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Topic: Classics

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  Harvard University: Department of the Classics
The Department has long been at the forefront of graduate and undergraduate education in Classics, offering both general instruction and specialized training in Greek and Latin language, literature and culture, Medieval Latin, and Byzantine and Modern Greek.
The Smyth Classical Library also has a separate collection of some 9000 volumes, and the Sackler Museum contains an excellent collection of antiquities.
The Department is truly international in profile, with current and recent graduate students from many countries in eastern and western Europe, and from New Zealand and South Africa, as well as the US and Canada.
www.fas.harvard.edu /~classics   (164 words)

  Liberty Library of Constitutional Classics
Scott (1932) — Includes the classics of ancient Roman law: the Law of the Twelve Tables (450 BCE), the Institutes of Gaius (180), the Rules of Ulpian (222), the Opinions of Paulus (224), the Corpus Juris Civilis of Justinian (533), which codified Roman Law, and the Constitutions of Leo.
U.S. Declaration of Independence (July 4, 1776) — Classic statement of what constitutes legitimate government and under what conditions men were justified in resorting to armed revolution to change it.
The Law, Frederick Bastiat (1850) — Classic treatment of one of the main challenges to the survival of democratic government.
www.constitution.org /liberlib.htm   (3707 words)

  Classics Home Page
Classics is the study of the ancient civilization of Greece and Rome.
Classics is the study of a sophisticated and highly influential civilization, viewed in its entirety.
A general introduction to the whole field of Classical Civilization is provided by a pair of half-credit courses, CLCV 1002 Aspects of Greek Civilization and CLVC 1003 Aspects of Roman Civilization.
www.carleton.ca /classics   (273 words)

  Classics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Classics, particularly within the Western university tradition, when used as a singular noun, means the study of the language, literature, history, art, and other aspects of Greek and Roman culture during the time frame known as classical antiquity.
Classical education was considered the best training for implanting the life of moral excellence arete, hence a good citizen.
At Oxford University Classics is known as Literae Humaniores, comprising the study of Ancient Greek and Latin language and literature, Greek and Roman art and archaeology, history and philosophy.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Classics   (855 words)

 Kenyon College - Department of Classics
The study of the classics concerns the one fixed point of reference in the liberal arts: the origins.
Courses in the classics acquaint students with the languages, literatures, and civilizations of Greece and Rome.
Embracing all aspects of antiquity, classics is an interdisciplinary field at whose core lies the study of Latin and Greek.
www.kenyon.edu /x2079.xml   (247 words)

 College of the Holy Cross | Classics Department
By the way, the important difference for students between a liberal arts college and a university is that, in a true liberal arts college, there are no graduate students, only undergraduates, and all the teaching of undergraduates is done by the faculty, not by graduate students.
All Classics majors are required to study both Latin and Greek; we do not offer a classical civilization major (i.e., a major without study of the ancient languages).
Classics majors in their junior year—and only Classics majors—are eligible to study abroad in programs devoted to Classics and archaeology in Rome and/or Athens.
www.holycross.edu /departments/classics/website   (757 words)

 Santa Clara University - College of Arts and Sciences - Classics -Classics
Classics in the broad sense is the study of all aspects of the life and culture of ancient Greece and Rome.
The Classics Department offers courses that explore the most important areas of these ancient civilizations and their Mediterranean context: language (ancient Greek and Latin), literature, history, philosophy, mythology, religion, and art.
Because of the multidisciplinary nature of the field, classics provides an ideal liberal arts curriculum that is an excellent background for careers in many areas.
www.scu.edu /classics   (142 words)

 Center for Hellenic Studies - Classics@   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Classics@, edited by a team working for the Center for Hellenic Studies and headed by Gregory Nagy and James O'Donnell, is designed to bring contemporary classical scholarship to a wide audience on the World Wide Web.
We hope that they find that classical scholarship engages issues of great significance to a wide range of cultural and scholarly concerns and does so in a rigorous and challenging way.
The second issue of Classics@ is the first edition of an ongoing project of publication aimed at documenting this emerging sub-discipline of our field, the scholarship of creating, analyzing, and disseminating humanist learning electronically.
www.chs.harvard.edu /publications.sec/classics.ssp   (519 words)

