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Topic: Cleric

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In the News (Thu 23 May 19)

  Cleric - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The term "clerk" derives from "cleric", since in medieval times the clergy were one of the few groups who could read, and therefore were often employed to do bookkeeping and similar work.
In many systems, clerics are restricted in the sort of weapons they can bear; the most common restriction, taken from European history, forbids the use of edged weapons such as swords.
Related to the cleric is the paladin, who in these games is typically a warrior aligned with a religious order, and who uses his martial skills to advance its holy cause.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/cleric   (472 words)

While cleric in its strict sense means one who has received the ecclesiastical tonsure, yet in general sense it is also employed in canon law for all to whom clerical privileges have been extended.
While the obligation of obedience is binding on all clerics, it is strengthened for priests by the solemn promise made at ordination, and for all holders of benefices by the canonical oath.
When, however, a cleric who has received only minor orders or even tonsure, after losing his privileges, has been restored to the clerical state, this restitution, even when solemn, is merely ceremonious and is not considered as a new conferring of tonsure or minor orders.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/04049b.htm   (1547 words)

Alignment: A cleric’s alignment must be within one step of his deity’s (that is, it may be one step away on either the lawful–chaotic axis or the good–evil axis, but not both).
A cleric may prepare and cast any spell on the cleric spell list, provided that he can cast spells of that level, but he must choose which spells to prepare during his daily meditation.
A cleric who grossly violates the code of conduct required by his god loses all spells and class features, except for armor and shield proficiencies and proficiency with simple weapons.
www.systemreferencedocuments.org /35/giovanni_linked/classes/cleric.html   (1241 words)

 Cleric   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Clerics are generally good, but are not restricted to good; they can have any alignment acceptable to their order.
The cleric receives his spells as insight directly from his deity (the deity does not need to make a personal appearance to grant the spells the cleric prays for), as a sign of and reward for his faith, so he must take care not to abuse his power lest it be taken away as punishment.
At 9th level, the cleric may receive official approval to establish a religious stronghold, be it a fortified abbey or a secluded convent.
xmarks.741.com /id32.htm   (2521 words)

 Faydwer Cleric
The cleric is an ideal group class, always sought after for both their buffs and heals.
Clerics are almost always trying to recover mana, which in later levels means you are sitting down and meditating during combat.
Clerics cannot be agnostic and are forced to choose a religion.
mywebpages.comcast.net /bigdragon7/faydwersbrethren/classes/cleric.htm   (515 words)

Due to the religious training of a cleric to a Deity, they are not permitted to use bladed weapons, such as daggers and swords; therefore clerics should concentrate their powers on healing more than fighting.
It is more benefical to a form if the cleric gets hit less because it means that they are using the full powers of their heals on the rest of the form and not his or herself.
Clerics should be responsible for healing and using sanctuary on the members of the formation.
www.medievia.com /help/CLERIC.html   (1173 words)

 Cleric Spells
In the service of their gods, a cleric is able to conjure a stream of purified holy water and direct it against a target.
Mastery of this spell allows a cleric to actually appeal to his or her deity to raise a fallen comrade from the dead.
Upon reaching this level in the cleric spell circle, the cleric is able to cast a commune spell in order to contact his or her deity.
members.aol.com /sqhunter1/cleric.html   (1682 words)

 Wizards.COMmunity Boards - Ultimate Cleric
Cleric of the ancestors communicates with dead leaders and wise men of his clan, family or nation for spells and guidance.
Clerics of all devotions are good material for mystics, but mystics are most common among the clerics of magic.
A cleric, regardless of alignment, has the power to affect undead creatures by channeling the power of his faith through his holy or unholy symbol (only if he is cleric of deity or God).
boards1.wizards.com /showthread.php?s=&threadid=169796   (5514 words)

 Cleric   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
A Cleric that chooses Animal or Plant as one of his domains also gains the Knowledge(Nature) skill as one of his class skills.
Clerics are proficient with all Simple weapons, all types of armor, and shields (except Tower shields).
A cleric of a chaotic, evil, good, or lawful deity has a particularly powerful aura corresponding to the deity's alignment (see the Detect Evil spell for details).
www.angelfire.com /rpg/drowcampaign/clerics.html   (542 words)

