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Topic: Closed list

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  Open list - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This as opposed to closed list, which allows the usually much fewer, active, voting party members to determine the order of its candidates and gives the voter no influence at all on the position of the candidates placed on the party list.
A 'relatively closed' open list system would be one where a candidate has to get a full quota (usually Hare quota, but Droop quota is also possible) on his or her own in order to be elected.
The difference between "Open" and "Closed" lists was debated in 2004 by the Citizen's Assembly on Electoral Reform in British Columbia, Canada during the Learning Phase of Week 5.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Open_list   (532 words)

 Closed list - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Closed list describes the variant of party-list proportional representation where voters can (effectively) only vote for political parties as a whole and thus have no influence on the (party-supplied) order in which party candidates are elected.
In closed list systems the party has pre-decided on who will receive the votes for the political parties in the elections, that is, the candidates positioned highest on this list tend to always get a seat in the parliament while the candidates positioned very low on the closed list will not.
However, the candidates "at the water mark" of this specific party are in the position of either losing or winning their seat, depending on the specific total closed list votes for this party.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Closed_list   (205 words)

 Email list application
Lists may be restricted in membership (closed), or unrestricted in membership (open).
A closed list is one where subscription requests are forwarded to the manager of the list for approval.
Closed lists are approved only if eligibility for inclusion on the list is clear and fair.
list.afsc.org /application.html   (983 words)

 Proportional Representation Systems   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
In a closed list system--the original form of party list voting--the party fixes the order in which the candidates are listed and elected, and the voter simply casts a vote for the party as a whole.
On the right part of the ballot--the party list portion--voters indicate their choice among the parties, and the other half of the seats in the legislature are filled from regional lists of candidates chosen by these parties.
These party list votes are counted on a national basis to determine the total portion of the 100-seat legislature that each party deserves.
www.mtholyoke.edu /acad/polit/damy/BeginnningReading/PRsystems.htm   (2963 words)

 Party List Systems   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
In an effort to attract support, lists typically are diversified along lines that are important to the party and the voters it seeks to attract; factors can include geography, ideology, name recognition, gender, etc. Called the "puller," the first name on the list is often the most popular and well-recognized candidate.
Proponents of closed lists point out that they are easy for voters to understand, and may be particularly useful in situations where levels of voter education are low.
The ranking of a party list of candidates, however, and therefore the individual representatives selected, are decided by the voters’ choices or by a combination of the voters’ choices and the party’s choices.
www.fairvote.org /factshts/partylst.htm   (687 words)

 Center for Pro Bono Email Discussion Lists
This is a closed list; people who wish to join must submit their request for approval.
This list is for those in the legal services community interested in the pro bono representation of children in private custody cases.
List members are either law firm pro bono coordinators or the head of the law firm's pro bono committee.
www.abanet.org /legalservices/probono/listserves.shtml   (524 words)

 IFLANET Mailing Lists
The list is the main channel for communicating CLM business information from the Chair or any other CLM member, and it should be used as the main forum for discussion and exchange of information relating to areas of CLM interest.
The Knowledge Management Discussion List is an open list for librarians and others interested in discussing the issues of the "new" field of knowledge management, particularly with regard to setting up such a function in their libraries or organizations.
The List is a discussion list for new professionals who are interested in discussing issues of importance regarding career development, new professional opportunities or any topic that might be of interest to recent recruits to the library profession.
www.ifla.org /II/iflalist.htm   (2151 words)

 The G-List Email List
The list is closed to help fight spam, and first postings from new members must be checked by a list manager before they are sent to the list, a step made necessary by list spammers.
As these lists serve members of all ages and persuasions, potentially offensive, inflammatory, or controversial nicknames, email addresses, domain names, and signatures are not welcome and may lead to your subscription being moderated, suspended, or cancelled.
The list is expected to handle things responsibly, and members are expected to behave in such a way that the list requires minimal administrative intervention.
lowendmac.com /lists/g-list.shtml   (3340 words)

 FSA Closed School Search Page
If you believe that a school you attended may have closed, you may be able to use this screen to confirm this and to determine the date the school closed.
Please note that the closed school list includes only schools that at one time participated in the federal student aid programs administered by the U.S. Department of Education.
A closed school that never participated in the programs administered by the Department will not be on this list.
wdcrobcolp01.ed.gov /CFAPPS/FSA/closedschool/searchpage.cfm   (358 words)

