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In the News (Tue 19 Mar 19)

  Welcome to the Tulsa City Council
The Council passes local laws, reviews and approves the City's annual budget, monitors the efficiency and effectiveness of City operations, conducts investigations, and listens to concerns and suggestions from the residents of their districts.
The current Chairman of the Tulsa City Council is Roscoe Turner (District 3), and the Vice Chairman is John Eagleton (District 7).
City Councilors are assisted in their duties by Council Staff members and by various citizens' committees.
www.tulsacouncil.org   (0 words)

  City of Houston eGovernment Center
Council is responsible for the appropriation and issuance of bonds, the awarding of contracts and the approval of City expenditures over $25,000.
Council Members are limited to serving three terms of two years each, with each term beginning on January 2 of the even-numbered year.
According to the City Charter, once the population of the City of Houston exceeds 2.1 million, expected for the 2010 census, two more geographic council districts will be added.
www.houstontx.gov /council/index.html   (227 words)

 City of Dana Point - City Council
The City Council is composed of five members elected at large on a non-partisan basis to serve four-year overlapping terms.
City Council is responsible for enacting ordinances, resolutions and orders necessary for governing the affairs of the City; approving or amending the annual budget; authorizing contracts on behalf of the City; acting as the final appeal body on rulings of commissions; and appointing the
City Council meetings are held in the Council Chamber, City Hall, 33282 Golden Lantern, Dana Point, CA 92629, at 6:00 p.m., on the first and third Tuesday of each month.
www.danapoint.org /citycouncil/citycouncil.htm   (1134 words)

 Durham, NC - City of Medicine
City Council is the legislative and policy-making body for Durham and is the final authority on most matters relating to the City.
Should a Council member wish to allow a citizen who has not submitted a written request to present an issue at the work session, a 2/3 majority vote of the Council is required to suspend the rules of procedure.
The concept of residency wards means that the City Council candidate must live in the ward he/she seeks to represent on Council, but that the candidate is elected by all voters of the City.
www.ci.durham.nc.us /council   (1014 words)

 City Council :: City of Milpitas ::
The City of Milpitas was incorporated as a "general law" city on January 26, 1954 and operates under the council/manager form of government.
The Council, as the legislative body, represents the entire community and is empowered by the general laws of the State of California to formulate city-wide policy.
Regular Council meetings are held at 7:00 PM on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month in the City Hall Council Chambers.
www.ci.milpitas.ca.gov /citygov/citycouncil   (450 words)

 City of Chula Vista - Chula Vista City Government
The term of each member of the City Council is four years and commences on the first Tuesday of December of the year of the election and continues until a successor qualifies.
The city council which is comprised of four council members and the mayor is the governing body of the city and possesses various legislative powers.
The city council appoints a city manager to serve as the chief administrator and invests in him or her with the responsibility for carrying out the city council's general policies.
www.chulavistaca.gov /City_Services/Mayor_Council/Default.asp   (360 words)

 City of Tacoma - City Council
Jake Fey was elected to the Tacoma City Council in 2005 and represents Council District 2.
Spiro was elected to the Tacoma City Council in 2003.
Tom Stenger was elected to the Tacoma City Council in 2003 and represents Council District 3.
www.cityoftacoma.org /Page.aspx?nid=54   (1390 words)

 City of Waltham Official Web Site
The City Council consists of 15 members elected for two year terms, at nonpartisan elections held in the fall of the odd numbered years, with the terms commencing on the first Sunday in January of the even numbered year.
The City Council President is elected annually by and from the members of the City Council, for a 1 year term.
The City Council Vice President is appointed by the President subject to confirmation by the City Council.
www.city.waltham.ma.us /CLERK/COUNCIL/index.html   (520 words)

 City Council Main Page
The City Council is a nine member policy-making board for the City of Loveland.
The Council is led by the Mayor, who is elected for a two-year term by the community at large.
The City Charter does not impose term limits on the Mayor or any of the council members to preserve the right of the citizens to vote for the candidates of their choice.
www.ci.loveland.co.us /council/citycouncil.htm   (424 words)

 City of Austin - Austin City Council
The entire Council is elected at large by the voters of the City.
Council committee and subcommittee agendas can also be found on the Web in HTML and PDF formats.
The Austin City Council adopted new rules and procedures for conducting Council meetings on Aug. 7, 2003.
www.ci.austin.tx.us /council/default.htm   (417 words)

