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Topic: Clause IV

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In the News (Thu 23 May 19)

  Southern Oregon University : ASSOU : Constitution
Clause I. The ASSOU President and ASSOU Vice President shall be elected during spring term and sworn in by the ASSOU Student Advocate by the sixth week of the term, or by the next meeting of the ASSOU Senate thereafter.
Clause I. The ASSOU Vice-President is the President of the ASSOU Senate and shall assume the duties and responsibilities of the ASSOU President in case of illness, prolonged absence, or in cases of inability to carry out their duties.
Clause I. The ASSOU Senate shall be composed of twenty members; ten to be elected in spring term and ten to be elected in the fall term.
www.sou.edu /su/assou/constitution.shtml   (3760 words)

 US CODE: Title 26,501. Exemption from tax on corporations, certain trusts, etc.
Clause (ii) shall not apply to a company if any employee of the company, or a member of the employee’s family (as defined in section 2032A (e)(2)), is an employee of another company exempt from taxation by reason of this paragraph (or would be so exempt but for this sentence).
A plan shall not be considered discriminatory within the meaning of this clause merely because the benefits received under the plan bear a uniform relationship to the total compensation, or the basic or regular rate of compensation, of the employees covered by the plan.
(iv) the majority of the board of directors or oversight body of such organization are appointed by the chief executive officer or other executive branch official of the State, by the State legislature, or by both.
www4.law.cornell.edu /uscode/26/501.html   (6983 words)

  Clause IV - Biocrawler
Clause IV of the Labour Party constitution sets out the objects of the Party, and has been the scene of political fights over its direction.
Tony Blair announced at the conclusion of his 1994 conference speech that the Labour Party needed a new statement of aims and values, and that he would draw one up and present it to the Party.
Clause Four was also the name of a campaigning group within the Labour Party's student wing, which succeeded in ending its control by the Militant Tendency in 1974.
www.biocrawler.com /encyclopedia/Clause_IV   (396 words)

  Clause IV - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Clause IV of the Labour Party constitution sets out the objects of the Party, and has been the scene of political fights over its direction.
The new clause did, for the first time, declare Labour to be a "socialist" party, though Blair general prefers to describe himself as a social democrat.
Clause Four was also the name of a campaigning group within the Labour Party's student wing, which succeeded in ending its control by the Militant Tendency in 1974.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Clause_IV   (818 words)

 IJNL Vol 4 Iss 4: Country Reports South Asia
Clause (iii) is amended to extend the time limit for utilization of donations received by the trust or institution or fund for the victims of earthquake in Gujarat, from 31-3-2002 to 31-3-2003.
Clause (iv) is substituted to extend the time-limit for transfer of the amount received by the trust or institution or fund which is not utilized, to the Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund, to 31st March, 2003 instead of 31st March, 2002.
Clause (v) is amended to extend the date of submission of ac­counts of such trust or institution or fund to the prescribed authority, from 30th June, 2002 to 30th June, 2003.
www.icnl.org /JOURNAL/vol4iss4/cr_sasia.htm   (1343 words)

 WAIS Document Retrieval
For purposes of clause (ii), determination of the standardized tests required and of the minimum scores that are appropriate are within the sole discretion of the Secretary of Health and Human Services and are not subject to further administrative or judicial review.
In the case of an investigation under this clause, the Secretary of Labor (or the acting Secretary in the case of the absence of \8\ disability of the Secretary of Labor) shall personally certify that reasonable cause exists and shall approve commencement of the investigation.
(iv) Clauses (i) and (iii) shall not apply to a person or entity that has engaged in or is engaging in a pattern or practice of willful violations of this subsection.
www.usdoj.gov /crt/osc/ref/8USC1182n.htm   (5032 words)

 Southern Oregon University : ASSOU : Bylaws
Clause I. To run for office, students must be enrolled in at least their fifth (5) term at Southern Oregon University and must remain in academic good standing as defined by the Registrar's office, and be at least a half-time student during their term in office.
Clause V. An eligible petitioner is one who has met all the conditions of requirements of a Senator (Article X) and has a completed application, two (2) letters of recommendation from departmental faculty, a one page essay, and 20 signatures from SOU students, and is confirmed as eligible by the Elections Committee.
Clause I. If a representative of the appealing group is present they will be given five minutes to speak, if they are not present then their appeal will be read in front of the senate.
www.sou.edu /su/assou/bylaws.shtml   (8095 words)

