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Topic: Civilization

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In the News (Tue 25 Jun 19)

  Civilization Essay
Civilization was hailed on its release as one of the greatest computer games ever; Civilization II has been similarly honored.
Civilization casts you in the role of the ruler of an entire civilization through many generations, from the founding of the world's first cities 6,000 years in the past to the imminent colonization of space.
Military units who fight and die in Civilization II disappear in a simple blip; native peoples who defend their homelands are inconveniences, "barbarian hordes" to be quickly disposed of.
www.duke.edu /~tlove/civ.htm   (5938 words)

  Civilization - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Civilization often uses religion to justify its actions, claiming for example that the uncivilized are savages, barbarians or the like, which should be subjugated by civilization.
This civilization was a hub of activity in the Middle East and would probably have been in contact with the civilizations of Sumer.
Aegean civilization is the general term for the prehistoric civilizations in Greece, mostly throughout the Aegean Sea.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Civilization   (6422 words)

 Civilization (computer game) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Civilization, or Sid Meier's Civilization (which is the game's official name) is a turn-based strategy game created by Sid Meier for Microprose in 1991.
Civilization is a single-player game (although there was a separate multiplayer version called CivNet and both Civilization II and III have multi-player versions; Civilization IV, released late 2005, has advanced support for numerous types of multiplayer games).
Civilization IV was produced by Firaxis and was released on October 24, 2005.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Civilization_(computer_game)   (3018 words)

 Civilization Quotes - The Quotations Page
Civilization is a method of living, an attitude of equal respect for all men.
Civilization is the art of living in towns of such size the everyone does not know everyone else.
Civilization is built on a number of ultimate principles...respect for human life, the punishment of crimes against property and persons, the equality of all good citizens before the law...or, in a word justice.
www.quotationspage.com /subjects/civilization   (289 words)

Civilization can also be seen as a cultural identity which represents the broadest level of identification in which an individual intensely identifies, broader than family, tribe, hometown, nation, or region.
The thesis that civilizations represent relatively homogeneous cultural spheres was central to the thinking of Oswald Spengler, who defined the coherence of a civilization as its organization around a single primary cultural symbol.
Civilizations can be defined in several ways, and the number of distinct civilizations, their duration and extent, are the subject of some debate.
www.knowledgefun.com /book/c/ci/civilization.html   (2510 words)

 Lecture 1: What is Civilization?
Civilization is a form of human culture in which many people live in urban centers, have mastered the art of smelting metals, and have developed a method of writing.
The first civilizations began in cities, which were larger, more populated, and more complex in their political, economic and social structure than Neolithic villages.
The Oxford English Dictionary defines civilization as "the action or process of civilizing or of being civilized; a developed or advanced state of human society." Such a definition is fraught with difficulties.
www.historyguide.org /ancient/lecture1b.html   (921 words)

 The Primitivist Critique of Civilization--Richard Heinberg
Since our present civilization is patently ecologically unsustainable in its present form, it follows that our descendants will be living very differently in a few decades, whether their new way of life arises by conscious choice or by default.
Civilization manipulates these primary relationships in such a way as to domesticate the infant--that is, so as to accustom it to life in a social structure one step removed from nature.
Civilization brings not only comforts, but also the opportunity to think the thoughts of Plato or Thoreau, to travel to distant places, and to live under the protection of a legal system that guarantees certain rights.
www.primitivism.com /primitivist-critique.htm   (4203 words)

 The Ishmael Companion: Beyond Civilization: The New Tribal Revolution   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Civilization is the end, the very last and unsurpassable human social development.
Civilization, in effect, represents an attempt to improve upon tribalism by replacing it with hierarchalism.
Every civilization brought forth in the course of human history has been an intrinsically hierarchical affair--in every age and locale, East and West, as well as every civilization that grew up independently of ours in the New World.
www.ishmael.com /origins/Beyond_Civilization   (595 words)

