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Topic: The Cleaner

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In the News (Wed 22 May 19)

  ~| The Vintage Vacuum Cleaner Museum |~
The first hand-pumped vacuum cleaner in the United States was the “Whirlwind,” a wood and canvas contraption which appeared at the hands of a Chicago inventer in 1865.
Ads for vacuum cleaners showed such things as children playing in mounds of dirt, admonishing the homemakers that unless they were using the “Brand-X” vacuum sweeper, that was exactly what their children were doing — playing in filth and dirt and endangering their lives and health.
After all, you just used YOUR vacuum cleaner on it.” Of course she would agree, not wanting to concede the possibility that her present sweeper was inferior.
www.137.com /museum   (1173 words)

  Vacuum cleaner - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A vacuum cleaner is a device that uses an air pump to create a partial vacuum to suck up dust and dirt, usually from carpeted floors.
Most robotic vacuum cleaners are designed for home use, although there are more capable models for operation in offices, hotels, hospitals, etc. By the end of 2003 about 570,000 units were sold worldwide.
Some vacuum cleaners are combined with electric mops in the same machine: for dry and a later wet clean.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Vacuum_cleaner   (1541 words)

 Facts about topic: (Vacuum cleaner)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
First, it was thought that people would not buy a vacuum cleaner at twice the price of a normal cleaner, but it later became the most popular cleaner in the UK (A monarchy in northwestern Europe occupying most of the British Isles; divided into England and Scotland and Wales and Northern Ireland).
The power consumption of a cleaner, in watt (A unit of power equal to 1 joule per second; the power dissipated by a current of 1 ampere flowing across a resistance of 1 ohm) s, is often the only figure stated.
Some vacuum cleaners are combined with electric mop (Cleaning implement consisting of absorbent material fastened to a handle; for cleaning floors) s in the same machine: for dry and a later wet clean.
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/v/va/vacuum_cleaner.htm   (1374 words)

 Vacuum cleaner
The first hand-powered cleaner using vacuum principles may have been the "Whirlwind", invented in Chicago in 1865–unfortunately, its technical details seem to be lost with time.
In Britain, Hoover has become so associated with the manufacture of vacuum cleaners that "Hoover" is virtually a synonym of vacuum cleaner, indeed many people will often refer to their "hoover" and "doing the hoovering" even if the machine has been made by another manufacturer.
The dust particles are thrown to the outside of the vessel by centrifugal force, and clean air from the middle of the vortex is expelled from the machine.
www.brainyencyclopedia.com /encyclopedia/v/va/vacuum_cleaner.html   (972 words)

 Paperloop.com - leading the pulp, paper, packaging and printing industry   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
In a free vortex cleaner, wastepaper from the pulper is pumped under pressure into the inlet chamber, and the tangential entry design of the cleaner inlet allows it to convert the kinetic energy of the pulp slurry into a rotating mass within the cleaner Fig1(Figure 1).
As the slurry rotates inside the cleaner, shear planes are caused by acceleration of the pulp slurry as it travels from the outside diameter of the cleaner radially inward toward the axis of rotation, where it is then diverted upward through the vortex finder out of the top of the cleaner.
Cleaners in typical wastepaper applications are fed at consistencies in the 3.5% area range, since this is the consistency generally discharged from the pulper detrashing unit or dump chest.
www.paperloop.com /db_area/archive/p_p_mag/1994/9408/94080114.htm   (2163 words)

 Hayward Pools / Troubleshooting / Cleaners   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Hold the cleaner off the bottom of the pool and observe, the cleaner should: rotate right - not rotate - rotate left - not rotate - rotate right - etc. All the time, the "pods" should be kicking.
Use the vacuum gauge to measure the vacuum in the cleaner hose.
Hold the cleaner off the bottom of the pool and observe, the cleaner should: rotate right - not rotate - rotate left - not rotate - rotate right - etc. If the cleaner is not turning, call or take your cleaner to your local pool dealer.
www.haywardnet.com /owners/troubleshooting/cleaners.html   (1018 words)

