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Topic: Circuit-switched

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 Virtual circuit - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Switched virtual circuits (SVC) are generally setup on a per-call basis and are disconnected when the call is terminated; however, a permanent virtual circuit (PVC) can be established as an option to provide a dedicated circuit link between two facilities.
A switched virtual circuit (SVC) is a virtual circuit that is dynamically established on demand and is torn down when transmission is complete.
A virtual circuit (VC) is a communications arrangement in which data from a source user may be passed to a destination user over more than one real communications circuit during a single period of communication, but the switching is hidden from the users. /wiki/Virtual_circuit   (225 words)

 Circuit switching - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The acronym CSD (Circuit Switched Data) is also used, as in GSM's original data transfer method HSCSD.
Circuit switching contrasts with packet switching which splits data (for instance, digital representation of sound, or computer network data) into chunks which are separately routed over a shared network.
A method of routing traffic between an originator and a destination through switching centers, from local users or from other switching centers, whereby a continuous electrical circuit is established and maintained between the calling and called stations until it is released by one of those stations. /wiki/Circuit_switching   (414 words)

 SVC - Switched Virtual Circuit
Switched Virtual Circuit: A term found in frame relay and ATM networking in which a virtual connection, with variable end-points, is established through an ATM network at the time the call is begun; the SVC is de-established at the conclusion of the call.
Switched Virtual Circuit, a channel established on demand by network signaling, used for information transport between two locations and lasting only for the duration of the transfer; the datacom equivalent of a dialed telephone call.
A virtual circuit is one that appears to be a discrete, physical circuit available only to the user but that is actually a shared pool of circuit resources used to support multiple users as they require the connections. /acronym/SVC.asp   (556 words)

 High-Speed Circuit-Switched Data - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
High-Speed Circuit-Switched Data (HSCSD), is a development of Circuit Switched Data, the original data transmission mechanism of the GSM mobile phone system.
As with CSD, channel allocation is done in circuit switched mode.
However, in the UMTS system, the advantages of HSCSD over packet data are considerably lower since the radio interface has been specifically designed to support high bandwidth, low latency packet connections. /wiki/HSCSD   (523 words)

 ATM switched virtual circuit
ATM on the AS/400 supports switched virtual circuits (SVCs).
SVCs are created through a switch as needed and dropped when no longer required. /pubs/html/as400/v4r5/ic2924/info/RZAHISVC.HTM   (23 words)

 SVC (Switched Virtual Circuit) (Linktionary term)
A virtual circuit is a predefined path through a packet-switched network.
An SVC is a temporary virtual circuit that is set up on-the-fly, as opposed to a PVC (permanent virtual circuit), which is programmed into a network for continuous use.
Virtual circuits improve performance for long transmissions but are not necessary for short transmissions. /s/svc.html   (157 words)

 switched virtual circuit
A communications circuit that is established for the duration of the session and then disconnected, much like a normal voice telephone call. /Terms/2461HTML-2753.html   (22 words)

 Virtual circuit - Computing Reference -
The term "switched virtual circuit" was coined needlessly to distinguish an ordinary virtual circuit from a permanent virtual circuit.
Not to be confused with switched virtual connection.
A connection-oriented network service which is implemented on top of a network which may be either connection-oriented or connectionless (packet switching). /computing/virtual-circuit.htm   (80 words)

 Cellular Data
Circuit Switched Cellular Data calls are billed by the minute, just like voice calls, and are generally better for sending amounts of data greater than about 2 kilobytes.
Since the amount of data to be transmitted is very small and the cost of the equipment is minimal, cellemetry may be an attractive option for those who would otherwise be unable to afford wireless data connectivity.
Which cellular data solution to use depends on the application and the amount of data to be sent. /mt/97mar   (1693 words)

 Verizon Data
This is the specific type of data that Airtouch and Verizon advertised and supported until one year ago as their "mobile office for circuit switched data." Customers like myself were sold service which definitely included this service free from additional monthly charge.
Circuit Switched data also continues to be available for just the cost of minutes, and included for folks on local plans (or other non-AC rate plans).
Verizon called this offering "Mobile Office for Circuit Switched Data" and sold this feature as part of their normal cellular plans.Verizon also offered a mobile office kit which included the data cable to tether your laptop to your cell phone and the venturi compression software to increase performance. /verizon/data/free.html   (2385 words)

 High speed circuit switched data - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Look for High speed circuit switched data in the Commons, our repository for free images, music, sound, and video.
Check for High speed circuit switched data in the deletion log, or visit its deletion vote page if it exists.
Start the High speed circuit switched data article or add a request for it. /encyclopedia/high_speed_circuit_switched_data   (177 words)

