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Topic: Civic duty

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In the News (Mon 22 Jul 19)

 USA Today (Society for the Advancement of Education): On guard in America: the National Guard provides homeland defense - National Affairs
Forty-four Air National Guard fighter wings across the country are now on active duty for Operation Noble Eagle.
More than 60,000 Guard members are on Federal active duty to do their part in the air and on the ground in the name of Homeland Defense.
However, this act does not apply to state militia or National Guard called to duty by a state governor. /cf_0/m1272/2682_130/84184861/p1/article.jhtml

ACT Street Discs are a factory replacment to be coupled with an ACT Heavy Duty or Xtreme Pressure Plate for increased power handling.
ACT Xtreme Pressure Plates are made with the same high standard as ACT Heavy Duty Pressure Plates.
ACT Xtreme Pressure Plates are identified throughout the application chart when the pressure plate number is followed by a suffix "X". /viewbrandcategories~Honda~Civic~ACT~~~.html   (890 words)

 CROA 0001-0499
CROA 0002: Canadian National Railways V. Brotherhood 0f Railroad Trainmen Re Claim of Various Conductors and Crews that they were Required to Report for Duty at Symington Yard and on the Return to Winnipeg were Released From Duty at Winnipeg Station, Without Payment of Deadheading.
CROA 0159: Canadian National Railway Company and Brotherhood of Railway, Airline and Steamship Clerks, Freight Hanlers, Express and Station Employees This Case Was Subsequently Withdrawn From the Jurisdiction of the Arbitrator and Consequently no Award of the Arbitrator Was Issued.
CROA 0198: Canadian National Railways and Canadian Brotherhood of Railway, Transport and General Workers Dispute: Claims Submitted by the Brotherhood on Behalf of Mr. /croa/05.html   (890 words)

 1996 Country Commercial Guides
The European Union, Japan and the United States allow most Bolivian exports to enter their markets at duty-free or duty- reduced rates.
COB, the main umbrella labor union, is likely to continue challenging the administration, especially if capitalization results in initial job cuts, not growth.
Employees in state-owned firms awaiting privatization and capitalization, however, are not likely to welcome new owners, precisely because they fear for their jobs. /ERC/economics/commercial_guides/Bolivia.html   (890 words)

 Why do we need Family Friendly Jury Duty Legislation?
Courts have required jury service from breastfeeding mothers for the sake of fulfilling “civic duty”!
Family friendly jury duty laws ensure these obligations would be met as soon as children are older, and not in need of constant care, or when family care-giving responsibilities have ceased.
Family friendly jury duty laws are NOT for the benefit of caregivers themselves, but for those for whom they provide care.   (389 words) - NYS Unified Court System Juror Information
I know from personal experience that a summons for jury duty raises many concerns about how you will be able to fit the civic obligation of jury duty into your busy life.
Jury duty touches the lives of millions of New Yorkers each year.
More than 600,000 people serve annually and each one has family, friends, employers and co-workers who are affected by their jury service.   (262 words)

 California Courts: Guide to California Jury Service
Although voting is a privilege of citizenship, jury service is a civic obligation and is often the most direct participation that individuals have in their government.
It is the duty and responsibility of all qualified citizens, but it is also an opportunity to contribute to our system of justice and to our communities.
Trial by jury is at the foundation of democracy, a right expressly articulated in the American Constitution. /jury   (506 words)

 Three Concepts of Political Liberty
Civic involvement is a duty that must be imparted to every citizen.
Finally, if the level of civic virtue among the people is not high enough for them to see their way clear to compliance by their own moral reckoning, there should be enough civic virtue in the society to encourage compliance by other means.
There is an emphasis on civic virtue in the republican tradition, but the account of the kind of virtues that are appropriately responsive to the republican concept of liberty is a relatively thin account. /publicat/m_and_m/2003_spring/swan.html   (506 words)

 The Daily Princetonian - Hart calls for return to civic virtue in government
All three qualities are interrelated — corruption destroys popular sovereignty and can only be prevented by the exercise of citizens' civic duty, Hart said.
Civic virtue, he said, is now a quaint term, rarely used by the government.
Of the three major components of classic republican government — civic virtue, popular sovereignty and resistance to corruption — the last two are absent from current politics, Hart said. /archives/2003/04/16/news/7965.shtml   (506 words)

 From The Faculty: Civic Virtue - Editorial/Op-Ed
And that, for all our checks and balances, it is only civic virtue which propels an individual to stand at the sharp and dirty end where, ultimately, freedom is defended.
The nature of man, the purpose of life, the role of civic virtue, without an ability to enter the great conversation about these ideas, you may depart the University with a diploma, but without obtaining an education.
Without an understanding of these great ideas, and their influence on the Founders, you may be a citizen of this great nation, but remain ignorant of your civic responsibilities. /news/2005/03/16/EditorialopEd/From-The.Faculty.Civic.Virtue-897318.shtml   (506 words) A holiday with history
On Simcoe Day it's your civic duty to have fun
In 1869 Toronto City Council came up with the idea for a summer "day of recreation." In 1875, it was settled: the first Monday in August would be the official Civic Holiday.
Most of us are thrilled that halfway between Canada Day and Labour Day we get a statutory holiday -- a day off with the rather Soviet-sounding label "Civic Holiday." /feature/491   (506 words)

