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Topic: Civil marriage

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  Marriage - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Marriage of some kind is found in most societies, and typically married people form a nuclear household, which is often subsequently extended biologically, through children.
In most American states the marriage may be officiated by a priest, minister, or religious authority, and in such a case the religious authority acts simultaneously as a religious authority and an agent of the state.
Some states allow civil marriages which are not allowed by many religions, such as same-sex marriages or civil unions, and marriage may also be created by the operation of the law alone as in common-law marriage, which is a judicial recognition that two people living as domestic partners are entitled to the effects of marriage.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Civil_marriage   (5838 words)

 Civil union - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Civil unions were introduced in Denmark by law on June 7, 1989, the world's first such law.
It will not be possible to dissolve a civil partnership on the grounds of non-consummation or adultery, although it should be noted that both non-consumation and adultery can be grounds for dissolution of the partnership as they fall under the provision for unreasonable behavior.
The controversial civil unions law enacted in Vermont in 2000 was passed as a response to the Vermont Supreme Court ruling in Baker v.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Civil_union   (2192 words)

By that act civil marriages and those of dissenters from the Church of England are legalized and regulated.
Marriages under the age of seven years for both were void, but between seven and the age of consent the parties could contract an imperfect marriage, which was voidable but not necessarily void.
In the case of minors of illegitimate birth, the consent both of the guardian and of the court is requisite.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/09691b.htm   (2470 words)

 Constitutional Topic: Marriage - The U.S. Constitution Online - USConstitution.net
Marriage is found in all societies and religions, including the major religions of the West like Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, as well as those of the East like Buddhism and Hindi.
Children are a prime goal of marriage, and continued marriage is of importance to the continuation of the faith as children are raised by devout parents.
Common law marriage is marriage for all civil purposes, but it has a "waiting period." In a common law marriage, a couple is assumed to be married if they have lived together for a certain period of time.
www.usconstitution.net /consttop_marr.html   (1604 words)

 Civil Marriage v. Civil Unions -- What's the Difference?
This document explains why civil marriage, and not civil unions, is the only way to make sure gay and lesbian couples have all of the same legal protections as other married couples.
Because the federal government does not respect civil unions, a couple with a civil union will be in a kind of limbo with regard to governmental functions performed by both state and federal governments, such as taxation, pension protections, provision of insurance for families, and means-tested programs like Medicaid.
Ending discrimination in marriage does not mean the end of all discrimination, but using the term “marriage” rather than “civil union” is an essential first step to opening the door and addressing whether continued governmental discrimination against civil marriages of gay and lesbian people makes sense.
www.glad.org /rights/OP7-marriagevcu.shtml   (1056 words)

 Non-Discrimination in Civil Marriage: Perspectives from International Human Rights Law and Practice (A Human Rights ...
The same reasoning applies to civil marriage: excluding gay and lesbian people from the status of civil marriage is a form of discrimination based on sexual orientation.
Civil laws on marriage can be amended to end discrimination based on sexual orientation without violating the right of religions to retain their own laws and practices.
Prohibitions on same-sex marriage can also be understood as discrimination based on sex, since marriage would be open to those persons but for the sex of their chosen partner.
hrw.org /backgrounder/lgbt/civil-marriage.htm   (1867 words)

 Civil Marriage   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Civil marriage for gay and lesbian Minnesotans would be nothing more than the recognition of reality.
When Minnesotans talk about civil marriage for gay and lesbian families, we are talking about the same commitments and responsibilities, emotional and financial, as those willingly embraced by other couples.
Marriages were "traditionally" defined as unions between people of the same race and contracts in which wives were the property of their husbands.
www.outfront.org /library/marriage.html   (853 words)

 HOMOSEXUAL (SAME-SEX) MARRIAGES - All sides to the issue
It was only after the civil war that African-Americans were allowed to marry in all areas of the U.S. It was only after a U.S. Supreme Court decision in 1967 that mixed race couples could marry anywhere in the U.S. But, until recently, same-sex couples could not marry anywhere in the world.
Currently, only one man and one woman can be joined in matrimony and have their marriages recognized by the state, except for residents of Massachusetts who successfully won a court battle for the right to marry.
Marriage has been available for both opposite-sex and same-sex couples since mid-2004-MAY. However, the state has an ancient miscegenation law on the books that was passed to prevent out of state inter-racial couples from coming to Massachusetts and marrying.
www.religioustolerance.org /hom_marr.htm   (1358 words)

 Civil Religous ♥ Marriage Equality California (MECA)
Civil and religious marriage are not the same thing.
Even after civil marriage becomes available to same-sex couples, churches will retain the right to decide for themselves whether to perform or recognize any marriage, just as they already do for every couple.
Here is an EXCELLENT article entitled, "A Conservative Christian Case for Civil Same-Sex Marriage" on a site called Musings On that refutes conservative Christians' belief that civil marriage for same-sex couples should not be recognized.
www.marriageequalityca.org /civil_religous.php   (316 words)

