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Topic: Church History

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  History of Christianity -- Facts, Info, and Encyclopedia article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-06)
Critics of the merger of church and state point to this shift of the beginning of the era of Constantinianism when Christianity and the will of God gradually came to be identified with the will of the ruling elite; and in some cases was little more than a religious justification for the exercise of power.
Saint ((Roman Catholic Church) a Church Father who was a great preacher and bishop of Constantinople; a saint and Doctor of the Church (347-407)) John Chrysostom ((additional info and facts about Patriarch of Constantinople) Patriarch of Constantinople) dies in exile for criticizing the imperial court in his homilies.
Church buildings were built in large numbers, and the Evangelical church's activities grew along with this expansive physical growth.
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/h/hi/history_of_christianity.htm   (6407 words)

 The Anglican Domain: Church History
Martin Luther's famous 95 Theses were nailed to the door of the church in Wittenburg in 1517, and news of this challenge had certainly reached England when, 20 years later, the Anglican branch of the church formally challenged the authority of Rome.
The newly-separated Anglican church was given some formal structure in 1562 during the reign of Elizabeth I. That structure is not a management process or governing organization.
Church history has been an important part of the cultural history of every nation, and through the centuries thousands of books have been written about it.
www.anglican.org /church/ChurchHistory.html   (524 words)

Ecclesiastical history is the scientific investigation and the methodical description of the temporal development of the Church considered as an institution founded by Jesus Christ and guided by the Holy Ghost for the salvation of mankind.
Thus we have the history of the popes, of cardinals, of councils, collections of the lives and legends of the saints, the history of orders and congregations; also of patrology, dogma, liturgy, worship, the law, constitution, and social institutions of the Church.
Since ecclesiastical history is so closely related to theology on the one hand, and on the other to the historical sciences, a knowledge of all is generally speaking a prerequisite for the scientific study of church history.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/07365a.htm   (15079 words)

 A Time Line of Church History
The churches of Rome and Constantinople were often separated for long periods of time already between the fourth and the ninth centuries.
Whatever the issue and whoever was at fault, it is clear that, underneath the debate on a concrete theological or disciplinary problem, there was a developing difference on the repective authority of the "apostolic see" of Rome on the one side, and on the other, the idea of a conciliar consensus prevailing in the East.
The Orthodox Church and her history is described herein, from Pentecost to the present day.
www.saintignatiuschurch.org /timeline.html   (897 words)

 Library Index
Church History - HUGHHIST.TXT - A History of the Church: To the Eve of the Reformation
Church History - HUGHHIST.ZIP - A History of the Church: To the Eve of the Reformation
A summary of significant events in the history of the Church in Ukraine, with attention to relations between Catholics and Orthodox, an emphasis on the trials of the 20th century, and present expectations of a brighter future.
www.ewtn.com /library/indexes/CHISTORY.htm   (6408 words)

 Church History
The History of the Catholic Church in Norway
History of the Parishes in the Diocese of Eshowe, South Africa
History of the Catholic Church in Tomsk and Novosibirsk By Fr.
www.shc.edu /theolibrary/history.htm   (2452 words)

 Ireland - Catholic Church Local History and Ancestors Genealogy Research
Church of the Incarnation (Fettercairn) and Ard Mhuire Oratory (Belgard)
Brief History of the Diocese of Killaloe and the Parish of Killaloe.
The History of Franciscan Ballymote Abbey - Ballymote, County Sligo.
home.att.net /~Local_Catholic/Catholic-Ireland.htm   (6047 words)

 St. Patrick Church history preserved
It begins in early 1854 -- when the Catholic Church answered the demand of mostly Irish immigrants in Portland for a place of worship close to their homes -- and ends a few years after the last service was held there in 1985.
Patrick Church, named for Ireland's patron saint, was also the first American teaching home of the Xaverian Brothers, a Belgian-based order of monks devoted to youth education.
She said she is glad to be a part of keeping the church in Louisville's history.
www.courier-journal.com /apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20050311/NEWS0102/503110437/1008/NEWS01   (651 words)

 General Commission on Archives and History; The United Methodist Church
Commission on Archives and History for The United Methodist Church.
We maintain an archives and library in which historical records and materials relating to The United Methodist Church are preserved and are made available for public and scholarly use.
Brief descriptions of UM history, worship, bibliographies and short summaries of United Methodist doctrine and social statements.
www.gcah.org   (280 words)

