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In the News (Sun 16 Jun 19)

  One Thing is Crystal Clear: Clear Channel is a Subsidiary of Bush, Inc - BuzzFlash News Analysis
Just last week, Clear Channel announced it was doing away with the pay-for-play system whereby record companies funnel money through independent promoters to radio stations in exchange for airplay.
A spokesperson for Clear Channel said the rallies were organized independently by radio stations in participating cities "in response to the expressed desires of their listeners and communities." They are, however, promoted on Clear Channel's Web site, and Clear Channel is the only major media company to back war-related events.
Clear Channel fulfilled this strategy, although the numbers attending their thinly veiled pro-war rallies paled in comparison to the hundreds of thousands who attended peace marches and events.
www.buzzflash.com /analysis/03/04/18_clear.html   (2119 words)

 Clear Channel Communications: Monopolizing the Airwaves - ReclaimDemocracy.org
Clear Channel Communications of San Antonio may not be a household name yet, but in less than six years it has rocketed to a place alongside NBC and Gannett as one of the largest media companies in the United States.
Clear Channel is currently facing antitrust lawsuits from plaintiffs around the country, ranging from an Illinois concert goer concerned with soaring ticket prices to the nation's largest Latino-owned radio company.
Clear Channel has sold off stations to alleged front companies, which allow Clear Channel to continue operating the properties while also providing an easy way to buy back the stations, should the FCC slacken ownership limits in the future.
www.reclaimdemocracy.org /weekly_article/clear_channel_backlash.html   (1976 words)

 Rolling Stone : Inside Clear Channel   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Clear Channel is a master of the latter.
Clear Channel places roughly 26 million calls a year to listeners who are chosen at random and asked to offer opinions on several songs at a time.
Clear Channel's Becker says that increasing fees are a reflection of growing artist demands and an attempt to account for the company's investment in amphitheaters.
www.rollingstone.com /news/story/6432174/inside_clear_channel   (2500 words)

 Project Censored Media democracy in action
Clear Channel Communications of San Antonio, Texas may not yet be a household name, but in the past seven years the radio station conglomerate has rocketed to a place alongside NBC and Gannett as one of the largest media companies in the United States.
Clear Channel has also drawn criticism for using "voice tracking." Voice tracking is when one DJ produces a standardized national broadcast and formats it into their radio stations nationwide- giving the semblance of a local broadcast.
Clear Channel has sold off stations to alleged front companies, which allows Clear Channel to continue operating the properties while also providing an easy way to buy back the stations, now that the FCC has further relax ownership limits.
www.projectcensored.org /publications/2004/17.html   (1452 words)

 The Clear Channel Controversy, One Year On (Why Howard Stern’s Woes Are Your Woes, Too) - Maureen Farrell at ...
When Clear Channel president John Hogan appeared before members of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, he openly admitted that though Stern had not committed any fresh sins, the company decided to drop him anyway.
And so, bit by bit, the country we thought we knew is slowing slipping away, while the media the Founding Fathers intended to serve as a government watchdog appears to be collaborating with the government instead.
What it is ain't exactly clear, but a good guess is that we're now seeing the next stage in the evolution of a new American oligarchy," the New York Times’ Paul Krugman wrote of Bush/Clear Channel improprieties.
www.buzzflash.com /farrell/04/03/far04009.html   (1986 words)

 Privacy Statement - Clear Channel Airports
Clear Channel is not liable for any loss that you may incur as a result of someone else using your password or account, either with or without your knowledge.
Clear Channel does not monitor or control the linked sites and makes no representations regarding, and is not liable or responsible for the accuracy, completeness, timeliness, reliability or availability of, any of the content uploaded, displayed, or distributed, or products, or services available at these sites.
Clear Channel will not be a party to or in any way responsible for monitoring any transaction between you and third-party providers of such products, services, or information, or for ensuring the confidentiality of your credit card information.
www.clearchannelairports.com /privacy/index.htm   (5698 words)

