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In the News (Wed 24 Apr 19)

  Coast - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The coast is defined as the part of the land adjoining or near the ocean.
The coast and its adjacent areas on and off shore is an important part of a local ecosystem as the mixture of fresh water and salt water in estuaries provides many nutrients for marine life.
Coasts are popular destinations because of recreational activities such as swimming, fishing, surfing, boating, and sun bathing.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Coast   (1079 words)

 Oregon Coast - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Oregon Coast is a geographical term that is used to describe the coast of Oregon along the Pacific Ocean.
Tourism is the major industry on the coast, and its popularity, combined with the fact that there is only one major route along the coastline (US 101) contributes to the fact that traffic along the coast was named the worst tourist traffic in the United States.
Among the types of shorebirds on the Coast are the Western and Least Sandpiper, Dunlin, Whimbrel, the Semipalmated and Western Snowy Plover, and Killdeer.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Oregon_Coast   (1257 words)

 COAST Home Page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
COAST is a multi-element optical interferometer with baselines of up to 100 metres, designed to observe stars with angular resolution as high as one thousandth of one arcsecond.
COAST was operated remotely for the first time (from a building 100m from the beam-combining laboratory).
The COAST team announces a new partnership with the Magdalena Ridge Observatory Consortium, to design and build a $40M optical/IR interferometer.
www.mrao.cam.ac.uk /telescopes/coast   (504 words)

Coast is a niche brand and its strength is in providing women with beautifully designed, quality clothing for special occasions.
Every Coast garment is exclusively designed in-house by the talented Design team, who take inspiration from a number of different sources whilst also looking closely at the current fashion trends.
A new Coast interior concept has been developed and was launched in Leeds in June 2004 and creates an overall shopping experience that reflects the brand's glamour and sense of occasion.
www.coast-stores.co.uk   (407 words)

 West Coast Life
West Coast Life added its excellent reputation in the insurance industry amongst the brokerage community and, of course policyholders, to the growing list of the Protective Life family of policyholders.
West Coast Life was founded in 1906 and Protective Life in 1907.
And since 1997, West Coast Life has grown to be the crown jewel of the Protective Life Family.
www.westcoastlife.com   (257 words)

 Coast to Coast
Coast is to provide you with a means to book your own accommodation and/or take advantage of other commercial services offered along the route.
Coast useful and welcome all comments as a means to continually improve and evolve the site.
Coast when booking so that the future of the site will be assurred and that other walkers may benefit as you have done.
www.coast2coast.co.uk   (354 words)

 West Coast, South Island, New Zealand
The West Coast of the Southern Alps is an adventure and outdoor paradise.
There are beach and forest walks to suit all ages and abilities, tourism experiences, caving, rafting, canoeing and kayaking, surfing, jetboating, jet skiing, glacier walks, scenic flights, mountain biking, horse treks, fishing, gold panning, to name but a few.
The West Coast is New Zealand's cultural 'heartland', and like other such places around the world, it has generated its fair share of legends and stories.
www.west-coast.co.nz   (266 words)

 The Parks of the Sonoma Coastal Region in California
Along more than thirty miles of rugged and scenic coastline of the Sonoma coast are numerous parks where the visitor can camp, hike, observe a variety of sea and bird life, and enjoy nature.
Generally north coast weather is a chilling combination of wind and fog.
Public access to the coast is available from five parking lots which are located off Highway 1, providing beach access, tide pooling, fishing, diving and a sandy beach.
www.parks.sonoma.net /coast.html   (967 words)

 Coast Communications   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Coast Communications was ranked Top 3 agency in its category in Sweden 2005 by leading PR-industry magazine Resumé.
Coast Communications specializes in PR, financial communications, media relations, crisis communications and consulting, as well as public affairs.
Coast Communications' staff of experienced consultants with proven expertise in the media industry, private sector and governmental organizations, combined with its well-established network of contacts makes it a frontrunner in communications.
www.coast.se   (118 words)

 Coast Sushi Bar
Since Coast Sushi Bar opened in March of 2003, in it's hip neighborhood location, regulars and newcomers alike have enjoyed top quality sushi in a relaxed but lively, BYOB atmosphere.
The unique experience of dining at Coast is enhanced by the handcrafted furniture and tableware.
Coast continues to impress both customers and critics alike, receiving the Best of Chicago from Chicago Magazine and the Zagat award for excellence in 2004.
www.coastsushibar.com   (163 words)

 Coast Seafood   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Coast Seafood was established in 1994 and is headquartered in Måløy.
Coast Seafood USA is a customer driven company where the focus and efforts of the organization are geared towards the customer and their specific needs.
Coast Sotrafish produce fresh and frozen fillets, and smoked Fjord Trout and Atlantic Salmon.
www.coast.no   (95 words)

