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In the News (Thu 23 May 19)

  Cistercians - LoveToKnow 1911
From one point of view, it may be regarded as a compromise between the primitive Benedictine system, whereby each abbey was autonomous and isolated, and the complete centralization of Cluny, whereby the abbot of Cluny was the only true superior in the body.
Citeaux, on the one hand, maintained the independent organic life of the houses - each abbey had its own abbot, elected by its own monks; its own community, belonging to itself and not to the order in general; its own property and finances administered by itself, without interference from outside.
The principle was that Citeaux should always be the model to which all the other houses had to conform.
www.1911encyclopedia.org /Cistercians   (1635 words)

 Saint Alberic - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Saint Alberic (of Citeaux) (died January 26, 1108) was a Christian saint and abbot, one of the founders of the Cistercian Order.
Robert was given an inaccessible piece of land and founded the new monastery at Citeaux.
Initially, Robert was the abbot of Citeaux, with Alberic the prior.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Saint_Alberic   (371 words)

 Catholic Culture : Document Library : Cistercian Order Of The Common Observance
Fascinated by the endeavors of these silent holy men, the Duke of Burgundy increasingly found that he preferred to be at Citeaux rather than at his feudal castle; and had a way of arriving suddenly with his court for a visit, much to the dismay of Abbot Robert.
Alberic had a great devotion to the Mother of God, and the story goes that during his abbotship she appeared to him and presented him with a white robe, intimating that this should be the habit of the monks of Citeaux, and would replace the fl robe of the Benedictines which they had hitherto worn.
The abbot of Citeaux, Dom Francis Trouve, despairing of saving his abbey, urged Pope Pius VI to transfer all his powers to Robert Schlecht, the abbot of Salsmansweiler, of the Cistercian congregation of northern Germany, so that the abbatial succession might remain unbroken.
www.catholicculture.org /docs/doc_view.cfm?recnum=4425   (5609 words)

 Klöster in Frankreich - Citeaux -
Citeaux, die Urzelle des Zisterzienserordens, besteht heute nur noch aus Mauerwerk, malerisch und abgeschieden gelegen in einem Waldstück in Burgund.
Mit ihm kamen vier seiner Brüder, einige Vettern und Freunde, ein ganzer «Clan» begehrte, in den Orden aufgenommen zu werden.
Viele ihrer Regeln erscheinen sehr streng, besonders diese: Sie tragen nichts, was aus Pelz oder Leinen gemacht ist; sie schlafen in ihren Kleidern; niemand bleibt den täglichen Andachten fern, außer den Kranken; der Abt gewährt sich selbst keinerlei Schonung, nur dass er nicht mit den anderen isst, sondern mit Fremden oder den Armen.
www.frankreich-sued.de /Bauwerke/Citeaux/Citeaux.htm   (404 words)

The Doctor accompanies de Citeaux and Guzman to the Roc to witness the last days of the siege, while surreptitiously using his tracer to follow the escaped prisoner’s path.
The Doctor then reveals that the apothecary Robert is Louis de Citeaux’s spy, as the Castellan had realised when he noticed that the garden was not planted with proper apothecary’s herbs.
He is unaware that the Templars plan to expose him for the murders of both d’Alsace and de Citeaux; they have their own candidate in mind for the Papacy, and they had been editing Robert’s messages to ensure that the siege continued until their rivals eliminated each other.
www.drwhoguide.com /who_na37.htm   (2321 words)

 St. Stephen Harding
From the Exordium of Citeaux: the Annals of that Order by Manriquez, the short ancient life of St. Stephen, published by Henriquez in his Fasciculus, printed at Brussels in 1624 and by Henschenius, Apr. 17, t.
From whence arises his just remark, how grievous the scandal and crime must be of those who, by their example and tepidity, first open a gap to the least habitual irregularity in a religious Order or house.
Hugh, Duke of Burgundy, after a reign of three years, becoming a monk at Cluni, resigned his principality to his brother Eudes, who was the founder of Citeaux, and who, charmed with the virtue of these monks, came to live in their neighbourhood, and lies buried in their church with several of his successors.
www.ewtn.com /library/MARY/HARDING.htm   (2130 words)

