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Topic: City of Halifax

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 Halifax, Nova Scotia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
From the construction of the Halifax Citadel as a counterpoint to the French fortress at Louisbourg, to the Royal Navy's largest dockyard in the Western Hemisphere, the history of the city is intertwined with story of the British Imperial forces in North America and the North Atlantic.
Halifax ceased to exist as an incorporated city when it was amalgamated with Bedford, Dartmouth and the County of Halifax in 1996 to form Halifax Regional Municipality, commonly refered to as HRM, a single regional governmental structure that is unique to Nova Scotia.
After election to the House of Assembly as leader of the Liberal party, one of his first acts was the incorporation of the City of Halifax in 1842. /wiki/Halifax,_Nova_Scotia

 Burlington City Council - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Burlington City Council is the City Council responsible for the city of Burlington, Ontario, Canada. /project/wikipedia/index.php/Burlington_City_Council

 HDPTA Presentation to City Council 94/04/16
Halifax District PTA has been aware for several months that the school system in the city of Halifax would be facing significant budget cuts this year, and in the next three years as well.
They bring this request to the city in recognition of the city's attempts to reduce its own expenditures, and we applaud the Board for their efforts to cut costs and demonstrate their willingness to participate with the city in finding solutions to the city's budget difficulties.
As citizens who need the services which the city provides, and as taxpayers who pay property taxes on our homes, the parents of the children in these schools are acutely aware of the kind of budgetary crisis the city faces. /Education/HDPTA/cityfunding.html

 Halifax Regional Council - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In April 1996 the City of Halifax, City of Dartmouth, Town of Bedford, and Halifax County were amalgamated into the Halifax Regional Municipality.
List of mayors of Halifax, Nova Scotia for a list of mayors for the City of Halifax, from 1841 - 1996.
List of mayors of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia for a list of mayors for the City of Dartmouth, from 18?? /wiki/Halifax_Regional_Council

 GOM Times - Spring 98 - Council Currents
Educated in Halifax City schools, he graduated from Dalhousie University with a Bachelor of Science degree.
Born in Halifax May 14, 1942, he was the son of the late John R. and Evelyn (Nickerson) Longard.
Longard is survived by his devoted wife Carol (Howlett) and son Mark, both of Halifax; one sister Nancy (Mrs. /times/spring98/council_currents.html

 Privileged or Pampered?
The past fathers of the former city of Halifax thought it was important to preserve this area and did so on March 16, 1978.
The Halifax City Council authorized the restoration of the Grand Parade, “Bringing city and St. Paul’s together across a common green.
Rededicated took place on September 13, 1978 by the Honorable Clarence L. Gosse, MD Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia, His Worship Edmund L. Morris Mayor of the City of Halifax, and Reverend Fredrick H. Crook, Rector of Saint Paul’s Church. /artman/publish/parking_010905_39893.shtml

It is with especial pride that we record that these COLOURS were given to the Regiment by the Corporation of the City of Halifax, in the year 1862, in recognition of valuable service the Regiment was performing in training themselves in their spare time to be ready to defend Canada as they are doing today.
Hill, wife of the Mayor of Halifax made the presentation on behalf of the Halifax City Council.
This bugle is presently in the Citadel Hill Military Museum, at Halifax. /rifles23/Colours.html

 HRM - Regional Council
Mayor Peter Kelly and 23 Municipal Councillors, representing the 23 districts, are the council of the Halifax Regional Municipality.
Please check the council agenda to see if there is a Committee of the Whole meeting scheduled for the upcoming week.
The council is the main governing and legislative body for the Municipality. /council

 Howard Epstein- Municipal Information
Halifax Chebucto residents who are situated north of Bayers Road are represented at HRM Council by Jerry Blumenthal, phone 455-9868, 488-4811 (cell), email:
Halifax Chebucto residents who are situated south of Quinpool Road are represented at HRM Council by Sue Uteck, phone 425-1724, 221-7651 (cell), email:
In April of 1998, Howard resigned from HRM Council after having been elected to the Legislative Assembly as MLA for Halifax Chebucto. /~hepstein/municipalinfo.htm

 Jan. 21, 2003 Edina City Council Meeting Minutes
This Council shall meet at the City Hall on Monday, February 18, 2003, at 7:00 o’clock P.M., for the purpose of considering proposals for the purchase of the Certificates, the 2003B Bonds and the 2003C Bonds and of taking such action thereon as may be in the best interests of the City.
The City Council may issue a special permit to the holder of a Temporary On-Sale 3.2 Percent Malt Liquor License or a Temporary On-Sale Intoxicating Liquor License issued pursuant to Section 900 of this Code for the purpose of occupying a park, street, sidewalk or publicly owned property with a licensed premises.
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the City Clerk is authorized and directed to cause an amended notice of completion of proceedings to be prepared, entered in the transfer record of the County Auditor, and filed with the County Recorder, in accordance with Minnesota Statutes, Section 412.851. /Pages/CityCouncil_MeetingMinutes/20030121Reg.htm

