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In the News (Tue 21 May 19)

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Regarded as the Queen of the Arabian Sea on the west coast of India, Cochin is a cluster of islands dotting on the magnificent emerald lakes which in turn open to the sea, making the city one of the finest natural harbors in the world.
Also a prime tourist destination of Kerala State, Cochin is boasted for its extensively emerald backwaters lined with palm trees and local villages which represent the fascinating lifestyle of inhabitants who still used these courseways as their mode of transportation.
Cochin, the commercial capital of Kerala is indeed the Queen of the Arabian Sea, where ancient civilization gracefully mingles with modern life.
www.cochin-hotels-guide.com   (661 words)

  COCHIN - LoveToKnow Article on COCHIN
COCHIN, a feudatory state of southern India, in political subordination to Madras, with an area of 1361 sq.
Its port of Kodungalur (Kranganur, the ancient Muziris), at the mouth of the Periyar, was from early times one of the chief centres for the trade between Europe and India; and it was at Malankara, near Kodungalur, that the apostle Thomas is traditionally said to have landed.
COCHIN, a town of British India, in the district of Malabar, Madras.
www.1911encyclopedia.org /C/CO/COCHIN.htm   (1138 words)

 Cochin Jews   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Distinctive features of Cochin Jewish worship include circumcision ceremonies at public worship, the wearing of clothes of a special colour for each festival, and the distribution of grapes soaked in sweet-smelling myrtle leaves on certain festive occasions.
The origins of the Cochin Jews are obscure although their history can be traced as far back as the 10th century CE when the king of Malabar granted certain rights and privileges to a Jew named Joseph Rabban.
The Cochin Jews showed their support for the Zionist movement in a letter sent to Theodor Herzl in 1901, and since 1948 the majority have emigrated to Israel.
philtar.ucsm.ac.uk /encyclopedia/judaism/cochin.html   (454 words)

Cochin thus became the stronghold of the Faith, and it was the missionaries of Cochin who carried the Gospel throughout all Southern India and Ceylon, everywhere establishing missions, and building churches, charitable and educational institutions, all of which were endowed by the kings of Portugal.
The above-mentioned Bull of Paul IV, by which the diocese was constituted, raised the collegiate church of the Holy Cross (Santa Cruz), the parish church of Cochin, to the dignity of cathedral of the diocese, and established therein a chapter consisting of five dignitaries and twelve canons.
From 1663 until the diocese was reorganized in 1886, the bishops of Cochin resided at Quilon.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/04076a.htm   (2267 words)

 Destination Kochi / Cochin
Cochin is proud of its world class port and international airport that link it to many major cities worldwide.
But, Cochin has outgrown its original bounds and is now the general name given to much of the region adjoining the original town, which now includes Cochin, Fort Kochi, Mattanchery, Ernakulam and many other nearby towns and villages.
Cochin is situated in Ernakulam district in the state of Kerala.
www.cochin.org   (389 words)

 Our Man in Cochin
Cochin is also building its port facilities and an International Airport to vie with many of the best port cities in the region.
The Rajah (king) of Cochin allowed that a "feitoria" (factory) be allocated to the Portuguese and upon Cabral's departure he allowed that thirty Portuguese and four Franciscan friars stayed in Cochin.
In 1502 a new expedition under the command of Vasco da Gama arrived at Cochin, and the friendship with the Rajah of Cochin was renewed.
www.defonseka.com /pe0017.htm   (896 words)

 Cochin- Queen of the Arabian Sea
Strategically located on the east–west sea route, Cochin is Kerala’s major port, boasting of one of the finest natural harbours in the world which forms the hub around which the city revolves–a fact the world’s sea trade seems to have known for long.
Although this ancient community of Cochin has now dwindled to a few families, strong elements of their culture and tradition as well as the Hebrew language remain in Jew Town, which is what the area surrounding the Mattancherry Synagogue has come to be called.
To the South of Cochin is the town of Vaikom famous for its Shiva Temple.
www.cochinatbest.com /cochin_facts.htm   (1925 words)

 Cochin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Cochin city, the former name of the city of Kochi, India
Kingdom of Cochin, a former princely state of India, merged with Travancore to form the State of Kerala
Cochin (chicken), a breed of chicken known for its thick plumage
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Cochin   (141 words)

 Cochin,Cochin Travel Cochin Tours of Cochin Tourism in Cochin India   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Cochin or Kochi, is one of the finest natural harbours on the Arabian Sea coast of India.
Its main sections: modern Ernakulam in the east and the old districts of Mattancherry and Fort Cochin on a peninsula in the west are linked by a complex system of ferries.
Mattancherry Palace (Dutch Palace): Built by the Portuguese in 1557 and presented to Raja Veera Kerala Varma of Cochin, the palace was renovated in 1663 by the Dutch.
kerala.indiantravelportal.com /cochin   (1543 words)

