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Topic: Circuit busy

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In the News (Wed 19 Jun 19)

  Data transmission system utilizing power line - Patent 4599598
Since a busy signal is included in the transmitting signal, the busy signal detecting circuit 507 of the second repeater 5b detects a busy signal and the busy signal detected signal is applied to the down counter 542.
The receiving direction detecting circuit 518 detects from which end of the power line with respect to the blocking filter 514 the transmitting signal was transmitted, based on determination by the receiving signal determining circuit 502 whether the modulation output is provided from either the first modem portion 515 or the second modem portion 517.
The busy signal generating circuit 516 is responsive to the determination output from the receiving direction detecting circuit 518 to generate a busy signal, which is transmitted from the second modem portion 517 on the other end side onto the power line 3.
www.freepatentsonline.com /4599598.html   (11693 words)

 OnBusy event   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
A busy tone indicates that the call cannot be completed, because the remote party's station or the trunk are in use.
These busy signals typically indicate that a different resource that is required to make a call is currently in use.
The busy signal indicates that a trunk or circuit is busy.
www.tapiex.com /help/OnBusy.htm   (129 words)

 Busy signal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Busy Signal (née Reanno Gordon) is one of dancehall’s brightest new stars; his song “Step Out” has propelled him to international stardom almost overnight.
But Busy is no one hit wonder; his debut album, Step Out (Greensleeves), has garnered much acclaim from dancehall critics, and his smooth-banter style of dancehall seems to be favored by the masses as well.
A busy signal (or engaged tone) in telephony is an audible or visual signal to the calling party that indicates failure to complete the requested connection of that particular telephone call.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Busy_signal   (266 words)

 SS7 ISDN User Part Developer's Manual (6471-28): Status Indications   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
No call references were available to satisfy the request, or the requested circuit is busy.
The circuit ID supplied is invalid for the supplied service provider instance ID, the request is invalid for the configured switch type, or the request is invalid for the current circuit or group state.
If the application selected the circuit, this value indicates that the requested circuit is not configured.
www.nmscommunications.com /manuals/6471-28/appd.htm   (1299 words)

 Flash memory card including plural flash memories and circuitry for selectively outputting ready/busy signals in ...
A mode circuit is provided for choosing one of a first mode and a second mode, wherein a first mode signal is produced if the first mode is chosen and a second mode signal is produced if the second mode is chosen.
A logic circuit is provided for performing logical operations with respect to the ready/busy output for each of the plurality of flash memories and the mask data in accordance with whether the first mode signal or the second mode signal is produced.
If the first mode is chosen, the logic circuit produces a ready signal output for the flash memory card only if the ready/busy output of all the plurality of flash memories is ready.
www.freepatentsonline.com /5388248.html   (19195 words)

 Western Circuit Overview
Peggy Durrant M.B.E. has been assisting the Western Circuit mess by acting as maitre d' for all major social events on the Circuit and all smaller ones in the Winchester area.
Circuit Secretary since 1992, Gill Richards, the human equivalent of a junction box, can be contacted through the Circuit Office.
Her responsibilities include the administration and organisation of training courses for Pupils, New Practitioners and Established Practitioners; running the FRU scheme; operation of the Circuit database; development and management of this website, and the organisation of social events.
www.westerncircuit.org.uk /Overview.html   (270 words)

 purevolume™ | Hot Rod Circuit
As far back as 1997, when most of today's bands were still in grade school, Hot Rod Circuit were busy honing their unique sound in the relative obscurity of their home state, Alabama.
Hot Rod Circuit would eventually signs on as part of the growing Vagrant Records roster and release Sorry About Tomorrow, in 2002.
Hot Rod Circuit's guitar-laden rock sound recalls the glory days of '90s college rock, a fact that Jackson happily attests to.
www.purevolume.com /hotrodcircuit   (564 words)

 Telephone   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
He began his researches in 1874 with a musical telegraph, in which he employed a make-break circuit driven by a vibrating iron reed which created interrupted current to vibrate the receiver, which consisted of an electro-magnet causing an iron reed or tongue to vibrate, exactly the same as Bourseul, Reis and Gray.
Moreover, it occurred to him that, since the circuit was never broken, all the complex vibrations of speech might be converted into sympathetic currents, which in turn would reproduce the speech at a distance.
This apparatus was completed on June 2, 1875, and the same day he succeeded in transmitting sounds and audible signals by magneto-electric currents and without the aid of a battery.
telephone.kiwiki.homeip.net   (3600 words)

 Busy Americans Flocking to Circuit Gyms
The Blitz in Tampa, Fla., where Katz exercises three times a week, is among the growing number of gyms promising an express circuit workout, which involves a laid-out course of about a dozen exercise stations.
The concept — around for decades but popularized in the market by Curves for Women several years ago — is finding favor with the mass of Americans who say they just don't have the time to exercise.
It's no surprise that circuit workouts — cheap, low-key and easy to understand — are popping up in strip malls coast to coast.
happynews.com /news/8242006/busy-americans-flocking-circuit-gyms.htm   (758 words)