 [No title]
The intention of this clause is that management establishes a mechanism for employees to report concerns about unethical behaviour, actual or suspected fraud or violation of the company’s code of conduct or ethics policy.
Clause IV.A(v) dealing with the audit committee review of the appointment, removal and terms of remuneration of the Chief Internal Auditor should be deleted since this is a repetition of clause II.E.6 of clause 49.
Clause V (v) pertaining to a disclosure of the review of affairs of a subsidiary company by the board of the parent company should be deleted since it is superfluous.
www.sebi.gov.in /commreport/clause49.html   (11444 words)

 Welcome to Central Board of Revenue , Government of Pakistan
Seeks to omit from the Explanation II of section 25 of the Customs Act, 1969 (IV of 1969) the citations of “bill of export or” and “131A” as the same are redundant.
Seeks to amend section 31 of the Customs Act, 1969 (IV of 1969) to substitute the citation “export duty” with “duty on goods exported” as there is no export duty leviable under the Customs Act, 1969 (IV of 1969), and to omit the redundant citations of “bill of export or” and “bill or”.
Seeks to amend section 115 of the Customs Act, 1969 (IV of 1969) to omit the citation of “after the discovery” to provide for notice from the owner of a warehouse within forty eight hours of the damage or destruction of the warehoused goods.
www.cbr.gov.pk /budget2006-2007/notesOnClause.htm   (3999 words)

 Clause IV@Everything2.com
Clause IV (4) is a part of the party constitution of the British Labour Party.
One of the first tasks Blair took was to re-write Clause IV, which had long held a dear place in the heart of many a party activist.
With the new Labour party constitution in place, the idea of public private partnerships was amended from the Conservative Private Finance Initiative, which would assist in the building of schools and hospitals and the running of the London Underground and some privatisation was experimented with (National Air Traffic Control).
www.everything2.com /index.pl?node_id=1066737   (1875 words)

 BBC News | UK Politics | Rebel Euro-MPs get the chop
MEPs who signed a newspaper advertisement opposing the scrapping of Clause IV of Labour's constitution are disproportionately represented among candidates assigned to "unwinnable" positions by the party's ruling National Executive Committee the week before Labour's annual conference.
Ten of the 12 signed an advertisement backing Clause IV that was printed in The Guardian and Tribune newspapers in November 1994.
The advert opposing Mr Blair's plan to scrap Clause IV - published on the eve of his first visit to Brussels as party leader - sparked a major row between the Labour leadership and its Euro-MPs.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/uk_politics/179506.stm   (948 words)

 Labourhome » Clause IV, leadership and democracy
Thats why the two decided to hit on Clause IV as a means to show that new Labour was different from old Labour and to allow people like Scargill to do the dirty work for them and expose the deficiencies of old Labour.
The 'new' clause IV was a compromise between a Blair text that would prove how new we were and a Prescott/Cook and others text that would be vaguely palatable to the party.
I've not read Campbell's diaries so I don't know whether it was Blair who fired the first shot with his threat to resign or whether other objections were raised first.
www.labourhome.org /story/2008/1/3/181520/3832   (1538 words)

 Social Security Act §1886
(iv) The total amount of the additional payments made under this subparagraph for discharges in a fiscal year may not be less than 5 percent nor more than 6 percent of the total payments projected or estimated to be made based on DRG prospective payment rates for discharges in that year.
(ii) For purposes of clause (i)(II), the indirect teaching adjustment factor is equal to c –0A (((1+r) to the nth power) – 1), where “r” is the ratio of the hospital's full–time equivalent interns and residents to beds and “n” equals.405.
(iv) The Secretary shall promulgate a standard for determining whether a hospital meets the criteria for classification as a sole community hospital under clause (iii)(II) because of the time required for an individual to travel to the nearest alternative source of appropriate inpatient care.
www.ssa.gov /OP_Home/ssact/title18/1886.htm   (9668 words)

