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Topic: CineAlta

In the News (Thu 18 Jul 19)

  SONY’S 24P CINEALTA PRODUCTION FORMAT STARS IN 2002-2003 TELEVISION SEASON   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Nearly thirty shows airing this fall on the major broadcast and cable networks are being produced with CineAlta™ 24P cameras, according to Sony Electronics' analysis of the fall television lineup.
ABC is offering nine programs shot in CineAlta 24P, followed by five shows each on the WB and FOX; four on UPN; two on CBS, and one on NBC, according to Sony's research.
Three series on the cable networks are being shot in CineAlta 24P, including "Odyssey 5" on Showtime, "Before We Ruled The Earth" on TLC and "Witchblade" on TNT.
news.sel.sony.com /pressrelease/print/2774   (573 words)

 The 24p Options
For comparison, the CineAlta at 24 PsF, 0dB, Clear Filter, 1/48th shutter (180 degree) is an equivalent rating of about E.I. 320 Tungsten when compared to a film stock.
Compared to film emulsions, the sensitivity of the older Sony HDW 700/A camcorder is roughly equivalent to 400 E.I. (ASA) for Tungsten balanced film (3200°K) with your light meter set to 30 frames per second or 1/60th of a second.
And compared to film emulsions, the sensitivity of the older Sony HDW 700/A camcorder is roughly equivalent to 250 E.I. (ASA) for Daylight balanced film (5600°K) with your light meter set to 30 frames per second or 1/60th of a second.
www.petergray.org /24poptions.html   (3310 words)

 High definition Camera - Wizworks Multimedia Limited   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The CineAlta brand is a guarantee of high production values ensured by outstanding picture quality and sophisticated digital image treatments.
All products with CineAlta mark are designed for worldwide use and for smooth, straightforward, international collaboration and program material interchange.
They may conform and be certified to comply with the local regulations but fundamentally it is always the same model for the whole world.
www.wizworks.co.in /hdcam.htm   (477 words)

 Scotland on Sunday - Business - Screen test passed with flying colour
The lustre of that memorable image of a bottle of beer is apparent because the advert was shot using HD technology.
Smith, a Lancastrian who moved to Scotland some 20 years ago, is himself a cameraman and is now the most ardent advocate of the new technology north of the Border.
The new CineAlta cameras for the first time allow for digital shooting at 24 frames per second - the universal shooting rate for feature films - so providing a seamless transfer to film.
scotlandonsunday.scotsman.com /business.cfm?id=874222002   (1132 words)

Other shows such as Titus and Earth: Final Conflict have used the CineAlta for their productions, but 100 Centre Street is the first to use multiple 24P cameras both in the studio and on location to heighten the punch of a rawly emotional dramatic story line.
At the time they assumed they would be using the studio handheld version of the CineAlta camera, the HDW-F950, because half of the show was to be shot in the Kaufman Astoria Studio sound stages and the other half on the streets of New York.
Once the HD SDI from the cameras reached the cube, it was converted to an optical signal by an interface they designed based on Evertz 7705 electrical/optical cards, and this signal could be fed down 1000 or 2000 foot fiber optic cables back to the truck.
www.hdtvmagazine.com /archives/100centerstrt.html   (1331 words)

 Revving up digital cinematography   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
He's using the Sony CineAlta high-definition camera, as well as shooting film, but of the roughly 80% of the finished film Mann estimates he's captured digitally, about 80% originated from the Viper.
Though other high-end digital cameras, including the CineAlta, also shoot in 4:4:4 RGB, Thomson vp strategic marketing and business development Jeff Rosica says that what sets the Viper apart is the proprietary CCDs that capture the image as well as the way the data, once acquired, is distributed.
Mann says that when he wanted complete mobility for handheld work, the crew used the CineAlta F900 (which is configured more like a camcorder, recording to either standard Sony HDCAM or SW tapes).
www.hollywoodreporter.com /thr/film/feature_display.jsp?vnu_content_id=2076963   (1396 words)

 canadian society of cinematographers - news and media releases   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Everybody knows the stories: The CineAlta, the marketing name for Sony’s new 24 progressive HDW-F900 HDCAM, has made headlines as George Lucas’s camera of choice for Star Wars: Episode II, and Gene Roddenberry’s Earth: Final Conflict is shooting its fourth-season episodes with the 24P digital high definition camcorder.
Rob Sim of Sim Video was at the showcase with one of his 10 CineAltas and David J. Woods was there with his.
Whittingham said the CineAlta was designed specifically for electronic cinematography and digital cinema, and “Hollywood is abuzz over 24P, with its closer emulation of the film look and economies similar to video production.” He joked about the similarity of 24P to film, right down to the flicker.
www.csc.ca /news?aID=852   (742 words)

Special effects are also easier to create using the HDW-F900 24P image capture, as the blue-screen can be done in real-time, and the elimination of film weave reduces the time necessary to stabilize shots.
CineAlta products ensure a seamless bridge between 24-frame film originals and a final 24P digital master.
The CineAlta environment readily interfaces with the computer graphics world, reducing the time spent in post-production.
news.sel.sony.com /pressrelease/291   (1091 words)