 FCC - Coast Stations   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
These stations are commonly know as "marine operators." VHF band (156-162 MHz) public coast stations provide short-range communications for vessels not more than 30 nautical miles from shore.
Public coast stations are common carriers, and thus charge a fee for providing, voice, telex, fax, or data transmission services.
Nevertheless, public coast stations provide a vital public service as they are reach well beyond the limits of terrestrial radio systems and are required by statute to relay distress messages free of charge.
wireless.fcc.gov /marine/coast.html   (358 words)

 West Coast Eagles - Encyclopedia FunTrivia
Ron Alexander coached West Coast in 1987 until he got sacked at the end of the season.
West Coast were formed in 1986 but joined the league in 1987.
On a map of world, the east coast of South America and the west coast of Africa look as though they would fit together like two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.
www.funtrivia.com /en/Sports/West-Coast-Eagles-4904.html   (870 words)

 Official AFL Website of the West Coast Eagles Football Club   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
West Coast is being frustrated in its bid to get some match fitness back into key forward Ashley Hansen after he was prevented from playing in the WAFL this weekend.
It was a painful experience at the time but Eagles midfielder Chad Fletcher believes West Coast's heartbreaking four-point grand final loss to Sydney last year will prove invaluable in the club's upco...
The West Coast Eagles has teamed up for the second time with Port Bouvard Limited and Beaumonde Homes to build a quality two-story home at the exciting Princeton Private Estate, Stirling.
www.westcoasteagles.com.au   (242 words)

 Coast Knives and Tools
Coast Products is a family-owned business that has been producing quality products since 1919.
Coast knives were first introduced by Henry W. Brands, Sr.
Today, Coast produces Coast Sport knives and Multi-Tools as well as a full line of Coast LED Lenser lights, the most technologically advanced LED lighting in the world.
www.coastcutlery.com   (66 words)

 Sunshine Coast Accommodation Queensland Australia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Click on any of the Sunshine Coast Locations or Accommodation Categories on the menu bar on the left.
View a Map of the Sunshine Coast and use this to narrow down your Search.
Maroochydore: It is located at the centre of the Sunshine Coast and it offers a nice balance of still water and surf beaches.
www.sunshinecoastaccommodation.biz   (619 words)

 Amazon.co.uk: Coast: Books: Christopher Somerville   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Accompanying the "BBC" series, "Coast" is not only a superbly illustrated celebration of Britain's coastal areas but a practical guide to all that they have to offer.
Our coast is amazing - there are few things more powerful in destruction and beauty than the sea and our little island's coast is incredibly varied and vulnerable yet strong.
The coast is such a potent stimulus, has so many facets, has so much magnetism, once your enthusiasm has been fired, a whole shelf full of encyclopaedias won't satisfy your curiosity or thirst for knowledge.
www.amazon.co.uk /Coast-Christopher-Somerville/dp/0563522798   (1786 words)

 Palm Coast Residents
The City of Palm Coast's newest recreation facility is the Indian Trails Sports Complex.
We are dedicated to the environment and preserving the natural beauty of Palm Coast while accommodating the rapid influx of residents and businesses.
We established the Palm Coast Parkway Greenway Project and retained the Trust for Public Lands as a partner in the acquisition process.
www.ci.palm-coast.fl.us /resident   (261 words)

 CERIAS - Center for Education and Research in Information Assurance and Security
COAST's research focused on real-world needs and limitations, with a special focus on security for legacy computing systems.
Over the next six years, COAST grew in faculty, students, and research, establishing itself as the largest research group in computing security in the country, reaching a peak research budget of over one million dollars per year.
The growth and success of COAST became a catalyst for greater interest and attention from industry, especially those seeking a platform from which o explore comprehensive solutions to security questions.
www.cs.purdue.edu /coast/coast.html   (683 words)

 West Coast Environmental Law
Coal Bed Methane: A Local Government Guide [PDF 900 Kb] looks at the negative impacts of coal bed methane in the US and Alberta and advises regional districts and municipalities on the legal tools that are available to them to minimize the adverse consequences of coal bed methane development in their areas.
West Coast Environmental Law has won a small victory for the public's right to to a voice in determining their environment.
West Coast Environmental Law is proud to have played a lead role in the drafting of practical yet rigorous standards for responsible forest management in BC.
www.wcel.org   (405 words)

