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Topic: Church of Christ, Instrumental

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  Church of Christ, Instrumental - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Church of Christ, Instrumental, also known as Kelleyites, are a baptistic body of Christians based in central Arkansas.
A difference in practice between the Baptists with whom he was connected in Illinois and the Baptists in Arkansas was evidently a contributing factor to the rise of the Kelley division of the missionary Baptist church.
The church doctrine is ecumenical in nature, but article 14 of their constitution states, "No minister, except regular ordained ministers of the Church of Christ, shall be permitted to preach or conduct services in any individual church without special permission from the pastor and members of that particular church.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Church_of_Christ,_Instrumental   (896 words)

 Independent Christian Churches/Churches of Christ - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Independent Christian Churches/Churches of Christ are a part of the Restoration Movement and are in the theological middle ground between the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and the Church of Christ (non-instrumental).
Christian Churches and Churches of Christ contend that true faith is not mere belief [41], but no less than a believing, trusting, and repentant obedience[42], that baptism is always mentioned in the passive verbal forms in the New Testament (i.e.
Christ’s Church of the Valley of Peoria, Arizona
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Independent_Christian_Churches/Churches_of_Christ   (1522 words)

 The Watchman Expositor: Boston Church of Christ
The Boston Church of Christ is a major new splinter group from what is known as the mainline and conservative Church of Christ.
They were controversial and aggressive, often debating with other church leaders especially focusing on the need to be baptized "for the remission of sins in order to be saved," requiring the absence of instrumental music from worship, the necessity of the Lord's Supper or communion every Sunday and other legalisms.
Because of their legalism, twisting of scripture, exclusivism, and their use of the well known mind-control methodologies of other destructive cults, they are recognized as a cult by the orthodox Christian community as well as by the psychological and psychiatric community who specialize in the destructive cult phenomena.
www.watchman.org /cults/boston.htm   (887 words)

Christ had also told His apostles that "repentance and remission of sins should be preached in his name among all nations, beginning at Jerusalem" (Luke 24:47).
This is not an exclusive term to designate the church, because the New Testament also refers to the church as: The church of the Lord (Acts 20:28); The body of Christ (I Corinthians 12:27); The house of God (I Timothy 3:15); The church of God (Galatians 1: 13); The church of the Firstborn (Hebrews 12:23).
Quite frankly, we who are members of the church of Christ are afraid to use the instrument because of the foregoing conclusions, and because of John's injunction: "Whosoever goeth onward and abideth not in the teaching of Christ, hath not God" (III John 9).
www.churches-of-christ.net /tracts/job041u.htm   (3229 words)

 Prohibition and Discretion;
Certainly this Church of Christ change away from the New Testament “pattern” in style and practice of worship is no less significant a departure from the original and overtly demonstrated “pattern” of New Testament worship than accompaniment of singing would be.
The Church of Christ apologist here seems unable to recognize that his argument is guilty of the inverse of exactly the criticism he accuses against those whom he says only see a singular procreative purpose in sexuality.
For it is Mike (and the Church of Christ mentality) that has established a legalistic prohibition, even establishing it as a salvific “doctrinal” requirement, and rendered a commandment of men as if it were a “thus saith the Lord” injunction, where none exists.
www.tektonics.org /guest/dgcocmusic.htm   (18004 words)

 From church worker to follower of Christ
I went to the minister of the church I attended and explained the experience to him, asking to be baptized.
According to the teaching of the kind of church I was attending (the Independent Christian Church, also known as Church of Christ Instrumental), what I had experienced could not have been salvation because there was no baptism by immersion involved.
According to his experience, it's not uncommon for lifetime Church of Christ members to suddenly "catch fire" and be called to a life of greater service than the rank and file.
www.waytogod.org /susanv.html   (1995 words)

 About the church of Christ
The Church of Christ is the church which Jesus Christ built, Christ himself being the chief corner stone (Eph: 2:19-22).
The church is not a building of wood and stone, but a living building made up of many members who are obedient to the commands of Christ (1 Peter 2:5-10).
We have no scriptural authority or example of instruments being used in the New Testament worship services.We are told to sing and we know that the apostles did sing therefore it is permissible and necessary to include singing in our worship, but not with the use of mechanical instruments.
www.churchofchristmarshfld.org /aboutcoc.html   (1370 words)

 Enon Church of Christ - About Us
The Enon Church of Christ is located at 7345 Dayton Road, Enon, Ohio and was formed May 27, 1956.
The church began with 28 charter members, meeting in a framed house at the present location for 10 years.
We are affiliated with the Christian churches (Church of Christ, instrumental) and do not have a denomination headquarters or adhere to any creeds.
www.ourchurch.com /view/?pageID=185631   (140 words)

