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In the News (Sat 26 May 18)

  IALHI News Service: Comparative Coalfield Histories
Stefan Berger and Andy Croll are organising a conference on Comparative Coalfield Histories at the University of Glamorgan in the spring of 2002.
The University of Glamorgan, situated at the heart of the South Wales coalfield, will be an ideal place to examine questions regarding the distinctiveness of coalfield societies, the similarities that unite coalfields otherwise separated by time and space, and the differences that mark them out from one another.
The nature of the work processes, the character of the social structure of the communities, the topography of coalfields and the often turbulent histories that unfolded within them, are all factors that have contributed to strong public images of the world of mining.
www.iisg.nl /%7Eialhi/news/i0003_24.php   (645 words)

  C.L. MADDOX, INCORPORATED, Plaintiff-Appellant, v. COALFIELD SERVICES, INCORPORATED, Defendant-Appellee. - Project ...
Coalfield's performing a substantial part of its contractual undertaking was further evidence that the parties had a contract, as it is hardly plausible that Coalfield would have done so much work, or Maddox permitted it to do so much work, had the parties not thought there was a contract.
Coalfield's repeated requests to Maddox to sign a proposal that, so far as the record shows, contained no unusual, coercive, or one-sided terms--a proposal that could not be said to invite rejection or a counterproposal--were in effect reasonable requests for assurances, or close enough to be treated the same by the law.
Coalfield's proposal was vague: "Schedule to provide for installation within three (3) weeks if allowed to work 7 days per week around the clock." And if this was a commitment to completion within three weeks, it was only a conditional commitment, and one of the conditions--being allowed to work seven days a week--was not fulfilled.
www.projectposner.org /case/1995/51F3d76   (2620 words)

 Coalfield Community Transport - Our History
The Coalfield area covers 345 square miles in the South West of Scotland and is mainly rural with over 17 scattered settlements in diverse country often with limited access to local resources.
The Coalfield area has an ageing population, a generation now trapped in their homes with many never having been to Ayr, the county town of Ayrshire 16 miles away.
Coalfield Community Transport was launched in May 2002 and is a non-profit distributing company limited by guarantee.
www.coalfieldtransport.org /history.htm   (316 words)

  The Ingleton Coalfield—A Slumbering Dwarf?
The thickest seams of all in the coalfield were in fact to remain undiscovered until the sinking of the New Ingleton Pit in 1913.
These seams, the youngest in the coalfield, do not outcrop at the surface, having been truncated by erosion prior to the deposition of the Barren Measures (see figure 2) but are now believed to underlie much of the area covered by the Barren Measures (see figure 1).
At the acme of the coalfields in the 1830s up to 16,000 tons of coal were produced a year from one of the principal collieries, the Ingleton colliery.
www.northcravenheritage.org.uk /nchtjournal/Journals/1993/J93A14.html   (1377 words)

 COALBROOKDALE COALFIELD   (Site not responding. Last check: )
It is fault bounded to the north by the Boundary Fault against Triassic strata; dips beneath later sedimentary rocks to the east; and rests unconformably on older strata at its southern and western margins.
To the north-west of Dawley, large areas of the exposed coalfield have been opencasted for coal and fireclay, the restoration of which formed part of the major land reclamation projects associated with the development of Telford New Town in the 1970s.
The worst case of fatalities in the coalfield was at the Dark Lane Colliery, near Priorslee, in 1862 involving a shaft accident.
shropshiremines.org.uk /bmd/coalbrcf.htm   (3926 words)

 Coalfield Curbs Ecological Deterioration
The only river crossing the coalfield washed away 24 million tons of sand into the Yellow River every year to become the major “contributor” to the worsening silting of the country’s mother river.
Statistics also show that over 10,000 hectares of land were planted with trees in the same period, the green coverage rate has risen from the 10 percent a decade before to the current 50 percent, and the water-erosion is under control.
Shenfu-Dongsheng coalfield is one of the world’s eight largest coalfields, with proven coal reserves of over 230 billion tons, accounting for 25 percent of the country’s total.
www.china.org.cn /english/MATERIAL/15762.htm   (370 words)

