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Topic: Classical ballet

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In the News (Thu 23 May 19)

  Ballet - a free clip art come alive   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
This classical motif has remained unchanged; the Petipa-Ivanov symphony of fl and white' opposites relegated equal importance to the outside world and to the internal world of man. Because of this, the date of Swan lake's St. Petersburg premiere is immortalized in history.
Although the techniques of classical ballet were invented by French and Italian masters two hundred years ago, the Russian Ballet refined these techiques, thus enhancing its already superb performances.
David Howard's Ballet Class for Beginners is an excellent learning and teaching tool especially designed by America's foremost ballet master to introduce the beginning dance student to the technique and vocabulary of classical ballet with the emphasis on posture, placement, and movement potential.
opera.prohosting.com /sarir/ballet.html   (1423 words)

 Encyclopedia: Classical ballet   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
TheFreeDictionary.com defines classical ballet as "a style of ballet based on precise conventional steps performed with graceful and flowing movements."
Classical ballet is based on the steps, positions and body carriage that originated before the 20th century.
Classical ballets are dance performances that were choreographed before the 20th century
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Classical-ballet   (279 words)

 The History of Ballet
Ballet in Russia is often forceful and showy, and French ballet is generally pretty and decorative.
Classical ballet technique is based on a position of the legs called the turnout.
Ballet historians consider one of Beaujoyeulx's entertainments, the Ballet Comique de la Reine, to be the first ballet.
www.dance4it.com /ballethistory.htm   (6384 words)

 Ballet Dictionary DVD, VHS. Free, online printable dictionary of classical ballet terms, definitions. Video Dictionary ...
Ballet 201 is an easy-to-follow, hands-on tape that is based upon the syllabus of a major University of California program and is endorsed by private instructors.
She danced professionally with Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre and Houston Ballet as a soloist, and with Pacific Northwest Ballet as a principal dancer.
She is current a professor of ballet and director of early movement education at the U of A. 45 mins.
www.balletdictionary.com   (4284 words)

 History Of Classical Ballet   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
History of Ballet The earliest precursors to ballets were lavish entertainments given in the courts of Renaissance Italy.
Pennsylvania Ballet is a diverse classical repertoire with a Balanchine backbone performed by versatile dancers whose energy and exuberance are the Company&...
Classical ballet instruction for all ages, beginner through pre-professional, with additional classes in jazz, Pilates, stretch and conditioning.
www.backtolifeband.com /historyofclassicalballet.html   (245 words)

 Russian Classical ballet and Modern Dance
The dissemination of ballet in Russia and its deep rooted appeal to all Russians can be traced back to those nobles who, often living so far away from the capital, commanded their own entertainment, setting up ballet troupes often composed of serfs who had been trained at the Imperial School.
But by the late 19th century ballet in Russia was a stagnant form where the virtuoso demonstration of classical technique had become an end in itself while the narrative was enlivened only by character dances.
By the time the Kirov Ballet began to tour the west, Vaganova had died, however, we know her methods through her book, Fundementals of the Classic Dance, and once it was translated into English it became a "bible" of dance.
slis.cua.edu /ihy/sppj/cl_hist.htm   (2718 words)

 Vladimir Issaev's School of Classical Ballet
Luba Fominich is a former Principal Dancer of the Perm Opera House, the Kirov Ballet, the Odessa Opera House and Prima Ballerina of the Sofia Opera House in Bulgaria.
As an Honored Artist of Russia, she is one of the most prominent representatives of the world-famous classical ballet school of Perm.
Began dancing at the age of seven and formally trained in classical ballet at the Pacific Northwest Ballet in Seattle and the Tokyo Ballet, eventually becoming an apprentice at the Tokyo Ballet.
www.classicalballetschool.com /facultyandstaff.htm   (1068 words)

 South County Classical Ballet
The school is based on classical ballet technique which is the foundation of all dance.
The staff of South County Classical Ballet are all devoted and dedicated qualified professional teachers.
South County Classical Ballet is here to present dance with its artistic heritage to all students and to increase their knowledge, artistic experssion and appreciation for the art of dance and theater arts.
www.southcountyclassicalballet.com   (191 words)

 Ballet: The Classical Method Instructional Video
"Ballet the Classical Method, Level One" was designed in collaboration between Lucy Ennis and Helen Evans, both highly experienced dancers and teachers of Ballet.
The dancer demonstrating the class is Diane Zurowski, formally of the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, and currently principal dancer of the Anna Wyman Dance Theatre.
"Ballet the Classical Method, Level One" is an innovative workout for both the body and the mind.
www.amproductions.com /ballet.html   (449 words)