 Guide to Early Church Documents
The Epistle of Polycarp to the Philippians [ca 130?]: Polycarp was a church leader (bishop) in Smyrna, Asia Minor.
The Writings of Cyprian: Cyprian [200-258] was the Overseer of the church in Carthage, Northa Africa, during a period of fierce persecution.
The Writings of Augustine: Augustine [354-430] was Overseer of the church at Hippo, North Africa, and is considered by many to be the father of western theology.
www.iclnet.org /pub/resources/christian-history.html   (1148 words)

 Church History   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-06)
A History of the Church - To the Eve of the Reformation by Msgr.
A Church in Crisis: History of the General Councils: 325-1870 A.D. by Msgr.
The Church and the Holy Bible - Historical perspective of the Catholic Church and Scripture
www.catholicsource.net /church_history.html   (334 words)

 Story of the Church - Christian Church History
Part 1 (Early Church History A.D. This course was taught in early 1997.
Part 2 (Early Church History A.D. This course was taught in summer 1997.
Part 3 (Early Church History Concluded and Church History In the Middle Ages A.D. This course was taught in March-May 1998.
www.ritchies.net /churchhi.htm   (242 words)

 Brethren History & Genealogy
The Brethren Heritage Center is a newly constructed facility in Brookville, Ohio, to serve as a repository for Brethren related materials.
Far too often, private collections of Brethren books, educational materials, genealogical records, communion paraphernalia, ministry records, church minutes, and private correspondence are lost to auctions, or simply destroyed by well intending descendants who do not recognize or fully appreciate their importance to Brethren researchers.
Brethren church historian Merle C. Rummel has graciously permitted several chapters of his book, "Four Mile Community" to be placed online, so that people in the modern world may discover what life was like in a more simple time, when people knew almost everyone in town.
www.cob-net.org /genhis.htm   (1478 words)

 Project Wittenberg
Pastor of the town church in Wittenberg, he was Luther's confessor, one of the first Lutheran pastors to marry, married Luther, reorganized and brought the Lutheran tradition to: Hamburg, Brunswick, Luebeck, Lower Saxony, Minden, Osnabrueck, Goettingen, Soest, Bremen, Pomerania, Denmark and other places.
CHI is the Archives of the Lutheran Church -- Missouri Synod.
One of the first modern church body archives, it is also one of the largest.
www.iclnet.org /pub/resources/text/wittenberg/wittenberg-home.html   (749 words)

 A History of the General Councils - AD 325 through AD 1870 - Mgr. Philip Hughes   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-06)
Philip Hughes, "The Church in Crisis: A History of the General Councils, 325 - 1870.
A comprehensive survey of the origins, accomplishments and significance of the twenty General Councils of the Church.
Explains the nature and function of General Councils, and tells how each was called and what it accomplished, in the context of the climate of the times, the men who took part, and the intellectual currents which lay behind the final pronouncements.
www.christusrex.org /www1/CDHN/coun0.html   (230 words)

 Church History - Resources for Catholic Educators
The Ecumenical Councils of the Roman Catholic Church
The History of the Catholic Church - A timeline in pdf format.
Ecclesiology: A Study in Church History - Excellent extensive online history of the Church by Yuri Koszarycz a Senior Lecturer within the School of Theology at the Australian Catholic University, McAuley Campus, situated in Brisbane, Australia.
www.silk.net /RelEd/churchhist.htm   (144 words)

 Church History Links   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-06)
We anticipate that this area of church history is something that we will be constantly updating.
Church history is broken down into sections for easier reference.
Plenty of information on the history of the catacombs of Rome which were often used by believers to worship in and bury their dead.
reformerkev.esmartweb.com /history.html   (549 words)

 Hall of Church History—The Church Fathers
The writings of the Church Fathers are not free from such influences.
This is the only surviving account of the church from the first 300 years of the Christian era.
A.D. Polycarp's exhortations to the church at Philippi.
www.spurgeon.org /~phil/fathers.htm   (989 words)

 CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Home   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-06)
On the other hand, it is not exclusively a church encyclopedia, nor is it limited to the ecclesiastical sciences and the doings of churchmen.
As for Catholics, their duty as members of the Church impels them to learn more and more fully its principles; while among Protestants the desire for a more intimate and accurate knowledge of things Catholic increases in proportion to the growth of the Church in numbers and in importance.
The Encyclopedia, therefore, is the most convenient means of doing both, enabling, as it does, the foremost Catholic scholars in every part of the world to contribute articles in the condensed form that appeals to the man of action, and with the accuracy that satisfies the scholar.
www.newadvent.org /cathen   (687 words)