 High-speed circuit-switched data
The act of moving or revolving around, or as in a circle or orbit; a revolution; as, the periodical circuit of the earth around the sun.
The circuit or compass of Ireland is 1,800 miles.
CopperCAD Design Schematic capture and PCB design of high speed multi-layer digital and analog circuit packs. /encyclopedia/article-High-speed_circuit-switched_data.html   (647 words)

 Integrated Services Digital Network Equipment
While the basic functions of the CPE are pretty consistent (circuit switched data and circuit switched voice) the actual capability of any particular piece of ISDN CPE is as varied as there are manufacturers.
Terminal adapters allow for 64 K/bps of circuit switched data and most terminal adapters allow the user to bond together both B channels for 128 K/bps of circuit switch data.
There are some settings in the switch that allow the CPE to be notified of an incoming call so one of the B channels can be dropped to accept the call, but the actual bonding function is a function of the CPE. /products/data/isdn/equipment.html   (1045 words)

 Mobile Satellite Ventures: Customer Solutions: Voice and Dial-up Data: Service
Circuit Switched Data service is typically rated by the minute, by fractions of a minute (e.g., 30-second increments), or by the second.
Circuit Switched Data sets up a dedicated circuit between the sender and the receiver, the same way that the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) operates.
MSV Circuit Switched Data Service is ideal for applications such as Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) that transmit and receive large volumes of information. /solutions/voice_dial_service.cfm   (275 words)

 High Speed Circuit Switched Data
High Speed Circuit Switched Data (HSCSD) is a new high speed implementation of GSM data techniques.
HSCSD allows wireless data to be transmitted at 38.4 kilobits per second or even faster over GSM networks by allocating up to eight time slots to a single user.
With HSCSD the user will find wireless connection to the Internet much faster at 38.4 kbps, which is up to four times faster than today's standard usage. /hscsd.htm   (269 words)

 TrioTek - GPRS
To meet the demand for faster data communications, High Speed Circuit-Switched Data (HSCSD) is being developed to boost initial circuit-switched data service throughput up to 57,600 bps and higher.
GSM was the first digital standard to offer commercial circuit-switched data service.
However, for many applications, a packet switched approach is preferred. /gprs.html   (737 words)

It may be that transmission resources are taken from a circuit switched data connection and given to another transaction, wherewith the parallel ongoing transaction impairs the speech transmitted over a circuit switched data connection.
setting up a circuit switched data connection with the mobile terminal, and means for maintaining a circuit switched data connection with the mobile terminal and means for maintaining a parallel non-circuit-switched transaction between an external node and the mobile terminal.
The data flow to the mobile terminal is determined and compared with said limit, and when this limit is exceeded a message is sent to the transmitter of said data flow informing said transmitter that no more data will be accepted. /cgi-pct/guest/getbykey5?KEY=00/38445.000629&ELEMENT_SET=DECL   (4921 words)

 AMPS Cellular Network for MOTOROLA 4500 / 2950 / 2900 3 WATT CELLULAR BAG PHONE and VEHICLE INSTALL UNITS
Circuit-switched data services are also now being introduced over digital PCS systems such as GSM and CDMA.
Since a connection or "circuit" is established when transferring data over an AMPS cellular network, charges are based on connection time similar to a cellular phone call.
Compared to a packet-switched data technology like CDPD, CSC connections can be more difficult to originally set up and use. /~Campagna/amps.htm   (1012 words)

 Clarion (UK) - High Speed Circuit Switched Data (HSCSD)
Since the circuit switch data call retains a dedicated channel for the duration of the call, this format is particularly suited to transmitting or receiving large files or video.
This data format is only supported in the UK by Orange, the benefit to users of the Orange High Speed Data service is that data can be sent and received via a mobile phone at three times the speed of other mobile networks CSD services.
Contact Us This is the original data format used on cellular networks and simply described means that the user makes a phone call, but rather that relay voice, data signals are passed from "end-to-end"; like a phone call the user pays for the duration of the call. /mobile_data_hscsd.htm   (373 words)

 PVC - Permanent Virtual Circuit, PolyVinyl Chloride
A connection to a network that allows connection and disconnection to various points is a switched virtual circuit.
Circuits that are routed through software switching devices like X.25 pads and frame relay networks are virtual.
Permanent Virtual Circuit: This is a link with static route defined in advance, usually by manual setup. /acronym/PVC.asp   (525 words)

 NETBuilder Family Software v. 9.3 Release Notes
When configured for a switched virtual circuit and switching occurs, a switched virtual circuit is established.
In local switching with PVCs, one router with two HSS ports is involved for each switched circuit.
As in global switching circuits, the local switching PVC circuit should stay up and running as long as the router is operating and both HSS ports are in the up state. /infodeli/tools/bridrout/u_guides/html/nb93/family/rns/switchin.htm   (2193 words)