 [No title]
Coalfield's Noah Melton set the tone on the opening kick when the standout sophomore scooped up a fumble caused by Chris Lowe and Shawn Armes and returned it 14 yards for six.
Coalfield took advantage of the fourth quarter and played a lot of kids as they posted their third shutout of the season (53-0).
Coalfield's 371-yard offensive effort was led on the ground by Brandon Davis (11-135, 2 TD) and Steven Gunter (1-65, 1 TD).
www.roanecounty.com /articles/2006/09/27/sports/sports04.txt   (1007 words)

 Coalfield Communities Federation
Coalfield Community Transport is making a difference in rural communities by offering a first class service to local people.
An environmental and heritage project the Coalfield Communities Federation is participating in partnership with the Barony 'A' Frame Trust.
The Coalfield Communities Federation's community newsletter informing residents in the Coalfield Area of news and events from voluntary and communitiy groups.
www.coalfieldcommunities.org /projects.htm   (151 words)

 Coalfield Wire - Topix   (Site not responding. Last check: )
COALFIELD, Tenn. An explosion and fire at an oil well injured two workers Friday and sent smoke over eastern Tennessee in a rural area dotted with small oil and gas wells.
COALFIELD, Tenn.- An explosion and fire at an oil well injured two workers Friday morning and sent smoke over eastern Tennessee, a rural area dotted with small oil and gas wells.
Seventy-year-old Earl Thomas Ruffner from Coalfield was found guilty of second-degree murder in Morgan County Criminal Court on Thursday.
www.topix.net /wire/city/coalfield-tn   (646 words)

 Roads to Chamalang coalfield cleared of landmines
QUETTA: Roads leading to the Chamalang coalfield in the Mekhtar Tehsil of the Loralai district have been cleared of landmines, top officials in the district administration told The News on Friday.
Hundreds of the landmines have been recovered and defused, official sources said, adding that efforts were under way to clear the area in and around the coalfield in order to ensure smooth exploration from there.
The reconciliation was a major development towards restoring peace in area and reopening the coalfield, the sources said, adding that a 1,200-strong Marri force has been constituted, which has also been imparted military training to enable it to maintain law and order.
www.thenews.com.pk /daily_detail.asp?id=39547   (420 words)

 Coalfield Services, Inc. - Construction Services
Coalfield Services, Inc. specializes in the turnkey installation and maintenance of large diameter ventilation fans of all sizes.
Coalfield Services, Inc. offers turn-key design, fabrication, and installation services for our own line of mine shaft personnel elevators.
Coalfield Services can handle most above ground as well as underground material handling systems for any mineral or aggregate industry.
www.coalfieldservices.com /construction.html   (398 words)

 Nation seeks method to put out coalfield fires_china_English_SINA.com
The century-old Liuhuanggou coalfield fire in the region, China's worst in terms of the ignited area and loss of coal, was extinguished in late 2004 after four consecutive years' of effortsby this extinguishing team.
With the financial support of the central government, five key coalfields in the region were put out between 1984 to 1999, preventing 30 billion tons of coal from being consumed.
China's coalfield fires are mainly in Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and Ningxia, which together account for over 80 percent of China's total coal reserves.
english.sina.com /china/1/2005/1023/50684.html   (704 words)

 Sydney Coalfield   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Sydney Coalfield hosts the largest coal resource in eastern Canada and in recent decades has been the centre of coal mining in Nova Scotia.
Many fossils from the Carboniferous Period have been found in the shales and sandstones overlying the seams of coal in the Sydney Coalfield.
It was the consistent presence of Stigmaria under coal seams that led Sir William Logan to formulate his theory of the origin of coal back in 1840.
museum.gov.ns.ca /fossils/sites/coal   (186 words)

 Photofusion, London, UK | Coalfield Stories   (Site not responding. Last check: )
To coincide with the twentieth anniversary of the end of the national miners strike and the demise of the pits, Photofusion is delighted to present a selection of works from three of the Coalfield Stories landscape exhibitions, commissioned by Side Gallery.
John Davies, Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen and Simon Norfolk have documented the post-industrial landscape of the Durham Coalfield area where the last pit closed in 1993.
John Davies is internationally renowned for the lucidity with which he has tackled the rural and urban landscape through his refined fl and white photographs.
www.photofusion.org /gallery/exhibitions/past/archive/coalfield/coalfieldstories.htm   (513 words)