 PF Online Feature Article: Never-Dump Cleaner   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
This type of cleaner has a short life; once you reach five to 10 g/liter of oil, the cleaner can no longer be used, according to Mr.
Other aspects of the cleaner that Chem-Plate was not happy with included: cleaner was highly caustic; operated at 170 to 190F; and any zinc entering the cleaning solution killed it.
As oil built up in the cleaner and the barrels were lifted out, the cleaner and oil in the rinse tank would separate out.
www.p2pays.org /ref/06/05164.htm   (1007 words)

 Paperloop.com - leading the pulp, paper, packaging and printing industry   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
One such stock-prep cleaner, the forward-type unit, is quite adept at removing such heavy contaminants as sand, grit, broken glass, and metal particles from stock slurries.
In the case of a mill using OCC as a furnish, the forward cleaner is a necessity.
Remember, flow rate through individual cleaners is proportional to Delta P. The accepts pressure determines the reject rate, or the volume and mass of stock being rejected by the cleaner.
www.paperloop.com /db_area/archive/p_p_mag/1994/9411/94110102.htm   (1034 words)

 The Cleaner - Wilders Security Forums
I've on the other hand heard that The Cleaner has a huge database which must be good.
Cleaner uses random generated file names to elude maleware from dissabling it.
The Cleaner is together with TDS and BOClean the oldest anti-Trojan programs.
www.wilderssecurity.com /showthread.php?t=14991   (546 words)

 Cleaner Production Programme   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Cleaner production means the continuous application of an integrated preventive environmental strategy to processes and products to reduce risks to humans and the environment.
Cleaner production is achieved by applying know-how, by improving technology, and by changing attitudes.
The goal of cleaner production is to avoid generation waste in the first place, and to minimize the use of raw materials and energy.
www.p2pays.org /ref/04/03350.htm   (802 words)

 Code Name: The Cleaner (2007)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
In the years since that film was released, C the E has appeared in one monumental turkey after another, with his latest endeavor, "Code Name: The Cleaner," marking what we can only hope will be a professional low point before he begins his gradual ascent back towards some degree of cinematic respectability.
In what is clearly one of the lamest, dopiest and most ill-conceived spy comedies in movie history, Cedric plays an amnesia victim who wakes up in a hotel room next to a dead FBI agent and a suitcase stuffed with hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Suffice it to say that Cedric needs to start looking into getting himself a better agent, while his co-stars - like Lucy Liu, whose career is clearly in as much trouble as Cedric's - should begin deleting this film from their professional resumes as quickly as is humanly possible.
www.imdb.com /title/tt0462229   (447 words)

 Tiger Cache Cleaner 3.2.11 - MacUpdate
Tiger Cache Cleaner is the only utility in its class to ship with powerful ClamAV antivirus built in.
Tiger Cache Cleaner Portable runs on any supported Mac and is a great tool for testing hard drives, screen pixels, batteries, ram, and more before buying a machine.
Used as directed, the award winning Tiger Cache Cleaner can be a powerful tool to keep OS X running smoothly.
www.macupdate.com /info.php/id/9503   (623 words)

 ReefRock.com >> Marine Invertebrates >> The Cleaner Shrimp - Skunk Shrimp - An Overview   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Draxx writes "Cleaner Shrimp are a very popular addition to any reef or salt water tank.
There are several different types of cleaner shrimp.
This shrimp, also known as the skunk shrimp, or white-striped cleaner shrimp is known to be from the Indo-Pacific.
www.reefrock.com /site/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=40   (349 words)

 Spartan Products © Spartan Chemical Company, Inc 1999
The Cleaner is a heavy-duty germicidal detergent complex formulated specifically to remove build-ups and kill odors and rancidity causing microorganisms in the coolant system of metalworking machines prior to recharging with fresh coolant.
The Cleaner's disinfecting properties kill odor-causing bacteria and fungus that literally destroy the rust and corrosion inhibitors, lubricating properties, and overall stability of any metalworking fluid.
The excellent emulsification characteristic of The Cleaner removes accumulations of grease and lubricating oils from the machine surface, coolant lines, filtration equipment, and the coolant sump.
www.spartanchemical.com /web/products.nsf/web/0342DF6D47D82A1C852567EE006814F5?OpenDocument   (93 words)