 Civic Duty 3
Either the pair were waiting for him in the security office to get him off the hook, pat him on the back, and congratulate him on his sense of civic responsibility, or he was about to get caught with several hundred dollars worth of stolen jewelry in his child's diaper bag.
Joe gasped as he was spun around, and found himself face-to-face with an extremely large, extremely irate-looking security guard.
The guard grabbed his arm and began propelling him back to the store. /dec99/civic3.htm   (506 words)

 The National Guard - Guardsman stage disaster relief operations in hurricane-damaged area
Although the Civic Center property suffered visible damage such as uprooted trees and minor flooding, the National Guard turned the grounds into an operable staging base for disaster relief support.
Initially 5,000 members of the Florida National Guard were put on stand-by for disaster relief efforts, and by Aug. 17 just over 4,000 Guard personnel were mobilized for duty.
Thirteen members of the Florida Air National Guards 290th Joint Communications Support Squadron from MacDill Air Force Base, Tampa, erected a satellite dish behind the Civic Center and set up a temporary working office on the site. /news/story.asp?id=1180   (506 words)

What rose from the dust was the Centru Civic, the capital of "The New Socialist Man".
Ironic, because there’s not a socialist grain in the resultant opulence, in the sweeping pink marble staircases and heavy-duty carving.
During the neurotic Ceausescu’s frenzied reign, much of old Bucharest was chopped and crushed under steam rollers and demolition machinery: the historic and priceless churches, synagogues and houses all fell victim to his insane drive. /dexplorer/Europe/Romania/Bucharest?SubLink=DExplorer/Europe/Romania/Bucharest/viSightseeing_Inc.htm   (446 words)

 On the brink
Rome weakened greatly during a period of a couple of centuries in which Christianity was not yet founded or was an infant, minority religion, and the old Roman civic religions, emperor worship, etc., were uninspired and waning.
It is the duty of the dominant religions within a culture to preserve what is good about that culture and defend against attacks upon what is good.
Leftists believe in concepts such as "freedom of religion" only to the extent that such freedoms coincide with the leftist agenda. /vfr/archives/002298.html   (446 words)

 Alliance For Security - Alliance for Security Presents: Tour of Duty
After years of speaking out on the consequences of war, he is encouraging all Americans to exercise their civic duty by asking questions and demanding answers.
Our government has instituted a “backdoor draft” by extending the tour of duty of those who are already courageously serving our country.
That’s why Alliance for Security founder Bobby Muller is embarking on the Tour of Duty to speak directly to young Americans about the implications of our nation’s current foreign policy approach—including the prospect of a draft. /tour/pressrelease   (446 words)

 Ambassador claims 'smear campaign'
"It was an act of civic duty," Wilson said.
He said it was 'an act of civic responsibility to call my government to account for what the president said' in challenging claims by President Bush.
"It was an act of civic responsibility to call my government to account for what the president said in the State of the Union address, which was demonstrably false and misleading." /news/content/news/0826forumclub.html;COXnetJ...   (751 words)

 Western Conservative Party
We believe in a Civic Duty which we owe each other as citizens [with no draft avoidance, or jail avoidance for the rich], and beyond that public morality we leave you to find your own moral life in the private sphere.
The Western Conservative Party represents a political synthesis of Civil Libertarianism and Economic Populism.
Thus, we manage this "lesser evil" economy for the good of all.   (151 words)

Mirko Rosic, who heads the newly-founded party club of the Civic Alliance of Serbia to which Micic belongs, said that "there is no objective reason for the replacement of the parliament Speaker and there is no intention to discuss this, but to undermine parliament".
He said that she had acted as an accomplice in crimes, because she had the duty to prevent them during the first two years of her term of office.
On behalf of the Socialist Party of Serbia, Zarko Obradovic joined the calls for Micic's replacement, stressing that she had not done her job well, that she was not up to exercising her duties and that she had not observed the parliament policy, but that of the ruling DOS (Democratic Opposition of Serbia) coalition. /reports/news/tanjug101603.htm   (325 words)

 Online NewsHour: Opposing Milosevic- November 4, 1999
But on the other side, the majority of the people take Milosevic responsible for what happened, because the bottom line is that he was, unfortunately, our president, and that it was his job, his responsibility, his duty to do everything that was necessary to prevent those types of catastrophes that we were engaged, unfortunately, into.
And we intend to broaden the support among those who are not in the alliance but are democratically-oriented, and I think that they will all join us, as far as the elections are concerned.
The opposition in Serbia is, for the most part, pro-western, and so is the majority of the people -- let's have no doubts about it. /newshour/bb/europe/july-dec99/milosevic_11-4.html   (1898 words)

