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Topic: Circuit design

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In the News (Sat 15 Jun 19)

  Circuit Design Software and Hardware Cent
The Center provides a complete circuit design solution.
It can complete all kinds of integrated circuits and board level designs, including analog circuit design, digital circuit design and FPGA design.
The EDA tools used in the process of designing can meet the maximum level standards required by the industry, further guaranteeing that the customers’ design can be reproduced and verified.
engineerpartner.com /gdeii/Circuit_swhw.htm   (261 words)

  CA Design > PCB Design - Printed Circuit Board Design Layouts, Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Design Service
While every job is unique, CA Design employs a battle-proven process for ensuring that your design meets all of the varied specifications you require.
CA Design is a configuration of expert and highly skilled printed circuit board (PCB) designers working together as a team to provide you with superior printed circuit board (PCB) design layout experts to meet your demanding schedules and technical requirements.
All have worked in the printed circuit design service world, catering experience in a wide variety of disciplines such as Cadence® OrCAD®;, PADS, Cadence® Allegro® PCB Editor, Mentor Board and Expedition, Pro E, Cadence® SPECCTRA® for OrCAD®;, P-Spice, PCAD and Cadstar.
www.cadesign.net /layout.htm   (508 words)

  ECE - Ciruits
An analog circuit is a circuit in which the voltages and currents are not categorized into quantized levels.
Modern circuits are integrated, in the sense that hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of transistors are fabricated and interconnected on a single piece of silicon, called a chip.
Design and analysis of VLSI circuits such as logic, memories, high-speed I/O and interconnects; low-power design.
www.ece.uiuc.edu /ugrad/circuits.html   (556 words)

 Integrated circuit design - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Analog IC design is used in the design of op-amps, linear regulators, phase locked loops, oscillators and active filters.
Finally, the physical layout of certain circuit subblocks is typically critical, in order to achieve the desired speed of operation, to segregate noisy portions of an IC from quiet portions, to balance the effects of heat generation across the IC, or to facilitate the placement of connections to circuitry outside the IC.
Unlike board-level circuit design which permits the designer to select devices that have each been tested and binned according to value, the device values on an IC can vary widely which are uncontrollable by the designer.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Integrated_circuit_design   (1679 words)

 Circuit design - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The process of circuit design begins with the specification, which states the functionality that the finished design must provide, but does not indicate how it is to be achieved.
As circuit design is the process of working out the physical form that an electronic circuit will take, the result of the circuit design process is the instructions on how to construct the physical electronic circuit.
Any commercial design will normally also include an element of documentation, the precise nature of this documentation will vary according to the size and complexity of the circuit as well as the country in which it is to be used.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Circuit_design   (1408 words)

 TechOnline | Analog Circuit Design Using Genetic Algorithms
Designs of BJT and CMOS operational amplifiers, a CMOS operational transconductor, and a matching network are presented as examples.
The design of the analog portion of a mixed-signal integrated circuit often requires a large fraction of the overall design time, despite the fact that the analog circuit is often a relatively small portion of the overall circuit.
One of the circuits was built and tested in the laboratory to confirm that the design was practical and met specifications.
www.edadesignline.com /showArticle.jhtml?articleID=192200497   (2656 words)

 Circuit Sage: Phase Locked Loop Tools and Links   (Site not responding. Last check: )
National's PLL Design Software: A change from their old routine to be much more powerful and completely web based.
Design of a 5 GHz VCO by Thomas Dellsperger.
RF and Microwave Oscillator Design, Odyniec, $109, 158033205, Artech.
www.circuitsage.com /pll.html   (776 words)

 Circuit Design
A circuit diagram must reflect the actual construction of the printed circuit board which is made from it, exactly.
If the client wants to design their own new PCB themselves, but have us prototype their design work, the job is often less successful than it should be - we really need to control the circuit design to start the project from a good base point.
The design of digital circuitry for small microprocessor projects used to be very much a building block affair - it was just a case of connecting the right bricks together to make your design.
www.airborn.com.au /method/circuit.html   (858 words)

 Circuit Applied Technology: Printed Circuit Board Specialists Since 1965
Then add on the cost of one designer at about US $50,000 per annum, plus all the attendant costs involving taxes and government required employee mandates, plus medical insurance, and other employer paid benefits such as vacation, holiday pay, sick time, and you begin to realize the scope of such an undertaking.
The experience and expertise we offer is a direct result of having learned to design printed circuit boards "the old fashioned way" - on a drafting table with pencils and triangles at 2X scale, followed by manual taping on a light table of all the appropriate layers of a given design.
It has given CAT designers a perspective in printed circuit design not available to today's designers who learned to design exclusively on a CAD system.
www.circuit-applied-tech.com /about.htm   (551 words)

