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Topic: Class struggle

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In the News (Sun 21 Oct 18)

  Class struggle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Marx's notion of class has nothing to do with hereditary caste, nor is it exactly social class in the sociological sense of upper, middle and lower classes (which are often defined in terms of quantitative income or wealth).
Not all class struggle is fucking bullshit (as with strikes and lockouts).
Class struggle becomes more important in the historical process as it becomes more general, as industries are organized rather than crafts, as workers' class consciousness rises, and as they are organized as political parties.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Class_struggle   (1623 words)

 Marxism & the Class Struggle
Instead of the dynamic synthesis constituted by Marx's negation of the separated and alienated fields of philosophy, political economy and history (class struggle), we have the static and uncritical synthesis of Comte, to be followed by a century of sterile debate in sociology about 'metaphysics or empiricism', 'generalisation or specialised monographs', 'system or action'.
He explained that not only individual thinkers in the working class or the revolutionary Marxist party were affected by particular aspects of bourgeois ideology, but that the development of capitalism constantly modified the relations between the proletariat and the middle classes, the latter carrying into the former their ideas, the ideas of capitalism.
For Marx, the struggle, the unity and the interpenetration of opposites is the essence of dialectics, and this dialectic is materialist, so that for Marxists the notion of totality must have a meaning different from that presented by Lukacs.
www.marxists.org /reference/subject/philosophy/works/en/slaughte.htm   (3671 words)

Despite the fact that the struggle between classes very often assumed the form of a conflict between cultural-spiritual ideologies, such a struggle is not waged for the possession of intangible assets, but for the control of the material means of production.
Here it appears that he understands a class to be not merely any economic group occupying a special place in the system of production, but such a group as has already achieved a measure of self-consciousness and has appeared on the political arena with clearly expressed interests and demands.
Each class has assumed its social position, and it values a particular aspect of the national wealth — that aspect with which it is most concerned.
www.angelfire.com /il2/borochov/class.html   (4824 words)

 War of the Classes: The Class Struggle
For a class struggle to exist in society there must be, first, a class inequality, a superior class and an inferior class (as measured by power); and, second, the outlets must be closed whereby the strength and ferment of the inferior class have been permitted to escape.
The uncompromising and terrible hatred of the trade-unionist for a scab is the hatred of a class for a traitor to that class,--while the hatred of a trade-unionist for the militia is the hatred of a class for a weapon wielded by the class with which it is fighting.
Patrician struggled with plebeian in early Rome; the king and the burghers, with the nobles in the Middle Ages; later on, the king and the nobles with the bourgeoisie; and today the struggle is on between the triumphant bourgeoisie and the rising proletariat.
london.sonoma.edu /Writings/WarOfTheClasses/struggle.html   (4834 words)

 Glossary of Terms: Cl
The notion of class, as it is used by Marxists, differs radically from the notion of class as used in bourgeois social theory.
According to modern capitalist thinking, class is an abstract universal defined by the common attributes of its members (i.e., all who make less than $20,000 a year constitute a "lower" class); categories and conceptions that have an existence prior to and independent of the people who make up the class.
Class Struggle: Classes emerge only at a certain stage in the development of the productive forces and the social division of labour, when there exists a social surplus of production, which makes it possible for one class to benefit by the expropriation of another.
www.marxists.org /glossary/terms/c/l.htm   (2027 words)

 Class Struggle, Volume 1 Number 1 - May 1931   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
A gigantic struggle is being waged between the U.S. and the British empire for world supremacy (the recent trip of the Prince of Wales to South America and the proposed counter-tour of Lindburgh).
Both are class collaboration agencies, the latter demoralize the workers with pacifist persuasion, or religious non-resistance; the former aid the capitalists with violent attacks in every possible manner.
The great prospects for struggle that are opening up, the potentialities that exist for widespread and sudden radicalization of the workers, have not in the least been taken advantage of by the leadership of the official Communist Party and the Lovestone and Cannon groups.
www.weisbord.org /OneOne.htm   (20915 words)

 ipedia.com: Class struggle Article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
Class struggle is class conflict looked at from a Marxist perspective.
In Marxist theory, "The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggle".
Marx noted that other classes existed, but said that as time (and Capitalism) moved forward, other classes would disappear, and things would become stratified between until only two classes remained, which would become more and more polarized as time went on.
www.ipedia.com /class_struggle.html   (787 words)

 The problems posed by the concrete class struggle and popular organisation - International Anarchist movement - ...
First of all, and there is not much need to argue this in length with class struggle anarchists, the basis of the struggle is the contradiction between two fundamental classes; working class and bourgeoisie.
The class nature of the social actors, in general, gives an important need to a working class tendency expressed as a political force, able to win other segments of society to a revolutionary cause and programme.
This level is the one that reflects clearest the class struggle positions and the different class options assumed by the different political forces.
www.anarkismo.net /newswire.php?story_id=1743   (2416 words)

