehicles featured in the advertisements at the terms prominently stated in the advertisements.
The lease disclosures in respondent's television lease advertisements, including but not necessarily limited to Chrysler Exhibit A, are not clear and conspicuous because they appear on the screen in very small type, for a very short duration, and/or accompanied by background sounds and images.
www.ftc.gov /os/1998/10/chrysler.cmp.htm   (689 words)

 CHRYSLER CORPORATION CORPORATE HISTORY   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Chrysler earned his master mechanic's papers in 1899 and nine years later, at the age of 33, became the youngest man ever to hold the post of superintendent of Motive Power for the Chicago Great Western Railway.
Chrysler Corporation was incorporated in Delaware on June 6, 1925, as a successor to the Maxwell Motor Car.
Chrysler's commitment to R and D in the 1930s resulted in several Chrysler engineering innovations including the patented "Floating Power," an engine mounting system which successfully isolated engine vibration away from the passengers and resulted in a smoother ride.
users.erinet.com /30561/history.htm   (2967 words)

 Chrysler Corporation (from DaimlerChrysler AG) --  Encyclopædia Britannica   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Built between 1926 and 1930, the Chrysler Building was briefly the tallest in the world (1,048 feet [319.4 m]) until the Empire State...
Created in 1954 by the merger of automobile manufacturers Nash-Kelvinator and Hudson Motors, the American Motors Corporation (AMC) became one of the four major automotive firms in the United States by the early 1980s, along with the General Motors Corporation, the Ford Motor Company, and the Chrysler Corporation (now DaimlerChrysler AG).
Born in Wamego, Kan., Chrysler was an important figure in Michigan's automobile industry.
www.britannica.com /eb/article-218937   (671 words)

 Writeside Review: Chrysler Corporation
Chrysler addresses its visitors in a voice which is conversational, intelligent and straightforward throughout, which, together with the site's navigational ease, makes for an enjoyable and memorable tour.
The Chrysler labs, including a 3/8-scale wind tunnel and the noise vibration and harshness laboratory (which, one suspects, could have been used to design this smooth corporate tour!).
The Chrysler history section, which is disarmingly candid about the company's several tough times and thus all the more credible in terms of the company's present position.
www.writeside.com /reviews/review33.php   (304 words)

 History of Chrysler Corporation and its various marques - Plymouth, Dodge, Jeep, etc.
B-29 Superfortress bomber: Chrysler's role in redesigning the Wright Cyclone engine so it would be durable and could be mass-produced; in cutting the cost of the engines in half while saving energy in testing and metal in production; and in producing aircraft components
Chrysler and Plymouth, 1929-32: Focusing on the Plymouth PA and PB
Plymouths of 1963: Jeff Godshall's article on Chrysler's ill-timed downsizing and details of styling on the 1963 models, including the Fury Super Sport that was not to be.
www.allpar.com /history   (1382 words)

 Kids.net.au - Encyclopedia Chrysler Corporation -   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The Chrysler Corporation was a United States based automobile manufacturer.
The company was formed by Walter Chrysler in 1925, with the merger of Willys-Overland and Maxwell Motor Company.
In 1928 Chrysler purchased the Dodge Brothers automobile company.
www.kidsseek.com /encyclopedia-wiki/ch/Chrysler   (96 words)

 Pentastars - Chrysler Corporation (and its cars) history
Insider's History of Plymouth (and Chrysler): this series of articles describes the 1950-1964 period of Chrysler Corporation, including not only Plymouth (though that is the focus) but also Dodge, Chrysler, and Imperial.
Chrysler outside the US - a central listing of Chrysler in South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia, organized by nation and by model.
Chrysler Europe, including Simca, Humber, Singer, Hilllman, and Rootes: a number of moderately integrated articles on Chrysler's moderately disastrous history in Europe.
pentastars.com   (468 words)

 Chrysler Corporation   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
On February 6, 1992, at Chryslers request a CompuShift Plus unit and it's associated technical information were sent to the Company for testing and evaluation by their Jeep Division engineers.
As is evident from their reply, Chrysler Motors Corporation was not, at that time, nor until the present, interested in rectifying or even addressing, the the existing control and safety problems that are associated with the operation of the 1-2 shift position in their Jeep Cherokee's 4 Speed automatic transmission.
As many times is the case, it is left up to the consumer or an after market company such as ourselves to solve the problems that some major corporations decide are either to costly, or not worth the the effort for them to address.
www.cherokee-jeep.com /jeep-cherokee-chrysler.htm   (474 words)

 Chrysler Corporation
The first cars to bear the Chrysler name were manufactured in the Maxwell plant, which was built here in 1909.
By 1930, Chrysler had become the world’s third largest producer of automobiles.
During World War II its production of war materials helped make Detroit the world’s “Arsenal of Democracy.” In 1998, Daimler Chrysler Corporation was formed, the result of a merger between Chrysler Corporation and Daimler Benz.
www.byways.org /browse/byways/13754/places/37274   (196 words)

 Chrysler BMW Engine Plant   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Chrysler Corporation, Curitiba, Brazil, April 14, 1998 -- BMW AG and Chrysler Corporation today broke ground for their new joint venture engine facility in Brazil.
Both BMW and Chrysler are expanding their operations in Brazil.
Chrysler launched import sales in Brazil in 1996 and will start production of the Dodge Dakota pick-up truck at its new plant, also located in Campo Largo, this July.
www.autointell.net /nao_companies/daimlerchrysler/dc-manufacturing/chrysler-tritec-engine-plant.htm   (386 words)

 chrysler corporation   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Sunday, June 19, 2005 Chrysler Corporation Chrysler Corporation was formed by Walter Percy Chrysler on June 6, 1925, with the remaining assets of Maxwell Motor Company.
corporation nevada corporation the corporation 2004 arizona corporation commission bellsouth corporation...
Chrysler Corporation Chrysler Corporation On June 6, 1925, the Chrysler Corporation was founded here after a reorganization of the Maxwell and Chalmers automotive companies by Walter P. Chrysler.
www.oncorporation247.com /chryslercorporation   (1075 words)

 Wordlab: I Am Chairman Of Chrysler Corporation Always   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Some people might recognize the sometime Chairman of Chrysler Corporation, Lee Iacocca, in this new television commercial with Seinfeld's George Costanza, a.k.a.
Others, too young to remember octogenarian automobile executives, might not recognize Iacocca or remember who the heck he is to Chrysler.
Back in the day, when it was important that employees of Chrysler remember their boss's name, they devised this mnemonic: I Am Chairman Of Chrysler Corporation Always.
www.wordlab.com /2005/07/i-am-chairman-of-chrysler-corporation.cfm   (328 words)

ProjectBackground: One of ChryslerÆs environmental strategies is to increase the use of recycled content in production parts and to reduce the amount of material being disposed of in landfills.
Chrysler developed a Life Cycle Management Model (LCM) with Franklin Associates, Ltd. for assistance in making better business decisions between components and materials.
Since only the pallet cover is removed and collected by Chrysler at the assembly plant, only this material is available for recycling by Chrysler.
www.p2pays.org /ref/02/01312.htm   (822 words)

 Chrysler Historical Timeline   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Sherman M4 tank is the main combat vehicle of the U.S. and its allies.
Chrysler $1.5 billion in federal loan guarantees, January 7.
It is the first time this advanced system, a combination of the second generation Quadra-Trac II transfer case and Vari-Lok progressive front and rear axle differentials, is offered on any sport-utility vehicle world-wide.
users.erinet.com /30561/timeline.htm   (1562 words)

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