 Closed Caves
Other caves are considered closed, permanently, until the property changes hands, if it ever does, such as many of the ones in the Hillside area of Westmoreland County.
The fact that a cave does not appear on a closed list should not be taken to imply that the cave is open.
Local grottos with web pages are listed on our links page or check with the NSS for a list of all grottos in Pennsylvania.
www.karst.org /closed.htm   (579 words)

 BPSO Mailing List Subscription
At the time of joining, list members should be living with or in almost daily contact with their bipolar loved one, or be struggling to preserve or restore a threatened relationship.
The list's active membership is composed primarily of couples who are either living together or recently separated, and the parents of young adult bipolar children.
The essential purpose of the list is to give us a place to talk with those who understand our situations, to ask for support and advice from those who have been there, and to have a place to relax in lives which are often tense and sometimes unbearable.
www.bpso.org /subscrib.php   (907 words)

 :: Albert A. List Foundation ::
Albert A. List established the foundation in his name in 1952.
List believed that his success was a product of this country's spirit of democracy and opportunity.
The Foundation produced this website with the intent of interesting others in the important work of the organizations the foundation was fortunate to have been able to help support.
www.listfound.org   (141 words)

 Majordomo List-Owner Manual
If the list is "open+confirm" then majordomo will send email back to the user and ask them to confirm their subscription by sending in a authorization command provided by majordomo.
In a digest message type list when a person sends to the list the e-mail will be accumulated for a predetermined amount of time and then sent out to the subscribers.
In a moderated list, all messages sent to the list must be approved by the list owner before they are sent out.
mail.state.mn.us /listown.html   (1673 words)

 Student Aid on the Web - Closed School Information
The loan can be discharged if you were enrolled when the school closed and couldn't complete the program because of the closure.
If your school closed within 90 days after you withdrew, you are also considered eligible for the discharge.
If you are trying to locate your records from a closed school, you should contact the state licensing agency in the state in which the school was located to ask whether the state made arrangements to store the records.
studentaid.ed.gov /PORTALSWebApp/students/english/closedschool.jsp   (371 words)

 VAR Limited Access Caves   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
To make the closed cave list easier to use, the format has been changed to use frames.
The Virginia Area Region Limited Access Caves list includes all the caves in the Virginia Region of the NSS that are known to have access restrictions placed on them.
Caves are listed by state and county with an index in the left frame.
www.caves.org /grotto/dcg/CC/dcg-closed-caves.html   (312 words)

 Signal Verification Email List
Since the Hits list is subsidized by SETI League members through their dues contributions, several constraints have been imposed upon this closed forum.
If you have a graphic or other file which may be of interest to the list, please post a text message describing it and declaring its availability, and then send it individually (off-list) to anyone requesting it.
We regret that list participation is not open to the SETI League membership at large or the general public.
www.setileague.org /admin/hitslist.htm   (1435 words)

 Resource Room Word List Samples
Except for the "Syllable Division Practice" word lists, these are samples from the lists available from the new edition of Drill Bits binder.
List 4 Focus on v/cv and vc/cv - some one-syllable (e.g.
List 5 Focus on scared vs. scarred and -ation words
www.resourceroom.net /readspell/wordlists/default.asp   (235 words)

 Closed Roads List
The roadway will be closed to traffic during construction and traffic will need to follow the posted detour on state routes.
The roadway will be closed to traffic with a posted detour provided for K-16 traffic.
Road will be closed during construction, and travelers will need to use official state detour.
www.kanroad.org /kanroadpublic/qryrpt/ClosedRoadsList.asp   (677 words)

 Project Argus Technical Email List
The SETI League, Inc. is pleased to announce the Argus email list, a closed forum for the internal use of all SETI League members in good standing.
Since the Argus list is subsidized by SETI League members through their dues contributions, several constraints have been imposed upon this closed forum.
Since Argus is a closed email list, these archives are not open to the public, but may be accessed by SETI League members in good standing only.
www.setileague.org /admin/arguslst.htm   (1488 words)