 Comics2Film: The Cleaner (Archives)
Other projects on the slate for Top Cow include Rising Stars, which Seldin reports has a great script from creator Joe Michael Straczynski, The Cleaner, which has John Woo producing, The Project, which is due out as a comic soon, and the recently announced Inferno, which Joel Silver is producing.
The concept, called The Cleaner was pitched by Terence Chang of Lion Rock and sold for mid six-figures.
The Cleaner will be developed simultaneously as a comic book.
www.comics2film.com /CleanerArch.shtml   (545 words)

 The Cleaner Professional 4.1 - Mean Dog Software
The Cleaner scans your entire system, one drive, or just user-selected files and scours out all known Trojans -- even from compressed archives.
The Cleaner searches your hard drive cleans it of all known Trojans.
Using a unique patent-pending technology, The Cleaner compares each file against a list of all known Trojans.
www.digitalriver.com /dr/v2/ec_MAIN.Entry10?sp=10023&PN=1&xid=54498&V1=613269   (304 words)

 Smart Computing Article - MooSoft's The Cleaner 3.2   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
The Cleaner scans for Trojan's in compressed files, including.ZIP,.ARJ, and.CAB files, which adds to the it takes to complete a scan.
The Cleaner includes TCActive, which monitors your PC for Trojan-like activity and alerts you when it detects such activity.
The Cleaner runs on all versions of Windows newer than Windows 95, comes with a 30-day trial, and costs $29.95 to register.
www.smartcomputing.com /editorial/article.asp?article=articles/2001/s1206/05s06a/05s06a.asp&guid=xa8d4qq0   (408 words)

 The Cleaner film movie trailer review at The Z Review
This is a project that is being developed for comics and movies at the same time.
It's called The Cleaner and a screenplay for a movie is being written by Nick Falacci and Cheryl Heuton.
This page has no intention to infringe on the rights of the film and intellectual copyright holders of The Cleaner and hold copyright over the movie, characters, merchandise and storyline.
www.thezreview.co.uk /comingsoon/c/cleanerthe.htm   (153 words)

 Autodesk - Autodesk Cleaner - Product Information   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
With over 60 supported media formats, Autodesk Cleaner, specifically designed for the Apple® Macintosh® platform, can now encode to more outputs than ever before, giving you the flexibility you need to deliver results in the formats you need.
With Cleaner software, video editors are only a click away from delivering the highest quality video output—every time.
Viewing the PDF file requires Adobe® Reader®, available at no charge from the Adobe website.
usa.autodesk.com /adsk/servlet/index?id=5562025&siteID=123112   (197 words)

 Moosoft The Cleaner - Applications Shopping at dooyoo.co.uk
The Cleaner is widely regarded as one of the best products to use in order to...
In computer terms a Trojan horse is defined as a malicious, security breaking program that is disguised, such as a screen saver, game, or program, to get inside your computer.
Its that dreaded word "Trojan" and "Oh no" which seem to come out all in one sentence but with Moosoft the cleaner we need no longer fear the "Oh no".
www.dooyoo.co.uk /applications/moosoft-the-cleaner   (350 words)

 TheCleaner - Software Configuration   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
This page provides basic configuration changes for The Cleaner AntiTrojan, which are suggested to be used instead of the applications default settings that are in place upon installation.
There may be a two-week period where there are no updates, or there may be updates up to several times a day.
Be sure to close The Cleaner before downloading the update files.
www.hackfix.org /software/configure/cleaner.html   (300 words)

 WebmasterFree - The Cleaner 2.5
The Cleaner is a privacy and clean-up utility that eliminates all these tracks from your computer!
It can run in the background to clean up your tracks when you are done browsing the Internet or any other time you choose.
Everyone from computer beginners to expert users agree: The Cleaner is an essential tool for protecting your privacy and improving your computers performance.
www.webmasterfree.com /software/Security-Privacy/CookieManagement/the_cleaner_2.5.html   (146 words)

 vacuum cleaner on Encyclopedia.com
Consumers need to think wisely when selecting a vacuum cleaner.
A vacuum cleaner in front of a Georgia O'Keefe oil painting during an installation inside the new Audrey Jones Beck Build (NYC20284)
A huge vacuum cleaner, like the worm in David Lynch's 'Dune', snakes into a visitor service building, consuming dust before the room is painted.
www.encyclopedia.com /html/v1/vacuumcl.asp   (718 words)