 Learning Commons - What is Culture? - Glossary Item - Civilization   (Site not responding. Last check: )
However, the fact that a society becomes progressively more "civilized" does not diminish the role of culture; the institutions of civilization continue to play a major role in cultural meaning systems and in the process of cultural reproduction.
When we choose to apply the word "civilization" to a human society of the past, we are often playing a role, wittingly or no, in a process of cultural negotiation.
The point here isn't that the word "civilization" should be applied to many ancient cultures that are commonly described as "primitive." Some would argue strenuously that this is necessary; others would argue that the distinction between "primitive" and "civilized" is an important one to maintain.
www.wsu.edu:8001 /vcwsu/commons/topics/culture/glossary/civilization.html   (415 words)

 Soren Johnson Interview - Planet Civilization
The reason the modders have been brought in is because they are ambitious, they like to expand, and their main reason for modding Civilization III was because they felt that it was too small.
Civilization IV wouldn't have been as moddable as it is now, unless we had fan modders along with us, running into problems which we didn't encounter internally.
Civilization IV is the first Civilization game that is shipping with multi-player out of the box.
planetcivilization.gamespy.com /View.php?view=Interviews.Detail&id=4   (2296 words)

 Civilization - Uncyclopedia
Civilization is an agreement among most of the people in a given area to not flip the fuck out and slaughter each other.
More formally, Civilization is characterized by the struggle to eliminate intelligence, also called Progress.
Consequently, civilization is not popular with many young people, who decide to walk around like jackasses with their pants hanging down and pieces of metal stuck where metal really ought not be.
uncyclopedia.org /wiki/Civilisation   (663 words)

I swore off Advanced Civilization approximately 10 years ago, and since that time I've only played classic Civilization intermittently, and it's taken me a while to unlearn all the things that Advanced Civilization taught me. It's amazing the number of my instincts that are still wrong.
Heuristics that were simple and clear-cut for Advanced Civilization are all of a sudden grey and interesting again.
Sure, everyone says that the best part of Civilization is the trading, but playing it again, it was clear that both a) the trading is cool, and b) the way it feeds back into everything else in the game is also cool.
homepage.mac.com /c_farrell/iblog/C2097221587/E20060410170613/index.html   (1711 words)

 Mayan Civilization
The ancient Maya civilization occupied the eastern third of Mesoamerica, primarily the Yucatan Peninsula.
The topography of the area greatly varied from volcanic mountains, which comprised the highlands in the South, to a porous limestone shelf, known as the Lowlands, in the central and northern regions.
Contrary to popular beleif, the Mayan civilization was not one unified empire, but rather a multitude of separate entities with a common cultural background.
www.indians.org /welker/maya.htm   (6103 words)

 Civilization.ca - Mysteries of Egypt - Introduction
gyptian civilization originated over 5,000 years ago, and the country’s historic sites are among the world’s greatest tourist attractions.
The first seeds of civilization were sown in the fertile Nile Valley, surrounded by the endless desert, at the crossroads between East and West.
Here, the first multinational state was born, the first writing system using hieroglyphs was invented, the concepts of kingship, religion and bureaucracy were developed.
www.civilization.ca /civil/egypt/egintroe.html   (346 words)

 civilization - Wiktionary
(ancient civilisations; western civilisation; the Aztec civilisation.) cf culture.
a communal understanding; the achievements of a communal understanding; e.g., Ancient Roman Civilization - the communal understanding of the ancient Romans, or what the communal understanding of the ancient Romans achieved: buildings, conquests, roads, laws.
The act of civilizing, or the state of being civilized; the state of being refined in manners, from the grossness of savage life and improved in arts and learning
en.wiktionary.org /wiki/civilization   (296 words)

