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  clubZone.com: Nightclubs, Nightlife and New Years Eve Event Information
AVALON NEW YORK CITY (47 West 20th Street (club entrance on 6th avenue), New York, NY
Avalon Avalon, the former Limelight, has been transformed into one of the most cutting edge nightclubs in the world.
SUPER CLUB / CONCERT VENUE / PRIVATE CLUB / RESTAURANT Avalon Hollywood, formerly the historic Palace theatre, exudes a unique mix...
www.clubzone.com   (188 words)

  CLUB - Manchester United Official Web Site
View the full list of Club Contacts, from general enquiries to ticket sales and membership.
Familiarise yourself with the club's policies and position on a number of different issues ranging from consultation processes to complaints.
It also reviews the club's history in each competition...
www.manutd.com /default.sps?pagegid={D47478C4-4EFB-469D-841F-64CF6F113D80}   (190 words)

  Fight Club - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The club itself was based on a series of fights that Palahniuk got into over previous years (most notably one that he got into during a camping trip).
As the fight club's membership grows (and, unbeknownst to the narrator, spreads to other cities across the country), Tyler begins to use it to spread anti-consumerist ideas and recruits its members to participate in increasingly elaborate attacks on corporate America.
Fans of the novel and the film have latched on to the first two rules of fight club as a meme and have made it into a catchphrase (although slightly changed to "you do not talk about fight club", based on the variation in the film).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Fight_Club   (5058 words)

 index.html   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The club was established in 1995 by a group of women who shared the love of riding.
The purpose of the Equestrian Club is to promote equestrian activities and to provide an opportunity for students with an interest to ride and to learn more about horses.
Club membership for students who are interested in learning more about horses or who want to improve their riding skills by taking lessons.
www.dickinson.edu /storg/equestrian   (486 words)

This Club has been created for the serious PHP-Nuke users that want to have some extra benefits on the community and at the same time help the future development of this great Content Management System.
(If you are Club's member or already purchased Club's membership, you can get any PHP-Nuke release for a whole year, you don't need to pay for each release to have it).
Club Membership Module has been release into Addons->Paid Systems.
phpnuke.org /modules.php?name=Club   (587 words)

 LEGO.com LEGO Club Registration
LEGO CLUB TERMS OF SERVICE: Just as the LEGO Group adheres to a high standard of quality in our products that you can trust, we have developed a Standard of Conduct for participation in the LEGO Club and related activities.
As a LEGO Club member, you agree that you will not create more than one user account, that the use of an indecent screen name, profanity, language and/or images that are considered obscene and generally improper will not be tolerated.
The LEGO Group is not responsible for lost, distorted or misdirected entries.  Each LEGO Club Member has three slots available for uploads, however there is no limit on the number of entries submitted.  All entries shall become the property of the LEGO Group and will not be returned.
club.lego.com /registration   (1162 words)

 ARRLWeb: ARRL Affiliated Clubs
As an ARRL Affiliated Club, your group can take advantage of certain benefits which are only available thanks to the large membership and widespread services of the ARRL.
Clubs that go the extra mile to provide on-going training and support for the benefit of their community, fall into our Special Service Club category.
Still other clubs are setting up their own in-club reflectors on the Internet to keep the members informed on local activities.
www.arrl.org /field/club   (1907 words)

 Urban Legends Reference Pages: Disney (Club 33)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
private club (the only place in the park where alcohol is served) is housed in Disneyland's New Orleans Square.
  Club 33, open only to members and their guests, has been a part of New Orleans Square since 1967.
The club's facilities were made available to the public through limited memberships, and
www.snopes.com /disney/parks/club33.htm   (111 words)

 CEO Bloggers' Club
We all have our blogs to handle and since the beginning it has been quite difficult to make everyone posting on a regular basis here, which means additional works for already busy people, knowing that what is of most interest to us is our IRL meetings.
I launched few weeks ago the recruitment of some locals members to animate the club in every country where we have some active members, I got some answers and I am actually organizing this with those of you who answered.
This is also a new year for the club and this blog, and I have to say I've been facing some real challenge in trying to make it leave and answer any request I got from all of you in time, unfortunately I have to say I've been often very late...
prplanet.typepad.com /ceobloggers   (3197 words)

 Amazon.com: S-Club: Music: S-Club 7   (Site not responding. Last check: )
S Club 7 continues the venerable musical tradition first explored by such respected groups as the Archies, the Partidge Family, the Brady Kids, the DiFranco Family, Up With People, and Josie and The Pussycats.
I would give this to my 10 year old niece, because,like me at that age, she would love this music, and the music is clean, positive, no cursing, G-rated, cute, and is appropiate for children of her age.
So, the S Club 7 do make good music and I see them with some talent, but they're more for the young, that's why I wouldn't really go so much into loving the music again.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B00002MHMI?v=glance   (1734 words)

 Club Penguin - Miniclip Games - Play Free Games   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Learn what membership is all about and find out why so many have already become members.
Click here to open your default mail program and send Club Penguin to your friends.
There are 3 different ways of posting Club Penguin to your blog or website.
www.miniclip.com /games/club-penguin/en   (303 words)

