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Topic: Civil war

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In the News (Tue 16 Apr 19)

  Civil War - MSN Encarta
American Civil War, a military conflict between the United States of America (the Union) and the Confederate States of America (the Confederacy) from 1861 to 1865.
The American Civil War is sometimes called the War Between the States, the War of Rebellion, or the War for Southern Independence.
The election of Abraham Lincoln as president was viewed by the South as a threat to slavery and ignited the war.
encarta.msn.com /encyclopedia_761567354/Civil_War.html   (901 words)

  Civil war - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A civil war is a war in which parties within the same culture, society or nationality fight for political power or control of an area.
Religion is more contentious, there are some civil wars that can be seen as fueled by religion in early years, such as the Jewish Revolts against Rome, but these can also be seen as revolts by a servile people against their oppressors or uprisings by local notables in an attempt to gain independence.
Civil wars fought over religion have tended to occur more frequently in monotheistic societies than in polytheistic societies; this has been explained as being due to the fact that the latter tend to be more "flexible" in terms of dogma, to allow for some latitude in belief.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Civil_war   (1520 words)

 American Civil War - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The American Civil War (1861–1865) was a sectional conflict in the United States between the Federal government ("Union") and 11 southern slave states that declared their secession and formed the Confederate States of America, led by President Jefferson Davis.
The causes of the war, the reasons for the outcome, and even the name of the war itself, are subjects of lingering controversy, even today.
The immediate causes of secession and war were the issue of slavery in the territories and the election of Abraham Lincoln, which signaled the end of Southern control over the federal government.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/American_Civil_War   (9189 words)

 Foreign Affairs - Iraq's Civil War - James D. Fearon
In fact, there is a civil war in progress in Iraq, one comparable in important respects to other civil wars that have occurred in postcolonial states with weak political institutions.
A civil war is a violent conflict within a country fought by organized groups that aim to take power at the center or in a region, or to change government policies.
Everyday usage of the term "civil war" does not entail a clear threshold for how much violence is necessary to qualify a conflict as a civil war, as opposed to terrorism or low-level political strife.
www.foreignaffairs.org /20070301faessay86201/james-d-fearon/iraq-s-civil-war.html   (1175 words)

 Civil War Interactive - The Daily Newspaper of the Civil War
Huntingdon, TN Civil War Interactive is on break until Monday.
The number of blogs relating to the Civil War is growing rapidly.
The story of the Civil War can be seen from it's primary source documents.
www.civilwarinteractive.com   (398 words)

 Civil War Sites Advisory Commission Report on the Nation's Civil War Battlefields, Technical Volume II: Battle Summaries
The Commission was to identify the significant Civil War sites, determine their condition, assess threats to their integrity, and offer alternatives for their preservation and interpretation.
Some 10,500 armed conflicts occurred during the Civil War ranging from battles to minor skirmishes; 384 conflicts (3.7 percent) were identified as the principal battles and classified according to their historical significance.
A Compendium of the War of the Rebellion.
www.nps.gov /history/hps/abpp/battles/tvii.htm   (1885 words)

 Civil War Sites Advisory Commission Report on the Nation's Civil War Battlefields, Technical Volume II: Battle Summaries
The Commission was to identify the significant Civil War sites, determine their condition, assess threats to their integrity, and offer alternatives for their preservation and interpretation.
Some 10,500 armed conflicts occurred during the Civil War ranging from battles to minor skirmishes; 384 conflicts (3.7 percent) were identified as the principal battles and classified according to their historical significance.
A Compendium of the War of the Rebellion.
www.cr.nps.gov /hps/abpp/battles/tvii.htm   (1885 words)

 Our America
The American Civil War was a conflict that pitted the Northern states against the Southern states.
The war raged for four years (1861–65) and was marked by some of the bloodiest battles of modern history.
Everyone was engaged on supporting the war effort even when battles were taking place in view of their homes.
teacher.scholastic.com /activities/our_america/civil_war   (72 words)

 American Civil War Research Site for Maps Battles Timeline
During the closing days of the Civil War, plucky 12-year-old Hannalee Reed, sent north to work in a Yankee mill, struggles to return to the family she left behind in war-torn Georgia.
So when the war ends and she's given her freedom, Patsy is naturally curious and afraid of what her future will hold.
The Civil War is at an end, but for thirteen-year-old Eulinda, it is no time to rejoice.
www.americancivilwar.com /civil.html   (1277 words)