 Clear Channel Worldwide - SourceWatch
Clear Channel spokesperson Pam Taylor objected to the list being called a "ban," saying, ""This was an effort to help people be sensitive to the unthinkable environment.
Clear Channel's [political action committee] contributed 77% of their $334,501 in federal contributions to Republicans.
Clear Channel later admitted they were behind "Radio Free Ohio." "Once we determined we were going to change the format, we tried to get into the mindset of people who would listen to this new station," said the company's Akron vice president and market manager, Dan Lankford.
www.sourcewatch.org /index.php?title=Clear_Channel_Worldwide   (1277 words)

 Site Builder
Another link between Bush and Clear Channel exists between the deal that was made when Bush sold his interest in the professional baseball team, the Texas Rangers, to Tom Hicks, then CEO of AMFM Communications.
Weiner suggested Clear Channel's dominance of the concert business is "harmful to consumers, venue owners and artists." Weiner's letter centered around a specific allegation involving Clear Channel and how it was able to take a venue contract away from a competitor.
Clear Channel executives adamantly deny the charge, but a former Clear Channel employee states that the practice goes on in the open.
www.clearchannelbites.freeservers.com   (1368 words)

 City Pages - Clear Channel Rules the World   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Clear Channel Communications is perhaps best recognized as the nation's largest radio station owner, with some 1,220 stations in upward of 250 markets nationwide--11 percent of all radio stations in the country--thanks to the deregulation that came with the Telecommunications Act of 1996.
Clear Channel was taken public in 1984, and during the 1990s, its stock went from $4.60 a share in 1993 to $95 a share in 2000.
Clear Channel argued that the accusation was inadmissible hearsay, but the judge admitted it, ruling that NIPP had provided sufficient evidence that such practices may have occurred.
www.citypages.com /databank/26/1263/article12961.asp   (5063 words)

 Wired News: Murky Water for Clear Channel
Randy Michaels, CEO of Clear Channel radio operations, in a speech at a radio industry convention in June, several weeks before he was transferred to become head of the company's technologies department.
Lowry Mays, even went so far as to ask Clear Channel workers to voluntarily return a chunk of their paychecks -- as much as 1 percent a year -- into a company political action fund.
Experts agree that legislative efforts are the biggest threat to Clear Channel, but it's not certain that the odds of Congress taking action are any better than your chances of being the 100th caller.
www.wired.com /news/business/0,1367,54038,00.html   (782 words)

 Clear Channel Outdoor UK: The UK's No 1 outdoor advertising company, the place for Adshel, Clear Channel Billboards, ...
Clear Channel Outdoor in the UK is introducing a new way of buying billboards (and other formats) introducing geo-demographic targeting of audiences and unprecedented flexibility for the first time in the UK billboard market
Clear Channel Outdoor has labelled all its Adshel 6 Sheet and billboards panels according to proximity to retailers and other environments.
Clear Channel is the UK's market leader in Outdoor advertising, providing more than 80,000 outdoor advertising opportunities across its three premier brands: Clear Channel Billboards, Adshel and Taxi Media.
www.clearchannel.co.uk   (449 words)

 Clear Channel Sale to End Era - washingtonpost.com
Clear Channel Communications Inc. has agreed to sell the company to a consortium of private-equity firms and plans to shear off more than one-third of its 1,150 radio stations, dismantling a giant that dominated the industry and became the bogyman of media consolidation for the past half-decade.
The predecessor to Clear Channel was founded by L. Lowry Mays and Red McCombs, former owner of the Minnesota Vikings, with the purchase of one San Antonio radio station in 1972.
Clear Channel was criticized for homogenizing the sound of FM radio and strong-arming acts into playing company venues in return for airplay.
www.washingtonpost.com /wp-dyn/content/article/2006/11/16/AR2006111600537.html   (814 words)