 24p production
Meanwhile, the workflow for all forms of imagery — film, digital video and computer-generated — is converging, allowing for natural and synthetic imagery to be combined seamlessly.
Beyond the application of the Sony's CineAlta 24p HD camera for image acquisition, Star Wars: Episode II is being screened at more than 100 theaters equipped for digital projection.
Many reviewers are proclaiming the end-to-end digital experience to be better than the “film look” that 24p digital seeks to emulate, and someday surpass.
nabnewtools.broadcastengineering.com /24p   (2248 words)

 Double-System Sound with HD Camcorders
Simply use the CineAlta camcorder as the master audio recorder.
The timecode generator is attached to the outside of the camcorder by velcro or tape.
The CineAlta can lock to this external timecode reference when connected to the camcorder's timecode input ("TC-IN" via a BNC connector).
www.petergray.org /doublesystemsound.html   (8269 words)

The players can also feed servers and non-linear editing systems, and are perfect for trade shows and other events, wherever HD play-back may be needed.
Part of Sony's CineAlta digital cinema line, the next in line J-H3 compact player is designed to feed video to non-linear editors or work as an off-line copy play-out machine.
The J-H3 CineAlta compact player is scheduled to be available in August.
www.mitcorp.co.uk /main.asp?sitepages=JH1   (388 words)

 Birdling Brains LLC
Though the VariCam is lower in resolution than the CineAlta, the VariCam exhibits a more "film-like" image and dynamic range than the CineAlta.
The CineAlta requires an external VTR, which is, of course, an extra cost.
These cameras have their strengths and weaknesses, and are both excellent choices, so the decision is ultimately up to the filmmaker.
www.mrboy.com /birdling/soft-indiebudgetbuddy.html   (1144 words)

 Being Vanguard
A sprawling, minimalist space station, it was bisected by white counters sparsely populated with G3s and G4s running the software that everyone was talking about.
The intensity at the booth was rivaled only by the crowd that gathered to see Sony's CineAlta 24p camera a year later.
The implications of 24p have spilled all over everything — union contracts, staffing issues, exhibition issues, the relationship between actors and directors, the relationship between shooting and postproduction, even the question of what we can and should expect from a moving image.
videosystems.com /mag/video_vanguard   (458 words)

 George Lucas
When it was first announced that director George Lucas was planning to shoot the second 'Star Wars' prequel entirely on CineAlta high definition cameras there were some sceptics who refused to believe he would abandon film altogether.
After the experience shooting 'Episode II' on 24P CineAlta HDCAMs Lucas has emphatically declared that he will never again shoot a feature film on 35mm film.
The 'Episode II' production, which began principal photography in Australia last June, deployed six CineAlta HDCAM units with dual audio channels, one permanently sited on a technicrane and another fitted to a steadicam.
www.monitor-radiotv.com /lucas.htm   (616 words)

 effects & compositing training - 2003 High Definition : A Year in Review   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
For the first time in the Festival’s history, all of Sundance’s Film theaters are equipped for digital HD playback to accommodate the large percentage of HD originated and HD mastered movies in the competition.
A Dalsa Origin camera was unveiled at NAB.  The prototype features an optical viewfinder, a 4k x 2k sensor, variable speeds and accepts PL mount lenses yielding the depth of field consistent with today’s 35mm film cameras.
Central to this new technology were five HDW-F900 CineAlta Camcorders, arranged in a semi-circle to capture in true high resolution the varying expressions of the various actors.
www.fxguide.com /article171.html   (1527 words)

 Video University: Video University Forums: Sony DV and DVCAM Forum: Re: 15fps v. 24fps
: Comparing the VX2000 to a hi-def CineAlta 24P camera is like comparing a single engine Cessna to an F-18 Jet Fighter.
: The Sony CineAlta costs about $100,000, and shoots 24 progressive full frames of high definition video.
I;ve heard it is useless for video because it is so jerky because of 15fps, but the cinealta is good at 24fps, not much more fps's.
www.videouniversity.com /forums/gforum.cgi?post=32502   (165 words)

 VideoShoots.net | Technology - What Dreams Are Made Of   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Numerous ads have already been shot with CineAlta - including ones for McDonald's, Ford, Adidas, Budweiser and Apple — however its reputation in the advertising community is set to be boosted further by a novel project known as Dreams.
Kaye also believes that HD is going to become more prevalent within commercials, as well as films.
His comments reflect the views held by many directors, and Dreams has certainly helped to consolidate the growing stature of CineAlta 24P HD in the advertising industry.
www.88824pfilm.com /services/dreams.htm   (1346 words)