 Civil War Herald WebQuest
War Between the States I - causes of the war - if you are in a classroom or lab, you may want to mute the volume.
Secession and Civil War - the effect of Lincoln's election on the nation.
Newspaper articles about daily life, trade, activities, etc. before and during the war from Augusta, VA and Franklin, PA Civil War Women and the Home Front - what the war was like from the point of view of those who stayed at home.
www.coollessons.org /civilwarpaper.htm   (1781 words)

 The Civil War . The War | PBS
The Civil War was fought in 10,000 places, from Valverde, New Mexico, and Tullahoma, Tennessee, to St. Albans, Vermont, and Fernandina on the Florida coast.
The Civil War has been given many names: the War Between the States, the War Against Northern Aggression, the Second American Revolution, the Lost Cause, the War of the Rebellion, the Brothers’ War, the Late Unpleasantness.
The little town of Winchester, Virginia, changed hands seventy-two times during the war, and the state of Missouri sent thirty-nine regiments to fight in the siege of Vicksburg: seventeen to the Confederacy and twenty-two to the Union.
www.pbs.org /civilwar/war   (562 words)

 America's Civil War
The Ingrahams, having sided with the Confederacy, lost one son in an early engagement of the war, a soldier son-in-law to disease, and another son at Chancellorsville.
This truly was a war of family against family, brother against brother.
While the Civil War is a remarkable piece of history to study, it brings us all close to the pain and heartache of what war is truly about.
home.ptd.net /~nikki/civilwar.htm   (513 words)

 LSU Libraries Special Collections: The United States Civil War Center
The mission of the United States Civil War Center is to promote interdisciplinary study of the American Civil War.
The Center publishes the Civil War Book Review online and promotes use of research materials at LSU and elsewhere to further study of the Civil War.
The Center is not a museum or library, but facilitates preservation of Civil War documents and artifacts by putting potential donors in touch with libraries, archives, and museums dedicated to preserving America's cultural heritage.
www.cwc.lsu.edu   (162 words)

 American Civil War Research Site for Maps Battles Timeline
The war does not go well for the South, and when the North's cannons destroy the city, George is horrified.
It is a story of the brutality of war and the kindness that takes place in the middle of such horrors.
Whether you refer to it as the Late Unpleasantness, The War for Southern Freedom, or any of the other names that Civil War 101 lists for it, this mid-nineteenth -century conflict has spawned all manner of myth and facts you didn't learn in high school.
americancivilwar.com /civil.html   (768 words)

 The History Place - U.S. Civil War 1861-1865
Robert E. Lee, son of a Revolutionary War hero, and a 25 year distinguished veteran of the United States Army and former Superintendent of West Point, is offered command of the Union Army.
For the duration of the war the blockade limits the ability of the rural South to stay well supplied in its war against the industrialized North.
The war to preserve the Union now becomes a revolutionary struggle for the abolition of slavery.
www.historyplace.com /civilwar/index.html   (2985 words)

 Civil War Activities Using the Internet
The actions of Civil War soldier-women were completely opposite of mid-nineteenth-century society's characterization of women as frail, subordinate, and passive.
Two women who served in the Civil War as male soldiers are best known and the most fully documented of all the women.
Though the tragedy of war separates these young men, their friendship and sacrifice is immortalized in their family's remembrance of them.
www.libsci.sc.edu /miller/CivilWar.htm   (1886 words)

 Civil War Encyclopedia
be the last true veteran of the Civil War on either side; he had...
Women During the Civil War: An Encyclopedia (Routledge, 2003) ìThe impact of the Civil War on American womenÖis the focus of this outstanding reference workÖDrawing from both primary (diaries...
Encyclopedia of the American Civil War And Sister Ceo Encyclopedia of the American Civil War encyclopedia american civil war Encyclopedia of the American Civil War Charts the war's strategic aims...
www.fleaencyclopedia.com /civilwarencyclopedia   (731 words)

 Illinois Civil War Veterans Database
The Illinois Civil War Muster and Descriptive Rolls database is a transcription of each soldier's entry in the record series, Muster and Descriptive Rolls
The histories of Illinois Civil War regiments and units are included in the first eight volumes of the nine volume publication, Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Illinois (1900-1902).
The histories of Illinois Civil War regiments and units are provided in a PDF (Portable Document Format) file, which can be viewed or printed using your Web browser and Adobe's Acrobat Reader software.
www.sos.state.il.us /departments/archives/datcivil.html   (731 words)

 Civil War
If you wish to go beyond the study of facts of any war conflict, if you want to understand the thoughts and emotions of the people who faced each other across the battlefields and those who waited for them at home, then you must look to the poems and songs of the times.
This is a first-hand account of a U.S. Civil War Union soldier written to family and friends, with photos of the actual letters.
The students are to draw an event, symbol, person, or place which depicts slavery during the Civil War as a piece of a freedom quilt.
www.42explore2.com /civilwar.htm   (1257 words)