 Amazon.com: Circuit Design with VHDL: Books: Volnei A. Pedroni   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The book is organized in a clear progression, with the first part covering the circuit level, treating foundations of VHDL and fundamental coding, and the second part covering the system level (units that might be located in a library for code sharing, reuse, and partitioning), expanding upon the earlier chapters to discuss system coding.
Part I, "Circuit Design," examines in detail the background and coding techniques of VHDL, including code structure, data types, operators and attributes, concurrent and sequential statements and code, objects (signals, variables, and constants), design of finite state machines, and examples of additional circuit designs.
Circuit Design with VHDL by Volnei A. Pedroni
www.amazon.com /Circuit-Design-VHDL-Volnei-Pedroni/dp/0262162245   (1596 words)

 Electronic Circuit Design
If you want to be on the cutting edge of electronic circuit design worldwide, then you have come to the right place.
In addition to building and designing the most practical and advanced electronic circuit boards in the world for design and prototype, Schmartboard also fosters a community of design collaboration that brings together innovative and enthusiastic circuit board designers from around the world.
Master SchmartDevelopers enjoy considerable prestige among our community of designers, and it is a worthy goal for those interested in electronic circuit design to aspire to.
www.schmartboard.com /index.asp?page=search_electronic_circuit_design   (260 words)

 USS Enterprise LED Circuit Design
After rebuilding the circuit on a test board, I was convinced that I had correctly duplicated enough of the original work to begin the '96-model.
During some timing tests, it seemed that the original circuit was far too fast to be considered an accurate representaiton of the lights in the scenes mentioned.
You'll probably want to add a length of wire from the point where your 9 volt clips make contact with the circuit board so that you can easily attach the circuit to the rest of the model by twisting each lead into their respective positive and negative "bundles" from the ship.
www.cs.umanitoba.ca /~djc/personal/circuit.html   (2301 words)

 In-Circuit Design Pty Ltd
The Australian Microelectronics Centre, in conjunction with In-Circuit Design, is presenting a series of free lunch and learn seminars on the fundamentals of High Speed PCB Design in Brisbane, this year.
THE Australian Microelectronics Centre, in conjunction with In-Circuit Design Pty Ltd, is presenting a series of free seminars on high-speed PCB design on July 5, 2006.
IN-Circuit Design Pty Ltd, the Mentor Graphics PADS distributor in Australia, was awarded two distributor awards by Mentor Graphics, Board Systems Division.
www.ferret.com.au /Companies/In-Circuit-Design   (457 words)

Circuit Vision simplifies Circuit and Facility design and routing by providing automatic routing, spares, and a full CLR on demand.
The complete CLR (Circuit Layout Record) is displayed as it is being built, allowing the provisioner or design engineer to verify their work on the fly.
Circuit Vision provides spares for facility channels and/or equipment assignments on demand during circuit design and facility linking.
www.circuitvision.com /features/circuit_facility_design.php   (346 words)

 Circuit Design Examples - RF and Wireless - Maxim/Dallas
Maxim respects non-disclosure agreements with its ASIC customers.Due to the uniqueness and proprietary nature of ASICs, only a limited number of circuits are available for disclosure.
The functional diagram shown below is an example of such a circuit that directly tunes L-band signals to baseband using a broadband I/Q downconverter.
The MAX2369 is designed for dual-band operation and supportsTDMA for the PCS band as well as TDMA and AMPS for the cellular band.
www.maxim-ic.com /products/asics/wireless/circuit_design.cfm   (594 words)

 Electronic design, custom circuit design, electronic product design service
We undertake design projects both big or small be it for large industries or small businesses and individuals.
All technical documents including schematics, PCB layout design and microcontroller source codes will be delivered to you.
Choose this if you want to use the circuit design in a company, business or an industrial organization and do not have the intention to sell the design as a commercial product.
www.tronicszone.com /design_quotation.shtml   (403 words)

 Amazon.ca: RF Circuit Design: Books: Christopher Bowick   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Essential reading for experts in the field of RF circuit design and engineers needing a good reference.
Missing in the book RF circuit Design are topics dealing with distributed elements, microstrip and slot line designs which become very important in the Ghz range where even IC pad's reactance is large, and wavelength can approach 1mm.
I have no prior RF design experience, but a fair amount of small signal experience designing audio frequency circuits.
www.amazon.ca /RF-Circuit-Design-Christopher-Bowick/dp/0750699469   (889 words)

 Amazon.co.uk: RF Circuit Design: Books: Chris Bowick   (Site not responding. Last check: )
This book is an essential reading for experts in the field of RF circuit design and engineers needing a good reference.
The emphasis is on the practical aspects relating to RF circuit design.
This book is used by several companies specializing in RF circuit design training as a textbook for their introductory classes.
www.amazon.co.uk /RF-Circuit-Design-Chris-Bowick/dp/0750699469   (1148 words)