 Wide Area Network Packet Capture and Analysis
While five-minute averages are a useful measure of how a circuit is doing in relationship to its bandwidth limit, they do not tell a lot about the instantaneous (one second, or smaller, time scale) state of a circuit that governs interactive performance.
If a circuit is saturated for several ten-second bursts during a single five-minute period the average utilization might appear to be quite reasonable.
Figure 5 shows the per-second bandwidth utilization of a circuit for a thirty-minute period and the percentage of in-bound packets with the BECN bit set to indicate congestion on the out-bound circuit.
www.usenix.org /events/lisa2000/full_papers/meek/meek_html   (4633 words)

 WLF | May it Please the Court Law Weblog of legal news and observations, including a quote of the day and daily updates   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
While some are complaining about the work ethic of Gen Y and they're expressing their opinions, the Ninth Circuit is busy discussing the law.
That discussion yesterday returned to the continuing saga of whether a business owner can be personally liable for the civil rights violations of his employees.
Read between the lines here: the Ninth Circuit wants to make law, and it would appear that they're ready to hold (again) that a business owner can be individually and personally liable for the civil rights violations of her employees.
www.mayitpleasethecourt.com /print.asp?blogid=732   (398 words)

 Opinion: Hillsborough Circuit Court
He is competent, manages his caseload and stays up to speed with continuing judicial training, which enables him to serve in many capacities in the busy circuit.
Her experience as an administrator and litigator and knowledge of the circuit could help her bring innovations to the judiciary as she did to the defender's office.
His expertise in family law would be valuable to a circuit trying to deal with the causes and effects of broken families in a comprehensive way.
www.sptimes.com /2006/08/19/Opinion/Hillsborough_Circuit_.shtml   (878 words)

 Wide Area Network Packet Capture and Analysis LG #62
In some cases, a view of all traffic on a circuit is required to determine why applications are running slowly, or why the circuit is running at a high utilization.
When the circuit in question is a WAN (Wide Area Network) point-to-point circuit (such as a T-1), or a Frame Relay network access line, there may not be a point where all of the packets can be observed on an Ethernet segment.
Figure 6 shows the per-second bandwidth utilization of a circuit for a thirty-minute period and the percentage of in-bound packets with the BECN bit set to indicate congestion on the out-bound circuit.
linuxgazette.net /issue62/meek.html   (5023 words)

 Signals and Circuit Conditions
If you heard busy, that meant that all talking paths were in use.) The ringback is just the coupled harmonics of the vibrator generated 20 Hz.
The "dying mosquito" busy tone is generated with a self interrupted relay.
A composite circuit is an arrangement of low and high pass filters that allowed slow speed DC signaling such as Morse Code or Teletype to share a pair with voice frequency stuff.
www.telephonetribute.com /signal_and_circuit_conditions.htm   (1846 words)

 Busy, Busy, Busy   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Since just about everybody finds the 9th Circuit Court Pledge decision to be reasonable on the merits, opponents have come up with the creative argument that the Constitution is not violated by the "under God" bit because it's just a shtick and not really a religious reference:
That the state should not be in the business of indoctrinating children in the proper choice of gods.
Lately he's been analyzing the web of relationships that link together business players and events, and has now produced "the diagram that explains it all".
www.busybusybusy.com /b3_arc_02_0624.shtml   (1053 words)

 Phone Busy Indicator
You may want to build a different circuit.
This is a very simple circuit and is easily made on a perf board and mounted inside the phone.
If the circuit causes distortion on the phone line, connect a 680 ohm resistor in between one of the incoming line wires and the bridge rectifier.
www.aaroncake.net /circuits/phonbusy.htm   (209 words)

 News Tribune
Not only do the courts deal with the same kinds of cases filed elsewhere, the circuit also receives cases from Cole County's prison facilities and from state government.
Even though they did not all reach the final ballot, this election season produced cases on a voter ID law and constitutional amendments dealing with eminent domain, a state spending lid and a tobacco tax.
* The circuit, under his purview, recently earned a perfect score and was one of only two circuits in the state honored for its case management by the Missouri Supreme Court.
newstribune.com /articles/2006/11/03/opinion/059op10.txt   (292 words)

 Cessna Course           Flying the Circuit
Most circuits are left hand but due to built up areas or terrain some airfields do have right hand patterns.
If for example your runway heading is 270 then if you was doing a left hand circuit then look to the compass 9 o clock position, the crosswind leg is 180 the downwind leg is 090 the 6 O clock position the base leg is north in the three o clock.
The side of the airfield the circuit is on is known as the live side and the side away from the circuit is known as the dead side.
www.avsim.com /geoffschool/combined/circuit.htm   (1260 words)

 vB Easy Archive - Network/Circuit busy symptoms question [stay ontopic this time!!]
But SUB and the bus loop is a high traffic area especially since it's one of the few locations at UBC for quality reception and users can still move around freely.
Automatic redial, the new high-valued feature for Fido in Vancouver, too bad it doesn't work for all circuits are busy.
GSM850 will help all circuits are busy if you are talking about radio channels.
www.howardforums.com /archive/topic/343924-1.html   (924 words)

