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Topic: Cirrocumulus

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In the News (Wed 24 Apr 19)

  Atlas oblaků
Oblak druhu Cirrocumulus má podobu tenkých, menších nebo větších skupin nebo vrstev bílých oblaků bez vlastního stínu, složených z velmi malých oblačných částí v podobě zrnek nebo vlnek apod.
Cirrocumulus se většinou vyskytuje jako více méně rozsáhlé plochy, složené z velmi malých oblačných částí v podobě zrn nebo vln apod.
Cirrocumulus se vyskytuje také v menších plochách v podobě čočky nebo mandle, často bývá velmi protáhlý, jeho obrysy jsou obvykle ostré.
www.mraky.astronomie.cz /cirrocumulus.php   (414 words)

 HIGH CLOUDS   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-28)
Cirrocumulus are thin, white patches, sheets or a layer of clouds without shading, composed of very small elements in the form of grains, ripples, etc., merged or separate, and more or less regularly arranged; most of the elements have an apparent width of less than one degree.
Cirrocumulus differs from Cirrus and Cirrostratus in that it is rippled or subdivided into very small cloudlets; it may include fibrous, silky or smooth portions which, however, do not collectively constitute its greater part.
Cirrocumulus differs from Altocumulus in that most of its elements are very small (by definition, of an apparent width less than one degree when observed at an angle of more than 30 degrees above the horizon) and without shading.
www.met.tamu.edu /class/Metr304/Exer10dir/highclouds.html   (422 words)

 Cirrocumulus (Cc)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-28)
Cirrocumulus generally occurs in more or less extensive sheets, consisting of very small elements in the form of grains, ripples, etc., (Plate 56).
Cirrocumulus also occurs in patches in the shape of lenses or almonds, often very elongated and usually with well-defined outlines.
Cirrocumulus is always associated with Cirrus or Cirrostratus, or results from the change in Cirrus or Cirrostratus.
www.mid-c.com /manmar/Cirrocum.htm   (161 words)

Cirrocumulus (little lamb) clouds are typically composed of ice crystals.
Cirrocumulus clouds generally take on the form of regularly arranged, separated patches or ripples.
When cirrocumulus clouds are widespread, especially if winds are from the western quadrants, storms are most likely within a day or so as these clouds are the upper air forerunners of large storm clouds located to the west.
www.shsu.edu /~geo_jwt/oncampusans/Clouds/03Cirrocumulus/circumulus.htm   (196 words)

 cloud - Hutchinson encyclopedia article about cloud   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-28)
Altocumulus clouds resemble the tufted cirrocumulus clouds of the classic ‘mackerel sky’, but they are rather larger.
Three types of cloud are found at 3–7 km/10,000–23,000 ft: cirrocumulus, altocumulus, and altostratus.
Cirrocumulus clouds occur in small or large rounded tufts, sometimes arranged in the pattern called mackerel sky.
encyclopedia.farlex.com /cloud   (797 words)

 Definition of cirrocumulus - Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
Learn more about "cirrocumulus" and related topics at Britannica.com
Find more about "cirrocumulus" instantly with Live Search
See a map of "cirrocumulus" in the Visual Thesaurus
www.m-w.com /cgi-bin/dictionary?book=Dictionary&va=cirrocumulus   (43 words)

 Cirrus Clouds
Cirrocumulus clouds appear as small, rounded white puffs.
The small ripples in the cirrocumulus sometimes resemble the scales of a fish.
A sky with cirrocumulus clouds is sometimes referred to as a "mackerel sky."
eo.ucar.edu /webweather/cirrus.html   (96 words)

are found from between 16,500 and 45,000 feet (5,000 to 13,700 meters) and include (from highest to lowest) cirrus, cirrocumulus, and cirrostratus.
A cirrus cloud appears in delicate, feather-like bands, sometimes in tufts, and is usually white.
Sometimes cirrocumulus clouds form the pattern of what is called a "buttermilk" or "mackerel" sky.
www.sutton.lincs.sch.uk /pages/playground/zone/weather/research/clouds.htm   (746 words)

 USATODAY.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-28)
One part of the cloud is usually darker than the rest, which helps distinguish this cloud from the higher cirrocumulus clouds.
Cirrocumulus: These clouds form above 18,000 feet and appear as small, rounded white puffs that are isolated or in long rows.
The small ripples in a cirrocumulus cloud resemble the scales of a fish, which earned the nickname "mackerel sky".
www.usatoday.com /weather/wcumulus.htm   (468 words)