 Coalfield, North Dakota ND, township profile (Divide County) - hotels, festivals, genealogy, newspapers - ePodunk
At the time of the 2000 census, the per capita income in Coalfield was $21,553, compared with $21,587 nationally.
Median rent in Coalfield, at the time of the 2000 Census, was $175.
The average commute time for Coalfield workers is 17 minutes, compared with 26 minutes nationwide.
www.epodunk.com /cgi-bin/genInfo.php?locIndex=271474   (447 words)

 Find Coalfield, TN exterminators, or Coalfield, TN Pest Control Professionals | National Pest Management Association ...
Practicing good Coalfield pest control is a good idea for any concerned homeowner, and for those who rent as well.
So it’s important to hire a qualified Coalfield pest control company to help determine the kinds of pests you may have in your home, and implement the proper extermination procedures.
Coalfield ants can be difficult to control and the rule with ants is easy to remember – no matter what the size, if you have ants, you have an ant control problem.
www.pestworld.org /Consumer/locations.asp?ZipCode=37719&city=Coalfield&state=TN   (1123 words)

 Amazon.com: coalfield   (Site not responding. Last check: )
CHAPTER 1 From Shtetl to Coalfield: The Migration of East European...
Report of progress in the Clearfield and Jefferson district of the bituminous coalfields of western Pennsylvania.
Report of progress in the Greene and Washington district of the bituminous coalfields of western Pennsylvania, by J. Stevenson.
www.amazon.com /s?ie=UTF8&keywords=coalfield&tag=icongroupinterna&index=blended&link_code=qs&page=1   (800 words)

 Coalfield Residents Pave Way for Grassroots Voice in U.N.
The Appalachian Coalfield delegation met with representatives of the U.S. State Department's Special Delegation to the CSD to give firsthand testimony of the impacts of mountaintop removal mining, valley fills, and coal sludge impoundments.
Gibson asked the State Department to respond to the suffering in the coalfields and to explain their time line for transitioning away from fossil fuels, which, he said, are limited resources that are causing damage across communities in Appalachia and the world.
Coalfield Delegates plan to return to the CSD meeting next year where the UN will meet to finalize its official recommendations for international energy policy.
www.sludgesafety.org /news/2006/05_10.html   (745 words)

 Coalfield Leaders Taking Mountaintop Removal to the U.N. at It’s Getting Hot In Here   (Site not responding. Last check: )
One of the Appalachian Coalfield Delegates commented, “It must be true that the US Government sees Appalachia as the Saudi Arabia of coal”, according to Bo Webb of the Appalachian Coalfield Delegation and resident of Coal River, WV.
According to the Appalachian Coalfield Delegation’s Report on Coal and Energy, “one million metric tons of explosives are used each year in Central Appalachia -by the coal industry- to blow up the mountains for coal extraction.
The cradle-to-grave effects of the current approaches to mining, transporting, processing, and burning coal, and the disposal of coal ash are incompatible with a sustainable energy future.
itsgettinghotinhere.org /1425   (942 words)

 Coalfield News - Topix
From the Volunteer TV Newsroom, crews are on scene in Morgan County fighting an oil fire that started around nine this morning.
Seventy-year-old Earl Thomas Ruffner from Coalfield was found guilty of second-degree murder Criminal Court on Thursday.
I edit the Coalfield News pages on Topix when no humans are available to help.
www.topix.net /city/coalfield-tn   (455 words)

 Lottery Funding (Coalfield Communities): 3 Dec 2001: House of Commons debates (TheyWorkForYou.com)
What recent assessment her Department has made of the ability of former coalfield communities to attract lotterygrants.
of the average per capita shows that there is still a significant amount of work to do to ensure that people from former coalfield communities have an equal opportunity to obtain funding for projects that they support.
Would more lottery funds be available to former coalfield communities if the Government had not insisted on raiding those funds to finance health service and other activities that should be paid for out of central Government funds?
www.theyworkforyou.com /debates/?id=2001-12-03.12.3   (509 words)