 CLIA - Cruise Line International Association
Cochin, also known as Kochi, lies on the Lakshadweep Sea, and is one of the largest and most storied ports in India.
Cochin is comprised of the Ernakulam area on the Malabar Coast as well as a series of natural and man-made islands found in the Mattancherry Peninsula.
Cochin has been continuously inhabited since the days of antiquity, yet it remained a sleepy fishing village for centuries, until discovered by the Portuguese in the 16th century.
www.cruising.org /planyourcruise/wwdest/overview.cfm?recordID=54   (283 words)

 Cochins   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Cochins were first imported to America and England in 1845.
Unfortunately, as it turns out, the Cochin barely manages to lay a few eggs a week and despite their massive appearance, they are not as heavy as they appear, which makes them unattractive for commercial meat production.
The female Cochins have a prominant development of feathers at the base of their tails which forms what is called a 'cushion'.
www.afn.org /~poultry/breeds/cochin.htm   (410 words)

 BHRAMAN : A monthly magazine on travel and tourism   (Site not responding. Last check: )
It consists of mainland Ernakulam, Fort Cochin and Matlancherry on the southern penisula, the islands of Willingdon, Bolgathy and Gundu and Vypeen island.
The harbour of Fort Cochin was a principal port on the spice trade-route between India and other countries of the world.
The Matlancherry Palace lying on the sea-shore, was built by the Portugese in 1555 and presented to the raja of Cochin, Veera Kerala Verma (1537-61) as a gesture of goodwill to compensate for their destructive activities.
www.bhraman.com /places_to_go/seaside/cochin.html   (1034 words)

 Browse India By City -Cochin, Cochin City, Travel to Cochin, Cochin Tour   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Cochin is the commercial capital of Kerala, and is sometimes referred to as the 'Queen of the Arabian Sea'.
Cochin proudly boasts a rich cultural heritage, but is one of the most fast paced and modern cities in India.
This museum, adjacent to the Shiva temple was the Durbar (court) of the Cochin rajas.
www.travelandtourtoindia.com /cochin.php   (1440 words)

 Cochin ( Kochi ), Kerala also, Alleppey ( Alappuzha ), Quilon ( Kollam ) , Dutch Cemetery ,
I will be adding a brief on Cochin, but until then you can go through the photographs of various places, from the old buildings, the Bishop's Palace, the Dutch Houses, and a boat ride around the shore through the harbour.
Cochin or Kochi as it is now called, is a very interesting part of Kerala.
Fort Cochin, which is on the seaward side, and perhaps was why the Fort was built to safeguard the city.
www.geocities.com /Athens/Acropolis/9669/cochin.htm   (688 words)

 The Jewish Community of Cochin   (Site not responding. Last check: )
A close contact between Cochin and the Holy Land was established from the middle of the 18th century, through emissaries from Eretz Israel.
In 1923, the first Zionist organization was founded in Cochin, and the Jews sent representatives to the Zionist Federation in London and even appointed I. Zangwill as their representative to one of the Zionist congresses, being themselves unable to send a delegate.
In 1970, the Jews from Cochin in Israel numbered approximately 4,000.The magnificent 16th century Paradesi synagogue in Cochin is still in use.
www.bh.org.il /Communities/Archive/Cochin.asp   (1140 words)

 Indian Airports, Airports of India, India Tourism, Indian Travel and Indian Hotels
Stay on the banks of River Periyar near Cochin Airport
Cochin International Airport is one of the country's youngest Airports with modern facilities and conveniences.Located at Nedumbassery, which is about 30 kms off Kochi (Cochin) city,this is the first airport in India that was constructed with private participation,outside the ambit of Airport Authority of India.
The downtown city-area is known as Ernakulam and the areas surrounding it, comprising mainly of islands, is collectively known as Kochi (Cochin).
www.cochinairport.com   (171 words)

 Hotels in Kochi-Cochin,Kochi-Cochin Hotels,Kochi-Cochin Hotels Directory,Kochi-Cochin Hotels Guide,Hotels ...
Cochin, the commercial capital of Kerala is indeed the Queen of the Arabian Sea, where ancient civilization gracefully mingles with modern life.
The hotel is located at Palarivattom at the heart of Cochin with clean surroundings and close to the Cochin Export Processing Zone at Kakkanad and the Alwaye Industrial belt.
The commerical establishments of Cochin is hardly 2 kms away from the hotel.
www.hotels-in-india.com /cochin.html   (866 words)