Cirrocumulus clouds belong to the High Cloud group (5000-13000m).
Cirrocumulus are usually white, but sometimes appear gray as in the photo.
Cirrocumulus are usually seen in the winter time and indicate fair, but
www.windows.ucar.edu /cgi-bin/tour.cgi?link=/earth/Atmosphere/clouds/cirrocumulus.html&cd=false&frp=/windows3.html&sw=false&fr=f&edu=mid&art=ok&tour=&cdp=/windows3.html&sn=0   (123 words)

The cirrocumulus formation is basically the same cloud as the stratocumulus and altocumulus but at higher altitude.
This cirrocumulus is very thin and lets the sun shine through like from a blue sky.
This cirrocumulus is very thick and a pattern is clearly seen so the cloud temperature is probably quite warm and at an early stage.
www.chitambo.com /clouds/cloudshtml/cirrocumulus.html   (156 words)

 Marine Weather 101
Cirrocumulus clouds, sometime called "mackerel skies", can indicate the approach of a hurricane in the tropics.
Cirrocumulus are small, rounded puffs that usually appear in long rows.
Cirrocumulus are usually seen in the winter and indicate fair, but cold, weather.
www.boatsafe.com /nauticalknowhow/weather1.htm   (1011 words)

 Cloud types - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Isolated cirrus clouds often indicate a stable situation and do not bring precipitation.
Abbreviation: Cc Cirrocumulus clouds are often associated with a front but do cause precipitation.
Cirrocumulus cirrus and cumulus – lock of hair and heaped
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Cloud_types   (1029 words)

 Cirrocumulus Clouds - 01/30/98   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-28)
Cirrocumulus clouds are individual cloud particles at the high level.
This is a very good picture of a cirrocumulus event.
These clouds are often called "mackeral tails" as they have a scaly appearance similar to how a mackeral fish tail looks.
www.rain.org /campinternet/meteorology/cirrocumulus.html   (41 words)

 AMS Glossary
This species is found in the genera cirrus, cirrocumulus, altocumulus, and sometimes also in stratocumulus.
Cirrocumulus floccus sometimes evolves as the result of the dissipation of the common base of cirrocumulus castellanus; in like manner, altocumulus floccus may evolve from altocumulus castellanus.
Cirrus floccus differs from cirrocumulus floccus in that its elements subtend an angle of greater than 1° when observed at an angle of more than 30° above the horizon.
amsglossary.allenpress.com /glossary/search?id=floccus1   (129 words)

 Cirrus   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-28)
Note that the cloud is very thin and even looks pale blue in places, rather than white, but there is no evidence of any shading, as such.
Cirrocumulus can be easily confused with altocumulus as it looks superficially similar.
Their origin is similar to cirrocumulus floccus, but they have much longer, near horizontal trails, which may be due to stronger wind sheer.
www.coolweather.co.uk /htdocs/cirrus.htm   (308 words)

 Cirrocumulus clouds Cirro Cumulus weather forecast nubes wolken Molnformationer Annuvola Nuages formørker
Cirrocumulus clouds Cirro Cumulus weather forecast nubes wolken Molnformationer Annuvola Nuages formørker
Like all high-level clouds, cirrocumulus is made of ice crystals.
Cirrocumulus has no shading (which altocumulus usually has), and because it is so much higher, the cloudlets of cirrocumulus seems much smaller than those of altocumulus.
www.canaryinfo.com /weatherrome/cirrocumulus_clouds.htm   (150 words)

 The golden lake at sunrise Photo | TrekNature
Cirrocumulus is a higher level cloud that is brilliant white but with a spotty appearance created by the many small turrets.
In Sydney, cirrocumulus is not as common as the other high clouds and mainly develops during the winter times with west to south westerly air streams.
The development of cirrocumulus sometimes occurs in conditions similar to those associated with the development lenticular altocumulus.
www.treknature.com /gallery/Europe/Denmark/photo42689.htm   (273 words)