 Soulforce - Marriage
And though same-gender marriage had no legal standing then (as it has no legal standing now) from that day, UFMCC clergy have performed the rite of holy union for lesbian and gay congregants who want their relationship to be blessed by God and honored by their community of faith.
If marriage were the same today as it has been for 2,000 years, it would be possible to marry a twelve-year-old you had never met, to own a wife as property and dispose of her at will, or to imprison a person who married someone of a different race.
One of the greatest merits of contemporary civil marriage as an institution is its civic simplicity.
www.soulforce.org /main/marriage.shtml   (7304 words)

 Civil Marriage and Legal Recognition of Same-sex Unions   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Civil Marriage and the Legal Recognition of Same-sex Unions – Decision of the Supreme Court of Canada on the Marriage Reference, December 9, 2004.
Civil Marriage and the Legal Recognition of Same-sex Unions, October 5, 2004.
Civil Marriage and the Legal Recognition of Same-sex Unions, January 28, 2004.
canada.justice.gc.ca /en/fs/ssm   (332 words)

Its marriage law does not specifically state that marriage is limited to one man and one woman.
If the civil union is not successful, then they can apply for a divorce from a Vermont court, just as a heterosexual married couple do.
A Vermont civil union does not give a same-sex couples any of the benefits, protections and responsibilities that are granted by the federal government to married spouses.
www.religioustolerance.org /hom_mar8.htm   (3262 words)

 Equal Marriage NOW: Civil Marriage v. Civil Unions
Civil unions are different from civil marriage and that difference has wide-ranging implications that make the two institutions unequal, such as:
Marriages are respected state to state for all purposes but questions remain as to how civil unions will be treated in other states.
Even if there were no substantive differences in the way the law treated marriages and civil unions, the fact that a civil union remains a separate status only for gay people represents real and powerful inequality.
www.now.org /issues/marriage/marriage_unions.html   (657 words)

 Boston.com / News / Local / Mass. / SJC affirms gay marriage
With the civil unions bill tossed out, opponents of gay marriage, including Governor Mitt Romney, stepped up their calls for a constitutional amendment to define marriage solely as the union of a man and a woman.
Several conservative groups are already urging Congress and President Bush to pass a federal constitutional amendment that would define marriage as a heterosexual institution, thus stripping states like Massachusetts of the right to define marriage within their own borders.
Former US Representative Bob Barr, the Georgia Republican who sponsored the Defense of Marriage Act, said in an interview yesterday he sees no need for a federal constitutional amendment or for states with existing gay marriage bans to worry that their own laws would soon be overturned.
www.boston.com /news/local/massachusetts/articles/2004/02/05/sjc_affirms_gay_marriage   (1293 words)

 Townhall.com :: Columns :: Same-sex marriage vs. civil rights by Jeff Jacoby   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
But that hasn't stopped the advocates of same-sex marriage from draping themselves in the glory of the civil rights movement -- and smearing the defenders of traditional marriage as the moral equal of segregationists.
The civil rights movement for which he lived and died was grounded in a fundamental truth: All of us are created equal.
The newly fashionable claim that marriage can ignore that duality is akin to the claim, back when lunch counters were segregated, that America was a land of liberty and justice for all.
www.townhall.com /columnists/jeffjacoby/jj20040308.shtml   (819 words)

 CNN.com - Comparing marriage and civil unions - Feb. 26, 2004
Same-sex couples in that state who obtain a civil union license and get it certified gain all the same benefits, protections and responsibilities under Vermont law that are granted to spouses in a traditional marriage.
But unlike marriages, which are respected from state to state, Vermont's civil unions are not recognized by states without similar laws.
There is also a 1978 U.S. Supreme Court ruling that declared marriage to be "one of the 'basic civil rights of man' " and that the right to marry was covered by the constitutionally protected right to privacy implicit in the 14th Amendment's Due Process clause.
www.cnn.com /2004/LAW/02/26/bush.civil.unions   (875 words)

 Sonoma County Assessor: News from the Assessor's Office   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Marriage commissioners are available at the Sonoma County Clerk's Office to perform civil ceremonies in English or Spanish Monday through Friday.
Marriage commissioners are also available to perform civil ceremonies on weekends and holidays.
Pursuant to section 401(a) and (b) of the California Family Code, the County Clerk, who is designated as the Commissioner of Civil Marriages for Sonoma County, may at her discretion appoint Deputy Marriage Commissioners to perform civil marriage ceremonies.
www.sonoma-county.org /Clerk/HTML_Documents/Marriages/Marriages.htm   (892 words)