 Classical Articles   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
He was ballet master to the Imperial Theatre (Kirov Ballet) for 15 years and later taught in St. Petersburg.
What led him to apply his knowledge of physics to ballet was instructions from teachers who did not understand the laws of nature as applied to dance.
Their influence on the quality of ballet in England was so great that in the last Privy Council Meeting of King George V in 1936, they were granted a Royal Charter and became the Royal Academy of Dancing.
www.vashti.com /esb/classical/clasart.htm   (2971 words)

 Ballet: The Classical Method
But with Ballet you are mentally in control; it gives you a sense of power to command your body to move in a certain way.
Ballet requires you to move and to stand in a particular and balanced way.
The Ballet student will understand the mental, emotional and physical benefits to be gained from practicing the discipline of ballet.
www.amproductions.com /ballet2.html   (2598 words)

 Classical Ballet   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Learn the exercises of ballet that will tone your body and improve your posture with this professionally produced video with classical music score.
The ultimate focus at the Classical Ballet School is safe and correct training, with close attention to technique and...
The Burlington School of Classical Ballet is a Ballet school located in Burlington, Ontario, Canada.
litair.com /LIT/classical+ballet.html   (345 words)

 Amazon.com: Classical Ballet Technique: Books: Gretchen Ward Warren   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Warren, soloist with the Pennsylvania Ballet for 11 years and now associate professor of dance at the University of South Florida, explains the correct execution of every step in the ballet vocabulary.
Dancers from the American Ballet Theatre and the Joffrey Ballet appear in over 2600 photographs and illustrate the movement.
She has a thorough introductory chapter that goes over all the basics of ballet, a wonderful reminder, always useful, I never fail to discover something else I forgot to do during class that day.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0813009456?v=glance   (1381 words)

 ARTSEDGE: Ballet and Classical Music
To create an environment and mood for learning about ballet, have a small portable ballet barre in the center of the room with a pair of pointe shoes tied together, draping on either side of the barre.
A ballet tutu and tiara should be hanging from the barre as well.
Have some classical music playing at a low volume in the background, and tape pictures of famous ballet dancers on the flboard.
artsedge.kennedy-center.org /content/2234   (1029 words)

 Classical Ballet Lesson DVDs, Videos and CDs
This extraordinary taped video series is demonstrated by Prima Ballerina, Galina Mezentseva, a 20 year veteran of the Kirov Ballet, and written and narrated by Peggy Willis-Aarnio, Professor of Classical Ballet at TX Tech Univ., called a "walking ballet encyclopedia".
For use by professional teachers of classical ballet, these CDs make a valuable addition to the music libraries of professional ballet schools, companies and universities.
These CDs can be utilized on their own for ballet music with or without their accompanying videos.
www.dancevideoshop.com /ballet_002.htm   (757 words)

 The Austin School of Classical Ballet - About the School
The Austin School of Classical Ballet is committed to providing the finest training available to students interested in the art of ballet.
From Balanchine to Baryshnikov, many of ballet's greatest stars have been trained in the classical Russian ballet technique, also known as the Vaganova technique.
The Austin School of Classical Ballet carefully trains each student using the Russian method as a guide, ensuring superior technical skill and beautifully expressive dancing.
www.austinclassicalballet.com   (189 words)

 Classical Ballet Teacher/Coach/Choreographer
Catherine Kingsley was born in England where she received her ballet training at the Royal Ballet School and the Royal Academy of Dance of which she is recipient of the Solo Seal Award and a lifetime member.
That year she established the Anglo-American Ballet Foundation, a nonprofit equal opportunity corporation in Los Angeles- California, a training facility in classical ballet for students aged 5 to 18 years.
Catherine specializes in coaching dancers for classical roles and ballet technique based on the methodology from the Royal Academy of Dance and Vaganova training of which she has studied as a teacher in England and in Russia.
www.catherinekingsley.com   (303 words)

 Classical Ballet Beginning to Advanced - Ebook by Susan Kramer
Classical ballet in beginning, intermediate and advanced levels with hundreds of combinations in 82 pages, including a separate section of pointe work.
This is the second edition of Classical Ballet Beginning to Advanced - now with more introductory commentary to each level and a separate section of pointe work for intermediate and advanced students.
Hundreds of classical ballet combinations are included, compiled from my training, performing and teaching experience as a 2nd generation Cecchetti (1850-1928) disciple.
www.bellaonline.com /ebooks/ebook7   (222 words)

 Classical Ballet Centre - Classes
Kinderdance includes ballet floor stretches, rhythmic exercises, exercises to help enhance coordination and techniques which foster creative ideas and movement.
There is plenty of time for "serious ballet" when the children are a bit older.
The class introduces elements of level one technique to include the positions of the feet and arms, demi plie, battement tendu, retire passe, rond de jambe, echappe releve and grand battement.
www.classicalballetcentre.com /classes.html   (546 words)

