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Topic: Chthonic

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  Chthonic - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Greek khthon is one of several words for "earth"; it typically refers to the interior of the soil, rather than the living surface of the land (as does gaia or ge) or the land as territory (as does khora).
Chthonic deities also tended to favor fl victims over white ones, and their offerings were usually burned whole or buried rather than being cooked and shared among the worshippers.
While chthonic gods and goddesses had a general association with fertility, they did not have a monopoly on it, nor were Olympian gods wholly unconcerned from the earth's prosperity.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Chthonic   (442 words)

 S Y N T H E S I S - Chthonic: From Beast to Godhead - By Vadge Moore
Chthonic is of the earth or under the earth.
To be chthonic means to be rooted in the ground sunk into the earth where all things die decompose and rejoin the primal elements.
This is an ideal chthonic representation, embracing the depths symbolized by the serpents rising to the human and achieving solar transcendence as depicted by the rooster head.
www.rosenoire.org /articles/chthonic.php   (3802 words)

 Mazur Public Relations   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
CHTHONIC is derived from the Greek god of the underworld with the phonetic translation into Mandarin as Shan-ling.
In 1996, CHTHONIC received the ¡¨Golden Melody Award¡¨ and later, in 1997 received first place in original music composition national with another first place in both a northern district of a popular music competition as well as first place in the overall national competition.
In August, CHTHONIC returned to Denmark to add finishing touches to the English-language version of Relentless Recurrence, which is scheduled for release in December of this year.
www.mazurpr.com /Artist/Chthonic/Chthonic.htm   (844 words)

 The Bridge World
However, we are all in awe of Chthonic (the first two letters are silent), the creation of the Orttman Foundation, a machine with superb technique, high talent for imitation, and personality traits that compete with the very worst homo sapiens have to offer.
Chthonic, meanwhile, had removed a card from his holder and placed it face down on the table.
Chthonic was about to put him on play again with the spade ten, and the forced diamond return would concede the last three tricks.
www.bridgeworld.com /?d=article_sampler&f=sampro.html   (1504 words)

 The Chthonic Plane
These three grades of biological consciousness could be defined as lower, middle, and upper chthonic (remember, each plane is also divided into sub-planes, so there are actually many chthonic planes), and constitute the somatic subconscious (nefesh of nefesh).
This region of the being, like the Mental Subconscious, is full of all sorts of negative reactions and neuroses, and is the ultimate cause of much of the fear, hatred, and ignorance in the world, especially among the ignorant.
Whereas the Psychic Chthonic represents emotional neuroticism, the Mental Chthonic is the mental subconscious, and thus constitutes mental neuroticism and anxieties.
www.kheper.net /integral/chthonic.html   (536 words)

 [No title]
As a result of these two tiers, the Oedipal conflict in the Canaanite pantheon took the form of sibling rivalry between brother gods on the lower tier, as we will see in their literature, and not a conflict between the son in the lower tier and the father in the upper tier.
It appears the celestial religion was representative of the ruling class and the chthonic religion of the peasant farmers.
There would be no existing mythology since they had two different origins and certainly the new ruling class would not allow any new mythology that did not help keep the peasants and their gods in line, certainly not a mythology that even hinted at a threat to their power.
www.winternet.com /~swezeyt/bible/oedipus/swezoed1.htm   (1018 words)

 New York North Arts. Third Thursday's Lecture Series   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The Chthonic Clash Coffeehouse, located at 418-420 Main Street in Beacon, announces the second in its series of conversations with artists on art and contemporary culture on Thursday, February 24, at 7:00PM.
Chthonic Clash Coffeehouse, located at 418-420 Main Street in Beacon, is in its second year of service to the Beacon community.
The Chthonic Clash Coffeehouse, located at 420 Main Street in Beacon, announces the first in a series of conversations with artists on art and contemporary culture on Thursday, January 20, at 7:00PM.
www.nynarts.com /event_pages/3thursccc   (946 words)

 Minoan Snake Goddess
She is called also Household Goddess due to her attribute of the snake, which is connected with welfare of the Minoan house.
The first, who identified this Minoan Goddess and who described her domestic and chthonic role and her cult, was A. Evans.
M.P. Nilsson hold a snake as personification of the Snake Goddess and he believed, that her chthonic form is one of the aspects of the Great Mother.
www.pantheon.org /articles/m/minoan_snake_goddess.html   (863 words)