 EQ Everquest Cleric   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The Cleric is a servant of god, a holy man or women born with the special power to heal others.
Clerics gain powerful healing and enhancement spells, greatly increasing the health and defenses of their group, while keeping them healed in the most dangerous battles.
Clerics are one of the most essential parts of a group, especially later in the game, as their healing powers are needed to conquer the fiercest of monsters.
www.everquest-online.com /content/classes-cleric.php   (177 words)

frp (ferepe) jargonunda bicim almi$ tabii de, en azindan klerik falan yazsak derdim ben, bir oglum olsaydi ve cleric yazip dursaydi saga sola.
cleric en genel priest tipidir.genellikle iyidir ama iyi olmak gibi bir zorunluluguda yoktur.sýnýrlý sayýda silah kullanabilir ama her türlü zýrhý giyebilir.cleric'ler birçok büyülü eþyayý kullanabilirler,büyülerini ezberlemezler büyüler tanrýsý tarafýndan içine yollanýr.
onun icin frpde derler ki daima bir cleric dostun olsun o zaman olumu gormezsin.
sozluk.sourtimes.org /show.asp?t=cleric   (260 words)

 Quintessential Cleric II is £12.99, a d20 from Mongoose Publishing at Games Lore Ltd.
Information Page for Quintessential Cleric II A cleric bears arms and a shield in search of adventure but he is no mere soldier questing for treasure.
The cleric is a man of god, the guardian of his faith and spiritual shepard of the souls of his congregation.
The cleric stands undaunted at the gates of eternity, wielding mace and spell against the shambling hordes of living death and the numberless legions of the damned.
www.gameslore.co.uk /acatalog/Details/DP_MGP4403.html   (526 words)

 Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Senior Shia cleric criticises US and calls for calm
Iraq's most senior Shia cleric, Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, last night condemned US forces for the way they were putting down a Shia uprising and called for calm on all sides.
But with hundreds of armed supporters of the radical Shia cleric Moqtada al-Sadr in control of most police stations and occupying the streets around the main shrine in Najaf, the ayatollah, who lives in seclusion in the same city, is in a weak position.
The statement was a clear effort to discredit the cleric, who trades on his status as the surviving son of Ayatollah Mohammed Sadiq al-Sadr, who was assassinated by the Saddam Hussein regime in 1999 with his two eldest sons.
www.guardian.co.uk /Iraq/Story/0,2763,1188123,00.html   (591 words)

 AD&D Character Class:  Cleric   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The combat table for clerics is not as good at advancing levels as that for fighters, and they do not gain multiple attacks; however, they are better and advance in combat skill faster than magic-user or thief classes, and may use any armor.
Clerics may use most potions (those not restricted to another class), clerical and protection scrolls, most rings, some wands, rods, and staves, many other magical items, any magic armor, and any magic weapon which they would be permitted to use if non-magical.
If the cleric subsequently clears the surrounding area such that humans (or other character races if the cleric is not human) can and do settle the area, the cleric will earn nine silver pieces per inhabitant from trade, taxation, and tithes.
www.mjyoung.net /dungeon/char/clas009.html   (800 words)

 Neverwinter Nights: Cleric
Clerics are trained in the use of simple weapons, and can use all forms of armor and shields without penalty, since armor does not interfere with the casting of divine spells.
A Cleric is advised to study the Heal skill in order to save his or her spells for more dire situations.
If the Cleric is hurt or dead he or she cannot aid the party and so it is important that the Cleric know when being defensive is better than being offensive in combat.
nwn.bioware.com /players/class_cleric.html   (970 words)

 News: Cleric screens #4 - GamersHell.com
Cleric still doesn't have a publisher, but a playable demo should be available soon.
While Cleric was not meant to be a First-Person shooter, in which the only goal is to run around and kill everything that moves, there will be some FPS action.
In the end, Cleric will be a game of great depth and interaction in a dark, cold world of betrayal and the choices of good and evil.
www.gamershell.com /news/5590.html   (484 words)

 CLERICS   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Usually questors of Garlen, clerics are in demand all over Barsaive seeing as they are the best healers.
Clerics were never implemented into Earthdawn and I have always liked them, so I took the time to make them into a useable discipline.
Karma Ritual: The Cleric kneels whispers soft prayers to her deity, asking for health and protection for her loved ones.
www.synergycorp.com /jedhtm/edawn/disc_cleric.html   (170 words)

 MI5 wanted me to escape, claims cleric
The Palestinian-born cleric, who has been living in west London on benefits since he was granted political asylum in 1993, refused the offer of escape.
Last week, the cleric, who is wanted in Jordan for an alleged role in a series of bombings, said he 'respected' bin Laden.
Fears about radical Islamic clerics living in Britain were further raised by an Observer investigation into a suspected cell based in Leicester.
www.prisonplanet.com /news_alert_mi5terror_3.html   (410 words)