 Electronic Circuit Design and Simulation Software, Power Supply Calculators
Most of simulators are based on various versions of SPICE (Simulation Program with Integrated Circuits Emphasis).
Designers who want to simulate their circuits without buying expensive software have basically three options: 1) Working demos (usually limited to reduced size circuits); 2) Open source programs (with little or no tech support); 3) Vendor provided software (normally good only for the designs that use these vendors parts).
Here you will find free electronic circuit design and simulation software, power supply calculators, and other electrical engineering tools on the web.
www.smps.us /tools.html   (164 words)

 Circuit Design
Setup a lab1_ex directory on your PC where you will save your design and simulation files.
This should also make the top-level design entity name lab1_ex.
Select the pull-down button "File" and save the graphic design file "lab1_ex" in your 'lab1_ex' project directory created in step #1.
wwwcsif.cs.ucdavis.edu /~cs154at/html/circuit_design.html   (593 words)

 ARRLWeb: ARRL Product Catalog
The RF circuits covered in this book are the heart of the electronic design of TV sets, personal mobile radios, remote control systems, mobile phones, and digital TV and radio, making it essential reading for radio and electronics engineers, students and advanced electronics hobbyists.
The theory and circuit descriptions are geared toward genuine design applications rather than the oversimplifications and skeleton circuits of many college texts.
This easy to navigate tutorial is designed for beginning wireless and RF engineers and those who wish to review the many forms of Q. No knowledge of higher math required; some familiarity with RF design and measurement terms helpful.
www.arrl.org /catalog/index.php3?category=Circuit+Design   (4907 words)

 Circuit Design and Development Center
With a well-equipped and advanced complete circuit design and development environment, the Design and Test Center has been put into formal operation following the completion of initial set-up.
Thus, the center is qualified to satisfy such design requirements as integrated circuit design and PCB design, including analog circuit, digital circuit, mixed-signal circuit, FPGA design and so on.
The EDA design and development center offers its services to enterprises, institutions and individual customers.
engineerpartner.com /gdeii/Circuit.htm   (326 words)

 Bartels AutoEngineer User Manual - Circuit Design / CAE
This chapter describes in detail how to use the Schematic Editor for creating SCM library symbols and designing circuits.
The examples presented with this chapter introduce the concepts and advanced features of the BAE Schematic Editor in a logical sequence and will take the user through the design and modification of library symbols and a circuit drawing which will be subject to further processing in the subsequent chapters.
Circuit Design / CAE • © 1985-2007 Oliver Bartels F+E • Updated: 05 December 2006, 03:46 [GMT]
www.bme.ie /bae/baedoc/bm2_00_en.htm   (189 words)

 CIRCUIT DESIGN,INC.-HOME Radio module manufacturer
Welcome to Circuit Design, a leading supplier of low power radio modules.
Circuit Design specializes in the design and manufacture of embedded transmitter, receiver, transceiver and RF modems in the license-exempt, low power radio band (Short Range Devices in Europe).
Low-power, narrow-bandwidth and discrete component designs are targeted at long-range, battery-powered industrial applications.
www.cdt21.com   (91 words)

 Electrical design - Analog electrical circuit design - Digital electrical circuit design - FPGA design
We can satisfy your electrical circuit design needs with a team of highly skilled engineers and technicians with decades of experience in analog and digital electrical circuit design.
Consumer electronics, medical devices, computer peripherals and communications products are just a few of the many product categories in which we have extensive analog and digital electrical circuit design knowledge.
Indesign has an extensive set of tools for electrical circuit design, simulation, and testing, including FPGA design.
www.indesign-llc.com /electrical_engineering_services.asp   (185 words)

 Circuit Design ( Integrated Circuit Design, Electronic Circuit Design, IC Design, Circuit Synthesis, Logic Design, ...
Circuit Design (Integrated Circuit Design, Electronic Circuit Design, IC Design, Circuit Synthesis, Logic Design, Printed Circuit Design, and Semiconductor Design) Definition
ALSO CALLED: Integrated Circuit Design, Electronic Circuit Design, IC Design, Circuit Synthesis, Logic Design, Printed Circuit Design, and Semiconductor Design
DEFINITION: Design of circuit logic that allows electronic components to perform a specific function.
www.bitpipe.com /tlist/Circuit-Design.html   (215 words)

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wind turbine toronto cne Circuit design evolving in distributed digital world differences ducted wind turbine craig nicolson in their design.
A monthly webzine devoted power plant duct casing calculations to vacuum tube circuit design and understanding.
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