 USATODAY.com - Clear Channel execs donate more to Bush   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Clear Channel, rejecting Howard Stern's claims that he was canned for slamming President Bush, says its radio network does not have a political agenda.
Clear Channel says it suspended talk-show king Stern from six stations Feb. 24 because of his show's racy content — not because of politics.
Clear Channel CEO Lowry Mays and his sons led the campaign giving.
www.usatoday.com /news/politicselections/2004-03-23-clear_x.htm   (539 words)

 Salon.com Arts & Entertainment | Radio's big bully
Today, as Clear Channel's guardian of the airwaves, the bombastic exec is among the most powerful, not to mention colorful, men running the music business.
As the party wound down and the crowd cleared out, two AMFM producers were unexpectedly waved over to the Clear Channel table by Michaels and his friend Kraig Kitchin, who runs Premiere Radio Networks, Clear Channel's powerful syndication arm.
Clear Channel in particular dominates the Top 40 format (KIIS-FM in Los Angeles, WHTZ and WKTU in New York, KHKS in Dallas, WXKS in Boston, WHYI in Miami, etc.) and controls 60 percent of rock-radio listening.
archive.salon.com /ent/feature/2001/04/30/clear_channel   (1014 words)

 Clear Channel Communications Inc.
CONTACT US Clear Channel Radio operates a decentralized business structure, where all stations are locally programmed and operate to serve their individual communities.
Clear Channel provides the local stations with "professionalized," higher quality radio by utilizing extensive research mechanisms to target over 101 million unique listeners each week.
Clear Channel maintains a strong focus on connecting with the communities it serves through local groups, national organizations, community leaders, charities and special causes.
www.clearcareers.com /Radio.aspx   (149 words)

 Clear Channel Singapore
Clear Channel helps MCYS sends out “Marriage Proposals” to the Nation...
Clear Channel Outdoor, the global leader in out-of-home advertising also leads the outdoor advertising market in Singapore with its extensive national network of bus and taxi shelters.
In 2001, Clear Channel Singapore was awarded the advertising concession by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) to design, build, operate and maintain 3,200 bus and taxi shelters island-wide for the next 20 years.
www.clearchannel.com.sg   (133 words)

 Clear Channel Accepts .7 Billion Takeover Bid - Mergers, Acquisitions, Venture Capital, Hedge Funds -- DealBook - New ...
Clear Channel said Thursday that three senior executives would change their employment agreements to “significantly reduce payments” in the event of a change of control.
Clear Channel and the Mays family, which has contributed generously to President Bush and other Republican candidates, are frequently criticized for standardizing play lists, reducing local news coverage and favoring conservative causes on their radio stations.
Clear Channel which also bought the WTOP all news radio station was able to switch the frequencies of these two stations.
dealbook.blogs.nytimes.com /2006/11/16/clear-channel-accepts-185-billion-takeover-bid   (9408 words)

 Wired News: Clear-Cutting the Radio Forest
Over the past three years, Clear Channel programmers sacked San Diego disc jockeys and replaced them with voices from out of town, hoodwinked listeners by airing national contests as if they were local, and rolled out cookie-cutter radio formats designed elsewhere.
Clear Channel's stations now reach more than 40 percent of all radio listeners in the San Diego area, and its ratings are strong, suggesting that few people care about its tactics.
Clear Channel controls 12 of the county's 20 top-rated stations, including No. 1, No. 3 and No. 5, according to an Arbitron report issued earlier this month.
www.wired.com /news/business/0,1367,54036,00.html   (1258 words)

 Clear Channel Getting Clearer? [Fool.com] August 10, 2006
Clear Channel, which is probably best known for its radio stations, missed analysts' expectations by a penny when it reported second-quarter profit of $197.5 million, or $0.39 per share.
It might be tempting to wonder if Clear Channel is such a company, given the fact that it is working to innovate in light of the competition.
Clear Channel got hip last year, then got hipper.
www.fool.com /investing/high-growth/2006/08/10/clear-channel-getting-clearer.aspx?source=eptyholnk303100&logvisit=y&npu=y&bounce=y&bounce2=y   (595 words)