 CNN.com - 'Beat women' cleric gets 15 months - Jan. 14, 2004
Spanish news reports said the cleric's lawyer vowed to appeal, and Chicano told CNN it was not likely the cleric would go to jail until after the appeal was heard.
The cleric has practiced in Spain for more than a decade, and is currently based in the southern town of Fuengirola on Spain's "Costa del Sol," popular with vacationers and expatriates.
During the trial, the cleric's defense argued that he was not inciting men to violence, but instead urging them not to get violent when they are in a hot and angry mood.
edition.cnn.com /2004/WORLD/europe/01/14/spain.cleric   (365 words)

 Cleric Class
Sure, Clerics are most important for their healing and curing abilities, but Clerics are pretty decent fighters, especially at lower levels, when given the chance, and you don't want to go after undead without one around.
Still, a Cleric's main job is to keep the party alive, and in a well balanced party, you will mostly buff, heal and med.
Clerics are able to wear full plate armor, giving them a level of protection unmatched by other spell casters.
everquest.allakhazam.com /classes/Cleric.html   (196 words)

 The Camelot Herald   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
As primary healers of the realm of Albion, Clerics provide their realm-mates with the best healing and buffing available.
Clerics are members of the Church of Albion, just like their Friar and Paladin brethren.
Clerics are encouraged to heal and buff those around them and those they see on their travels, though Smiting enemies and dangers they may encounter is also encouraged.
www.camelotherald.com /characters/cleric.php   (122 words)

 Falya's Cleric Guide   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Clerics follow a very “balanced” profession in Elanthia, balanced between the practice mental and physical disciplines.
Training a cleric to be effective in the long run uses a LOT of training points, as we'll soon see.
Clerics advance by killing monsters with weapons, and these are the skills you need to keep alive while doing so.
www.zone9.com /coven/library/guides/cleric.html   (6960 words)

 PlanetEverQuest - A Member of the GameSpy Network
The Cleric is a holy person endowed by their patron deity with the power to heal, and, to a lesser extent, call upon the wrath of their deity to smite foes.
Clerics are possibly the most necessary part of any group of adventurers as they are rivaled by none in the art of healing.
Even with all of these god given abilities, clerics are better off staying within groups as their damage capabilities are weak at best making lone adventures difficult.
www.planeteq.com /character/classes/cleric   (137 words)

 WORTHPLAYING - - All about games !
Cleric will immerse you in a world of rich visuals, strong dramatic story lines, highly interactive characters, and challenging gameplay (thanks GenGamers).
While there will be elements of a traditional first person shooter, Cleric is not intended to be a high body count or "twitch" game, neither will Cleric be a game in which you can modify your character like a traditional RPG.
While Cleric was designed as more of an immersive story, there will be plenty of "hack and slash" for you diehard FPS fans.
www.worthplaying.com /article.php?sid=15288   (556 words)

 Cleric guide - GameMecca Forums
Stun: This is the bread and butter of Clerics (and incidentally for any class that specs high in shield -- the Slam style has a stun effect).
Clerics also have a pbaoe short term mez spell.
Clerics are a fun class and are virtually always looked for in groups.
www.gamemecca.net /forums/showthread.php?t=19183   (3453 words)

 Yay Hooray! » Cleric's Profile   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Cleric is the 341st member of Yay Hooray!
Cleric last logged in on August 29 2005 at 8:54pm.
Currently, Cleric is a friend of 11 users, and is an enemy of 1 users.
cleric.yayhooray.com   (811 words)

 Allakhazam's Magical Realm: Dark Age of Camelot   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
As a cleric, your first move should be stunning the mob that the tanks are on.
Clerics was born for heal and assisting the party healt.
Clerics are a good class but no better than many other great classes.
camelot.allakhazam.com /skills.html?realm=Albion&cskill=25   (5260 words)

 USATODAY.com - Cleric denounces abuse of prisoners, offers rewards for coalition troops   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
KUFA, Iraq (AP) — Radical Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr denounced the U.S. abuse of Iraqi detainees at Abu Ghraib prison, dismissing an apology by President Bush and demanding Friday that the American soldiers charged with abuse be tried in Iraqi courts.
With hundreds of nearby U.S. troops on a mission to capture him, al-Sadr arrived from Najaf at the main mosque in Kufa surrounded by a large number of heavily armed fl-garbed gunmen, including at least one carrying an anti-aircraft gun.
Yes, yes, to independence!," several thousand worshippers chanted as the young renegade cleric delivered a sermon condemning the United States for abusing Iraqi detainees at Baghdad's Abu Ghraib prison.
www.usatoday.com /news/world/iraq/2004-05-07-iraq_x.htm   (1098 words)

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