 City Council
As a home rule city operating under a council-manager form of government, the City Council is the governing body of the City.
The Mayor is elected at-large and two council members are elected from each of the City's three wards, each to a four-year term.
Letters received at City Hall are distributed to the City Council members and staff members best qualified to answer your questions.
www.ci.louisville.co.us /council.htm   (890 words)

 City Council - City of Boston
As the Legislative body of the City, the City Council serves as the link between the citizens of Boston and their municipal government.
The City Charter, a collection of special acts defining much of Boston's government, has been updated and is available free of charge online or the hard copy may be purchased through the City Council.
In the last 10 years, City Council TV has broadcast approximately 15,000 hours of meetings and hearings, with more than 2,500 live broadcast hours.
www.cityofboston.gov /citycouncil/default.asp   (0 words)

 Seattle City Council Home Page
A consultant study suggests that the City could increase the percentage of waste that is recycled or reused from our current 44% to 72% with a new set of strategies and waste reduction programs.
The Council unanimously approved Council Bill 115888 directing $8.1 million to develop an Urban Mobility Plan that replaces the Alaskan Way Viaduct with a range of strategic transportation projects.
Council President Licata to Convene Expert Advisory Group
www.cityofseattle.net /council   (308 words)

 Tampa City Council
The Tampa City Council is a legislative branch of City Government and operates in accordance with the provisions of the 1974 Revised Charter of the City of Tampa.
The City Council is responsible for enacting ordinances and resolutions that the Mayor of Tampa administers as chief executive officer.
Seven Council members are elected by the voters within the City Limits of Tampa to serve for a term of four years.
www.tampagov.net /dept_City_Council   (238 words)

 City Council information
The Council determines service levels and revenue obligations through the adoption of an annual budget, authorizes City contracts and expenditures, establishes City service and operating policies, and adopts such regulatory measures as may be necessary for the mutual protection of the community.
Regular meetings of the City Council and Redevelopment Agency are held on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month at 6:30 p.m.
At various times throughout the year, the City Council recognizes individuals, groups or organizations for their many contributions to the community by special presentations or proclamations of upcoming events.
www.cityoflamirada.org /citycouncil.htm   (1008 words)

 City of Spokane - City Council
The City of Spokane was incorporated on November 29, 1881, by act of the Territorial Legislature and continued under Territorial Charter until 1890, when Washington became a state.
The Mayor, as the Chief Executive Officer for the City of Spokane, is in charge of operating City government and implementing the policies developed by the City Council.
The Spokane City Council is comprised of the Council President and six City Council members elected by districts with the Council President elected citywide.
www.spokanecity.org /government/citycouncil   (522 words)

 City Council - Welcome Message
Council members, who must be 25, US citizens, and two-year Denver residents, are all elected at the same time every four years.
Council committees, each concerned with various areas of City government, meet frequently to discuss and prepare proposed laws.
The whole Council typically meets every Monday at 5:30 p.m., except holidays, when the meetings are held on Tuesday nights.
www.denvergov.org /CityCouncil   (250 words)

 CG Council Homepage
The Phoenix City Council is made up of a mayor and eight City Council members, elected by the people on a non-partisan ballot for four-year terms.
Council members are elected by voters in each of the eight separate districts that they represent.
The mayor and council members have equal voting power to make laws and set the policies that govern the city.
phoenix.gov /citygov/electidx.html   (122 words)

 City Council - City of U.P.   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The City Council establishes policy by enacting ordinances and resolutions determined to reflect the needs of the community.
The Mayor is elected by the Council from among its members for a 2-year term and presides at City Council meetings.
The City Manager is appointed by the City Council to serve as chief executive officer of the City, to manage daily business by directing the work of the City Staff (administration of personnel, policies, funds and programs), and to enforce the laws of the City.
www.ci.university-place.wa.us /CityCouncil/CityCouncil.asp   (223 words)

 Shreveport City Council
are vested in and exercised by the council.
The clerk of council maintains an indexed register of ordinances in which all ordinances are recorded and open to the public.
Each speaker is allowed three minutes to address the council on a matter that is on the agenda (either near the beginning of the meeting on Monday or near the end of the meeting on Tuesday).
www.ci.shreveport.la.us /dept/council/index.htm   (700 words)