 Amazon.com: Classics: Music: Ratatat   (Site not responding. Last check: )
"Classics" remains resolutely instrumental, but the band has introduced a wealth of new sounds, from acoustic and slide guitar to sleigh bells and cello.
Needless to say I was a convert by the time they had finished their set, and I was eagerly anticipating the next studio release.
So when it came that CLASSICS was released, I was moderately pleased, but not quite blown away by the listening experience as I hoped I would be.
www.amazon.com /Classics-Ratatat/dp/B000GH3COS   (1425 words)

 Welcome to the Department of Classics at Tufts University   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Classics is more than the study of the Greek and Latin languages; it can liberate the student from the parochialisms of both time and place.
Classics constitutes an interdisciplinary study of the cultures of the ancient Mediterranean, Near East, and Europe.
Despite the period of antiquity in which it concentrates, the field of classics is constantly changing in light of new discoveries, new methodologies, new interpretations, and new relationships with other areas of study.
www.perseus.tufts.edu /classicsDept   (405 words)

 Course Descriptions for Classics: Fall 2006
Classics 801: Slavery and Freedmen in Cena Trimalchionis
The Ancient Historian Moses Finley identified five societies in world history where slavery occupied such an entrenched position in thinking, economics and social relationships that one might justifiably call these true slave societies: Athens and Rome in the old world, and Brazil, the Caribbean and the southern states of the US in the modern world.
This course is an introduction to Latin of the Classical period (100 BC — AD 100).
classics.lss.wisc.edu /courses.html   (1064 words)

 Classics Restaurant at Intercontinental Hotel Cleveland
Classics restuarant has the honor of being awarded the prestigious AAA Five Diamond Award for 2005.
In addition to Classics' main dining area, the restaurant features a cozy bar with comfortable seating, a fireplace, and a wine room for special parties.
Classics' sommelier is on hand to help diners select the perfect wines to complement their meals.
cleveland-conferencecenter.intercontinental.com /cleha/dining_01.html   (233 words)

 Department of Classics : University of Vermont
The Department of Classics provides access to a cultural continuum spanning over three millennia.
The Association of American Medical Colleges says that Classics majors fare better in applications to medical school than biology, microbiology, and other science majors.
Classics majors are successful because they master grammar, expand their vocabulary, and learn intellectual rigor, communications skills, analytical skills, the ability to handle complex information, and, above all, a breadth of view which few other disciplines can provide.
www.uvm.edu /~classics   (175 words)

 Classics Courses
This page describes the various courses related to classical antiquity offered in the fall semester and the two summer sessions of 2006, as well as in the winter term of 2007, by each of these departments.
Classics 170 explores the many roles of myth in Classical culture and the perennial fascination that these stories have held ever since.
This one-week tour of "classical Paris" (taught on location after two days of background lectures in Maryland) will focus on the Roman past of the city, the rich collections of Greek and Roman art in the Louvre, and the influence of classical styles on the art and architecture of France.
www.classics.umd.edu /Courses   (2503 words)

 Classics in TutorGig Encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Weekend Classics is a music program hosted by various WCPE announcers on their schedule, and in addition to WC is the Metropolitan Opera broadcasts on Saturday afternoons from December until May...
The Delphin Classics was a large edition of the Latin classics, originally created in the 17th century...
Classics IV image ClassicsIV.jpg thumb Traces Classics IV 1969 Classics IV was a pop rock band formed in Jacksonville...
www.tutorgig.com /es/Classics   (813 words)

 Reel Classics: Elizabeth's Classic Movie Homepage
Individual pages on a number of classic Movies and Musicals as well as some favorite film Series.
Lots of classic movie-related articles, both new and vintage, covering subjects ranging from specific films to the classic Hollywood era.
A little background on Elizabeth, the author of Reel Classics, including where she came from and how she got involved in all this.
www.reelclassics.com   (397 words)

 Colgate: The Classics
Students have a discussion during a classics course in Lawrence Hall.
Perhaps more than most subjects in the curriculum, the study of the classics is truly interdisciplinary, combining the study of language and literature with history, art, archaeology, religion, politics, philosophy, and new disciplines such as anthropology.
Recent graduates from the department are pursuing careers in law, medicine, advertising, computer science, and education.
www.colgate.edu /DesktopDefault1.aspx?tabid=1667&pgID=3255   (108 words)

