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Topic: Clan Donald

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In the News (Wed 21 Aug 19)

  Clan Donald Ohio
Clan Donald within Indiana is led by Indiana Commissioner, Dianne MacEachern.
Clan Donald in Michigan is led by Michigan Commissioner, Susan Nightingale, who also publishes the Michigan Newsletter.
Clan Donald within Ohio is led by Ohio Commissioner, Donne (Mrs.
www.clan-donald-ohio.org /about.htm   (731 words)

  Clan Donald
Angus Og's grandson, Donald, the 8th Lord of the Isles, married the heiress of the Earldom of Ross and in 1411 fought the Battle of Harlaw to keep his wife's inheritance from being usurped by the Regent Duke of Albany.
Donald of Harlaw's son and grandson were both Earls of Ross and Lords of the Isles, controlling not only the Hebrides from Islay and Kintyre to the Butt of Lewis, but most of Argyll and the modern County of Inverness, along with the County of Antrim in northern Ireland.
The power of the clan survived and formed the backbone of the army of the Marquis of Montrose, fighting for the survival of the Stewarts in the 17th century, and, though divided, it was an important factor in the Jacobite Rebellions of the 1700's.
www.runet.edu /~festival/pages/donald.html   (375 words)

 History of Clan Donald   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Clan DonaId was indisputably the largest and most renowned of all the Highland clans of Scotland controlling, at one time, virtually the whole western seaboard from the Butt of Lewis in the north to the MuIl of Kintyre in the south, almost a third of the Kingdom, with possessions in Northern Ireland as weIl.
Somerled's grandson, Donald of Isla(y) is the progenitor of CLAN DONALD, in Gaelic rendered Clann Dhomhnaill, i.e.
From Alasdair are descended the CLAN ALISTER or MACALISTERS OF LOUP in Kintyre.
www.clandonaldchiefs.org.uk /history/history.htm   (1247 words)

 Clan MacDonald of the Isles   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Clan Donald is one of the oldest, and probably the largest and most famous of all the Highland clans.
Donald, the eldest son of the second marriage, held a considerable territory of the crown, known as the feudal lordship of the Isles.
Donald, the eldest son, called by the Highlanders, Donald Galda (the foreigner- from his early residence in the Lowlands), was allowed to inherit his father's estates, and was frequently permitted to visit the Isles.
www.celtic-twilight.com /atlanta/clans/macdonald   (4366 words)

 The Home of the Clan Donald
As told later, the Clan derived its generic name from Donald, the grandson of Somerled: and hence the name MacDonald, or son of Donald, Mac, or the Gaelic Mhic, signifying son.
The important position occupied by the Clan Donald and its branches invests the narrative of its rise and history with unusual interest to all, but more especially to those of the Clan, who may well refer with pride to their noble descent from the independent rulers of the island principality, the Kings of the Isles.
The traditions of the Clan Donald invariably represent that he descended from the ancient Pictish division of the Gael, and the early history of the Clan Cholla, the designation of the Clan prior to the time of Donald, penetrates into far antiquity.
www.macdonald.com /clan.html   (2638 words)

 ClanDonald-Heritage.com: Branches
Clan Donald’s height of power was hundreds of years earlier than the other clans under a totally different form of government.
The Celtic law of rule by derbfine (Gaelic meaning 4 generations of family)is the reason Clan Donald was divided into branches, each ruled by a descendant of Donald instead of the feudalist concept of a united kingdom inherited by the eldest son.
The branches of Clan Donald are based upon the different Clan Donald lands granted to the descendants of Donald of Islay.
www.clandonald-heritage.com /branches?id=4   (1685 words)

 clan donald names
Clan Donald Lynns derive from: Gaelic O'Fhloinn or O'Loinn - "Descendant of Flynn".
Clan Donald MacGillespies derive from: Gaelic Mac Gille easpuig - "son of the servant of the bishop".
Clan Donald MacIlriachs derive from: Gaelic Mac Gille riabhaich - "son of the servant of the brindled lad".
www.mindspring.com /~cdonaldson/macdonald/names.htm   (9916 words)

