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Topic: Coat of Arms of Tasmania

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In the News (Tue 21 May 19)

  The Australian Coat of Arms
The Australian Coat of Arms are the property of the Commonwealth of Australia and are used by the Commonwealth to authenticate documents, to indicate ownership of property, and for other purposes of identification.
Strictly the Crest is the device above shield and hemlet on a coat of arms; in Australia's case it is the seven-pointed gold star on the wreath.
The devices for each of the six States on the Arms are represented on the Blue Ensigns that are the official state flags.
www.anbg.gov.au /oz/arms.html   (401 words)

  Tasmania - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The island of Tasmania, an Australian state, is located 200 km south of the eastern side of the continent, being separated from it by Bass Strait.
Rail transport in Tasmania consists of narrow gauge lines to all four major population centres and to mining or forestry operations on the west coast and in the northwest.
Tasmania's small population and low sponsorship potential results in the state not being represented in national football (soccer) (see Football (soccer) in Tasmania) and netball leagues.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Tasmania   (2953 words)

 NationMaster - Encyclopedia: The Hutchins School
Arms of the Anglican Church of Australia The Anglican Church of Australia, a member church of the Anglican Communion, was previously officially known as the Church of England in Australia and Tasmania (renamed in 1981).
Black cat, thought by some to cause bad luck (see superstition) Black is the shade of objects that do not reflect light in any part of the visible spectrum.
Founded on August 3, 1846 by the Anglican Church in honour of the Venerable William Hutchins, the first Anglican Archdeacon of Van Diemen's Land, The Hutchins School is one of the oldest private schools in Australia.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/The-Hutchins-School   (1914 words)

 Encyclopedia :: encyclopedia : Coat of arms   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The term coat of arms is a modern colloquial terminology referring to what is properly termed an heraldic achievement, achievement of arms or bearings in traditional European heraldry.
Coats of arms are derived from the medieval practice of painting designs onto the shield and outer clothing of knights to enable them to be identified in battle, and later in tournaments, and they consist of a number of defined elements, including a shield, supporters, helm, coronet, pavilion, banners and motto.
At a national level "coats of arms" are generally retained by monarchist states, such as the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Sweden and Denmark.
www.hallencyclopedia.com /Coat_of_arms   (266 words)

 Ancora Imparo - I am still learning. - Tasmania
Tasmania is a mountainous island and some of the most beautiful parts of the state are where the rugged coast meets the lush temperate rainforest with a backdrop of steep mountains.
Tasmania's north-west coast is one of the state's most prosperous farming areas and a popular tourist destination.
Tasmania has one of the largest collection of marsupials in Australia, and over a dozen species of bird are native to the state.
www.ancoraimparo.net /index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=36&Itemid=67   (848 words)

 Australia Now - Australia's Coat of Arms
The Coat of Arms was granted by King George V in 1912.
However, a Coat of Arms for the city of Canberra, the national capital of Australia, was granted by King George V in 1928.
The Coat of Arms of the island State was granted by King George V in 1917 and the description of the Arms embodies the motto, Ubertas et Fidelitas (Fertility and Faithfulness).
www.dfat.gov.au /facts/coat_of_arms.html   (1118 words)

 Australian Coat of Arms
Australia's first national coat of arms was granted in 1908 and displayed the kangaroo and emu supporting the shield, and standing on a grassy mound.
The second coat of arms, made in 1912, included the symbols of the states woven together in the central shield with a border symbolizing federation.
Strictly the Crest is the device above shield and helmet on a coat of arms; in Australia's case it is the seven-pointed gold star on the wreath.
www.diggerhistory.info /pages-flags/coat_of_arms.htm   (576 words)

 Tasmania Facts
I hereby certify that the foregoing copy of the Royal Warrant assigning Armorial Ensigns and Supporters to the State of Tasmania is faithfully extracted from the Records of the College of Arms, London.
The Tasmanian Blue Gum, Eucalyptus glolulus Labill., was collected from the south-east coast of Tasmania in 1792-93 by the French naturalist J. de Labillardiere and was described and illustrated by him in 1799.
The Tasmanian Blue Gum is widespread and locally abundant in southern and eastern Tasmania and in the middle reaches of the River Derwent; it attains its maximum size in well-drained soils and in sheltered valleys.
www.about-australia.com /facts/tasmania/tasmania-flags-emblems   (853 words)