 Parliament@Work - Australian Capital Territory
One major duty of the Chief Minister is to notify in the Territory Gazette the fact that Bills have been passed by the Assembly.
The building which houses the Legislative Assembly is situated adjacent to the Civic Square in the centre of Canberra.
Section 125 of the Australian Constitution says that the seat of the Commonwealth Government will be in territory given to or acquired by the Commonwealth; that this place should belong to the Commonwealth and that it should be located in New South Wales "not less than 100 miles from Sydney". /act.php3   (1898 words)

I go down there and I kinda wanted to do it because I felt like it was my civic duty.
He says, "Jury duty is the one thing you can't get out of.
Actor ASHTON KUTCHER got himself thrown out of jury duty last month (JUL03) by acting the fool in court. /new/xmlfeed.nsf/mndwebpages/ashton%20dodges%20jury%20duty   (287 words)

In 1943 CAPT Fox applied for submarine duty, and after completing submarine school in New London and marrying his college sweetheart Reba, he served on the submarines R-14 and R-20 operating from Key West, Florida.
In 1974 he was granted an age waiver and returned to active duty in the Coast Guard at the age of 55.
Coast Guard Captain Earl Fox, the last remaining World War II combat veteran on active duty, retired from military service on November 19, 1999 at the age of 80. /navpalib/cno/n87/usw/issue_6/namesake.html   (287 words)

 NotiSur - Latin American Political Affairs; April 15, 1994
Military draft 6.1 Conscription for obligatory military service must not be done through the use of force, nor will it be a source of human rights violations, and thus, military service must be just and non-discriminatory, maintaining its character as a civic duty and right.
A major surprise, however, was the resounding defeat of the opposition Radical Civic Union (Union Civica Radical, UCR), as well as the strong showing by the center- left coalition Broad Front (Frente Grande), which has now emerged as the third political force in the country.
Moscoso was nominated by an alliance of Endara's Arnulfista Party (PA), together with the Authentic Liberal Party (Partido Liberal Autentico, PLA) and the Independent Democratic Union (Union Democratica Independiente, UDI). /news/notisur/h94/notisur.19940415.html   (7542 words)

 Kubatana - Zimbabwe National Students Union (ZINASU)
Zinasu is a National Union of students whose duty is to lobby and advocate for equal access to educational opportunity, a student friendly environment and the development of socially adjusted youths.
Debate, mobilize and fully participate in civic issues such as governance, corruption and national development
Engage the government to be fair, non political and gender sensitive in awarding of government bursaries and scholarships /html/sectors/zim020.asp   (7542 words)

 NoWar.Org - Anti-War, Pro-Peace Civic Forum Website Dedicated to Promoting Peace & Preventing Wars.
Civic virtue is an obligation to our society, our nation & humanity.
Making our voices heard, our concerns known and participating in the governance of our country is our civic responsibility.
We earn our civil rights only by performing our civic duties.   (7542 words)

 A soldier's tale
He is a leading figure in the Civic Alliance of Serbia movement, a pacifist group opposed to the nationalist politics of Milosevic.
But all of us did our duty because we told ourselves we were not fighting for Milosevic but to save Serbia and Serb lives," he said.
They even suggested on television we should be sent to the front with a gun trained on our backs, indicating we were all potential traitors. /yugoslavia/directory/71199a.html   (1086 words)

 A Radical Youth Journal Based in the U.S.
His aunt and uncle were killed in the World Trade Center on September 11th and about three weeks later he was called to active duty as part of homeland security.
At a recent debate on the draft sponsored by the Center for American Progress, the views range from reinstating the draft to enhancing economic incentives to increase enlistment.
Rather than questioning the administration's policy of preemptive strikes, or the vast size of the military industrial complex or urging cuts in the wasteful, redundant defense budget which consumes half the federal budget's discretionary spending, the inside-the-beltway crowd's analysis starts from the U.S. needing a larger military to achieve its foreign policy and economic agenda.   (1086 words), Daily Editorial & Political Cartoons (AAEC - The Association of American Editorial Cartoonists)
Larson did some cartooning while deployed in Desert Storm, and said he intends to cartoon as time permits, as well as report from overseas for his newspaper, during this tour of duty.
Vaughn R. Larson, editorial cartoonist and news editor for The Review in Plymouth, Wis., will be called to active duty April 19 for an 18-month tour of duty in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.
"The Civic" will be featuring a talk by editorial cartoonist Jack Ohman, the youngest ever to be nationally syndicated, at The Dalles Civic Auditorium, 323 E. 4th Street, The Dalles.   (639 words)

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