 ClanDonald-Heritage.com: Home
One of the oldest modern clan organizations is the Clan Donald Society of Edinburgh established in 1891.
The slogan of Clan Donald in Latin is “Per Mare Per Terras”, meaning By Sea By Land, which fits the lifestyle of these seafarers who ruled the seas, the islands, and the peninsulas because of their ability to quickly move armies with their nyvaigs (gaelic for boat or galley).
This “clan crest” has evolved into an emblem encircled by a belt and is usually worn on a hat, often holding the plant branch anciently called the clan badge.
www.clandonald-heritage.com   (0 words)

 Clan Donald Society - Australia
The Clan Donald was once one of the most powerful Scottish clans in the Western Highlands and Islands of Scotland.
The object of the society is the fostering and preservation of Clan Donald sentiment; the cultivation of social activity and interest in the Clan; to encourage education, the honouring of distinguished clansfolk, and the preservation and traditions bearing on the history of the Clan Donald.
There are various Clan Donald state organisations in Australia, and you are invited to contact and join the one nearest to you.
www.highlandconnection.org /clandonald-australia.html   (0 words)

 Clan MacDonald - Information from James Pringle Weavers
Prolonged and extensive disputes regarding seniority and legitimacy ensued among the families of Clan Donald until the Restoration of Charles II in 1660, when the title of 'Lord MacDonell and Aros' was bestowed on Eneas, 9th of Glengarry and heir to the line of Celestine of Lochalsh.
Alasdair was forfeited for his part in the insurrection of Donald Balloch in 1431, and by one of the complicated arrangements typical of the period, the Lord of the Isles granted these lands by charter in 1443, to Malcolm Mackintosh, Chief of Clan Chattan, though Keppoch retained superiority.
Donald Gorm, 5th Chief, in 1539, made a final attempt to restore the Lordship of the Isles in his own person but was mortally wounded while attempting to capture Eilean Donan castle.
www.electricscotland.com /webclans/m/macdonald/addinfojpw.htm   (2354 words)

 Clan Donald DNA Project
Since the early 1400s Clan Donald historians, including the famous 1904 three volume treatise by the Rev. Archibald and Angus MacDonald, "Clan Donald" [MacDonald 1904], have either asserted or concluded after discussion that Somerled was Gaelic in his paternal line.
Clan Donald poetry from at least the 1400s asserted this ancestry.
James McDonald, our U.S.A. Clan Genealogist, has prepared a chart for Clan Donald U.S.A. suggesting Norse paternal descent and hypothesizing the generation in which the male line of the Argyll house had failed and the crossover to the female line occurred.
dna-project.clan-donald-usa.org /DNAmain2.htm   (0 words)

Donald held the mainland territories of Kintyre, Morvern and Ardnamurchan with the island of Islay.
Donald, Lord of the Isles, is enumerated among the allies of Henry V.
Sir DONALD GORM OG 3rd Baronet, married 24 Jul 1662 to Margaret or Mary Douglas, daughter of the Earl of Morton.
www.fortunecity.com /bally/leitrim/147/macdonald.html   (3579 words)

 Clan Livingstone - Donald Livingstone
Donald Livingstone, Bun-a-mhuilinn, Morvern, was of the Livingstones of Achnacree, Benderloch.
Donald Livingstone, already a good swordsman, parried the blow, and coming down upon the head of his opponent clove him to the chin.
Donald Livingstone did not know what to do with this second troop horse now upon his hand, whether to leave it or to take it.
www.clanmclea.co.uk /Donald_Livingstone.htm   (1894 words)

 Clann CARLOS: Clan MacDonald
Clan Donald MaColls derive from the Gaelic: MacColla, “son of Coll.” Originally Clan Donald by blood and alliance.
Clan Donald MacSorleys derive from the Gaelic: Mac Somhairle “son of Somerled,”; 1st Lord of the Isles.
Clans to which allegiance might be declared would be identified by evidence of the geographical origins of one's ancestors.
www.lighthousewoods.com /genealogy/carlos/carlos_macdonald.html   (572 words)