 The Cistercians: an introductory history by M. Basil Pennington OCSO.
On 21 March 1098, the saintly abbot of the thriving Benedictine Abbey of Molesme, Robert, led twenty-one of his monks into the inhospitable thickets of Citeaux to establish a new monastery where they hoped to follow Benedict of Nursia's Rule for Monasteries in all its fullness.
Stephen and the other founders were determined to keep alive the pristine observance of the Rule which they had come to Citeaux to establish.
The Order of Citeaux suffered greatly under the communist onslaught, not only in eastern Europe but also in Vietnam, where it had a congregation of five houses.
www.osb.org /cist/intro.html   (939 words)

 History As An Art Of Public Myth
This so changed the situation at Citeaux that more recruits entered, there was enough food to feed everyone, and the very next year a second monastery, a daughter house, was created: La Ferte.
The vast number of popular histories, Internet websites, and even scholarly essays that continue to state that Bernard entered Citeaux prior to the foundation of the first daughter house must be a warning to historians to carefully examine their documents, especially when dealing with such larger than life figures, like saints.
The Exordium Parvum and the Exordium Cistercii are histories of the early period from the foundation of Citeaux.
www.wku.edu /~rob.harbison/projects/bernmyth.html   (2499 words)

 The Cistercian Monastic Order
Dissatisfied with the manner of life and observance there, he migrated with twenty of the monks to a swampy place ("a place of horrors") called Citeaux in the diocese of Châlons, not far from Dijon (Burgundy).
In the following year Robert was compelled by papal authority to return to Molesme, and Saint Alberic succeeded him as abbot of Citeaux Abbey and held the office till his death in 1109, when the Englishman Saint Stephen Harding became abbot, until 1134.
In case of any divergence of view at the chapter, the side taken by the abbot of Citeaux was always to prevail.
www.sacred-destinations.com /christianity/cistercian.htm   (1454 words)

 New Catholic Dictionary: Order of Citeaux; Cistercians   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
A Benedictine reform, established at Citeaux, Burgundy, 1098, by Saint Robert, Abbot of Molesme, to restore literal observance of the Rule of Saint Benedict.
Previous attempts at reform in monasteries of the Order of Cluny had met with little success when Saint Robert with twenty companions, retired to Citeaux in 1098 to adopt a more severe regimen and restore the gravity and simplicity proper to monastic ceremonies.
There are Reformed Cistercian Nuns, or Trappistines, and Non-Reformed, or nuns of the Common Observance of Citeaux.
www.catholic-forum.com /saintS/ncd06131.htm   (355 words)

 G. Roger Hudleston   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Confessor, the third Abbot of Citeaux, was born at Sherborne in Dorsetshire, England, about the middle of the eleventh century; died 28 March, 1134.
Here he practised great austerities, became one of St. Robert's chief supporters and was one of the band of twenty-one monks who, by authority of Hugh, Archbishop of Lyons, retired to Citeaux to institute a reform in the new foundation there.
Stephen was buried in the tomb of Alberic, his predecessor, in the cloister of Citeaux.
www.ewtn.com /library/MARY/CEHARDIN.htm   (389 words)

 Les Miserables by Victor Hugo 136
CHAPTER II This convent, which in 1824 had already existed for many a long year in the Rue Petit-Picpus, was a community of Bernardines of the obedience of Martin Verga.
Citeaux dates from Saint Robert, Abbe de Molesme, in the diocese of Langres, in 1098.
Now it was in 529 that the devil, having retired to the desert of Subiaco - he was old - had he turned hermit?-was chased from the ancient temple of Apollo, where he dwelt, by Saint-Benoit, then aged seventeen.
www.classicbookshelf.com /library/victor_hugo/les_miserables/136   (1963 words)