 The Temperance Movement and Class Struggle in Victorian England
The teetotallers' goal was to create self-respect among the working class and to encourage them to apply the ideas of Victorianism to themselves so that they might establish and strive for goals to improve their position in society and not remain idle.
Again, the working class was furious, because their only places of leisure were the pubs, while the middle and upper classes had private clubs, and the middle class was trying to abolish them.
The Temperance movement, as it encouraged the working class to remain sober, was seen as a way for the working class to establish selfrespectability and strive for their common goals of higher economic and social status.
www.loyno.edu /history/journal/1992-3/smith-r.htm   (4314 words)

 DIALECTICAL MARXISM: The Writings of Bertell Ollman
Classes now throw the numbered dice and move forward as many squares as the number shown.
If a Minor Class (say Farmers), which is already allied to a Major Class (say Capitalists), lands on a square that makes possible an alliance with the Students, the latter automatically becomes an ally of the Capitalists as well.
In this case, the two Minor Classes have made themselves doubly valuable for the first Major Class to enter into an alliance with either of them; for—given the alliance of the two Minor Classes—to ally with either one of them is to ally with both.
www.nyu.edu /projects/ollman/game_rules.php   (1586 words)

 Class struggle in the Arctic - Greenland in turmoil
Class struggle in the Arctic - Greenland in turmoil
We are referring to the class struggle, that is. The unskilled workers were recently on strike, a strike which ended with a victory for the workers.
These developments have revealed the real class nature of the state to a lot of young workers, who must now be thinking about the role of the police.
www.marxist.com /Europe/greenland_strike.html   (1320 words)

 The Class Struggle
The classical interpretation of class struggle today is between the capitalist (or owning) class and the proletariat (or working) class.
The class supremacy is in economic discrimination and not in the color of your skin or your gender.
This is the choice that divides the church in these last days and exposes the image of the beast that perpetuates the struggle.
latter-rain.com /kingdom/class.htm   (496 words)

 Creative-Class Struggle
His foundation thesis -- that the Creative Class is a distinct segment that drives innovation, creates urban success, and is critical to American competitiveness -- isn't just nifty rhetoric.
Currently, Florida is a nervous guy, worried about American competitiveness as we're losing perhaps the most important global struggle of all: the one for the Creative Class.
Between these regions are the valleys of this Spiky World, struggling to keep pace in the global economy.
www.fastcompany.com /articles/2005/11/fastcities_florida.html   (1210 words)

 "Creative Class War" by Richard Florida
The rising living costs and go-go lifestyles engendered by the incoming creative class in turn drove out some of the lesser-educated natives, and even many of these creative migrants eventually had their fill and returned to their hometowns.
Building some of these top-flight universities in struggling red-state regions might give their economies a shot at a better future and help bridge the growing political divide.
The challenge for the GOP, if it wants to avoid running the economy into the ground, is to stop sneering at the elites, the better to win votes in their base, and to start paying attention to economic policies that might lift all boats.
www.washingtonmonthly.com /features/2004/0401.florida.html   (5237 words)

 Identity Politics & Class Struggle
The idea that race, gender, and sexuality are particular whereas class is universal not only presumes that class struggle is some sort of race and gender-neutral terrain but takes for granted that movements focused on race, gender, or sexuality necessarily undermine class unity and, by definition, cannot be emancipatory for the whole.
Those were the days of "real" class struggle, the days of the CIO, the Knights, Labor, the IWW, the Reds, the rugged and manly Republican artisans in the Age of Jackson (Andrew, not Michael), the days before identity politics eroded the class struggle and we knew what the working class looked like.
And it's in struggle, not in the resurrection of ideas that have also provided the intellectual justification for modern racism, imperialism, and the traffic of human beings, that we must begin to develop a new vision.
www.wpunj.edu /~newpol/issue22/kelley22.htm   (5658 words)

 Nationalities and Class Struggle   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
This is essential for the political development of the working class and for our progress as revolutionaries and the success of our struggle for socialist revolution.
This is the foundation of our attitude toward the struggle against racism and all inequality in society, especially in the working class--the oppression of women and of lesbian, gay, bi and trans people.
One can see that as revolutionaries who understand the national question and the relationship between the class struggle and the struggle against national oppression, we have to revive solidarity and unity just as we have to revive the goal of socialism.
www.workersworld.net /wwp/printer_40.shtml   (1312 words)

 Camp Class Struggle
Camp Class Struggle: Camp Class Struggle is an annual late spring/early summer gathering sponsored by Lake Superior Socialist Action and Youth for Socialist Action.
Camp Class Struggle 2005:  The 2005 Camp was held over the weekend of August 27-28 on a beach north of Grand Marais, MN (near the Canadian border) along the beautiful North Shore of Lake Superior.
Camp Class Struggle 2004:  2004 Camp Class Struggle was held on May 22 and 23 at the Mesaba Coop Park.
www.socialistaction.org /camp.htm   (546 words)