The Speaker's guidelines for recognition for unanimous-consent requests for consideration of unreported measures are issued pursuant to clause 2 of rule XVII and are discussed in Sec.
Unless postponed under clause 8 of rule XX, a motion to suspend the rules, which is undisposed of on one suspension day, goes over as unfinished business to the next suspension day, individual motions going over to a committee day, and vice versa (V, 6814-6816; VII, 1005; VIII, 3411, 3412).
The question of consideration under clause 3 of rule XVI and the motion that the House resolve itself into the Committee of the Whole are not debatable (VIII, 2447; IV, 3062, 3063).
www.gpo.gov /congress/house/hd106-320/text/hrm71.html   (3553 words)

 108th Congress Report
Clause 3(b) of rule XIII of the Rules of the House of Representatives requires the Committee to list the record votes on the motion to report legislation and amendments thereto.
Pursuant to clause 3(c)(1) of rule XIII of the Rules of the House of Representatives, the Committee has not held oversight or legislative hearings on this legislation.
Pursuant to clause 3(d)(1) of rule XIII of the Rules of the House of Representatives, the Committee finds that the Constitutional authority for this legislation is provided in Article I, section 8, clause 3, which grants Congress the power to regulate commerce with foreign nations, among the several States, and with the Indian tribes.
www.fda.gov /CDRH/mdufma/hrpt108-433.html   (6403 words)

 The Emergency UC Act of 1991 (Public Law 102-164)[151]Provisions Amending the FUTA
The amendments also add new clause (vi), which provides that, with respect to the nonprofessional services described in clause (ii), the phrase "shall be denied" shall be applied by substituting "may be denied" for purposes of clause (iii) and clause (iv).
Clause (iii) addresses the within terms denial, and clause (iv) addresses both the between and within terms denials based on services performed in an educational institution while in the employ of an ESA.
Finally, because the clauses of Section 3304(a)(6)(A) are distinct from one another, a State may choose to adopt any one or more of the clauses in regard to "nonprofessional" employees.
workforcesecurity.doleta.gov /dmstree/uipl/uipl92/uipl_1592.htm   (2123 words)

 Social Security Act §1631
(IV) This clause shall continue to apply to funds in the account after the child has reached age 18, regardless of whether benefits are paid directly to the beneficiary or through a representative payee.
(iv) The Commissioner of Social Security shall establish a system for accountability monitoring whereby such representative payee shall report, at such time and in such manner as the Commissioner shall require, on activity respecting funds in the account established pursuant to clause (i).
(iv) An attorney subject to an assessment under clause (i) may not, directly or indirectly, request or otherwise obtain reimbursement for such assessment from the claimant whose claim gave rise to the assessment.
www.ssa.gov /OP_Home/ssact/title16b/1631.htm   (7052 words)

 Cameron's 'Clause IV' moment risks split with right-wing Tories - UK Politics, UK - The Independent
When Tony Blair announced his decision to ditch Clause IV of Labour's constitution, he did not shout it from the rooftops.
Clause IV, Part IV of Labour's constitution, committing the party to the "common ownership of the means of production, distribution and exchange", was adopted in 1918.
Abandoning Clause IV sent a powerful signal to the voters that Labour had finally changed.
www.independent.co.uk /news/uk/politics/camerons-clause-iv-moment-risks-split-with-rightwing-tories-467987.html   (1912 words)

Clause (o) of Rules 2 shall be deleted.
In clause (l) of Rule 2 of the said Rules, for the words “and United Mikir and North Cachar Hills District”, the comma and the words “Mikir Hills District and North Cachar Hills District” shall be substituted.
In clause (i) of sub-rule (e) of Rule 83, for the figure “10”, the figure “20” shall be substituted.
www.neportal.org /northeastfiles/Assam/ActsOrdinances/The_Assam_Motor_Vehicles_Rules_1940.asp   (8242 words)