 Hall of Church History
As you walk through The Hall of Church History, if you veer too far to the right or to the left, you'll encounter people whose tendency has been to enshrine tradition over Scripture, or to pursue what is innovative and novel at the expense of what is sure and steadfast.
But we encourage guests to spend most of their time in the central hall, which takes you from the Church Fathers, through the Medieval Churchmen, down a narrow, treasure-filled hallway devoted to the Puritan and Reformed writers, to the more recent stalwarts of the faith.
An exhaustive annotated timeline of the key events in church history from an Eastern Orthodox perspective, compiled by R.
www.spurgeon.org /~phil/hall.htm   (393 words)

 Britannia: Church History   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-06)
Temporal power was wielded by the Monarch and spiritual power was wielded by the Church, sometimes to the point that it looked and felt just like the temporal power.
In this section, we look at the men and women who shaped the institution, the hierarchies they created and the buildings they built.
The first in a series of DVD's, "The Mystery of King Arthur" goes on location in the UK to explore the history and legend of the great king and his fascinating times.
www.britannia.com /church   (207 words)

 Local Catholic Church History and Genealogy Research Guide and Worldwide Directory
For instance, in the Roman Catholic Church, the Sacraments of Baptism, Chrismation and Holy Eucharist (Holy Communion) are often received at different ages, while in the Byzantine Catholic Church, as in most of the Eastern Catholic Churches, these three Sacramental Mysteries of Baptism, Chrismation and Holy Eucharist are given together to infants.
History of the Syriac Catholic Church "at a glance"
with a History of Milwaukee Wisconsin's Melkites and
home.att.net /~Local_Catholic   (4460 words)

 Anabaptists: The Schleitheim Confession
The pastor in the church of God shall, as Paul has prescribed, be one who out-and-out has a good report of those who are outside the faith.
This one moreover shall be supported of the church which has chosen him, wherein he may be in need, so that he who serves the Gospel may live of the Gospel as the Lord has ordained.
But if a pastor should do something requiring discipline, he shall not be dealt with except (on the testimony of) two or three witnesses.
www.anabaptists.org /history/schleith.html   (1908 words)

 The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-06)
Because the November Ensign and Liahona contain the proceedings of general conference, there is not a designated message for home teaching or visiting teaching in November.
The Church continues to provide relief assistance to members and others harmed by natural disasters.
For the latest information on the Church's response to the earthquake in south Asia, as well as Hurricanes Stan, Katrina, and Rita, visit the Humanitarian Services page.
www.lds.org   (211 words)

 Christian History Institute Welcomes You
Christian History Institute is a leading site for stories on the history of the Christian religion and the church through the centuries, including early Christianity, Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy, Protestantism, and the lives of Jesus Christ and his apostles.
Out of monuments, names, words, proverbs, traditions, private records and evidences, fragments of stories, passages of books, and the like, we do save and recover somewhat from the deluge of time.
Christian History Institute is not funded by any group or denomination, and support comes voluntarily from our interested friends.
chi.gospelcom.net /index.php   (254 words)

 Catholic Pages Directory: » The Church » CHURCH HISTORY
A History of Christendom: Vol.4 Cleaving of Christendom
History Of The Church To The Eve Of The Reformation by Msgr Philip Hughes
Guide to Local Catholic Church History and Genealogical Research of Catholic Ancestors Are you researching ancestors who were members of the Catholic Church?
www.catholic-pages.com /dir/history.asp   (617 words)

 Christian Classics Ethereal Library   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-06)
If you are interested in proofreading, scanning, markup, programming, or contributing your effort to the CCEL project in some other way, please send him a message.
The current push is to finish Version 3 of the Early Church Fathers series.
This is a large collection of the most important writings of the first 800 years of the church -- an extremely valuable set.
www.ccel.org   (740 words)

 Church History   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-06)
The Councils as the Manifestation of the Church Unity
The Orthodox Church in the Middle East
Eusebius Pamphlius of Caesarea: Church History (260-340)[Covers church history from beginning to Constantine I] Socrates Scholasticus: Ecclesiastical History (Lived.
www.kosovo.com /history.html   (244 words)

 Church History is Bible Prophecy fulfilled...the Protestant Historicist Interpretation - Historicist.com The Protestant ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-06)
Church History is Bible Prophecy fulfilled...the Protestant Historicist Interpretation - Historicist.com The Protestant Interpretation of Biblical Prophecy.
KJV Revelation 12:6 And the woman fled into the wilderness, where she hath a place prepared of God, that they should feed her there a thousand two hundred and threescore days.
This material has been carefully compared, corrected¸ and emended (according to the 1910 edition of Charles Scribner's Sons) by The Electronic Bible Society, Dallas, TX, 1998.
www.historicist.com /protestant_history.htm   (336 words)

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