 Amazon.com: Books: Civil Wars: A Battle for Gay Marriage   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Civil Wars sketches many political profiles in courage, even if that courage was expended on behalf of a measure that, compared to the one in Massachusetts, is in Rauch's words but "a distant second choice." Now, gay marriage for real is just a few weeks away, but years of political warfare lie ahead, too.
Initially he was opposed to any kind of gay marriage or domestic partnership bill but was persuaded to vote for the bill that eventually passed, probably in part because a teepee on his farm that he had built as a warming hut for skaters in the cold Vermont winters mysteriously burned.
Civil Wars is an exceedingly balanced book about the events creating the first civil union legislation for gays in the state of Vermont.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/015101017X?v=glance   (3862 words)

 Soulforce: Marriage is a civil right
Civil marriage is a civil contract between two people, who promise to honor, respect, and care for one another until death.
Statements by religious leaders or politicians that are intended to entangle church and state, to blur the distinction between civil and religious marriage, and to deny equal rights to anyone based on the gender, sex, sexual orientation or gender identity are an insult and an injustice to America.
We strongly urge all elected officials and religious leaders to uphold the Constitution, honor the Supreme Court, support Freedom of Religion, by granting civil marriage to consenting adults regardless of sex, gender, gender identity or sexual orientation, and to work to guarantee the ideals of Equality, Justice and Freedom for All.
www.soulforce.org /main/civilmarriage.shtml   (400 words)

 Action Wisconsin   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Civil marriage gives couples ready access to over 1,000 rights and responsibilities, including the ability to take family leave and the ability to visit a partner in the hospital.
Civil marriage is a state government institution that has nothing to do with religion.
You can get to know lesbian and gay couples in your community who want and need access to civil marriage, learn more about why civil marriage equality is important, get the latest news, and find out how you can get involved.
www.actionwisconsin.org /civilmarriage   (564 words)

 Equal Marriage NOW: Definitions
The breakup of a civil union can only be done in the state in which the couple was "unionized".
For example, civil unions performed in Vermont by residents outside of Vermont would have to become residents of the state in order to end the union.
This measure, if passed, would define marriage as a union of a man and a woman and deny any legal protections to lesbian and gay couples and would ban any protections under the law, federal or state, for lesbian and gay couples, including all protections and benefits of civil unions.
www.now.org /issues/marriage/definitions.html   (410 words)

 Proteus Fund - Civil Marriage Collaborative
The Civil Marriage Collaborative (CMC), an innovative initiative managed by the Proteus Fund, supports organizations working to strengthen a broad and diverse grassroots constituency to achieve civil marital rights in the United States and oppose efforts which limit or deny those rights to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people.
Recognizing that much of the debate is unfolding on a state-by-state basis, the Collaborative seeks to support strategic state and local efforts in states where the possibility of advancing the agenda nationwide is significant.
The Collaborative has a strong interest in programs that have the ability to frame public debate around the issue of marriage equality and a strategy to engage and educate new public and community leaders on the issue.
www.proteusfund.org /cmc   (208 words)

 Take Action: Say "I DO" to marriage equality
With civil marriage now available to gay and lesbian couples in Ontario and British Columbia — and potentially in Massachusetts too — this is the time for every American who believes in civil rights and marriage equality to speak up.
I believe that marriage and other civil rights protections are essential to making all families safer and more secure.
By signing this petition, I promise to support efforts to make civil marriage for gay couples a reality in our country, and to oppose any attempts to discriminate against GLBT individuals and couples.
www.hrcactioncenter.org /campaign/million   (241 words)

 UUA News & Events: Religious Leaders Call for Support of Civil Marriage for Gays and Lesbians   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The Rev. Fowler said that in supporting civil marriage for gays and lesbians, "I believe we are working for God's promise of freedom and justice for all.
We insist that the Catholic criteria for marriage not be imposed on civil society.
A civil suit filed on behalf of seven plaintiff couples by Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders (GLAD) is expected to be decided by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, perhaps this month.
www.uua.org /news/2003/030605.html   (900 words)

 Civil Marriage | Civil Right
Same-sex marriage isn’t exclusive to Massachusetts and in one way or another, regardless of where you live, same-sex marriage will touch your life.
There are those who hope to de-humanize same-sex marriage by pretending that personal stories don’t exist, that gay and lesbian couples who wish to marry do so only to hurt traditional marriage, and create uncertainty and anxiety by pitting straight people against gay people.
By stating that civil rights should be voted on you reinforced something I have been saying since May 18, 2004 (when same-sex marriages first became legal in Massachusetts):.
www.civilmarriagecivilright.com   (390 words)

 Bush's gay union stance irks conservatives - Politics - MSNBC.com
He opposes gay marriage but also opposes the idea of a constitutional ban.
“Civil unions are a government endorsement of homosexuality,” said Robert Knight, director of the Culture and Family Institute, an affiliate of Concerned Women For America.
A federal ban on gay marriage, not on civil unions, “is the way for America to resolve this in the fairest way, the best way,” said Daniel, president of the Alliance for Marriage.
www.msnbc.msn.com /id/6338458   (520 words)

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