 Paul Woodhouse - Grace Centered Magazine - Instrumental Music
To all of the "church Fathers" and denomination founders and theologians the non use of instruments was an absolute belief held "en toto" until the liberal 19th century among protestants.
Instrumental "god calling or appeasing" was the traditionalism of all known paganism.
The name "The Church of Christ" is Biblical and historical in all groups.
www.piney.com /WinGCMWoodhouse.html   (6859 words)

 churches of Christ
The EBN was created to benefit the churches of Christ throughout the world in case of an emergency.
Each congregation of the churches of Christ is autonomous, and it is the Word of God that unites us into One Faith (Ephesians 4:3-6).
Teens For Christ gives our young brothers and sisters an opportunity to fellowship with other teens from all over the world, and at the same time learn how to deal with life's problems as a young Christian.
church-of-christ.org   (861 words)

 Church of Christ
As a member of the church of Christ, you are obligated by the Bible to "be ready always to give an answer to those who ask you..." On the authority of this Bible verse then, I am challenging you regarding your faith.
It is obvious to anyone without a Church of Christ ax to grind that the New Testament church on the left bears little resemblance to the Church of Christ on the right, regardless of the Church of Christ claims to be a Xerox copy of the original New Testament church.
The "unofficial" Church of Christ position is that the preacher is not a pastor.
www.jcnot4me.com /Items/cults/church_of_christ.htm   (3045 words)

 Music Program -- Christ Church Summit NJ   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Holly's husband, Patrick Wood, is a talented violinist who graces services at Christ Church with solo performances from time to time.
Christ Church's voice and handbell choirs grace our worship service with their performance, and offer special performances from time to time.
Christ Church also provides opportunites to hear instrumentalists including church members and local musicians both as part of the worship service and at special musical events in the church:
www.christchurchsummit.org /music.html   (461 words)

 Christ Church Instrumental Music   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Christ Church Cathedral Dublin: the cathedral of Holy Trinity, commonly called Christ Church, Dublin.
The Choristers of Christ Church are a dedicated group of young singers, 4th - 8th grades,...
Instrumental Music and the church's Worship to God Question: I respectfully am inquiring of your view concerning (not) using musical instruments during praise and worship service.
www.hermosabeachcoc.com /HBCOCTEWEB/9/church421.html   (698 words)

 Review: Milton Jones Defending Instrumental Music in Worship
of a denominational church, with its dogmatic confession of faith and statement of doctrine.
In so many of the "uniquely American" churches "testing the spirits" is between relying on the inspired Word which has stood the test of time or rely on those who believe that you should rely on them for faith and practice.
Accordingly the liberty that comes by Christ took those whom it found under bondage to useful signs, and who were (so to speak) near to it, and, interpreting the signs to which they were in bondage, set them free by raising them to the realities of which these were signs.
www.piney.com /MailSerMuPro.html   (9631 words)

 Cyfair Church of Christ Homepage
We are a group of believers in Christ striving to work and worship together as a local congregation of New Testament Christians.
Our aim is that they, too, receive the forgiveness of sins and the hope of eternal life.
If you are looking for a church that teaches the truth from God's word, please join us at any of our regularly scheduled services.
www.cyfairchurch.org   (166 words)

 ChurchofChristnet | A Community-Based Site for the Church of Christ
Denominating, being the opposite of nominating (the call of Christ), proves denominations are not Christian as they have believed themselves to be.
There is a prophecy relating to churches of Christ of which many are unaware.
See the homepage of my group, "Traces of the Kingdom," for proof that the churches of Christ are not new, nor are we another denomination among many, but are in fact the church that pre-existed catholicism and was in hiding during its days of poitical power and persecution.
churchofchristnet.net   (1213 words)

 The Old Testament and Instrumental Music - Quartz Hill church of Christ
I attend a "non-denominational" church that is run just like a church of Christ.
They are still helpful in bringing others to a full knowledge of who Christ is because of the prophecy concerning him and the establishment of Christ's kingdom, the church, on the day of Pentecost in AD 34.
Therefore, instrumental music in worship is not an act of faith.
www.qhcoc.org /q_and_a/music_07.html   (1985 words)

 Church of Christ at Minor - Church of Christ at Minor
Church of Christ at Minor - Church of Christ at Minor
Church Homecoming - Annual celebration of Minor's origin.
© 2002 - 2006 Church of Christ at Minor.
www.churchofchristatminor.org   (86 words)

 Church List for High Shoals, North Carolina
Visit this Church now by way of their WEB site....
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
P.O. Visit this Church now by way of their WEB site....
www.churchangel.com /WEBNC/highshoals.htm   (67 words)

 Is the Church of Christ a Cult?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
You will notice that most scriptural quotations are taken from the New American Standard Bible, which is considered by most scholars to be the most literal word for word translation extant today.
Many say that they forwarded the domain address to a friend or family member that is still in the Church of Christ denomination.
The link below is a great support group for those seeking healing from the wounds that they suffered from being fed a steady diet of legalism rather than Grace while they were members of the Church of Christ denomination.
www.chocd.org /pages/6/index.htm   (272 words)

 MidOhioValleyChurches.com | By church
For information about having your church listed in this guide, Click here
This site is jointly produced by Ogden Newspapers located in The Mid-Ohio Valley.
For information about having your Washington County or Wood County church listed call Art Smith at 1-800-642-1997, or email him at asmith@oweb.com
www.midohiovalleychurches.com /bychurch.html   (55 words)

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