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Topic: Classic rock

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In the News (Fri 19 Jul 19)

  Classic rock - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Classic rock is similar to oldies radio in that the format is based upon music of the past, hence the playlist and artists featured are relatively stable in comparison to Top 40 or other contemporary formats which are based primarily on current releases.
The 1970s "arena rock" era is perhaps of the largest subset of the classic rock format, though in most cases artists are represented by only a few of their largest hits (often top 40 "crossover" singles) and a few popular album cuts.
Classic rock radio artists are almost exclusively white (African-American Jimi Hendrix being the primary exception) and predominantly male; little of the diverse funk, disco, soul, blues, or singer-songwriter styles that co-existed with rock music earlier, and that may have been played contemporaneously on AOR predecessors, survives in the classic rock format.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Classic_rock   (1286 words)

 Classic Rock
Classic Rock grew out of a radio format that used to be called AOR -- Album Oriented Rock.
Classic Rock defines entire albums, whereas the Oldies genre encompasses selected singles that were commercially successful.
Despite their astral image, the group were brought down to earth in the 1980s by decidedly mundane power struggles over leadership and, ultimately, ownership of the band's very name.
www.wjad.com   (461 words)

 Classic Rock
Ze (for it is he, not to mention Ze) used to be the drummer with The UK Subs, but he has now decided to try to forge a career as a shock rock frontman.
Classic Rock cartoonist BP Perry has been working on an illustration for a forthcoming ELO feature.
Scott Rowley and Geoff Barton spent much of yesterday locked in Classic Rock's secret underground bunker holding high-powered discussions with the producers of a new Channel 4 TV series.
www.classicrockmagazine.com   (747 words)

 Voices of Classic Rock & Rockforever.com
We have combed the Rockforever.com photo archives for the best "LIVE" shots of the Voices of Classic Rock performing "solo" and "in concert" with their cohorts.
Also featured are short samples of their respective hits as recorded LIVE, In Concert with the Voices of Classic Rock.
The Voices of Classic Rock and Rockforever.com have lost a very special member of our family...
www.rockforever.com   (126 words)

 Classic Rock, Psychedelic and Progressive Rock Music   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Classicrockpage.com is an entertaining and informative classic rock, psychedelic, blues, folk and progressive rock music site.
Inside you will find music interviews and reviews, rock artist biographies, ever heard of profiles, trivia for prizes, monthly almanacs and for your listening pleasure, a great Internet music station.
Rock history is explored and the best music is played on our Internet broadcasting radio station.
www.classicrockpage.com   (80 words)

 Amazon.com: Classic Rock: Magazines   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Classic Rock focuses on the biggest names in rock music--past, present and future--with in-depth features, exclusive interviews, a substantial reviews section, and music news.
But, what makes Classic Rock magazine so unique is that it covers many (of my favorite) bands that you do not see on the covers of 20 other magazines sitting nexxt to it on the shelf.
Classic Rock has a great way of providing unique coverage (rare photos & excellent interviews) and have a great way of mixing the old with the new.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B0009GIT0S?v=glance   (1235 words)

 Classic Rock 96.9 FM WWUZ - Bowling Green, Richmond and Fredericksburg
One of rock's greatest voices and showmen, Mercury died of complications from AIDS on November 24th, 1991.
Listen to Classic Rock 96.9 for your chance to call in.
Qualifiers win a limited edition Classic Rock 96.9 T-shirt, and get a special invite to the Giveaway Party at Powell's Furniture on Saturday, 9/16.
www.classicrock969.com   (768 words)

 Classic Rock Quizzes and Trivia -- FunTrivia
This is a general quiz on classic rock.
As the title suggests, this is a hodgepodge of trivia from the classic rock era.
More oddball hard rock bands from the 60s and 70s that either molded the popular bands of that time or rose from the ashes of them.
www.funtrivia.com /quizzes/music/music_mixture/classic_rock.html   (845 words)

 Classic Rock Music - AOL Music
Give Props: The band has triumphed over a string of tragedies, beginning when their chartered plane crashed in 1977, taking the lives of founding member Ronnie Van Zant and guitarist Steve Gaines.
Luck of the Draw: Bonnie was delighted to have music great Stevie Wonder and long-time friend Jackson Browne sit in on her Sessions set.
Each performed one of their classics with the ginger-haired rocker.
music.aol.com /musicstyles/classicrock.adp   (217 words)

 novaclassicrock.nl | your home for R E A L classic rock | HOME
Nova Classic Rock is dedicated to bringing you the best -JOCK FREE- Classic Rock Songs from the 60's, 70's, 80's and some 90s.
Nova Classic Rock is privately owned and 100% listeners supported by members & donations.
Nova Classic Rock broadcasting 24 hours a day with no annoying jocks interuptions.
www.novaclassicrock.nl   (561 words)

 The Classic Rock Connection - Home Page
Welcome to The Classic Rock Connection, where you can explore information about the makeup of rock groups from the era of classic rock music (i.e., the '60's and '70's, mostly).
I hope to expand this information ultimately to cover all of the important bands of classic rock, and maybe even some you've forgotten about over the years.
Since the boundaries of "classic rock" get rather fuzzy at times (especially with some of the country rock bands like Poco, The Flying Burrito Brothers, Old and In the Way, Sea Train, etc.), some bluegrass will also creep in here...I can't help it, and would probably let it happen even if I could help it.
www.classicwebs.com   (715 words)