 Clear Channel Outdoor - Global Outdoor Advertising
Times Square spectaculars, street furniture, airport displays, mall displays, taxi advertising, mass transit displays and mobile ads are just some of the advertising products Clear Channel Outdoor developed with your needs in mind.
Each month, Clear Channel Outdoor awards the "Campaign of the Month" to a business for a stand-out outdoor advertising campaign.
By leasing your commercial or industrial property to Clear Channel Outdoor, we can provide a steady source of income which maximizes a return on your property investments and increases the potential re-sale value.
www.clearchanneloutdoor.com   (311 words)

Clear Channel axes two employees after payola probe.
Clear Channel, the company that ACCEPTS the payola to play the songs that companies such as Sony pays to be played.
Clear Channel and Howard Stern agree to drop their respective lawsuits against each other.
www.clearchannelsucks.net   (690 words)

 Salon.com Arts & Entertainment | Suit: Clear Channel is an illegal monopoly
Clear Channel Communications' nearly 1,200 radio stations represent about 10 percent of the U.S. radio market, and more than half of the country's major popular-music stations.
NPP alleges, "Clear Channel repeatedly has used its size and clout to coerce artists to use Clear Channel to promote their concerts or else risk losing air play and other on-air promotional support."
Clear Channel is not only the nation's largest broadcaster and concert promoter.
www.salon.com /ent/clear_channel/2001/08/08/antitrust   (849 words)

 Clear Channel Communications News
Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings Inc., which operates outdoor advertising displays such as billboards, said Friday 2007 revenue is pacing up 6.6 percent so far this year.
Clear Channel Communications Inc., the nation's largest operator of radio stations, said Friday its fourth-quarter earnings tumbled 54 percent as expenses rose ahead of an $18.7 billion planned buyout by a...
Clear Channel Communications investors should worry more about the prospect of derailed buyout talks in the company's move to go private in a couple months, rather than any bad news on the earnings front,...
www.topix.net /com/ccu   (773 words)

 No Hate Radio   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Sadly, they are not out of the ordinary, as comments like this are syndicated regularly on the almost 1300 stations that Clear Channel owns nationwide.
Clear Channel has a pattern of using this kind of hate radio to attract publicity.
When Clear Channel asks for its licenses to be renewed, please consider my complaint as evidence that my community could use this license more effectively than San Antonio-based Clear Channel.
hatetheclearchannelgame.org   (397 words)

 cbs5.com - Clear Channel Keeps Air America Station In Madison
Clear Channel said the station, WXXM-FM, had struggled to attract advertisers despite high ratings and a sports format would be more profitable.
He said Clear Channel had to end an agreement with Fox Sports Radio to make the deal possible.
Tyler said the station would aim to increase its share of the local market but it had no deadline to increase earnings, which were 14th out of 14 local stations that report them despite the station being rated second among the market's news-talk stations and 11th out of 25 stations overall.
cbs5.com /entertainment/entertainment_story_355220844.html   (696 words)

 NOW with Bill Moyers. Transcript. Virtual Radio. 4.26.02 | PBS
Clear Channel is by far the largest radio company in the nation.
Clear Channel makes you believe there is, but there's not...
Because Clear Channel can cluster their stations together, and add up all of the Arbitron ratings, and go to Mr.
www.pbs.org /now/transcript/transcript_clearc.html   (2798 words)

 Clear Channel AM Radio
Clear channel stations can use 50,000 watts of power and many use non-directional antennas.
Clear channel stations could be heard over much of the country at night.
While the "breaking up" of clear channels may have been economically necessary for daytime-only stations, it did result in many clear channel frequencies sounding much like regional channels at night.
www.ac6v.com /clearam.htm   (1156 words)

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