 Press Release - Guardians of the Clan Donald   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Lord Macdonald of Macdonald, premier clan chief of Clan Donald, has appointed Ronald W McDonald to be Sergeant-Major at Arms of the Guardians of Clan Donald: the linear descendant of the chief's bodyguard.
The Guardians of Clan Donald aim to uphold and protect the dignity and honour of the ancient and honourable name of Clan Donald by all legal means.
To this end, the Guardians of Clan Donald have decided to launch a petition calling upon McDonald's Restaurants to drop their action against Mary Blair of McMunchies Sandwich Bar.
www.mcspotlight.org /media/press/clandonald_jan97.html   (525 words)

 Clan MacDonald
Long the mightiest of all the clans, Clan Donald sprang from Donald, grandson of Somerled King of the Isles and Lord of Argyll and Kintyre.
The inheritance he passed to his elder son Ranald, to be held under the suzerainty of his younger son Donald, the son of his second marriage to Margaret, daughter of King Robert II.
Donald he appointed Lord of the Isles and High Chief of Clan Donald.
www.clanshop.co.uk /clanfocus/macdonald.htm   (256 words)

 Clan Donald History & Information
Clan Donald is CELTIC, of the race of the Celts, of those who migrated across Europe, fought Ceasear and the Romans, and eventually settled in Ireland, western Scotland, the Isle of Man, Cornwall, Brittany and Wales.
The history of Clan Donald's stewardship as "Lords of the Isles", its rise to power in the 1200s and the forfeiture of the last remnant of that power in 1495, transcends specific individuals and even specific clans.
Clan Donald traces its origins to Somerled, an Irish/Norse warrior who established a semi-autonomous kingdom in northern Ireland and the western islands and highlands of what is now Scotland.
bcn.net /~macillus/ClanDon/clanhom.html   (2205 words)

 Clan Currie
Donald became the founder and namefather of Clan Donald, and Muiredach of the MacMhuirichs: the contracted Scots Gaelic patronymic Mhuireadhaigh son of Muiredach.
His eldest son and heir was Donald who chose war as his profession, being involved throughout his lifetime in the various attempts to resuscitate the Lordship of the Isles.
Through the folk tales and oral histories of their descendants in South Uist, and the preservation of the clan’s history by respective generations of the Chiefly line of the Currie’s of Balilone and Garrachoran, to the dedicated research of Gaelic scholars and archaeologists, the MacMhuirichs history and contributions continue to be discovered, understood, and appreciated.
www.clancurrie.com /history.html   (1416 words)

 MACDONALD FAMILY GENEALOGY   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Clan Donald is the oldest and most famous of the Scottish clans.
The increasing clan population gave rise to allegiances to strong local leaders of the branches of the clan.
Mac Donalds remained powerful and important in the Highlands, but six major branches of the clan were no longer unified as under the Lord of the Isles.
home.comcast.net /~clandonald1/genealogy1.html   (619 words)

 Clan Donald DNA Project
Clan Donald’s DNA project, now six years old, is currently one of the largest family genetic genealogy projects in the world with more than 400 participants.
Clan Donald has historically associated itself with Clan Colla in Ireland named for the three Colla brothers who allegedly conquered Ulster in 330AD and whose descendants had created a kingdom called Oriel with holdings spread throughout Ulster from Derry through Cavan and Fermanagh in Ireland.
In addition to our discoveries concerning the medieval history of the Clan Donald, the DNA results allow us to make some statements about where our ancestors were living long ago, even during the Ice Ages.
dna-project.clan-donald-usa.org /DNAmain.htm   (0 words)

 Museum of the Isles, Armadale Castle Gardens & Museum of the Isles, Isle of Skye, Scotland
The MacDonalds - or Clan Donald - were the Lords of the Isles, the medieval rulers of this kingdom.
Trace their story, and with it the story of the other Highland clans who were their vassals, from medieval times to the present.
We explore the lives of the clan chiefs, with their portraits and fine silverware, and those of the ordinary clansmen, the crofters eking out a living from stony soil.
www.clandonald.com /index.php/page/museum   (0 words)