 Music Choice
The album was released in 5.1 surround sound Super Audio format March 25, 2003 to commemorate the 30th anniversary of its release.
Witness a tribute to the original architects of rock and the classic hits that defined the foundation of rock 'n' roll.
Classic Rock features such artists as The Rolling Stones, The Who, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, and The Doors.
www.musicchoice.com /channels/classicrock.asp   (268 words)

 Classic Rock Concert Photos
When sitting in the first ten rows, I am constantly approached by disappointed fans wishing they too had brought their camera with them.
Neil Young sings "This Note's For You." Well, these rock concert photos and memories are for you.
www.classicrockconcertphotos.net   (172 words)

 The Classic Rock Music Forum!
CRF2 is the internet's premier, original classic rock forum, offering a friendly, knowledgeable, well moderated community discussing all genres of rock music.
Discuss your favorite classic rock and pop from the 60's.
Discuss all your favorite classic rock and pop from the 70's.
www.crf2.com   (243 words)

 Music, Genres, Rock and Pop, Classic Rock,   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
A community for Classic Rock affectionados who seek information, hard-to-find recordings, videos, memoribilia and resources that can't be found in the main stream.
Rock 'n Roll is for sites whose content covers early rock 'n roll.
This Webring is for the Good ol' Southern Rock bands we have known and enjoyed, and also for the new and upcoming bands on the horizon!
dir.webring.com /rw?d=Music/Genres/Rock_and_Pop/Classic_Rock   (706 words)

 Classic Rock Festival 2002
This is your opportunity to be part of the most exciting rock event of the year..
This is the ideal opportunity to join Uriah Heep and friends and experience some of the greatest names in the history of British Rock live in concert over three amazing nights of great music.
Over the four days of Classic Rock mania these are the bands you can experience live...
www.classicrockfestival.com /london.html   (294 words)

 ClassicRockForums - powered by vBulletin
Discuss your favorite classic rock from the 60's.
Discuss your favorite classic rock from the 70's.
From vintage 50's rock, to country, folk, gospel, jazz and anything else.
www.classicrockforums.com   (346 words)

 RockSpot - Classic Rock Information & Commentary
Use it as a tool to help you search for rock tours and new releases and basic info.
Edited by a member of this generation, a former WMMR-Philadelphia DJ, the personality of this magazine will have a mature perspective and a slight attitude.
RockSpot is intended to be a one-stop to gather information quickly about classic and selected modern artists without having to wade through countless names you couldn't care less about.
www.rockspot.com   (704 words)

 Listen to Free Online Classic Rock Radio Stations - Live365 Internet Radio
Part Jazz, part Classical plus tribal beats and new harmonies; something different and a bit defiant, loud and impossible to ignore.
CLASSIC ROCK...60s&70s...All the treasures that defined an era including, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Doors, The Moody Blues, CSNY, and other architects of the 60s and 70s consciousness.....
Album rock radio the way it used to be...
www.live365.com /cgi-bin/directory.cgi?genre=classic+rock   (437 words)

 9412 - The Rock Station :: Classic Rock That Matters - Internet Radio
Everyone does their shifts voluntarily so that we can all bring you great Classic Rock That Matters.
Sam's been kicked to the curb, because Randy Fender and KeysDan are on 9412 - The Rock Station weekdays.
This method of tuning into 9412 - The Rock Station is a new one and we are trying to determine if it is the best method or not.
www.9412.com   (835 words)

 Q107 - CILQFM - 2
The latest of what's happening Classic Rock Q107 (www.q107.com).
Thanks to all the Club Q Members who voted for the Top 107 Classic Rock Songs of all time!
Keep yourself in the know on all the happenings in the world of Classic Rock!
www.q107.com   (122 words)

 BBC - Music - Classic Rock/Pop
Sign up for Classic Rock/Pop news by email
Motley Crue have jumped aboard the 'Route of all Evil Tour' with Aerosmith in the US - a dream come true according to bassist Nikki Sixx - and a biopic of the Crue's amazing career is due next year.
Radio 2 celebrate the man who's brilliant but brief career changed rock 'n' roll for ever.
www.bbc.co.uk /music/classicpop   (356 words)

 Virgin Radio Classic Rock - the rock authority, rocking the planet
Virgin Radio Classic Rock - the rock authority, rocking the planet
Get in touch with Russ or Leona to have your ultimate rock requests played live and loud on the air...
Request a song on Virgin Radio Classic Rock.
www.virginradioclassicrock.co.uk   (109 words)

 WCSX - Detroit - The Classic Rock Radio Station
As Michigan outdoorsman prepare for Fall Hunting Season, 94.7 WCSX is excited to announce our first ever Sporting Clays Tournament.
94.7 WCSX Presents: Classic Albums Live Series @ The Capitol Theatre and Arts Centre in Windsor.
Classic Albums Live takes the world's greatest albums and recreates them note for note, cut for cut.
www.wcsx.com   (161 words)

 Online Classic Rock Radio Station - Live365 Internet Radio - Classic Rock Rocks!
Online Classic Rock Radio Station - Live365 Internet Radio - Classic Rock Rocks!
newsletter to be notified when I add or remove artists and songs to or from the station, as well as some Classic Rock history.
Boston - Rock & Roll Band - Boston
www.live365.com /stations/classicrockrocks   (208 words)

 Classic Rock 101 - CFMI FM
Classic Rock 101 - CFMI FM Top Banner
On Rock101, The Electric Lunch, Dean and Hatch, and the Rock101 Listener Club.
Who comes to mind when you hear the term "British Invasion"?
www.rock101.com   (51 words)

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