 Founders of the Cistercian Order
Today we are celebrating the life, vision and dedication of the founders of Citeaux, the motherhouse of us all.
The greatest testament to the memory of Saints Robert, Alberic and Stephen Harding is the unity of mind and heart in a bond of love among all the members of the Cistercian family.
Since our founders reached the valley of Citeaux in 1098, monks and nuns have striven to keep alive the founders’ legacy by their lives of simplicity and loving surrender to Christ the one true King in whom alone is found their reward exceeding great.
www.penitents.org /FrMach26Jan05.html   (698 words)

 The Ecole Glossary
Bernard of Clairvaux (1090-1153 CE) was born into nobility in Burgundy, France and was educated at the school of secular canons in the town of Chatillon-sur-Seine.
Bernard spent a short time at Citeaux before being asked to found the monastery of Clairvaux and become its abbot.
His success at Clairvaux prompted Pope Innocent II to call on him to intervene in a conflict between Innocent and the antipope Anacletus in 1133 and 1137.
www2.evansville.edu /ecoleweb/glossary/bernard.html   (177 words)

 Field & Rose: Ercuis: Citeaux
Subtlety is the hallmark of the Ercuis 'Citeaux' pattern.
Details like the delicate 'v' at the tip of the handles and the connections to the bowl of the spoon and the tines of the fork underline the aesthetic consideration given to the pattern.
Ercuis is the master of silver plated flatware and the 'Citeaux' pattern is a great example.
www.fieldandrose.com /shop/style.html?s=Citeaux&fb=Ercuis   (148 words)

 Charta Caritatis
that the abbot of Citeaux becomes cold in the practice of his duties...
When Citeaux, the mother-house of all the monasteries of the Order, is without an abbot, the abbots of La Ferté, Pontigny, Clairvaux and Morimon, shall provide for the election of a new abbot.
shall be given previous to the election of the Abbot of Citeaux.
members.aol.com /vonmeer/page15.html   (2326 words)

 33 DOCTORS OF THE CHURCH (dec8doc.htm)
But Bernard renounced it forever to join the monks of Citeaux, a few miles distant.He entered the Cistercian abbey in Citeaux, France in 1113, convincing thirty friends and relatives to join him.
Four of his brothers and a group of friends, thirty young Christians in all, went when he did to Citeaux, leaving the youngest brother, Nivard, to be the mainstay of his father in his old age.
Naturally, this influx led to the revival of the Cistercian Order and within three years of becoming a priest, Bernard was sent with twelve others to establish a new monastery at Clairvaux which was to be the daughter house of Citeaux.
www.dailycatholic.org /issue/2002Dec/dec15doc.htm   (963 words)

 Fork & Bottle: Cheese Finds - Abbaye de Citeaux and Tenerella
Abbaye de Citeaux is a washed rind raw cow’s milk cheese about 8” in diameter.
The cheese is made by the monks at the Abbaye of Saint Nicolas les Citeaux from the milk of their own herd of Montbellarde cows.
The Abbaye de Citeaux we enjoyed came from Dean and DeLuca and was aged by the premier affineur Hervé Mons.
www.forkandbottle.com /cheese/cheesefind/chfind0705.htm   (345 words)

 Sant' Alberico di Citeaux
Nondimeno i tre santi monaci, desiderosi di maggior solitudine, formularono ed attuarono il progetto di ritirarsi a Citeaux, nella diocesi di Chalons-sur-Saone, per fondarvi un nuovo ordine.
Roberto dovette presto lasciare Citeaux; gli succedette Alberico, che non poté sottrarsi all'unanime voto dei compagni.
Prevedendo la tempesta che si sarebbe scatenata contro il nuovo monastero da parte dei monasteri rilassati, si premurò di chiedere a Pasquale II la protezione apostolica e l'esenzione dall'autorità vescovile e da ogni ingerenza laica, privilegi che il papa accordò con una bolla del 15 ott.
www.santiebeati.it /dettaglio/38900   (533 words)