 Sony Launches CineAlta Website for TV and Motion Picture Professionals
Underscoring growing industry adoption of its CineAlta high-definition video production system, Sony Electronics has unveiled the www.SonyUSACineAlta.com website as an industry resource for its 24P technology.
The site offers breaking news from the CineAlta technology news desk, technical information, critical reviews, and articles about 24P, as well as 1080/60i high-definition projects, case studies, equipment- and media-specific FAQs, and industry white papers.
The CineAlta high-definition production system includes Sony's award-winning 24P HDCAM HDW-F900 camcorder, which offers a digital alternative to 35mm film; the associated HDW-F500 videotape recorder, and the multi-format BVM-F24U video monitor.
videosystems.com /news/video_sony_launches_cinealta_2   (281 words)

 April 2004 - Interface Media Group Expands Their Hi-Def Arsenal - iCOM Magazine   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
IMG’s most recent purchases include a Sony CineAlta HDW F900 camera and the DaVinci 2K Color Enhancement System, key components which will further expand their HD capabilities.
To meet the needs of current and future clients, IMG has expanded its resources with a Sony CineAlta HDW F900 camera outfitted with a complete package of digital cinema tools and accessories.
The package is geared towards DPs who generally shoot in film and are transitioning to HD, or just want to shoot 24p as an alternative to shooting on film.
www.icommag.com /april-2004/april-page-4.html   (988 words)

 big puddle films and the academy and sony CineAlta HDW-F900 HD camcorders and film look and P+S Technik Pro 35 adapters ...
big puddle films and the academy and sony CineAlta HDW-F900 HD camcorders and film look and P+S Technik Pro 35 adapters and zeiss primes and film lenses hd and nashville and john d.
HD took another step in its ongoing struggle to achieve the elusive “film look” with The Academy — one of the first American short films shot using the P+S Technik Pro 35 adapter.
This screen allows the camera's CCD to read the image as if it were a film plan, thus achieving depth-of-field enhancement.
millimeter.com /mag/video_academic_adapter   (456 words)

 JHSeriesSonyPlayer   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
These units at one time were going to be called the J4 Series from Sony Broadcast, but like the standard definition J series, they ship with their own small desktop stand for vertical mounting.
This unit is specifically designed for HDCAM and HDCAM CineAlta tape sources to perform in a limited non-synchronous non-editing playback environment, although Remote RS422A (limited) and RS232C (limited) is standard, and there is an optional IEEE standard definition output.
We understand that this unit is currently capable of slewing picture playback between 23.98, 24, and 25 Hz, effectively allowing for a PAL picture output from a 23.98 or 24 frame Master CineAlta tape (for some slew speed changes, there may be muted audio output, or other differences compared to the HDW-F500 studio VTR, however).
www.vtpcorp.com /htm/jhseries.htm   (978 words)

 Sniffen High Definition Services High Definition Explained Why HD Now   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
However there is still some confusion on the new 24p technology, which Sony has built into its new CineAlta camcorder.
For years now professionals and audiences alike have come to associate the look of 24-frame motion capture with dramatic presentations such as movies and episodic television.
And with the 24p technology ("p" meaning Progressive Scan) there is now a one-to-one correspondence of a film frame to that of a progressive HD frame.
www.sniffen.com /cinema.html   (626 words)

 ::: EFP Online :::   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
As the first digital camera to shoot in 24 progressive fields/second, the CineAlta provides a look that is nearly indistinguishable from 35mm film.
And with the FCC mandating all broadcasters to produce a digital signal by 2006, the CineAlta is the smart, cost-conscious choice for your production needs.
To learn more about EFP's HD expertise and/or the value of HD technology in general, please contact us.
www.efponline.com /hdx   (227 words)

 The Digital Video Information Network - I've uploaded the CineAlta clip
Just to let you know I've uploaded to the dvinfo.net site a clip from Emotion studios here in San Francisco that was shot on a Sony FW-900 HD camera in 1080 format.
I wouldn't be surprised if the lens has a lot to do with it, as well as the camera.
I don't think anyone would be surprised if the CineAlta's better lens and optics "might" had a lot to do with it producing a superior image.
www.dvinfo.net /conf/printthread.php?threadid=11475   (2616 words)

 Film-Makers.com : News : October 2002 : Tomb Raider Team Praises Iceland Experience
The combination of cinematic quality joined with the low operating cost of video makes this a true breakthrough for the Arizona production community, as well as the businesses and individuals it serves.
This makes images of the highest quality affordable for feature films, episodic television, broadcast, and commercial productions, some of which may have been put on hold or abandoned for cost reasons.
Lucas reportedly saved nearly $2 million on Attack of the Clones production costs using Sony's CineAlta camera.
www.film-makers.com /archives/oct02/cinealta.html   (427 words)

 Sony Displays Digital Moviemaking Technology at Sundance   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Sony is displaying its full range of digital cinematography products and solutions at the Sundance Digital Center during the 2005 Sundance Film Festival.
The centerpiece of the Sony CineAlta family is the HDW-F900 camcorder, which enables 24p HD production.
The camcorder’s ability to record and play back 1080 line 24/25/30 frame progressive or 50/60 interlace images make it a powerful and flexible production option, and it offers professional-level color reproduction accuracy, advanced color control options, paint functions, contrast range and detail.
www.uemedia.com /CPC/editorsnet/printer_11526.shtml   (475 words)

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