 New Leader, New Labour?
It is then argued that the rewording of Clause IV of the Labour Party's constitution and the Stakeholder Idea are the most important contributions by Tony Blair to the concept of New Labour.
The rewording of Clause IV gave rise to heated debate(10) and was eventually seen as a personal victory for Tony Blair, demonstrating the Party's trust in him.
One reason for the resistance against changing Clause IV is to be found in the fear on the part of the traditionalists(11) that traditional Labour voters might become disillusioned with the Party.
www.geocities.com /b_kjeldsen/TBLA.HTM   (7417 words)

 US CODE: Title 8,1154. Procedure for granting immigrant status
(IV) Any individual described in subclause (III) and any derivative child of a petition described in clause (ii) is eligible for deferred action and work authorization.
(iv) Any alien who benefits from this subparagraph may adjust status in accordance with subsections (a) and (c) of section 1255 of this title as an alien having an approved petition for classification under subparagraph (A)(iii), (A)(iv), (B)(ii), or (B)(iii).
Clauses (i) through (iv) of this subparagraph shall apply to an individual described in this clause in the same manner as an individual filing a petition under subparagraph (A)(iv) or (B)(iii).
www.law.cornell.edu /uscode/html/uscode08/usc_sec_08_00001154----000-.html   (2756 words)

 Rules for branches
II.2 This branch shall cover such area as may be decided by the CLP and approved by the NEC in accordance with Clause VI.1 of the CLP’s rules.
III.1 Membership shall consist only of those individual members of the Labour Party who are registered as electors in the area covered by this branch with exceptionally those individual members who are not eligible to be registered to vote but who reside in the area.
Any decision taken under this clause proposing the expulsion or exclusion of any individual from membership shall be in the form of a recommendation to the CLP which shall
www.labourlink.com /chandlersford/rules1.htm   (916 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: )
There were three powerful arguments against the old Clause IV, and particularly against part four, which called for ‘common ownership of the means of production, distribution and exchange.’ The first was that it was based on an economic analysis that had been substantially discredited over the course of the 20th century.
Clause IV certainly sounds like it is concerned about inequality: it talks about the many and not the few, the weak and not just the strong, and about promoting equality of opportunity.
To reconsider Clause IV ten years on would not be an exercise in navel-gazing: it would be to engage in the fundamental process of political renewal.
www.fabian-society.org.uk /documents/ViewADocument.asp?ID=101&CatID=52   (2113 words)

Clause 4 of rule XII prohibits the reception or consideration of certain private bills relating to claims, pensions, construction of bridges, and the correction of military or naval records.
Under clause 5(a) of rule XIII, the Committee is empowered to report as privileged resolutions recommending action by the House of Representatives with respect to the official conduct of an individual Member, officer, or employee of the House.
Clause 2(a), and the first requirement of clause 2(b)(1) that each standing committee shall review the application, etc. of all laws within its jurisdiction, was originally contained in section 118(b) of the Legislative Reorganization Act of 1970 (84 Stat.
www.access.gpo.gov /congress/house/hd106-320/text/hrm67.html   (14902 words)

 107TH CONGRESS HOUSE RULES MANUAL   (Site not responding. Last check: )
In 1909, by the adoption of former clause 4 of rule XIII, a Consent Calendar was established, which was abolished in the 104th Congress (H. Res.
Unless postponed under clause 8 of rule XX, a motion to suspend the rules, which is undisposed of on one suspension day, goes over as unfinished business to the next suspension day, individual motions going over to a committee day, and vice versa (V, 6814-6816; VII, 1005; VIII, 3411, 3412).
The question of consideration under clause 3 of rule XVI and the motion that the House resolve itself into the Committee of the Whole are not debatable (VIII, 2447; IV, 3062, 3063).
www.access.gpo.gov /congress/house/hd106-320/text/hrm71.html   (3553 words)

 [No title]
Clause IV has only really been of symbolic significance, while serving as a fig leaf for the labor bureaucracy behind which it could conceal its reactionary corporatist role and class collaborationist policies.
Your article states that the ditching of Clause IV by the Labour Party represents a "defining moment in history" for "advanced workers." But there have been many defining moments in history that prove that the reformist Labour Party was never a genuine socialist party.
By removing Clause IV, Blair was simply bringing this protracted historical process to a conclusion and its program into line with its real relationship to the working class.
www.wsws.org /public_html/prioriss/iwb9-11/militant.htm   (1526 words)

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