 Worst coalfield fire extinguished in NW. China region
A yearlong observation period started Monday for the coalfield in northwest China's Xinjiang Uyguir Autonomous Region, according to the Xinjiang Coalfield Fire Fighting Project Office.
The efforts would help reduce loss of 1.76 million tons of coal resources annually, ensure the safety of 1.5 billion tons of quality coal at the coalfield and restore a vegetation area of 2.
Dry climate is seen as one of the major factors behind coalfield fires in the autonomous region.
www.chinadaily.com.cn /english/doc/2004-11/01/content_387566.htm   (270 words)

 Deborah R. Weiner / Coalfield Jews
Coalfield Jews explores the intersection of two simultaneous historic events: central Appalachia's transformative coal boom (1880s-1920), and the mass migration of eastern European Jews to America.
Deborah R. Weiner's Coalfield Jews provides the first extended study of Jews in Appalachia, exploring where they settled, how they made their place within a surprisingly receptive dominant culture, how they competed with coal company stores, interacted with their non-Jewish neighbors, and maintained a strong Jewish identity deep in the heart of the Appalachian mountains.
To tell this story, Weiner draws on a wide range of primary sources in social, cultural, religious, labor, economic, and regional history.
www.press.uillinois.edu /s06/weiner.html   (237 words)

 Subscribe to The Coalfield Progress
Coalfield Progress, 1 year, Mail Delivery, to Zip Codes starting with 242, 415, 416, 417 or 418.
Coalfield Progress, 6 months, Mail Delivery, Zip Codes starting with 242, 415, 416, 417 or 418.
Coalfield Progress, 3 Months, Mail Delivery, to Zip Codes starting with 242, 415, 416, 417 or 418.
www.thecoalfieldprogress.com /mod/bcs/index.php?TopID=27   (307 words)

In Terms of spatial spread of prognostical coal bearing area, the coalfields of the state of Orissa have about 7.6% area (2723 Sq.Km).
This goes to illustrate the high ratio of coal to non coal strata in the two hitherto known coal bearing basin viz.lb River coalfield and Talcher coalfield.
As a sequel to which threse coalfields have an added advantage of being accorded most favoured coalfields status by the nature as far as quarriable potentiality is concerned.
www.ipicolorissa.com /coalfield.html   (210 words)

 Grants for Businesses - Coalfield Enterprise Fund
The Coalfields Enterprise Fund is a commercial venture capital fund set up to support the growth of businesses and encourage entrepreneurship in England's former coalfields.
They will seek out companies that will benefit from investment and respond to requests for finance from the Coalfield areas, assess proposals for their suitability for investment and make recommendations to the Fund Managers for investment.
All the Regional Investment Advisors and the individuals assigned to the management of the Coalfields Enterprise Fund are experienced providers of venture capital to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs).
www.dover.gov.uk /business/coalfield.asp   (472 words)

 Nanaimo Coalfield: Technical Bibliography
You may also wish to view technical bibliographies for the Comox Coalfield, the Suquash / North Island coalfields, or for Georgia Basin as a whole.
Reports of some of the historic and recent coal-exploration programmes in the Nanaimo Coalfield are held by British Columbia Ministry of Energy and Mines, in their Coal Assessment Report collection.
1993: Geology and petrography of the Wellington Seam, Nanaimo coalfield, Vancouver Island; unpublished M.Sc.
www.westwatermining.com /library/nanabibl.html   (4058 words)

 Coalfield School Policy
We want every student to feel part of the school and to participate in its activities.
Coalfield School is dedicated to equipping students with the skills that enable them to reach their
The purpose of the handbook is to acquaint the student and parents of Coalfield School with
hometown.aol.com /deedeecrabtree/Policy.html   (3171 words)

 Drowned in Sound - Reviews - Album - The Coalfield
This is the debut album from Germany's The Coalfield, who are undoubtedly, and unsurprisingly, influenced by the European hardcore scene, but it's probably worth illustrating precisely which strain of hardcore I’m referring to.
This is Refused feeding on the remnants on Breach and excreting post-hardcore intelligence through Cult of Luna.
A truly incredible record, it fills you with confidence that the legacy of Refused and Breach has left its mark on a band more than worthy of their crown.
www.drownedinsound.com /articles/7080   (684 words)

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