 The Cleaner Accessory Device   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
After using the cleaner for a short period of time, you will notice more comfortable lenses, clearer vision, extended lens life, and fewer problems with torn lenses.
THE CLEANER ACCESSORY PAD™ was designed by "Eye Care Professionals" specifically for safely removing damaging particles from the lens...
It is reusable and washable and employs the same method used in the practitioner's office for renewing all soft, hard, and gas permeable contact lenses.
www.easyeyes.com /cleaner.html   (242 words)

 Review of The Cleaner   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
The Cleaner is the most powerful trojan detection and removal program in the world.
Unlike anti-virus programs, The Cleaner can also remove trojans already in your computer.
The Cleaner is available as a free 30-day trial.
www.pt.lu /comnet/desc/thecleaner.html   (49 words)

 About the cleaner fuels grants scheme
The cleaner fuels grants scheme provides for the payment of a grant to licensed excise manufacturers (including holders of storage licenses) and to importers of eligible cleaner fuels.
If you want to claim a cleaner fuels grant, you will need to register for the scheme.
When you register for an excise licence, you will have the opportunity to register for the cleaner fuels grants scheme.
www.ato.gov.au /businesses/content.asp?doc=/content/38324.htm&pc=001/003/044/007/006&mnu=747&mfp=001/003&st=&cy=1   (200 words)

 The Cleaner Fish
The cleaner fish departs with a satisfied appetite, and the shark is happy because his teeth are cleaned in the process.
The shark does not allow any other kinds of fish into its mouth without chomping down for a good lunch.
Nevertheless, an evolutionist will somehow have us believe that the cleaner fish eventually figured out he could go in the shark's mouth, and the shark eventually figured out that he should let him so as to maintain proper dental hygiene.
www.evolutionfairytale.com /cleanerf.htm   (164 words)

 System Cleaner - Safely cleans your hard drive, fixes registry problems, protects your privacy and improves performance
Click here to see everything that System Cleaner does.
System Cleaner is backed by a 100% Money-Back Guarantee.
System Cleaner, Total Privacy and MemOptimizer are trademarks or registered trademarks of Pointstone Software, LLC.
www.pointstone.com /products/systemcleaner   (479 words)

 FileForum | Reviews of The Cleaner Database Update
The poster who commented that these are Cleaner updates and not The Cleaner itself is correct.
I would rate TC at 3.5, but that can't be done here so (in the interest of conservatism) I rounded it down.
I have no issues with this program, it's also updated far more regularly than 'Tauscan' for example, from my point of view 'The Cleaner' is a must have.
fileforum.betanews.com /review/990503500/1/view?sortby=date   (323 words)

 The Cleaner Professional - User opinions for The Cleaner Professional at SpyChecker.com
The Cleaner Professional is designed to keep your computer and data safe from Trojans, Worms, Keyloggers, Spyware and many other types of malware.
The Cleaner Professional is my favorite security program.
This program stays current with it's updates and is easy to use.It also has a Stealth Mode which is easily activated/deactivated.There are a lot of A/T programs available for trial.The Cleaner Professional should be on the short list for a test drive.
www.spychecker.com /userfeedback/for_thecleaner.html   (243 words)

 Cleaner Production Network - UNEP DTIE Cleaner Production
The individual activities undertaken by the network members contributed to putting Cleaner Production on the agenda of national governments, multilateral organisations and development banks, donor agencies, industrial organisations, and various other non-governmental organisations.
Network members have launched their own Cleaner Production initiatives, and have the opportunity to meet every second year at UNEP's International High-Level Seminar on Cleaner Production to exchange results and experiences.
Developing capacities for conducting in Cleaner Production assessments in enterprises thereby generating company-level case studies on the successful application of the Cleaner Production approach in different industry sectors.
www.uneptie.org /pc/cp/network/home.htm   (237 words)

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