 Soil & Water Cons. Soc. [Our submissions]
Halifax County Planning Dept., May 1995: Made a 2-hr presentation on the principles of Limnology and Lake Carrying Capacities.
Halifax Metro municipal amalgamation bill-1995, Law Amendments Committee: Made an impassioned plea to include provision of Lake Carrying Capacities and a staff position of either a Limnologist or a Certified Lake Manager.
Dartmouth City Council, 1992: Written presentation asking for restoration of Settle lake, perhaps the most culturally eutrophic of any Metro lake (Council has not responded to date). /SWCS-K-d.html

 Water privateers: Three strikes and you’re out -- Strike one — Halifax tears up water P3 (Canadian Union of Public Employees)
Halifax city council has backed out of a major wastewater P3 with French water multinational Suez.
The push is now on to ensure city council moves forward with a project that’s publicly owned and operated — for the good of the city, the harbour and the environment.
Halifax’s mayor has publicly stated that canceling the deal will save millions of dollars, exposing the lie that P3s save money. /www/summer2003/5633

 NovaNewsNet - Halifax City Council says yes, no and maybe to future developments
Halifax Regional Municipality: Link to Halifax's city council, with information about councillors, times and agendas of council meetings, and contact information.
Halifax City Council voted yesterday to allow one development project in Bedford West to go ahead, put one proposed for Dartmouth's Port Wallace area on hold and turned down yet another slated for Governor Lake in Timberlea.
NovaNewsNet is written and produced weekdays, excluding holidays, during the academic term by students at the University of King's College School of Journalism in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. /nova_news_3588_3439.html

 The Parkland Post - Water Privatization strikes out!
Halifax city council has canceled a major wastewater P3 with French water multinational Suez, after the company refused to take responsibility for meeting environmental standards.
A key consultant’s report to Moncton city council has recommended that they do not privatize the city’s water supply arguing that the city can do the upgrades itself and spread the cost over 20 years.
A staff report to council identifies more public control of water services, and added costs and delays associated with the P3 process, as arguments for public ownership and operation. /PARKLAND/post/Vol-VII-No3/11Ferguson.html

 City of Toronto, City Council Legislative Documents
City staff met with the Chairs of Museum Boards, the Chair of the Friends of Fort York and the Chair of the Toronto Historical Association on several occasions to build consensus around the implementation of Council's decisions on the governance of museums.
Council decided in December 1998 that all staff of Heritage Toronto and the Scarborough Historical Museum Board are to become staff of the City.
Council decided in December 1998 that all staff of the Toronto Historical Board and the Scarborough Historical Museum Board become staff of the City. /legdocs/1999/minutes/council/appa/cc990413/ed6rpt.htm

 BBC News NORTHERN IRELAND Work begins on £45m call centre
The Halifax bank is opening the centre - the biggest in Europe - on the site of the city's former gasworks on the banks of the River Lagan.
Jim Rodgers, Chairman of the Development Committee at Belfast City Council, said the council was "delighted" to welcome Halifax to the old gasworks site.
The Halifax said the centre was central to its strategy to be the leading player in new banking channels, especially Internet and telephone banking. /1/low/northern_ireland/594777.stm Final bid chosen for Halifax harbour clean-up
Halifax city council heard details Monday afternoon on the final bids for the $315 million contract to clean up the sewage-flooded Halifax harbour, a plan that's been in the works for seven years.
The project was supposed to reach city council back in August, but the schedule was delayed when city staff asked for more time to look at the financial aspects of the bids.
Raw sewage -- about 100 million litres a day -- has been pouring into the harbour for years, and council is planning on having that situation rectified by early 2006, at the latest. /servlet/ArticleNews/story/CTVNews/1025063580228_20472780

 Niagara Falls City Council - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Niagara Falls City Council is the governing body of the City of Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.
The council consists of the mayor plus eight elected aldermen representing the city as a whole.
This page was last modified 03:03, 9 Apr 2005. /project/wikipedia/index.php/Niagara_Falls_City_Council

 Nelson City Council - The Environment
Nelson City Council is one of four unitary authorities combining district (land use) and regional (coastal, air, freshwater and regional land management issues) roles.
The Plan is available for download, and for viewing at Nelson's public libraries in Halifax Street, Nelson and Putaitai Street, Stoke and at the Planning Counter, Civic House.
Paper copies are available for viewing in the Nelson public libraries in Halifax Street, Nelson and Putaitai Street, Stoke and at the planning counter in Civic House, 110 Trafalgar Street, Nelson. /environment/environment_policy.htm

 Letters - The Coast (NOVEMBER 11-NOVEMBER 18 2004)
Halifax regards itself as a “SuperCity.” If Halifax wants to talk the talk, then it should implement emergency housing facilities as has been done in real cities like Winnipeg and Toronto.
I am referring specifically to the approach Halifax Regional Municipality is taking on the issue of slum landlords through municipal bylaw M-100, which addresses slum housing.
We can’t allow businesses such as the Halifax Alehouse and Corporate Communications Ltd. to think for even a second that billboards such as this (nor the underlying feelings and beliefs necessary in imagining such a campaign in the first place) will be tolerated. /issues/111104/letters.html