Coat of arms of Tasmania.png Bandera del estado Escudo de armas Capital Hobart Gobernador Bill Cox (Actual Gobernador) Presidente Paul Lennon Área
Tasmania tiene una población de 484.700 habitantes (cálculo de marzo de 2005) y un área de 68.332 km².
Tasmania estuvo unida al continente australiano hasta hace 13.000 años y tras la subida del nivel de las aguas ésta quedó aislada, creándose el estrecho de Bass.
www.dejavu.org /cgi-bin/get.cgi?ver=93&url=http%3A%2F%2Farticles.gourt.com%2Fes%2FTasmania   (636 words)

 Encyclopedia: Index
Coat of Arms of the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Coats of arms of the Yugoslav Socialist Republics
Coat of Arms of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
encyclopedie-en.snyke.com /ndx/page_242.html   (71 words)

 Ben Lomond National Park
The skifield on Ben Lomond is Tasmania's only downhill skiing area which offers some of the facilities expected of a contemporary skifield.
The vegetation of Ben Lomond is different to other parts of Tasmania and, in the summer months, the alpine wildflowers are a delight.
occurs in the park and is restricted to the highland regions of north-east Tasmania.
www.australiannationalparks.com /tasmania/ben   (2224 words)

 Stott Coat of Arms - Tasmania Australia
We have a Stott history in Aberdeen going back to the 1500's and the coat of arms which goes back more than 800 years is a quite simple affair that I will send you a picture of later....
You must remember that since 1707 that the crown is still English, the overseers are English and the phoney Clan Chiefs are descended from the ones the English put into power and so the myth is still perpetuated.
We will of course never know the whole; absolute truth but we do know the crests and coat of arms of Stott are originally from this land and they bear no resemblance to the shield you have on display.
stott.customer.netspace.net.au /coatarm1.htm   (718 words)

 Mint Issue 45! - November 2001 - Tasmania Three Coin Set
These marsupial animals were relatively common in Tasmania at the time of European settlement, but are now believed to be extinct.
The shield features symbols of Tasmania's industry: hops, a sheaf of wheat (Tasmania was a major source of food for the early Australian colonies), a ram, apples, and a thunderbolt which refers to Tasmania's hydro-electric power system.
Tasmania's Latin Motto 'Ubertas et Fidelitas' or 'Fruitfulness and Faithfulness' appears at the base of the Coat of Arms.
www.ramint.gov.au /mint_issue/issues/mintissue45/800263.cfm   (463 words)

 Titherly Titherley Tytherleigh Titherleigh Tytherley, the surname
The first seems to come from the old English 'tiedre' meaning weak or fragile, and the second is 'leah' meaning 'grove' or 'thin wood'.
The Titherly coat of arms is "Ermine, two cripping irons in saltire gules".
The name may have started in the south west of England, but it is now represented in many parts of the world including Tasmania (read about Dave Titherley Jazz musician) and several parts of the USA.
www.titherly.com   (928 words)

 Tasmania Coat of Arms : Coats of Arms, National Flags : CafePress.com
Tasmania Coat of Arms : Coats of Arms, National Flags : CafePress.com
We sell Tasmania coat of arms t-shirts, mugs, stein, sweatshirts, and other clothing and gift items.
Tasmania Coat of Arms Women's Cap Sleeve T-Shirt
www.cafepress.com /flagsandcoats/1218887   (81 words)

 Civic heraldry of Australia
World Civic Heraldry Guide: coats of arms and flags of cities, regions, states
» New South Wales (Australia), coat of arms
» Ashfield (New South Wales, Australia), coat of arms
www.civicheraldry.com /region/australia   (30 words)

 Tasmania Online: Home > About Tasmania
Discover Tasmania is Tourism Tasmania's premier web site providing information on things to do and see, where to stay, events, maps, getting to and around, activities.
Tasmania Online is a State Library of Tasmania listing of all Tasmanian web sites.
Tasmania Online inclusion and indexing policies (updated November 2005) are available online.
www.tas.gov.au /tasmaniaonline/Nav/Topic.asp?Topic=About+Tasmania   (519 words)

 Launceston City Park   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Accommodation for visitors to Launceston includes backpacker hostels, the caravan park The Launceston International Hotel, self catering in historic cottages and hotels...
Find basic contact information for Carr Villa Memorial Park in Launceston, Tasmania.
Lowest Rates Guaranteed on this and other Hotels and Serviced Apartments in Launceston, Australia.
www.ucjournal.com /launceston-city-park.html   (169 words)

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