 Department of Classics at University of Toronto   (Site not responding. Last check: )
THE FIELD OF Classics is Ancient Greek and Roman Civilization as a whole.
At the University of Toronto, a wide variety of approaches are taken towards the study of Classical Antiquity, including its literature, history, science, philosophy, art, archaeology, and religion.
If you have a question, suggestion, or wish to report a problem concerning the Classics Website please contact the Webmaster.
www.chass.utoronto.ca /classics   (81 words)

 Classical Studies: Careers for Classics Majors   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Address by Lynn Sherr of ABC News to the Classical Association of the Atlantic States, on where studying Ancient Greek has gotten her in the world.
American Classical League: professional and non-professional association of persons committed to preserving and advancing awareness of the classical tradition of Greece and Rome.
Classical Association of the Middle West and South: an organization of university, college, secondary and elementary teachers of Latin, Greek and all other studies which focus on the world of classical antiquity.
www.luc.edu /depts/classics/careers.html   (556 words)

 UCLA Department of Classics
The UCLA Department of Classics is one of three Humanities departments at UCLA ranked in the top ten nationally in the last National Research Council report.
We have a dedicated and diverse faculty of scholars and teachers, many at mid-career, whose areas of expertise represent a variety of disciplines at the heart of classical antiquity.
Classics faculty have been awarded the national teaching award by the American Philological Association (APA) three times, and they have received the UCLA Distinguished Teaching Award four times.
www.humnet.ucla.edu /humnet/classics/home.html   (314 words)

 Classics - Internet-Encyclopedia.com   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The word is derived from the Latin classicus which literally means "belonging to the highest class of citizens".
Classical studies formed the basis for a liberal arts education and were considered necessary for the advancement and preservation of a country's liberty and Western culture.
Since the l960's, due to modern cultural attacks and lack of interest, classical departments have been closing.
www.internet-encyclopedia.com /ie/c/cl/classics.html   (827 words)

 Amazon.com: Classics: Music: Sarah Brightman,Tomaso Giovanni Albinoni,Francisco Tarrega,George Frideric Handel,Fryderyk ...   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Songs personally selected by the diva as her favorite classical interpretations are culled from her previous blockbusters: Time To Say Goodbye, Eden, and La Luna.
And whether you're a fan already in the fold or one in the making, the new material here shows the diva at the top of her form, in new renderings of "O Mio Babbino Caro" and "Nessun Dorma" (accompanied by the Royal Philharmonic)--fascinating displays of the operatic confidence she's developed over her career.
CLASSICS is one to listen to in tranquil or relaxing moments.
www.amazon.com /Classics-Sarah-Brightman/dp/B00005RD78   (1556 words)

While many classes are surveys that assume no previous exposure to the classics, they form a context for more specialized courses in the program.
The major in Greek and Roman culture requires a total of 11 courses—three advanced language courses in either Latin or Greek, the three course classics sequence, two electives within the department, the introductory art history course, one approved course in methodology or theory, and senior seminar.
Classics Department resources include the Perseus database of Greek texts and visual images; machine-readable databases of the complete Greek (TLG) and Latin (PHI) texts of the ancient authors; and L’Annee Philologique, the standard bibliographic index of publications in classics.
www.knox.edu /classics.xml   (440 words)

 CLASSICS SUBJECT GUIDE   (Site not responding. Last check: )
There are also bibliographies for novice and knowledgable students of the classics, glossaries and compendia of mythological characters.
The object of SEC is to encourage communication among European students of Classics.
The Classics Alcove at the University of Florida Library.
www.ualberta.ca /~slis/guides/classics/home.htm   (1887 words)

 The Internet Classics Archive: 441 searchable works of classical literature
Bringing the wisdom of the classics to the Internet since 1994.
Select from a list of 441 works of classical literature by 59 different authors, including user-driven commentary and "reader's choice" Web sites.
Consult a list of other classical and electronic text resources, including several Web rings.
classics.mit.edu   (398 words)

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