 Firaxis Games: Games: Sid Meier's Civilization IV
Civilization IV features gorgeous 3D graphics, loads of in-game movies, brilliant audio and music, and, most importantly, the best and most addictive gameplay of any strategy game ever created.
Sid Meier's Civilization is a turn-based strategy game that challenges players to build and expand an empire, throughout all of human history, and become the most powerful ruler in the world.
Civilization IV delivers faster mid and late game AI turns, and offers greater control over your civilization's government and religions, while at the same time de-emphasizing the less fun micromanagement (cleaning up pollution, for example).
www.firaxis.com /games/game_detail.php?gameid=6   (326 words)

 Olmec Civilization, Crystalinks
The first signs of complex society in Mesoamerica are that of the Olmec civilization wh were prominent in Mesoamerica from as early as 1500 BCE through 100 BCE, although there is evidence that the Olmec culture existed into the Common Era.
Until the early 1900's, the Maya civilization was considered to be the parent culture in Mesoamerica from which all other societies sprouted.
This is not necessarily to suggest that the founders or leaders of Olmec civilization came directly from Africa, since many original populations of countries like Cambodia and the Philippines have similar characteristics.
www.crystalinks.com /olmec.html   (7695 words)

 Civilization III: Home
Civilization III: Complete includes Civilization III plus the Play the World Multiplayer and Conquests expansion packs.
Civilization III: Complete provides more ways to win, pathways to explore, strategies to employ as well as exciting online modes of play.
Civilization instantly set the standard and defined a new genre of empire-building strategy games and is still recognized as one of the greatest games of all time.
www.civ3.com   (281 words)

 Apolyton CS: Civilization III: News
Civ3: Conquests for the Macintosh is available from Aspyr for PPC Macs now, and Civ 4 for the Macintosh will be available in June of this year for PPC and Intel Macs.
Aspyr Media is the publisher of Civilization III: Complete for the Macintosh, along with many other Mac game ports.
Inside Mac Games reports that Civilization 3 Complete for the Macintosh has entered the final candidate stage, meaning that it has nearly completed the beta stage.
apolyton.net /civ3   (1439 words)

 Amazon.com: Civilization 3: Computer & Video Games   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Nourish thegrowth of a culture that is the envy of other civilizations along with tradingshrewdly to gain valuable resources and enrich your empire.
The higher the culture rating that your civilization is, the more ilkely that a small cities of rival civilization may be assimilated into your empire, thus becoming a part of your territory.
Human civilization on the earth was destroyed and they lost most of the...
www.amazon.com /04-22252-Civilization-3/dp/B00005JC8D   (1766 words)

 Civilization | BoardGameGeek
It covers the development of ancient civilizations from the invention of agriculture c.
Instead, the object of play is to gain a level of overall advancement involving cultural, economic, and political factors so that such conflicts that do arise are a result of rivalry and land shortage rather than a desire to eliminate other players.
Civilization by Avalon Hill Unpunched NIB *IN SHRINK*
www.boardgamegeek.com /game/71   (508 words)

 Civilization III: The Civ Legacy
Civilization instantly set the standard and defined a new genre of empire-building strategy games and is still recognized as one of the greatest games of all time.
Players match wits against some of history's greatest leaders as they strive to build the ultimate civilization to stand the test of time.
The legacy of this incredibly fun, addictive series continues today with the development of Civilization III.
www.civ3.com /legacy.cfm   (159 words)

 Sid Meier's Civilization for DOS - MobyGames
Civilization has the widest scope of any strategy game up to this point.
Your eventual goal is to become the dominant civilization in the world, either by wiping out everybody else, or being the first to get a space ship to Alpha Centauri.
Civilization was voted #62 in the Top 100 Games of All Time poll published by Game Informer Magazine (Issue 100, August 2001).
www.mobygames.com /game/dos/sid-meiers-civilization   (343 words)

 Toward Civilization - Ancient History lesson plan (grades 9-12) - DiscoverySchool.com   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Ask students what they think a civilization is. Write down their responses on a sheet of newsprint.
A civilization is a group of people living and working together for the purpose of creating an organized society.
People living in civilizations have the ability to use tools, work together cooperatively, and communicate with each other.
school.discovery.com /lessonplans/programs/towardcivilization   (743 words)

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