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Topic: Coastguard

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In the News (Sun 18 Aug 19)

  HM Coastguard History
Coastguards were expected to read/send 18 words per minute with semaphore flags and 10 with a flashing lamp, the new acetylene fuel extended visibility to 12 miles.
Satellite communications enable Coastguards to hear the distress calls of seafarers and coastal users who less than a hundred years ago would have hoped in vain that their feeble flares or cries might be seen or heard.
The history of HM Coastguard is on show at a Coastguard Museum in Bridlington and, in the North East, there are Volunteer Life Brigades, which welcome visitors to their watch houses.
www.torbaycoastguard.co.uk /history.html   (3442 words)

 Coastguard - Isle of Man Harbours Website
The Isle of Man Coastguard was formed in 1989 in response to the withdrawal of the HM Coastguard and the closure of its co-ordination centre in Ramsey.
All Coastguard units are fully equipped with vehicles and a range of coastal and inshore rescue equipment.
The Coastguard service consists of people from the community, many with maritime interests, willing to give up their free time to train and be on stand-by to help others when the need arises.
www.gov.im /harbours/coastguard.xml   (492 words)

 Fort William Coastguard an introduction to our sector
All of which are controlled by either HM Coastguard for maritime incidents or by the Air Rescue Coordination Centre at Kinloss in Scotland for Civil aviation and military incidents.
All helicopters used by HM Coastguard are presently SIKORSKY S61N operated by Bristow Helicopters Ltd. They all carry the distinctive colours of the Coastguard : red front and tail with a mainly white hull, blue lines follow the red areas fore and aft and the words "H.M.COASTGUARD" are situated either side of the fuselage.
Each Coastguard Helicopters hold a minimum crew of four personnel, 2 pilots, 1 winchman and a winch operator who is qualified to "Advanced First Aid/ Escort Standard" All personnel are highly trained and training is constantly being revised and updated.
www.fortwilliamcoastguard.co.uk /10000.htm   (1330 words)

 Barry Coastguard 2004 Incidents
While on patrol, Barry Coastguard was flagged down by a member of public, to assist a twelve year old boy who had fallen on Knap Beach.
First aid was given by Barry Coastguard, and the boy was taken to hospital by Ambulance with a dislocated elbow and collar bone.
Barry Coastguard attended and found the noise was from a fog horn.
www.barrycoastguard.co.uk /2004.htm   (1304 words)

The Clifden Coastguard Station is one of a ring of similar installations built at intervals of about ten to twenty miles around the coast of Ireland in the nineteenth century.
There followed the expansion of coastguard stations around the coast of Ireland, including one at Clifden which was situated in the townland of Belleek close to the cove known locally as Caladh Beag.
The new coastguard station was built on land that had been farmed by the Whelan family who were tenants on the D'Arcy estate and resident in the area since before the famine.
www.coastguard-station.com /history.htm   (507 words)

 Coastguards of Yesteryear | April 2003 Newsletter   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
I would be glad to receive any coastguard information and pass it on in to our readers and hope to be able to send out the newsletter on a regular basis.
Coastguard Station set on fire by raiders.Considerable damage by fire was done yesterday morning to the Coastguard Station at Pigeonhouse Road, Ringsend, Dublin.
As the Ringsend coastguards were in Dun Laoghaire at drill the lifeboat was manned by soldiers to save two of the crew of four.
www.coastguardsofyesteryear.org /news/Vol1No4.htm   (1073 words)

 Her Majesty's Coastguard - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Her Majesty's Coastguard is the agency of the government of the United Kingdom concerned with co-ordinating rescue at sea.
The MCA (The Coastguard's Executive Agency) exists to promote high standards of safety at sea, to minimise loss of life amongst seafarers and coastal users and to respond to maritime emergencies 24 hours a day.
HRH the Prince of Wales is Commodore of HM Coastguard.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/HM_Coastguard   (723 words)

 Coastguard In Cornwall   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Over one and a half centuries ago the Coastguard officer was not a popular man in Cornwall, a situation brought about by his meddling in the popular and profitable occupation of smuggling.
The role of the coastguard in more ready manning of HM Ships had tragic consequences when in September 1914 fourteen hundred Coastguards lost their lives in naval actions and many more were to perish.
A 999 call to the Coastguard where Search and Rescue is needed will lead to a call to the ARCC controllers, their assistants, Air Traffic Controllers and the men and women backing them up will all be working to organise rescue efforts.
www.destination-cornwall.co.uk /coguard.htm   (1494 words)

 British Coastguard Records
The Coastguard Service was originally the result of a reorganisation of other existing services aimed at countering the immense smuggling activity that prevailed during the first quarter of the 19th century.
Index to Coastguards in the District of Eastbourne from the Censuses 1831-1891.
The major records concerning the Coastguard Service are held at the Public Record Office, Ruskin Avenue, Kew, Surrey http://www.pro.gov.uk The records of the precursors to the Coastguard Service are also held there.
www.mariners-l.co.uk /UKCoastguards.html   (1534 words)