 Resource Room Word List Samples: Closed (short a real words)
Practice in order - either from the list or a deck of index cards - until they are easy and quick.
Each time you go through the list reading it, finish by having them spell some of the syllables as you dictate them - by 'writing' with a finger in the air or on the desk, while saying the letters out loud.
It's very important to involve the motion and the talking and the listening, to prevent training a student to be an excellent flash card reader at the expense of transferring that knowledge to reading and spelling.
www.resourceroom.net /readspell/wordlists/closed/closeda.asp   (472 words)

 C++ Standard Library Closed Issues List
Closed issues 111 277 279 287 289 293 302 313 314 as NAD.
Add "template parameters" to the list of subclauses at the end of 17.4.4 [lib.conforming] paragraph 1.
Closed issue 192 raised several problems with the specification of this function, but was rejected as Not A Defect because it was too big a change with unacceptable impacts on existing implementations.
www.open-std.org /jtc1/sc22/wg21/docs/lwg-closed.html   (13241 words)

 cls.coe.utk.edu Mailing Lists
List administrators, you can visit the list admin overview page to find the management interface for your list.
A Closed list for Center for Literacy Studies Staff and the TN Office of Adult Education.
Closed list for TN participants in the Professional Development Portfolio Pilot Project.
cls.coe.utk.edu /mailman/listinfo   (490 words)

 redhat.com | Red Hat, Inc.
To see the collection of prior postings to the list, visit the pinstripe-list Archives.
This is a closed list, which means your subscription will be held for approval.
This is also a hidden list, which means that the list of members is available only to the list administrator.
listman.redhat.com /mailman/listinfo/pinstripe-list   (287 words)

 lists.uua.org Mailing Lists
Below is a listing of all the public mailing lists on lists.uua.org.
CLOSED LIST: This list will be used by OMD congregational treasurers and OMD officials to share information and ideas.
Closed announcement-only list for congregational leaders in the TJ District
lists.uua.org /mailman/listinfo/sunday2002-L   (1264 words)

 PSU - School of Business Administration
The Open-Closed List is a must when it comes to registration.
This list not only provides you the details on how the business classes are filling up, it also provides the latest on new and cancelled classes, instructor updates, and room changes.
The Open-Closed List is a snapshot of enrollment and course information as it appeared on the morning the list was produced.
www.sba.pdx.edu /registration/open_closed/index.html   (124 words)

 Waiting List for Closed Classes, Southeast Missouri State University
Beginning with the spring semester of 2002, students may only place their names on a waiting list by using this form.
When and if we come to your name on the list, you will automatically be placed in the class.
Only students on this waiting list will be placed in a class once it has been closed.
www.semo.edu /communication/academics/waitlist.htm   (381 words)

 List of Schools   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Contact the Director of the Closed College Consortium.
Morgan G. Brenner has compiled a list of several hundred closed colleges, and has generously permitted us to add them to our database.
Web sites listed are based on URL's at the time the information was obtained.
www.closedcollege.bizland.com /List_of_Schools.htm   (82 words)

 Welcome to The Department of History, Arts and Libaries List Server!
Michgenealogist-- An announcement list providing Electronic Distribution of the Michigan Genealogist newsletter of the Department of History, Arts and Libraries.
MILBPH-L -- A closed list for Michigan Libraries for the Blind and Physically Handicapped.
MISHPO-L -- This list is for the purposes of discussion for the Michigan Historic Preservations Office.
lists.dhal.org   (240 words)

 Ohio Library Council-->Resources-->OLC Discussion Lists   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
To subscribe to the list, enter your First Name, Last Name, Organization, and E-mail Address.
To post a message to a mailing list send an email to "listname"@list.ohionet.org.
This will post a message to the relative list.
www.olc.org /listservers.asp   (88 words)

 Open & Closed Programs for Illinois Transfers   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Please note: The College of Applied Health Sciences, the College of Business, the College of Education, and the Institute of Aviation are closed to nondegree applicants for Spring 2007.
Closed - Due to space limitations, program unable to consider applications at
Admission of applicants seeking a second bachelor's degree is extremely limited in most programs.
www.oar.uiuc.edu /future/transfer/open_closed.html   (107 words)

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