 Weather & Planning
There are also seven variations of these basic cloud types that are commonly described: cirrostratus, cirrocumulus, altostratus, altocumulus, nimbostratus, stratocumulus, and cumulonimbus.
Cirrocumulus clouds are delicate clouds appearing in bands or ripples across the sky.
Cirrocumulus are among the least common of the cloud types, forming most commonly as cirrus or cirrostratus clouds degenerate.
www.buckeye-illinois.com /winds.htm   (495 words)

 Cloud Identification Page
These cloud elements are usually smaller than those in stratocumulus, but larger than those in cirrocumulus.
When seen, it is often referred to as a "mackeral" sky; resembling the scales of this fish.
These cloud elements are larger than those in altocumulus, and cirrocumulus.
www.wxgeek.com /clouds   (699 words)

 Newsletter Archives Page 2
The cirrocumulus cloud is the ripple sky you see and is called a mackerel sky.
Also, I have seen cirrocumulus form in a moist high pressure system where the lifting wasn't caused by any frontal action.
The bottom line is the cirrocumulus clouds can form in many different situations and cannot be used as a consistent indicator of what type of weather patterns you can expect.
www.wowweather.com /archive2.htm   (1707 words)

 [No title]
Cirrocumulus, followed by altocumulus or altostratus may occur.
The first cloud in advance of a warm front would be a cirrus, followed by cirrus spissatus spreading over and covering the sky.
Often confused with the cirrocumulus, altocumulus clouds are lower in the sky and have darker, more voluminous rolls.
pages.cthome.net /hadlyme/wx2wdcp.html   (2047 words)

 Cloud Chart
These clouds will form halos around the sun, and many times, a halo is the only indication of their presence.
Cirrocumulus clouds consist of organized sheets of round tufts.
They can be distinguished from Altocmulus clouds by their smaller size and higher height.
www.geocities.com /stormchsr77/Chart.html   (725 words)

 Australian Cloud Atlas - Cirrus   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-28)
This undulatus layer was above a layer of Cirrostratus, it was not even visible until lit up a full 15 mins after sunset.
Cirrocumulus - true cirrocumulus is very rare, a field this size is exceptional.
A bit of everything here, to the right of the contrail is a small patch of Cirrocumulus.
ozthunder.com /photo/cirrus.htm   (70 words)

 SDS Weatherwise Extras: Cloud Photos
The ice crystals in "cirrostratus" formations are responsible for their "halo" effect around the sun or moon.
Cirrostratus is a thin, translucent layer of high clouds composed of ice crystals.
Altocumulus are smaller and less puffy than low-altitude cumulus clouds but not as small as cirrocumulus.
www.discoverscience.rutgers.edu /extras/weatherwise/clouds.html   (438 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-28)
This is an example of fairly large-celled cirrocumulus, mostly cloudy and pretty much translucent.
The cirrocumulus appears to be above a lower layer of much smoother cirrus.
This indicates different wind characteristics in the two layers (probably turbulent at the higher level and much smoother at the lower level).
www.atmos.washington.edu /~ovens/clouds/Cirrocumulus/list.html   (113 words)

A high-level cumuliform cloud deck, at an altitude between roughly 6 to 12 km.
Cirrocumulus cells show no shadowing, unlike altocumulus, and appear very small.
Cirrocumulus can show nice coronas and iridescence, especially the cirriform lacunosus (net-like) structure.
www.weather-photography.com /album.php?cat=clouds&subcat=cc   (81 words)

 Wunder Blog : Weather Underground   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-28)
NaplesPatty: This storm is supposed to weaken with shear.
Meanwhile, from the tip of southern Florida to the Yucatan, a line of outflow boundaries extends farther into the gulf and is setting up mechanisms for efficient rainfall in these areas.
Cirrocumulus, sorry I forgot to say Good moring to you also.
www.wunderground.com /blog/leftyy420/comment.html?entrynum=3&tstamp=200510   (7595 words)

 Weather Pictures and Storm Chasing - Cirrocumulus clouds   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-28)
Cirrocumulus: These clouds form above 18000 feet/5,5 km above sealevel and appear as small, rounded white puffs that are isolated or in long rows.
Cirrocumulus clouds rarely cover the entire sky and are sometimes hard to detect.
If you would like to use any of the photographs/movies/information from this site for other use, you must contact me and obtain written permission.
www.weatherpictures.nl /cirrocumulus.html   (115 words)

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