 My Experience with Circuit City's 24/24 Guarantee | TV Snob.com
When I arrived at my local Circuit City (Store #3217), the store was pretty busy in general but the customer service counter wasn't busy at all.
Based on how busy Circuit City was, if I had done all of my shopping in the store it probably would of taken over an hour; so 34 minutes from the time I placed my order to the time I left, plus receiving a $24 gift card make the experience more than bearable.
So what the employess did was basically decide my business was worth the extra $24 and they still continued to look for my item after the time limit was up.
www.tvsnob.com /archives/008506.php   (1467 words)

 [No title]
When this circuit is busy, the traffic is scheduled automatically over the circuit with the next lower network group number.
When this circuit is busy, the traffic will be scheduled automatically over the circuit with the next lower network group number.
If all network circuits of a certain priority are torn down by the administrator or by network conditions, the next lowest priority circuit is used.
e-docs.bea.com /tuxedo/tux64/add/chap2.htm   (3190 words)

 Accounting chief seeks bigger role
The circuit clerk is responsible for all circuit court records and oversees 47 employees.
Stamper described Blakemore as "gregarious and accommodating," two characteristics he said are essential in operating an office such as the circuit clerk’s where the workload is immense and contact with the public is neverending.
When Blakemore joined the circuit clerk’s office as a receptionist, she was sometimes called on to operate recording equipment in the courtroom on law day or to oversee case files and hand them to the judge.
www.columbiatribune.com /2006/Aug/20060803News007.asp   (800 words)

 HowardForums: Your Mobile Phone Community & Resource - early christmas present for Xirc
tonight the cityfido was getting fast busies(the DMS 100 voice saying all circuits are busy) when people were trying to call me, sometimes took them several minutes, and trouble dialing out too.
but when i tried it myself several times from the land phone, it was "all circuits are busy", you know, the usual telus female computer voice.
If you get an all circuits busy message, does that mean that you can connect to the tower, but you can't get a traditional "landline" backbone type connection?
www.howardforums.com /showthread.php?t=230942   (739 words)

 vB Easy Archive - Circuit Busy?
All I am doing by posting this is to get more knowledge about the circuit busy issue from users on these forums.
I have complained about the Circuit Busy a few times now, sometimes you are unable to make/recieve calls for 30 - 60 minutes.
Then you are getting Circuit Busy message played to you at random times in and around calgary.
www.howardforums.com /archive/topic/388522-1.html   (4779 words)

 Mike Tysons Punch -out Cheats and Hints for NES at cheats100.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Enter 800 422 2602 as a password to hear a busy signal.
Repeat this one more time in the round to win the match and the Major Circuit Title.
Whenever he moves he is ready to give a punch.
www.cheats100.com /cheats/299/12510/NES/Mike-Tysons-Punch--out.html   (1244 words)

 Studio & DVD News - Divx
Circuit City faces a $45 million drain on second-half earnings if it cannot arrange outside financing to defray the cost of Divx, a fledgling, pay-per-play DVD format.
"Circuit City wants to step off with their best foot forward and they figure that if they wait a few weeks, and have a fuller library of titles, the initial launch will go better," said a source close to the company.
Circuit City has been actively pitching for Sears support on Divx, presumably to build hardware ubiquity, but also as possible foot in door at Musicland, which cross-promotes DVD with Sears and where Circuit City would crave Divxsoftware placement.
www.thedigitalbits.com /articles/oldstudionews/divx.html   (4992 words)

 CANOE -- SLAM! Sports - Other Sports - Small hopes her horsing around ends by tomorrow
Such is life on the busy equestrian circuit for Small.
In fact, the Capital Classic is growing into one of the biggest on the circuit.
Lamaze, one of the most recognizable names on the circuit, is looking forward to the weekend.
slam.canoe.ca /Slam/OtherSports/2005/07/14/1131186-sun.html   (525 words)

 The U.S. Trotting Association On-Line!
Howard Bromac NZ covered the 3,200 meters -- nearly two miles -- in a mile rate of 2:02.1, from a standing start, and defeated Alta Serena NZ and Napoleon NZ, and About To rock won over 2,579 meters, in 2:03.6, also from a standing start, and was trailed by The Warp Drive and Hexus.
The next stop on the Grand Circuit will be the A$125,000 Australian Pacing Championship, which will be raced at Gloucester Park in Perth, Western Australia, on January 6.
On the trotting side, A Touch Of Flair and Delft NZ captured the fifth and sixth leg of the series on December 30 and 31, when they won the A$50,000 V.W. Dullard Trotters Cup and the N$50,000 New Zealand National Trot, respectively.
www.ustrotting.com /absolutenm/anmviewer.asp?a=13455&z=1   (401 words)

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