 Coastguard Northern Region :: About Us > Coastguard Units   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Auckland Coastguard Auckland Coastguard Incorporated (ACI) has a heritage that dates back to 1940 and is the longest serving and largest Coastguard Unit in the Northern Region and the...
Coastguard Kaipara Inc (formerly Kaipara Sea Rescue) was formed in 1979 and operates on the Southern Hemisphere's largest harbour.
Coastguard North Shore, originally known as North Harbour Sea Rescue, is based in the Browns Bay Marine Centre on the East Coast Bays.
www.coastguard.org.nz /coastguard/coastguard_default.asp   (631 words)

 Sussex Police Uncovered - HM Coastguard
Although its beginnings lie in those decades, HM Coastguard originated not to meet the dangers of the seas but to combat a threat to the country’s economy and security – smuggling.
Whilst the Coastguard still assists in smuggling operations, their main role is much more diversified.
All Auxiliary Coastguards are trained in searching and receive training each month to keep them up to date on their skills.
www.sussex.police.uk /features/multiAgency/coastguard.asp   (657 words)

 [No title]
In response Solent Coastguard sent shallow draught inflatables from Portsea Rescue and Portsmouth in-shore lifeboats together with Coastguard Rescue Teams from the Portsmouth area.
As the situation developed the Coastguard helicopter `India Juliet' from Lee-on-Solent was tasked to overfly the area and provide assessments for flood control and rescue co-ordination.
Coastguard Rescue Teams are working alongside Fire, Ambulance and Police teams using the in-shore lifeboat facilities to minimise any risk to their occupants.
members.lycos.co.uk /coastguard/articles/coastguard_news_southern_article034.htm   (215 words)

 Port Talbot Coastguard Search and Rescue Emergency Team Incidents 2002
The Lifeboat was immediately called however the casualty had made it to the surf line by this time, as the team along with crew men from the RNLI ran down with lines and donned lifejacket's, the casualty then came ashore he stated he was not in distress and was apologetic over the teams being called.
Port Talbot Coastguard team illuminated the area with flood lighting and pyrotechnics,while police units tried to locate the informant,Port Talbot Lifeboat was put on stand by and police helicopter wo99 did a sweep of the sea front.
At 10:46 Port Talbot Coastguard were called to a report of a naked male on the river bank of the neath estuary,after a thorough search of the area nothing was found.
www.coastguard.ukf.net /caslist2002.html   (1543 words)

 HM Coastguard - History of Coastguard
Today's Officers of Her Majesty's Coastguard are benefitting from nearly two centuries of maritime experience of their predecessors.
Many changes have taken place over the years and Coastguard co-ordination centres of the 21st century have been transformed by new technology.
HM Coastguard's role is now clearly focussed on search and rescue at sea and the prevention of maritime incidents through education and the promotion of safety.
www.mcga.gov.uk /c4mca/mcga-hmcg/mcga-hmcg-history-of-coastguard.htm   (66 words)

 BBC NEWS | Scotland | Tayside and Central | Coastguard warning after rescue
Coastguards have warned people using inflatable dinghies on the sea to take extra care after a father and son were rescued off Carradale, Argyll and Bute.
Clyde Coastguard called Carradale Coastguard rescue team and requested the launch of the Campbeltown RNLI lifeboat and the scramble of a Royal Navy helicopter from Prestwick.
Clyde Coastguard watch manager Bill Speirs said: "This vessel was inappropriate for the weather conditions, and the occupants of the craft were poorly equipped in terms of life saving apparatus.
news.bbc.co.uk /go/rss/-/1/hi/scotland/tayside_and_central/5237696.stm   (303 words)

 Caithness CWS - Community - Emergency Services - Coastguard in Caithnness
Coastguard is an on-call emergency organisation responsible for the initiation and co-ordination of civil maritime search and rescue within the United Kingdom Search and Rescue Region.
Founded in 1822, originally to guard the coasts against smuggling, Coastguard's role today is the very different one of guarding and saving life at sea, or those who are at risk of injury or death on the cliffs or shoreline of the UK.
Coastguard in Caithness is administered from the Sector Base in Wick, which is controlled by a Sector Manager (SM).
www.caithness.org /community/emergencyservices/text/coastguard_in_caithnness.htm   (331 words)

 Flamborough Coastguard
HM Coastguard are responsible for safeguarding approximately 10,500 miles of UK Coastline and thousands of square miles of sea.
Each year the UK Coastguard service co-ordinates thousands of incidents at sea and on the cliffs and beaches of the UK.
For other coastguard stations along the coast, please search under the general Recreation section.
www.hull.ac.uk /coastalobs/flamborough/recreation/coastguard.html   (103 words)