 BLABBERMOUTH.NET - Taiwan's CHTHONIC To Perform In Front Of President's Hall
Taiwanese metal band CHTHONIC will finish out a momentous year in their career with two more extraordinary events: playing the annual New Year's Eve concert in front of President's Hall and the release of the band's Mandarin theme for the 21st Century Fox Taiwan release of "Freddy vs. Jason".
Earlier this year, CHTHONIC won the "Best Rock Group" award at the 14th annual Golden Melody Awards, the biggest music award in Mandarin countries.
CHTHONIC will be at the January 17 "Freddy vs. Jason" premiere and press conference to promote the film.
www.roadrunnerrecords.com /blabbermouth.net/news.aspx?mode=Article&newsitemID=17695   (728 words)

Chthonic is one of the topics in focus at Global Oneness.
Chthonic deities also tended to favor fl victims over white ones, and their offerings were usually burned whole or buried rather...
There seem to be rather powerful chthonic magickal or psychic forces tied in with the structure of each planet.
www.experiencefestival.com /chthonic   (1256 words)

 Poetry, music pair well with coffee, tea at Chthonic
Chthonic, a Greek word meaning ''of the earth'' or ''of the underworld,'' is an appropriate description for the establishment's dedication to organic coffees, teas and foods.
A true ''diamond in the rough'' on Main Street in Beacon, this stylish, trendy, New York City-esque-dream-come-true for caffeine junkies, is bar-none the most impressive coffeehouse north of Manhattan.
Poetry readings and chess tournaments take place sporadically, and games, books and newspapers are available for patrons to enjoy with their favorite caffeinated concoction.
cityguide.pojonews.com /fe/Nightspots/stories/ns_chthonic.asp   (382 words)

 Chthonic gods
Chthonic divinities are associated with the earth and/or underworld.
Usually they are fertility gods and/or rulers of the dead, and the opposites of the sky gods.
Some chthonic gods are for instance: the Egyptian Anubis, the Greek Hades, the Roman Mars, the Etruscan Voltumna, and the Hindu Yakshas.
www.pantheon.org /articles/c/chthonic_gods.html   (93 words)

 Chthonic and Indo-European Elements
The two deities closest associated with life are Laima and Giltine, while the chthonic deities are Velona and Velnias.
Though theorising, I suspect that it is a battle that rages between the Old European, Chthonic pantheon and that of the Sky deities of the Indo-Europeans.
In many ways, the chthonic deities of Lithuania still managed to retain their hold upon the psyche of the Lithuanian people, even with the advent of Christianity.
www.geocities.com /Athens/Delphi/3503/lecture98.html   (2517 words)

 The Write Stuff
Sharon compared entering her brother's basement bedroom to a descent into chthonic regions—it was dark and odd-smelling, and she was a little frightened of what she might find there.
"Chthonic" is associated with things that dwell in or under the earth.
It can be used to describe something that resembles a mythological underworld (e.g., "chthonic darkness"), and it is sometimes used to describe things associated with the earth or nature (as opposed to the elevated or celestial).
thewritersplace.com /writestuff/modules.php?name=News&file=categories&op=newindex&catid=2   (945 words)

 Fantasy Cosmogony 101 | Gamegrene.com
Chthonic traditions are usually defined as the ancient, pre-Aryan (or pre-Olympian) religions of the Mediterranean.
Other chthonic divinities include the tripartite goddesses (the Fates in their benevolent aspect, the Eryines ["Furies"] or Eumenides in their punitive aspect, and the feminine trinity in their mystical, moon-based aspect [Selene/Kore/Persephone, Rhea/Demeter, and Hecate]).
Unless I am very badly misinformed, the Chthonic traditions (along with imported Sumerian/Babylonian myth and ritual) formed the basis of European "magical theory," starting with the Greco-Roman practices of "magic" and continuing in fits, starts, and "eras of rediscovery" into the Middle Ages and even the modern day.
www.gamegrene.com /node/465   (5843 words)

 Chthonic - TheBestLinks.com - Demeter, Erinyes, Greek language, Greek mythology, ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Chthonic - TheBestLinks.com - Demeter, Erinyes, Greek language, Greek mythology,...
Chthonic, Demeter, Erinyes, Greek language, Greek mythology, Hades, Heracles...
You can add this article to your own "watchlist" and receive e-mail notification about all changes in this page.
www.thebestlinks.com /Chthonic.html   (455 words)

 Llewellyn Encyclopedia: Principles of Ceremonial
So the winged white steed Pegasus, Poseidon’s emissary, stamped with his hoof upon the summit of Helicon to subdue that rebellious mountain: furthermore, from the apical hoofprint flowed Hippocrene, the sacred fount of the Muses.
Thus the magician, whether in his magical personality simply, or in the character of Mithras, Heracles or other Heroic victor over the chthonic powers, may stamp his foot, either to signal his will to command them, or to indicate his freedom from their bondage and his right to drink of the nectar of inspiration.
To raise something upward is, generally, to bring it into operation as well as into manifestation.
www.llewellynencyclopedia.com /article/1398   (2997 words)