 African American Odyssey: The Civil War (Part 1)
Both fls and whites were outspoken about questions of race, civil rights, and full equality for the newly-freed population during the Civil War era.
A Clergyman's Diary on the Eve of the Civil War
It was taken in the main eastern theater of the war during the second battle of Bull Run in 1862.
memory.loc.gov /ammem/aaohtml/exhibit/aopart4.html   (1123 words)

 Civil War Battleground Antiques - New Bern, NC - Specializing in authentice Union and Confederate Civil items and other ...
Early War New York soldier image, ruby ambrotype 9th plate in half case, wearing very early war gear including a white buff over the shoulder strap on his cartridge box and the US M1839 small oval belt plate on white buff leataher as well.
Very rare original Civil War Confederate officer sword sash, thinner width and single twist tassles (note one is missing from one end), very vivid crimson silk with minor scattered insect damage.
Matching pair of original Civil War era drumsticks with acorn finials--there is no way to honestly tell if they are civilian or military, but they are for sure of the period.
www.civilwarantiques.com   (4615 words)

 Civil War WebQuest   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Your assignment is to cover a battle of the Civil War from the perspective of a journalist.
The first step is to select a Civil War battle you'd like to cover as a reporter.
Remember, though the Web is a rich source of information on the Civil War, we have a fine collection of books covering the battles of the Civil War..
www.sdst.org /shs/library/civilwarwq.html   (672 words)

 The Civil War for Fifth Graders
A civil war is a war between different groups of people who belong to the same country.
The American Civil War was fought between the North (Union states) and the South (Confederate states).
Clara Barton known as the "Angel of the Battlefields" was a famous Civil War nurse to wounded Union troops.
www.runet.edu /~sbisset/civilwar.htm   (1534 words)

 Civil War Maps - (American Memory from the Library of Congress)
Civil War Maps brings together materials from three premier collections: the Library of Congress Geography and Map Division, the Virginia Historical Society, and the Library of Virginia.
Among the reconnaissance, sketch, and theater-of-war maps are the detailed battle maps made by Major Jedediah Hotchkiss for Generals Lee and Jackson, General Sherman’s Southern military campaigns, and maps taken from diaries, scrapbooks, and manuscripts—all available for the first time in one place.
Most of the items presented here are documented in Civil War Maps: An Annotated List of Maps and Atlases in the Library of Congress, compiled by Richard W. Stephenson in 1989.
lcweb2.loc.gov /ammem/collections/civil_war_maps   (156 words)

 West Virginia in the Civil War
Some exciting war experiences related by Civil War veterans to reporters of the Ironton Register in the 1880s.
Created in the midst of the Civil War, West Virginia provided to the Union Army 31,872 regular army troops, 133 sailors and marines, and 196 United States Colored Troops, during that terrible conflict of 1861-1865.
This web site is dedicated to the honor and memory of the Civil War soldiers, sailors, and marines of West Virginia.
www.wvcivilwar.com   (359 words)

 Civil War, in U.S. history — Infoplease.com
Civil War, in U.S. history, conflict (1861–65) between the Northern states (the Union) and the Southern states that seceded from the Union and formed the
It is generally known in the South as the War between the States and is also called the War of the Rebellion (the official Union designation), the War of Secession, and the War for Southern Independence.
Black soldiers in the Civil War: in 1863, fl soldiers of the 54th Massachusetts infantry proved that the U.S. Civil War was their......
www.infoplease.com /ce6/history/A0812362.html   (276 words)

 Civil War Documents | Ohio Historical Society
Browse the citations to collections of primary source materials with connections to the Civil War.
See Civil War Guide Project Fact Sheet under Archives/Library for a more complete description of this project.
Brought to you by-- the Ohio Vital Information for Libraries Center (OVIL), a grant-funded project of OHS supported by the State Library of Ohio and OPLIN.
www.ohiohistory.org /resource/database/civilwar.html   (419 words)

 Etext Center: Collections
Official Records of the War for Augusta and Franklin counties.
Fiction, poetry, essays and historical material relating to the American Civil War, from the Etext Center's Modern English Collection.
THE CIVIL WAR: A Newspaper Perspective contains the full text of over 11,000 articles from over 2500 issues of The New York Herald, the Richmond Enquirer, and The Charleston Mercury, published between November 1, 1860 and April 30, 1865.
etext.lib.virginia.edu /civilwar   (480 words)

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