 New Melleray Abbey   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
The holy abbots Robert of Molesme, Alberic and Stephen Harding gave the Benedictine tradition a particular form when in 1098 they built the New Monastery of Citeaux and founded the Cistercian Order.
About 1125, Saint Stephen established the nuns' monastery of "Tart" as Citeaux's own daughter-house, and entrusted it to the pastoral care of the abbot of this monastery.
Under the influence of Saint Bernard of Clairvaux and others the ideal of their reform spread and monasteries of monks and nuns following the Cistercian way of life multiplied even beyond western Europe.
www.newmelleray.org /index.asp?menu=ocso   (298 words)

 Distance from Paris to Gilly Les Citeaux in miles and Kilometers - Paris France to Gilly Les Citeaux France distances ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Distance from Paris to Gilly Les Citeaux in miles and Kilometers - Paris France to Gilly Les Citeaux France distances calculation
This page was developed to give you a good idea of the distance from Paris to Gilly Les Citeaux.
Distances from Paris to Gilly Les Citeaux are a rough measure only showing the shortest distance as the crow flies, using longitudinal and latitudinal points..
www.distance-calculator.co.uk /distance-from-paris-to-gilly_les_citeaux.htm   (694 words)

 Moulins to Gilly Les Citeaux - Distances in miles and Kilometers - Find out how far it is from Moulins France to Gilly ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Approximate distance in miles from Moulins to Gilly Les Citeaux is
This page is designed to give you a good indication of how far it is from Moulins to Gilly Les Citeaux.
Calculated distances from Moulins to Gilly Les Citeaux are a guide measure only displaying the shortest distance as the crow flies, calculated via longitudinal and latitudinal points for two distinct locations on the earth.
www.airport-accommodation.co.uk /distance-from-moulins-to-gilly_les_citeaux.htm   (442 words)

 communes : ville st nicolas les citeaux ( 21700 ) cote d or - bourgogne - vacances et guide touristique st nicolas les ...
Des centaines de location saisonnières sur St nicolas les citeaux, dans le département Cote d or et dans toute la région Bourgogne.
Recherchez st nicolas les citeaux, cote d or, bourgogne sur le moteur de recherche Boolgum
Vacances St nicolas les citeaux (cote d or), tourisme et hotels en France, hotel St nicolas les citeaux (bourgogne)
www.communes.com /ville-8558-st_nicolas_les_citeaux.html   (308 words)

 Citeaux Abbey Details, Meaning Citeaux Abbey Article and Explanation Guide
Citeaux Abbey Details, Meaning Citeaux Abbey Article and Explanation Guide
Citeaux Abbey Guide, Meaning, Facts, Information and Description
The monks, faithful to a tradition of manual work, sell their products to the public: the well reputed Cîteaux cheese, but also honey candies and caramels.
www.e-paranoids.com /c/ci/citeaux_abbey.html   (372 words)

 St. Robert of Molesmes - Catholic Online
Benedictine abbot and reformer and the founder of the abbey of Citeaux, France, which became the motherhouse of the great monastic order of the Cistercians.
Though recalled, he remained only until 1098 when he stepped down once more in the face of obdurate resistance by the monks to reinstate full monastic rigor.
Called by Robert the Novum Monasterium, Citeaux was established with the invaluable aid of Eudes II, duke of Burgundy, and soon acquired much fame for the depth of its spirituality.
www.catholic.org /saints/saint.php?saint_id=4617   (649 words)

 communes : ville bessey les citeaux ( 21110 ) cote d or - bourgogne - vacances et guide touristique bessey les citeaux
Des centaines de location saisonnières sur Bessey les citeaux, dans le département Cote d or et dans toute la région Bourgogne.
Recherchez bessey les citeaux, cote d or, bourgogne sur le moteur de recherche Boolgum
Vacances Bessey les citeaux (cote d or), tourisme et hotels en France, hotel Bessey les citeaux (bourgogne)
www.communes.com /ville-7862-bessey_les_citeaux.html   (283 words)

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