 Honolulu City Council Home Page, City and County of Honolulu
The City Council is the lawmaking body of the City and County of Honolulu.
The Council is responsible for serving and advancing the general welfare, health, happiness, and safety of the people through exercising its legislative power.
Regular Council meetings are generally held in the Council Chamber on the third floor of Honolulu Hale.
www.co.honolulu.hi.us /council/ccl.htm   (998 words)

 City Council City Council Home
The City Council is the legislative body of the government of Northampton.
There are nine City Councilors, one from each of the City's seven wards, and two elected at-large.
City Council meetings are held on the first and third Thursdays of the month in the City Council Chambers, Puchalski Municipal Building, 212 Main Street, behind City Hall.
www.northamptonma.gov /gsuniverse/httpRoot/council   (75 words)

 Longmont City Council, City of Longmont, CO
The Mayor and Council members are the leaders and policy makers in the community elected to represent various segments of the community and to concentrate on policy issues that are responsive to residents' needs and wishes.
No formal action may be taken by the Council at a study session other than to direct staff to proceed in a certain manner and to bring items back to a regular session for action.
During a previous goal setting retreat, City Council discussed possible ways in which the City of Longmont could incorporate more community involvement approaches in its service delivery that truly engages residents as partners in facing complex community issues so that they are more likely to take responsibility for sustaining solutions to those same issues.
www.ci.longmont.co.us /city_council/index.htm   (398 words)

 Wilmington City Council
The Wilmington City Council is the legislative body of the City of Wilmington.
Council seats are considered part-time positions (although some members make full-time contributions).
City Council meetings are aired live on WITN, Channel 22 at 6:30 P.M. and on video replay at 6 P.M., the next day, Friday, and Saturday & Sunday at 2 and 6 pm.  This replay allows interested citizens who cannot attend meetings in person to keep abreast of Council Business.
www.ci.wilmington.de.us /council.htm   (128 words)

 City of Rochester, Minnesota: Rochester City Council
The City Council is comprised of 7 elected officials who govern the issues related to the City of Rochester.
The Council President is elected by all citizens in the City of Rochester.
Regular City Council meetings are held on the first and third Mondays of each month at 7:00pm in the Council/Board Chambers at City Hall.
www.ci.rochester.mn.us /departments/citycouncil/index.asp   (109 words)

 City of Knoxville - City Council
City Council, the legislative body for the City of Knoxville, meets every other Tuesday at 7 p.m.
Individuals wishing to speak to City Council may also sign up with the City Recorder on the night of the meeting.
Composed of nine members, City Council has six representatives elected from districts and three elected 'at-large' representing the entire city.
www.ci.knoxville.tn.us /citycouncil   (335 words)

 Kirkland City Council Home Page   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The City Council is the legislative body; its members are the community’s decision-makers.
The City Manager is hired to serve the Council and the community in carrying out policies and overseeing the delivery of municipal services.
The primary responsibility of the City Council is to establish the policies and long-term goals for the City, and to provide the resources and guidance necessary to carry out these polices.
www.ci.kirkland.wa.us /depart/council.htm   (172 words)

 City Council   (Site not responding. Last check: )
City Council is composed of 7 members, 6 elected as general council and an elected Mayor.
City council has a work session the first Thursday night of each month at 7:00pm.
There are also many committees, boards, and commissions that work under City Council, many of which are staffed by Citizens.
www.buenavistavirginia.org /city_council.htm   (112 words)

 City of Mountain View - City Council
The council is the legislative body of the city.
The City Manager is appointed by the Council and is responsible for the administration of the City business.
These officers serve at the pleasure of the Council; all other City employees are responsible to the City Manager.
www.ci.mtnview.ca.us /city_council/default.asp   (187 words)

 City of Springfield, MO - City Council
By Charter, the City has eight Councilmembers who are each elected for a four-year term on a non-partisan basis, and a Mayor who is elected for a two-year term.
The City Manager is appointed by Council to be the chief executive and administrative officer of the City.
Council elections are held the first Tuesday in April.
www.ci.springfield.mo.us /egov/citycouncil/index.html   (171 words)

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