 Linotype Font of the Week - Cochin
Georges Peignot designed Cochin based on copper engravings of the 18th century and Charles Malin cut the typeface in 1912 for the Paris foundry Deberny & Peignot.
Cochin is especially large and wide and was especially popular at the beginning of the 20th century.
Cochin is a trademark of Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG, which may be registered in certain jurisdictions, exclusively licensed through Linotype GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG.
www.linotype.com /60/cochin-doc.html?CMP=MjcxfDc2NzU3   (398 words)

 Le Meridien Cochin - Location   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Cochin, now renamed Kochi, has been a port of call for Chinese, Jewish, Arab and European traders since very early times, and this is reflected in the multicultural nature of this place.
Cochin consists of mainland Ernakulam, the islands of Willington, Bolgatty and Gundu in the harbour, Fort Cochin and Mattancherry on the southern peninsula, and Vypeen Island north of Fort Cochin, all linked by ferry.
Cochin is one of India's largest ports and a major naval base.
www.lemeridien-cochin.com /Location.html   (406 words)

 AllRefer.com - Cochin, India (Indian Political Geography) - Encyclopedia
Now part of Kerala state, the region of Cochin has one of the highest population densities in India.
Ernakulam was the former capital and Kochi (formerly Cochin) (1991 pop.
The finest port S of Bombay, Kochi, with its naval base and shipbuilding industry, is the primary training center for the Indian Navy.
reference.allrefer.com /encyclopedia/C/Cochin.html   (224 words)

 Tsunami News for Cochin, India
Clifford, a radiology intern at a hospital in Cochin, India was...
Cochin, India -- An Indian religious leader known as "the hugging saint" -- because she...
Cochin is a city of islands connected to the mainland, and to each other...
danger.mongabay.com /earthquake/2004/Cochin.html   (1937 words)

Cochin is a really nice place, in south-west India, just on the shore of the Arabian see.
Cochin is special for Jews as a large Jewish community used to live here.
However, it is a most livingly place in Cochin and very touristic since all the area around the synagouge is full off handicrafts shops.
www.travelblog.org /Asia/India/Kerela/Cochin/blog-29505.html   (1013 words)

 Diocese of Cochin.   (Site not responding. Last check: )
In 1663 the Dutch Calvinists captured the city of Cochin and destroyed all the Catholic institutions of the Portuguese except the St. Anthony's Church (the Dutch Church) and the Santa Cruz Cathedral.
Thus on 24th April, 1838, the Diocese of Cochin was annexed to the Vicariate.
Simultaneously the Vicariate of Verapoly was raised to archdiocese and the Diocese of Quilon was erected as its suffragan.
www.dioceseofcochin.org /content/view/64/87   (2048 words)

 Hotels and Resorts in kerala - Kerala Global Dot Com
Cochin, the commercial capital of Kerala is indeed the Queen of the Arabian Sea, where ancient civilization gracefully mingles with modern
Le Méridien Cochin has been regarded as one of Cochin's most exclusive addresses since its grand launch in April 2001.
The Woods Manor, ideally located in the very heart of Cochin., M.G. Road- is hardly 500 meters from Ernakulam Junction railway Station and is in the vicinity of all major shopping malls in the city.
travels.keralaglobal.com /hotels/cochin   (926 words)

 Airline Tickets to Cochin, India, cheap flights to Kochi, Air Booking and Reservation for Kerala
Today, the land of spices that attracted the European traders is a quaint blend of the old and the new, the Indian and the Western.
The city is built on scattered islands, giving the place a canal town feel, though today it is a modern, bustling port, it consists of a series of small islands and a bit of the mainland, the city is a cohesive whole through its bridges and ferry services.
Channels of silvery water criss cross the city and fishing, canoes, chinese nets, shipping and trade and the lush greenery fringing the expanses of water have given Cochin its picture postcard look and is what draw outsiders to the busy port town of Cochin.
www.eflighttickets.com /india/airline-tickets-cochin.php   (1137 words)

 Cochin China. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-05   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Cochin China was originally part of the Khmer Empire.
Unlike the other sections of Indochina, which were French protectorates under native rulers, Cochin China was administered by the French as a colony; thus, French influence was strongest there.
Constituted (1946) as an independent republic within the Federation of Indochina, Cochin China was later (1949) permitted by the French to join with Annam and Tonkin in Vietnam.
www.bartleby.com /65/co/CochinCh.html   (326 words)

 Cochini Jews of Kerala
But actually the first settlement of the Cochini Jews wasn’t in Cochin but a little north from Cochin in the town of Kudungallur (formly Cranganore).
The Jewish principality survived till the 16th century A. In 1524 the Jews were attacked by Moorish Arabs because of the monopoly Jewish merchants had in some commodities.
The Jews who were a principality with no real army deserted their principality and asked for shelter from the king of Cochin.
adaniel.tripod.com /cochin.htm   (709 words)

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