 U.S. Coast Guard ::: The Shield of Freedom
In order to accomplish these missions the Coast Guard has 38,000 active-duty men and women, 8,000 Reservists, and 35,000 Auxiliariy personnel who serve in a variety of job fields ranging from operation specialists and small-boat operators and maintenance specialists to electronic technicians and aviation mechanics.
The Coast Guard Reserve is a part-time force of nearly 8,000, specially trained people who serve with the Coast Guard one weekend a month and two weeks every year.
To become a Coast Guard pilot, you must first become a Coast Guard Officer or be a graduate of another armed service's flight school and have served on active duty as a military pilot.
www.gocoastguard.com /faq.html   (2975 words)

 COAST Bus: Serving the Seacoast with Public Transportation
The Cooperative Alliance for Seacoast Transportation (COAST) has proudly served the seacoast region of New Hampshire (Rockingham and Strafford Counties) and Berwick, Maine, with affordable, safe transportation since 1981.
COAST has openings for bus operators who hold a CDL-B with both air brake and passenger endorsements.
COAST buses are a very cost-effective method of outdoor advertising, traveling throughout the day on many of the regions major corridors.
www.coastbus.org   (480 words)

 Sunshine Coast BC Canada
The Lower Coast is an excellent DAY TRIP destination out of Vancouver, but is also a wonderful GETAWAY destination for visitors from the Lower Mainland, southern British Columbia, and Washington State.
Lovers of the arts and all things cultural are regular visitors to the Lower Coast; events like the renowned Festival of the Written Arts, Fibre Arts Festival and Hackett Park Craft Fair attract thousands of visitors annually each year.
The Coast Cultural Alliance, formed to encourage development of the arts as an economic participant in Sunshine Coast life has now expanded to include the Upper Sunshine Coast, and you can find out about hundreds of artists, events and gallery exhibits through the CCA.
www.bigpacific.com   (751 words)

 To Coast or not To Coast- That is The Question
COAST is a non-profit organization comprised of anti-spyware vendors, software developers and researchers who have come together in an effort to educate and protect consumers and businesses from the Internet's burgeoning spyware problem.
COAST has recently rised the ire of many activists because of the admission of 180 Solutions.
We are not sure whether it was a COAST member itself or simply a rogue affiliate doing the promotion, but we feel that merchants are to a great degree responsible for what their partners do.
www.xblock.com /articles/article_show.php?id=67   (1789 words)

 Coast Tours (.com)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Coast Tours was created with people in mind.
See Central Coast Wine country close up and personal; then cruise to the coast for unforgettable sunsets.
When you take a Coast Tour you not only see the rugged coastline of California, you become a member of the family.
www.coasttours.com   (185 words)

 North Coast Brewing Company
THE NORTH COAST BREWING CO., a pioneer in the craft beer movement, opened in 1988 as a local brewpub in the historic town of Fort Bragg on California's Mendocino coast.
Under the leadership of brewmaster, Mark Ruedrich, the brewery has developed a strong reputation for quality having won more than 70 awards in national and international competitions and has been named "One of the 10 Best Breweries in the World" by the Beverage Testing Institute in Chicago.
In addition to Red Seal Ale, Scrimshaw Pilsner, Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout and the other fine North Coast brands, the brewery has resurrected the old Acme label with a heritage dating back to the San Francisco of the 1860's.
www.northcoastbrewing.com   (155 words)

 United States Coast Guard Academy   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
To meet the professional needs of the United States Coast Guard of educating fleet-ready officers, the program at the Academy is more demanding than non-military colleges.
On our waterfront campus and on the seas, we transform young men and women to serve with skill, commitment and character.
Developing leaders of character...at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy it is more than just a slogan, it is the core of everyday life.
www.cga.edu   (262 words)

 West Coast Railway Association - Preserving BC's Railway Heritage
The West Coast Railway Heritage Park is open from 10:00 a.m.
The West Coast Railway Association is a non-profit society incorporated in 1961 under the Societies Act of British Columbia, and is a registered charity.
These are the nucleus that the group uses in telling the story of what the railway meant to the formation of Canada, the settling of the West, and the development of B.C. Also portrayed is the vital transportation role that the railways perform today.
www.wcra.org   (1036 words)

 Oregon Coast / Washington Coast - Lodging, Motels, Rentals
Both the Oregon Coast and Washington Coast are covered city by city in our online guide.
Oregon's Coast is the perfect spot, whether you need a weekend with the family, or a romantic vacation with your loved one.
The northwest coast lures visitors with its unmatched combination of scenic beauty, recreational opportunities, family activities and romantic possibilities.
www.nwcoast.com   (522 words)

 COAST home
Field experiments off the Oregon coast together with coordinated ocean circulation/ecosystem and atmospheric modeling.
COAST turbulence observations (Moum et al., from the Aug. 2002 CoOP Newsletter)
COAST aircraft observations article from the Dec. 2001 CoOP newsletter
damp.oce.orst.edu /coast   (304 words)

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