 Class Struggle 26
The Ruling class don’t care if she rules by unleashing the SIS, the police and the army.
So while we draw inspiration from the struggles in the past, we have to apply the lessons of revolutionary history also and fight to build a class conscious vanguard to lead the movement.
And revolutionaries have to intervene in that struggle to transform it from a defensive nationalism with the potential for fascism into socialism.
www.geocities.com /communistworker/cs26.html   (12686 words)

 The Class Struggle in Romania
But to centre all attention on this, and to present Cozma's resignation from the PRM as a manoeuvre (without any evidence whatsoever) is merely to play into the hands of the right-wing government in Bucharest which wishes to confuse public opinion and smear the miners by any means possible.
While pretending to be "neutral" in the struggle between the classes, the state power--that is, the army, the police, the judiciary and the bureaucracy--in the last analysis always defend the power and privileges of the ruling class or caste.
The sentence of 18 years imprisonment is of unparalleled savagery, and is clearly motivated by a spirit of revenge and class hatred.
www.marxist.com /Europe/romaniaminers.html   (7511 words)

 Class struggle or Class hatred? by Errico Malatesta
If the proletariat gave and gives so many heroes and martyrs of the cause of human redemption, it also gives off the white guards, the slaughterers, the traitors of their own brothers, without which the bourgeois tyranny could not last a single day.
Let there be as much class struggle as one wishes, if by class struggle one means the struggle of the exploited against the exploiters for the abolition of exploitation.
That struggle is a way of moral and material elevation, and it is the main revolutionary force that can be relied on.
flag.blackened.net /revolt/anarchists/malatesta/class_strugg.html   (774 words)

 Workers World [Sam Marcy]: Where the global class struggle is going (Nov. 25, 1993)
The working class could only rise to the historical occasion by disregarding the form of the state and battling against both blocs, without forgetting, as of course no one in their right mind would, that one was fascist and the other still bourgeois democratic.
The working class is wider than the basic industries, the manufacturing industries, and must include all who are oppressed by big capital.
In times of capitalist recession and/or when the working class is on the move and very militant, it becomes risky for the capitalist class to own private property such as utilities.
www.workers.org /marcy/1993/sm931125.html   (4080 words)

 Struggle - a revolutionary working class literary zine
Struggle is an anti-establishment, revolutionary literary journal oriented to the working-class struggle.
Struggle is open to a variety of artistic and literary forms and anti-establishment political and cultural views.
Struggle is a non-profit magazine, produced and distributed by the voluntary labor of a very few people.
home.flash.net /~comvoice/Struggle.html   (332 words)

 Class Struggle
In justifying Trujillo's 1937 slaughter of Haitians and Dominicans of Haitian ancestry, Balaguer declared: ''The problem of race is, by consequence, the principal problem of the Dominican Republic….
The Stalinist-nationalist shibboleth is all the more criminal in the case of Haiti and the Dominican Republic, where it means confining the struggle to one-third or two-thirds of an impoverished island.
What’s needed is an open fight to forge a class-struggle leadership with a program going beyond economic issues to raise a series of transitional demands serving as a bridge leading from the present struggles of the workers to a revolutionary fight for power.
www.class-struggle.com   (6864 words)

 National Review: Class struggle
Lebedoff believes that our political and cultural struggles are being driven by a conflict between two groups, "The New Elite" and "The Left Behinds." Let's have a look at a couple of representatives of these competing social camps.
It would be just as accurate to say that voters look to a candidate's personal life for clues about his stand on the issues, as the other way around.
Yet affirmative action is a manifest crime against "the testable meritocracy." This is one case where commitment to a substantive issue clearly trumps elite class loyalty.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m1282/is_19_56/ai_n13675428   (1426 words)

 The Class Struggle Web Ring   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
The Class Struggle Web Ring is an attempt to bring together the many and varied websites throughout the world that recognize and/or wage the class struggle in the interests of the working class and exploited peoples worldwide.
Class War, an anarchist group in Auckland, New Zealand.
Class War is an active group, intervening in actions exposing local charlatan politicians who pretend to be "on side", and the site also shows our publications, photos, and some good articles.
t.webring.com /hub?ring=classstruggle   (2161 words)

 Marginal Revolution: Class Struggle – Fun for the Whole Family   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
What Tyler didn’t tell you is that Bertell Ollman is also the author of the board game “Class Struggle: Game of Life in Capitalist America.” And yes, loyal Marginal Revolution readers, I own a copy and I’d like to tell you all about it.
The goal of Class Struggle is to teach people about how capitalism really works, at least according to Marxist theory.
Victory in class struggle comes to people who think about their own class.
www.marginalrevolution.com /marginalrevolution/2005/07/class_struggle_.html   (644 words)

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