 Fight Club (1999)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Fight Club is one of the most unique films I have ever seen.
In addition to presenting a rather fresh take on life, FC also presents its material in a fresh way.
These people will appreciate Fight Club for what it is: a wake up call that we are not alone.
www.imdb.com /title/tt0137523   (657 words)

 Golf Clubs Information | Business.com
Custom golf club maker from the Harvey Penick, Snake Eyes, Makers Pride and OnePutt line of custom irons, woods, wedges, and putters that fit the needs of all golfers: men, ladies, senior citizens, both right and left handed golfers.
Guides the customer through an evaluation of their setup, review of possible club set solutions, development of a test iron, refinement the club set based on test...
Offers custom golf clubs built from high quality Golfsmith, Harvey Penick, and Snake Eyes components, as well as specialty clubs built to specifications for outstanding performance.
rd.business.com /index.asp?epm=s.1&bdcq=Club&bdcr=1&bdcu=http://www.business.com/directory/retail_and_consumer_services/sporting_goods/golf_equipment/golf_clubs/index.asp?partner=2662601&bdcp=&partner=2662601&bdcs=nwuuid-2662601-6684523A-8336-6730-AB5C-FCA55CD4FC42-ym   (733 words)

 Internacional wins Club World Cup
Substitute Adriano scored late in the second half Sunday at the Club World Cup in Yokohama, Japan, as South American champion Internacional of Brazil upset Spanish powerhouse Barcelona 1-0.
Inter forward Iarley fought off a challenge from defender Carles Puyol and made a superb pass to Adriano, who beat Barcelona goalkeeper Victor Valdes with a right-foot shot in the 82nd minute.
Internacional qualified for the Club World Cup by winning the Copa Libertadores in August when it held defending champion Sao Paulo to a 2-2 tie.
www.cbc.ca /sports/soccer/story/2006/12/17/inter-club-world.html   (1451 words)

 Clubplanet - nightclubs, nightlife, club listings, guest lists, new years, new years eve, clubbing, night club, new ...
Clubplanet - nightclubs, nightlife, club listings, guest lists, new years, new years eve, clubbing, night club, new years, new years eve, nightclub, nightclubs, dance clubs, bar, party, tickets
MiamiParties.com is South Florida's comprehensive online magazine, specializing in Miami nightlife, nightclubs, dance clubs, models, bars,...
You know what they say about New York: "if you...
www.clubplanet.com   (128 words)

I-Club is the first and original Subaru Enthusiasts site.
Dedicated to Subaru Impreza, I-Club is quickly becoming the #1 resource for Subaru owners and fans.
This site offers a ton of features so please use our quick tour guide below to help you get started:
www.i-club.com   (276 words)

 Priority Club Rewards Hotel Reservations | The Official Web Site
Purchase up to 20,000 POINTS toward your next reward redemption.
Use your Priority Club points to reserve a free night at any one of our more than 3,700 locations worldwide!
Earn 600 Priority Club Bonus Points and Save up to $20 on Leisure rentals from Hertz.
www.ichotelsgroup.com /h/d/pc/1/en/home   (97 words)

 Bj's Wholesale Club Information | Business.com
Home > Directory > Retail & Consumer Services > Conglomerates > Discount Stores > Bj's Wholesale Club Inc.
The Group's principal activity is to operate warehouse clubs that offer a narrow assortment of brand name food and general merchandise items within a wide range of product categories.
Find information on BJs with operations and products, financials, officers, competitors and more at Hoover's.
rd.business.com /index.asp?epm=s.1&bdcq=Club&bdcr=2&bdcu=http://www.business.com/directory/retail_and_consumer_services/conglomerates/discount_stores/bjs_wholesale_club_inc/index.asp?partner=2662601&bdcp=&partner=2662601&bdcs=nwuuid-2662601-6684523A-8336-6730-AB5C-FCA55CD4FC42-ym   (180 words)

 Sam's Club Information | Business.com
Sam's Club, a division of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., is the nation's largest warehouse chain in the United States serving small business owners and operators.
Find information on Sam's Club with operations and products, financials, officers, competitors and more at Hoover's.
Other business products and services to help grow and manage your business
rd.business.com /index.asp?epm=s.1&bdcq=Club&bdcr=4&bdcu=http://www.business.com/directory/retail_and_consumer_services/sams_club/index.asp?partner=2662601&bdcp=&partner=2662601&bdcs=nwuuid-2662601-6684523A-8336-6730-AB5C-FCA55CD4FC42-ym   (182 words)

 Night Clubs Information | Business.com
Your Guide to LA-Great Nightlife Dive Bars to Dance Clubs We Know LA
Opening a bar or nightclub can lift your spirits, your glass and your bottom line.
They go to bars to celebrate birthdays, decompress after work...
rd.business.com /index.asp?epm=s.1&bdcq=Club&bdcr=3&bdcu=http://www.business.com/directory/food_and_beverage/restaurants_and_foodservice/nightclubs_and_bars/index.asp?partner=2662601&bdcp=&partner=2662601&bdcs=nwuuid-2662601-6684523A-8336-6730-AB5C-FCA55CD4FC42-ym   (181 words)

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