 Coastguard news
On the one hand MCA stress that coastguard cover can be maintained and provided remotely, and on the other hand opponents say that an electronic device can’t interrogate a casualty to find out how and why they are in difficulty.
Coastguard DC Nick Teale stated that "the ‘Anglian Prince’ was the only vessel capable of responding in those conditions and the rescue was an exceptional feat of seamanship".
Two volunteer coastguards were dropped into the sea recently to test a new homing beacon with an automatic light that could help save lives.
www.caithness.org /orgs/cgancb/coastguard_news.htm   (2970 words)

 Barry Coastguard Search and Rescue Team
Barry Coastguard were tasked to investigate, but found that the men were fishing, safe and well.
Barry Coastguard were tasked to back up Llantwit Major Coastguard and the Police in the recovery of a body at Llantwit Major Beach.
Barry Coastguard, Penarth Coastguard, Barry Dock Lifeboat and Rescue Helicopter 169 (from RAF Chivenor) carried out an extensive coastal search from St Mary's Well Bay (Sully) to Knap beach, but no one was found.
barrycoastguard.co.uk   (343 words)

 COASTGUARD - Online Information article about COASTGUARD
The coastguard was originally designed to prevent smuggling.
But in 1845 the first steps were taken to utilize the coastguard as a reserve to the navy.
The boatmen were required to sign an engagement to serve in the navy if called upon.
encyclopedia.jrank.org /CLI_COM/COASTGUARD.html   (742 words)

 Coastguard Sponsorship   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The Coastguard operates from a network of 4 regions and 65 affiliated units, strategically located around the coastline and at major lakes in New Zealand.
The Coastguard is a volunteer organisation with charitable status.
If you are interested in the Coastguard's history, services it provides, would like to become involved in their activities or want to know how you could assist them please visit their site by clicking on the link on the right-hand side of this page.
www.tfsnet.co.nz /applications/website.nsf/0/5CC0B883904ED63DCC256DC1000DDFBA?OpenDocument   (360 words)

 Isle of Barra Coastguard
In 1925 the Coastguard Act was passed as the 100th Anniversary of the formation of the Coast Guard had just been celebrated and a major reorganization was made.
In 1966 the role of the Coastguard was thoroughly examined by a working group which noted that there was a big increase in the number of pleasure boat incidents also incidents involving bathers and cliff climbers.
In 1994 HM Coastguard became an executive agency of the Department of Transport and in 1998 became an integral part of the Marine Coastguard Agency.
www.isleofbarra.com /history.html   (1633 words)

 Whakatane Coast Guard
The Coastguard continued using the 10' x 8' building for a time, then in 1976 moved to the site of the present headquarters overlooking the Whakatane River entrance and bar.
Membership of the Whakatane Coastguard has grown over the years and in 2006 exceeds 1000 members, many of whom are from outside of the Whakatane district and bring their boats to fish from Whakatane periodically.
In 2002, after local fundraising and support from the Federation, the Coastguard purchased and launched the Dedicated Rescue vessel 'CHH Tasman Rescue' which is presently housed in a purpose built shed at the far end of the boat ramp carpark.
www.coastguardwhakatane.co.nz /history.htm   (892 words)

 BBC NEWS | UK | Northern Ireland | Concern at 'Coastguard downgrade'
However, the Maritime Coastguard Agency denied there were any current plans to change the operation of co-ordination centres or to close any.
Concerned Coastguard staff said the proposals would see all the activities of the current centre co-ordinated in Scotland, but with no job losses.
Coastguard union, the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS), called for "cast iron guarantees" from the Maritime Coastguard Agency on the future of the Belfast Coastguard Rescue Centre.
news.bbc.co.uk /go/rss/-/2/hi/uk_news/northern_ireland/4694129.stm   (490 words)

 Coastguard Association Home Page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The Coastguard Association is funded entirely by subscriptions and donations.
Coastline magazine is the official journal of the Coastguard Association.
Mostly our members are serving or retired Coastguards, those who have retired or those still serving, are held in extremely high regard throughout UK and around the world.
www.coastguardassociation.com   (253 words)

 The Coastguard Pub and Restaurant - In a location renowned across Kent for its beauty, lives up to its reputation for ...
The Coastguard Pub and Restaurant - In a location renowned across Kent for its beauty, lives up to its reputation for excellent food and drink, complemented by breathtaking views out to sea.
Set in a location renowned across Kent for its beauty, The Coastguard lives up to its reputation for excellent food and drink, complemented by breathtaking views out to sea.
There are lots to do around the pub; such as walking along the pebble beach, exploring the ancient Saxon shore way near the South Foreland Lighthouse, as well as cycling, canoeing, windsurfing and swimming.
thecoastguard.co.uk /index.htm   (194 words)

 New Zealand Coastguard Eastern Region - affiliate of NZ Volunteer Coastguard Federation
Unlike them, New Zealand Coastguard is a Volunteer organisation which must raise its own funds.
Coastguard looks out for the safety of every person who goes to sea off our coast or enjoys any of the region's harbours, lakes, or beaches.
You may be very surprised to learn that Coastguard is totally dependent upon community support to fund our operations.
www.coastguardeastern.co.nz /Index.htm   (252 words)

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