 The Greek on Halifax
The Adelaide City Council's Halifax Street development site has happened after not very many years wait, a twinkling of an eye really in council-think.
What it's all about doesn't look and get better than at the Greek on Halifax, where the city council's old incinerator, chimney and general dump is a newborn hamlet.
Despite the presence of the lettuce, the salad was good enough to call for a reprise, with a plate of char-grilled meats, mainly meatballs, ouvlakia and yiros. /reviews.htm

 Halifax Public Libraries
Recognizing the growth of the Library in Halifax, City Council requests that the Halifax Regional Library Board prepare a report to Council on the advisability of establishing a branch of the Library in Halifax’s north end.
Alderman Ahern made the proposal seconded by Alderman Kitz. /branches/hnmemorial/1954.html

 Bayside City Council - In the News
MELBOURNE’S Royal Children’s Hospital will be the benefactors of a family open day that Bayside City Council is hosting at Billilla Historic Mansion on Friday 9 April (Good Friday).
Bayside Mayor Cr Alex del Porto said Council was throwing open the doors of the mansion from noon to 4pm and invited everyone to come and enjoy the magnificent ambience an atmosphere of the mansion and its beautiful gardens.
Cr del Porto said most of the activities on the day would be free, but visitors would be encouraged to make a donation to the Appeal. /council_DE3A02B2044E46808E945CC66199E1A6.htm

 Charlie doesn't like the Halifax City Council!!!!
I was originally going to send this email to Sue Uteck only - to tell her how sorry I was to hear of how hard a time she obviously had at the city council meeting on Tuesday night trying to get more off-leash places for dog owners in the Halifax Regional Municipality.
The following is the text of an email I sent to Sue Uteck and Harry McInroy about the Tuesday December 16, 2003 meeting of the Halifax City Council as reported in the Halifax Chronicle Herald's news report in
I think we dog lovers have been targeting the wrong people on city council - we should be trying to educate the Henry McInroy's, not lobbying the Sue Uteck's. /joan_sinden/letter.html

 City of Chesapeake - City Council Meeting Marked Agenda
An Ordinance amending Appendix "A" of the Chesapeake City Code, entitled "Zoning," Sections 7-200, 7-302.D., 7-302.E., 7-402.C., 7-402.E., 8-200, 8-302.B. and 8-601.D. Thereof, and adding sections 13-2500 and 190-417 thereto, to provide special regulations for retail establishments exceeding 50,000 square feet of gross floor area.
Citizens who wish to speak may register on the date of the meeting in the City Council Chamber before 6:30 p.m.
Citizens may also pre-register by calling the City Clerk's Office at 382-6151, Monday through Friday, (8:30 a.m. /council/actions/010508ma.html

 City of Toronto, City Council Legislative Documents
Councillor Duguid moved that City Council be requested to establish a standard specific policy respecting the filling of future Council vacancies within the confines of the Municipal Act.
(3)the City Solicitor be directed to attend the Ontario Municipal Board in defence of the position taken to this point by the Scarborough Community Council and by the Council of the former City of Scarborough respecting automotive uses on Sheppard Avenue East.
All Council and Committee documents are available from the City of Toronto Clerk's office. /legdocs/1999/minutes/committees/sc/sc990715.htm

 Evolution of The Halifax EcoCity Project
They were citizens of the City of Adelaide, residents and business people who believed that what UEA had put forward and what was included in the Council brief would benefit them, and people from other areas of metropolitan Adelaide who wished to be future residents of the project.
The process for Halifax Adelaide has failed to do this, and in doing so has failed to comply with the brief which was put forward by Council after a significant investment of time and resources.
Meetings promised by the City Council to discuss the state of the site were not forthcoming. /halifax/evolution.html

 Sierra Club Ottawa Group: Action Alert for Pesticides on Sports Fields
  Half of the City's sports fields are adjacent to schools and are used daily by pupils.
We are writing to you today as citizens of Ottawa, as a soccer-mum and wife of a soccer coach, as the Head of the Steering Committee for the Coalition for a Healthy Ottawa and as a Pesticide Campaigner for Sierra Club of Canada.
Please write to Ottawa City Council and staff and urge them to defeat this policy on August 25 /ottawa/campaign/OttawaSportsFieldsAlertCHO-SC.htm

 City of Ottawa - City Council
In 2003, Diane was elected as City Councillor for Somerset Ward, where she now serves a diverse community of all ages, incomes, and origins.
Since being first elected Ottawa City Councillor for Wellington Ward in December 1982, she has maintained a strong interest in planning, transportation, the environment, culture, health services and women's issues.
She attended McGill University where she obtained a degree in Physical Education, a subject she later taught at both McGill University and the University of Toronto. /city_council/d_holmes_en.html

 Halifax city council to consider changing its anti-smoking bylaw
The city of Halifax has set up a committee to review its smoking bylaw, but it's unclear if the aim is to toughen or loosen the regulations.
Halifax city council to consider changing its anti-smoking bylaw
 The city still allows smoking in certain areas of bars and restaurants. /news/70402.html

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