 Appendix C. Glossary
Contrast this with the switched virtual circuit (SVC).
A characteristic of a virtual channel whereby cells are placed on the physical medium and managed during their transport in a manner that allows the delay between the arrivals of cells to be unequal (that is, to be variable) even while the bandwidth is guaranteed.
A characteristic of a virtual channel whereby cells are placed on the physical medium and managed during their transport in such a precise manner that each cell arrives at its destination “by the clock”. /library/dynaweb_docs/0650/SGI_Admin/books/ATM_AG/sgi_html/apc.html   (4310 words)

 Switched virtual circuit call processing/routing system - US Patent 6816483
Switched circuit manager 140 signals SNMP manager 110 to request an SVC from a switch; circuit response thread 142 receives a return indication from the switch for the action (e.g., set up successful, set up failed, etc.).
A second software process is configured to establish and manage a switched virtual circuit between the node and the wide-area-network destination.
A method for operating a switched virtual circuit call processing/routing system, and a computer readable medium containing a call processing/routing program for a voice network switching (VNS) system are disclosed. /patents/6816483.html   (6546 words)

 Using NETBuilder Family Software, v. 9.3
A VCC is a specific instance of a switched virtual circuit (SVC) or a permanent virtual circuit (PVC).
The 16-bit number in an ATM cell header identifying the specific virtual channel on which the cell is traversing on the current physical circuit.
The 8-bit number in an ATM UNI cell header identifying the specific virtual path on which the cell is traversing on the current physical circuit. /infodeli/tools/bridrout/u_guides/html/nb93/family/using/atmle6.htm   (387 words)

 Circuit-Switched Data Networks
Circuit is maintained during the duration of the call
Most data transmission is burst, with long silences between transmission
Utilization of the line may be as low as 5% /abento/427/wan/tsld021.htm   (29 words)

Circuit switched data networks and packet switched data networks were both created to carry data.
As discussed in the accompanying article, The Blurring Line between Routing and Switching, a number of routers are beginning to establish something like switched virtual circuits when they detect a stream of packets that appears to be a good candidate for such circuits.
Distinguish between circuit switched data networks (CSDNs) and packet switched data networks (PSDNs) in terms of connectivity, guarantees versus efficiency in the use of transmission resources, and the isochronicity of data delivery. /bookbind/pubbooks/panko/chapter7/medialib/C7CPS.HTM   (1176 words)

 Integrated Services Digital Network Form
When a virtual circuit is established, a logical channel is assigned at the customer premises equipment and the switch for the duration of the call.
With National ISDN conformance, a phone (for example) will work on any type of National ISDN switch and will interwork with the analog public switched network.
When conducting data calls, in order to utilize the B Channels for digital communications, ISDN based equipment is required at both ends of the communications path; as is the case with conventional modem connections or fax machine transmissions. /products/data/isdn/isdn_glossary.html   (4967 words)

 HSCSD - High Speed Circuit Switched Data: HSCSD - High Speed Circuit Switched Data
High Speed Circuit Switched Data (HSCSD) is an enhancement of data services ("Circuit Switched Data - CSD) of all current GSM networks.
HSCSD is currently available to 90 millions subscribers across 25 countries around the world and with the implementation of International Roaming agreements between all HSCSD Operators life on the move just got easier.
It allows you to access nonvoice services at 3 times faster, which means subscribers are able to send and receive data from their portable computers at a speed of up to 28.8 kbps; this is currently being upgraded in many networks to rates of and up to 43.2 kbps. /Technology-HSCSD-en.aspx   (325 words)

 ~CELLUCITY - GPRS Cellular Technology! !!
This is about three times as fast as the data transmission speeds possible over today's fixed telecommunications networks and ten times as fast as current Circuit Switched Data services on GSM networks.
Packet switching is similar to a jigsaw puzzle- the image that the puzzle represents is divided into pieces at the manufacturing factory and put into a plastic bag.
This data could be a presentation document for a traveling salesperson, an appliance manual for a service engineer or a software application such as Adobe Acrobat Reader to read documents. /gprs.htm   (3333 words)

 Cingular Wireless
Data Service sessions may only be conducted for the following purposes: (i) Internet browsing; (ii) e-mail; and (iii) corporate intranet access (including access to corporate e-mail, customer relationship management, sales force automation, and field service automation applications).
Data encryption is available with some, but not all, data solutions sold by Cingular Wireless.
Data sent and received includes, but is not limited to, Web page loads, email, overhead, and software update checks. /beyond_voice/data_terms   (920 words)

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