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Topic: Citizen journalism

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In the News (Tue 21 May 19)

  Poynter Online - The 11 Layers of Citizen Journalism
Citizen contributors can submit whatever they want, from an account of a kids' soccer game, to observations from an audience member at last night's city council meeting, to an opinion piece by a state legislator, to a high-school student telling of her prom-night experience.
If you as a community member think that your fellow citizens should know about a stop sign that was knocked down and the county government won't fix, then this is an outlet to publicize news that's not big enough to get on the radar screen of the local newspaper or TV news outlets.
Citizen reports account for about 70 percent of the site's content, and pro reporters create the rest, so the emphasis clearly is on the citizen.
www.poynter.org /content/content_view.asp?id=83126   (4785 words)

 Citizen journalism - SourceWatch
Citizen journalism has been described as individuals "playing an active role in the process of collecting, reporting, analyzing and disseminating news and information."
He is also trying to "develop more sophisticated techniques for citizen journalism," including new software tools that will enable other collaborative efforts.
Citizen journalism, she writes, takes real work and a different funding model than traditional newspapers: "It seemed to me that a successful newsblog might have a business model that looked more like public radio — periodic pledge drives and underwriters — than the subscription/advertising model that many news outlets were dragging into the online world.
www.sourcewatch.org /index.php?title=Citizen_journalism   (674 words)

 Citizen journalism - Voyager, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Citizen journalism usually involves empowering ordinary citizens -- including traditionally marginalized members of society -- to engage in activities that were previously the domain of professional reporters.
In a paper called Citizen Journalism is Dead, Vincent Maher, the head of the New Media Lab at Rhodes University, outlined several weaknesses in the claims made by citizen journalists, in terms of the "three deadly E's", referring to ethics, economics and epistemology.
Examples of citizen journalism include personal blogs that recorded details of the 2004 South Asian Tsumani, footage captured by personal mobile cameras during the 2005 London Bombings and local news written by residents of a community that had previously escaped notice of professionals.
www.voyager.in /Citizen_journalism   (1691 words)

 Citizen Journalism | Bayosphere   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
That's a little bit how these new business models for Citizen Journalism are looking to me. If you take away all the noble talk of people taking charge of their news and changing the world, what you find when you peek under the hood is a typical business mindset.
Any business engaged in citizen journalism will, by necessity, take as much as it can from people while giving as little as possible in return.
Other "professional journalism" sites do it, hack up a blog entry and put some cleb's name to it, but that the Huff does it is disappointing - I expected better things.
bayosphere.com /aboutcitizenjournalism   (2174 words)

 Collaborative Citizen Journalism - P2p foundation
Citizen-based journalism initiatives are not just citizen blogs, but rather more sophisiticated attempts to create an alternative form of journalism.
This new form of journalism differs from its more popular blogging cousin in that, unlike blogging, which eschews (in many cases) the more rigorous elements of journalism, collaborative media efforts tap into a particular community to make sure a story is as complete as possible." (http://technologyreview.com/articles/05/05/wo/wo_052005hellweg.asp)
Steve Outing is one of the most keen observers of the scene, here’s an overview of ‘varieties of citizen journalism: http://www.poynter.org/content/content_view.asp?id=83126
p2pfoundation.net /index.php/Collaborative_Citizen_Journalism   (474 words)

 Citizen Journalism - multimedia.05
Maybe walking, holding a mic and a camera at the same time are a bit much for this citizen journalist.
And yeah I learned a few things, one being that not just anyone can be a citizen journalist because a little bit of talent and creativity is required.
They define Citizen Journalism as "the act of citizens...playing an active role in the process of collecting, reporting, analyzing and disseminating news and information." I mean people take the news seriously and I think the reporters should be serious as well.
teaching.jensimmons.com /multimedia/2005/10/citizen-journalism.htm   (1533 words)

 The Downside of 'Citizen Journalism'
I am not a big fan of the "citizen journalism" being practiced on the Internet these days.
One of the tenets of "real" journalism is that you don't distribute information that hasn't been checked.
Citizen publishers are under no such obligation, so the information that winds up in blogs and distributed on mailing lists must always be considered suspect, even if sent with the best of intentions.
www.publish.com /article2/0,1895,1862256,00.asp   (1470 words)

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