 Vladimir Issaev's School of Classical Ballet
Our aim is to enhance the lives of all who learn with us and while we shall demand from each student, whether or not a dance career is planned, the best effort of which he or she is capable, we shall give in return the care and attention that each student deserves.
The discipline of ballet challenges the student physically and mentally.
With the development of our Ballet Company, Arts Ballet Theatre of Florida, this will give students a "goal" to work for by keeping them focused in their training.
www.classicalballetschool.com   (267 words)

 Ballet Academy of Warrenton, Virginia 540-347-4011 A Classical Virginia Ballet School
We at the Ballet Academy are celebrating our fifth anniversary with the founding of Warrenton Ballet, a pre-professional, non-profit company that will provide young dancers, in our area, performance opportunities in classical and contemporary ballet and modern dance.
Our Virginia Ballet school combines the skills of Linda Voelpel and a highly trained staff with guest jazz, tap, modern and ballet dance teachers.
We are members of The Classical Dance Alliance, International Association of Dance Schools (IADSO) and the Fauquier County Chamber of Commerce.
www.ballet-academy.com   (570 words)

 Classical Ballet Lesson Video and DVD Series
One of the most significant educational ballet videos of our time.
More Ballet Videos on page 1, page 2, and page 3.
Together, Prima Ballerina, Galina Mezentseva, a 20 year veteran of the Kirov Ballet and Professor of Classical Ballet, Peggy Willis-Aarnio, TX Tech Univ (called a "walking ballet encyclopedia"), bring you this extraordinary taped video series.
www.iefit.com /dance/ballet-4.htm   (893 words)

 ballet class music - behind barres classical ballet class music on cd and video
The passionate classical music selections in the Behind Barres series of ballet class music CDs inspire ballet students and instructors alike with the movement of dance.
Behind Barres Classical Music For Ballet Class is a unique series of CD recordings of ballet music for studio teachers and students created by Judy Rice from the Joffrey Ballet School and professional piano accompanist Paul Lewis.
Judy Rice is a graduate of The National Ballet School of Canada and has performed extensively across the U.S. (including The Joffrey Ballet).
www.behindbarres.com   (416 words)

 Ballet Book Reviews; over 150 New, Used, and Older Ballet Books, purchase Ballet Books online!
Find ballet books that have photographs of any of over 1000 ballet dancers and any of over 1000 ballets cross indexed to them.
To provide the ultimate resource for those interested in ballet books, all book information and searches are now available without having to 'log in'.
These changes will benefit everyone looking for informed classical ballet dance book reviews or to aid in researching ballet information from your computer desktop.
www.balletbooks.com   (1035 words)

 Classical Ballet Teachers
The program is ready to be initiated in every ballet school since it is dependant neither on style nor on methods.
She has served as a senior lecturer for ballet and director of the Teacher Training Program in the University of Cape Town.
Brian is a co-director in the New York American Academy of Ballet Summer School and is a routine guest teacher in England, France and Japan.
www.dancelibrary.org.il /english/mignon_teachers.htm   (557 words)

 Best dance and ballet school in Singapore - Forms Ballet
Classical Ballet can in someway help the child to relax and de-stress from hectic schedules.
Your Child at FORMS is assured of a safe and correct way of training in RAD Classical Ballet.
Student taking the Ballet Exam is compulsory to attend classes twice a week from October till the eve of exam in March or April.
www.formsballet.com   (391 words)

 Classical Ballet Theatre   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Classical Ballet Theatre (CBT) is a non-profit ballet company affiliated with Classical Ballet Academy of Northern Virginia.
Classical Ballet Theatre presents at least one full-length ballet each year, such as Cinderella and The Nutcracker, in addition to Summer Festival, a mixed-piece performance produced each spring.
Along with the performance spotlight, CBT dancers may have the opportunity to attend master classes throughout the year, and typically audition for -- and are accepted into -- summer intensive programs at some of the more
www.cbanva.com /AboutCbt.asp   (221 words)

 Amazon.co.uk: Classical Ballet Technique: Books   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
In more than 2600 photographs, professional dancers (from such companies as the American Ballet Theatre and the Jaffrey Ballet) demonstrate in sequence every movement in the classical repertoire, from the most basic to the most advanced.
This is the most comprehensive work covering the technical aspects of the art of ballet.
My ballet teacher says this is one of the best ballet books around.
www.amazon.co.uk /exec/obidos/ASIN/0813009456   (675 words)

 Royal Academy of Dance NZ: Student Dance
Classical ballet training with the Royal Academy of Dance opens a whole host of doors and opportunities for students.
Whether you just want a fun form of exercise, or are intent on pursuing a career in dance, ballet classes with Academy Registered teachers will enable you to achieve your personal goals.
Such bonuses equip young people not only in terms of classical ballet but also in terms of life skills and appetites.
www.rad.org.nz /student.html   (316 words)

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