 The Barony of MacDonald
The MacDonalds, known also as Clan Donald, have been one of the most powerful and influential families in the Highlands from mediaeval times until now.
Somerled had three sons ~ Dougal (ancestor of the MacDougals), Ranald and Angus ~ and it is from Donald the eldest son of Ranald (the first to be styled Lord of the Isles) that the main family descends.
The clan, divided into a number of distinct branches, (Sleat, Clanranald, Glengarry, Keppoch and Glencoe), held vast territories in the western Highlands and islands of Scotland and also in Ulster.
www.baronage.co.uk /2003a/macdonald.html   (846 words)

 MacQuarrie Clan Affiliations   (Site not responding. Last check: )
As the histories indicate, The MacQuarrie clan was part of the great Lordship of the Isles, and the chief Lords of the Isles were of course the MacDonalds (Clan Donald).
MacGorries not of Clan Donald may be of Clans Lamont or MacQuarrie.
Clan Donald has always considered MacQuarrie as an equal partner in the Lordship along with MacLeod, MacLean, MacNeil, MacFie, MacKinnon, etc, etc, etc. Just because it is small in numbers and acres doesn't mean it can't be independent, and it is. Our Clan Gorrie came from Godfrey, younger brother of Ranald, 1st of Clanranald.
albanach.org /macquarrie/clans.html   (352 words)

 The Rise and Fall of Clan Donald
All of the chiefs of the various branches of Clan Donald received their lands directly from the king, not through a single lord.
Without a single recognized leader Clan Donald fell prey to internal feuds and to the rapacity of the Campbells, who did follow a single leader and, moreover, cultivated Lowland connections.
Clan Donald fought against the Stuarts until the Stuarts were no longer kings, and then supported their pretentions.
mywebpages.comcast.net /hconnors/Beaton/RiseMacDonald.html   (872 words)

 MyClan.com : Clan MacDonald of MacDonald : Clan History   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Clan Donald, often described as the most powerful of the clans, hold as their eponymous ancestor Donald of Islay, who succeeded his father Reginald or Ranald, son of Somerled, Lord of the Isles in 1207.
After his defeat at Harlaw, Donald returned to his island fastness, and it was left to his son, Alexander, to reassert, this time successfully, their right to the earldom.
The third Lord Macdonald sought to split the paramount chiefship with the peerage, from the house an baronetcy of Sleat, and an Act of Parliament was procured in 1847 to effect this.
www.myclan.com /clans/MacDonald_of_MacDonald_72/default.php   (904 words)

 CLAN DONALD U.S.A., Mid-East Region
If the DC area, the Anne Arundel Scottish games are also on October 13 visit the Clan donald Maryland Games calendar for a link and more information.
Remember to visit the Clan Donald - Maryland website for information on additional upcoming Maryland events.
Clan Donald - Maryland (opens new window) - Maryland events and games, Maryland officers, clan information and history, Maryland mechandise, links to Scottish sites, and more....
mid-east.clan-donald-usa.org   (0 words)

 Clan MacDonald
In 1608 after almost a century of feuding, including MacDonald battles with the MacKenzies and the MacLeans in attempts to reclaim lost property of the house of Sleat, all the relevant chiefs were called to meet Lord Ochiltree, the King’s representative, to discuss the royal intentions for the governing of the Isles.
From this period the family was loyal to the crown and nearly all of the clans attached to the Lord of the Isles transferred their affections to the Royal Stuarts.
This is a public information site which is in no way meant to represent any of the views of clan members or their chiefs.
www.clansearch.co.uk /clans/MacDonald.htm   (574 words)

 Clan Donald Midsouth | News
To apply for the new Academic Scholarship approved at the 2001 AGM, an applicant must apply directly to the CDUSA Academic Scholarship Committee detailing their course of study and why they want, need, or would like a scholarship and what they hope to accomplish if given the opportunity to pursue their chosen course of study.
The CDUSA Scholarship is for Clan Donald members only and any field of study that promotes Clan Donald and our knowledge of Gaelic/Celtic culture will be considered.
The Audie Gammon Memorial Scholarship is limited to Piping, Drumming and Fiddle, 18 years old and younger, at an accredited North American school, with preference given to Clan Donald members.
clan-donald-usa.org /mid-south/news.shtml   (0 words)

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