 Dictionary.com/Word of the Day Archive/chthonic
"The chthonic divinity was essentially a god of the regions under the earth; at first of the dark home of the seed, later on of the still darker home of the dead."
"The chthonic imagery of Norine's apartment, which..was fl as a coalhole and heated by the furnace of the hostess' unslaked desires."
Chthonic comes from khthón, the Greek word for earth.
dictionary.reference.com /wordoftheday/archive/2002/10/06.html   (123 words)

 [No title]
Chthonic means of the underworld, or mysterious, with intimations of qliphothic.
Chthonic also means spurious -- we openly acknowledge our bastard roots.) Auranian derives from Auranos, a specialized orthography of Uranus.
Auranos is an extra-telluric counterpart of Chthonia, the dark hidden aspect of Gaia.
www.angelfire.com /pa2/cthonicauranian/seibert.html   (2289 words)

 New and Recent Paintings
I find these paintings to be filled with luminosity and mystery, evoking images and experiences of the dreamtime.
The Chthonic Forces Series represents part of my quest to embrace and work with these powerful energies emerging at this time.
Certainly the recent underwater volcanic eruption and resulting tsunami is an example of these forces, which seek to create balance and freedom without regard for and in spite of human existence.
evening-sun.com /gallery/new_paintings.html   (459 words)

 Metal News - Taiwanese Band Chthonic Play President's Hall ( Metal Underground . com )
Taiwanese metal band CHTHONIC will finish out a momentous year in its career with two more extraordinary events: playing the annual New Years Eve concert in front of Presidents Hall and the release of the bands Mandarin theme for the 21st Century Fox Taiwan release of Freddy vs. Jason.
Though the Freddy vs. Jason film will not be released until January 22nd, CHTHONIC's theme single, 'Satans Horns' is set for release on December 30th.
CHTHONIC will be at the January 17 Freddy vs. Jason premier and press conference to promote the film.
www.metalunderground.com /news/details.cfm?newsid=7083   (358 words)

 BLABBERMOUTH.NET - Taiwanese Black Metal Band CHTHONIC Put Spin On The Country's Past
They extolled the virtues of Na Tao Ji, a tragic heroine of Taiwanese folklore, by singing her story in front of the Presidential Office on Sept. 6 when 150,000 people gathered at a rally to promote changing the country's name from the Republic of China to Taiwan.
"We formed CHTHONIC when we were ready to accept and respond to disagreement from other people in music circles against our work," Lin said.
Some others detested CHTHONIC and asked why we could sing softly and gently, but about such wretched subjects and with such desperation.
www.roadrunnerrecords.com /blabbermouth.net/news.aspx?mode=Article&newsitemID=15237   (1883 words)

 The role of discontinuous gas exchange in insects: the chthonic hypothesis does not hold water -- Gibbs and Johnson 207 ...
The role of discontinuous gas exchange in insects: the chthonic hypothesis does not hold water -- Gibbs and Johnson 207 (20): 3477 -- Journal of Experimental Biology
We tested the chthonic model by measuring the respiratory water loss:CO release ratio in reproductive females (queens) of the seed harvester
The chthonic hypothesis predicts that the ratio of respiratory
jeb.biologists.org /cgi/content/full/207/20/3477   (2882 words)

 CHTHONIC'S HOME PAGE   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
First, a definition: "Chthonic" = of the underworld (pronounced "thon-ik").
As used by Paglia, "chthonic" refers to the dark, organic, ineluctable center of our sexuality.
The purpose of this Web page is to collect serious philosophical, political and practical discussion related to sadomasochism, fetishism and related topics.
www.users.interport.net /c/h/chthonic/oldhome.html   (227 words)

 Rhizome.org: Chthonic Cartographers Exhibition Opens Nov.2nd Harford Community College:::Chesapeake Gallery
Chthonic Cartographers is an exhibition that seeks to define place by locating the unseen.
Chthonic Cartographers contains work from emerging, mid-career and established artists from around the country.
Chthonic Cartographers contains performances, divining interactions, community knitting activities, aroma samplings, loitering collages made from server triggered USB cameras, sewer sound mapping installations, the grounding of the Hays-Heighe House, sleep talk reconstructions, an interview-based text and audio encyclopedia comprised
rhizome.org /object.rhiz?36234   (211 words)

 CoC : ChthoniC - 9th Empyrean : Review
ChthoniC has forged a melding of fl metal and atmospheric harmonies that makes its own path like a cooling lava stream.
I am not telling anything most of you don't already know, but such a unique trait for independent musical creativeness is become more rare than a search for meaning in the American Democrat party.
While that is neither here nor there, ChthoniC is a band of some longevity to their existence.
www.chroniclesofchaos.com /Articles.aspx?id=2-2794   (351 words)

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