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Topic: Code name

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In the News (Tue 19 Mar 19)

  Code name - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In the Second World War, code names common to the Allies referring to nations, cities, geographical features, military units, military operations, diplomatic meetings, places, and individual persons were agreed upon adapting pre-war naming procedures in use by the governments concerned.
These names were considered by the Soviets as being like a nickname given to one's unit by the opponents in a battle, such as the US Marines were called by the Germans in France "Devil Dogs", which they appreciated as a feather in their cap.
Code names are also commonplace in the computer world where products are informally given names during development.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Code_name   (1787 words)

 MARC Code List for Languages
The language codes are three-character lowercase alphabetic strings usually based on the first three letters of the English form or, in some cases, vernacular of the corresponding language name.
Additional codes for individual languages are created from time to time when it becomes apparent that a significant body of literature in a particular language already exists, or when it is determined that the amount of material in a language is growing.
Group codes may be recognized by the fact that the name listed in association with the code does not represent an individual language, and includes either the generic term "languages" or the expression "(Other)," as opposed to names of individual languages which do not include these terms.
www.loc.gov /marc/languages   (1726 words)

 List of Microsoft software codenames - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Named after Whistler, British Columbia, where design retreats were held.
The name COM+ is still in use to designate extensions to COM (currently at version 1.5) for resource management, integrated security and transactionality.
Named after the play Waiting for Godot (centered around the failure of a man named "Godot" to appear and the endless wait for him), because it was felt to be long overdue.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Microsoft_codenames   (1262 words)

 FIPS 55-3 Class Code Definitions
C4: Identifies an alternate authoritative common name of any member of the other subclasses of Class C. The entity code of the legal name is referenced in the “Other Name Code” of the record, and in the entry for the legal name, the Other Name Code references the alternate.
The code of a correct replacement, if any, is given in the Other Name Code and Part of Code fields; the incorrect or obsolete name may be referenced in same cases from the Other Name Code of the replacement.
X3: Identifies entities whose names are incorrect or less preferred, and are not appropriate in any other (sub)class, or entities for which more specific information that would permit assignment to an appropriate (sub)class is not available; the correct or preferred name, where known, is referenced by the Other Name Code.
geonames.usgs.gov /classcode.html   (3150 words)

 Font Names Table
Name table entries can be added by the font designer in any language at any time to provide information to world-wide users of the font.
The name table header gives the format of the table, the number of name records (rows) in the table, and the offset in bytes to the multilingual character name strings.
It is important to remember that each name character string appears in the name table in the format relevant to its specified platform and platform-specific ID. For example, if the platform and platform-specific ID were Unicode 1.1, then the text strings would be encoded according to that standard.
developer.apple.com /fonts/TTRefMan/RM06/Chap6name.html   (1655 words)

 Code name scorpion - Sleeping Giant Comics
Code Name: Desert Scorpion was released carded as part of the tenth series (1991).
They code name her 'Scorpion,' outfit her with the slinky Black Ops spy gear you see on the cover and send her back out into the cold.
According to the mythology of Mortal Kombat, "Scorpion" was the code name of one of the Shirai Ryu's finest - a ninja assassin named Hanzo Hasashi.
listwide.com /lswd/code-name-scorpion.html   (240 words)

 CoDe Magazine - Article: C# 2.0 Code Refactoring
For example, changing a variable name or packaging a few lines of code into a method are code refactoring.
Code refactoring allows you to change the code structure, without changing or affecting what the code itself actually does.
Refactoring may or may not change the public interface of a type?it is at the discretion of the developer whether the changes made should be limited to the internals of a single component or it should trigger a massive update of all the clients as well.
www.code-magazine.com /Article.aspx?quickid=0401071   (1067 words)

 Early Warning Archive by Category
Code Name of the Week: Divine Strake In the tricky world of deterrence, where the United States is pressuring Iran to give up its nuclear weapons program in exchange for a promise of the rule of law and implied security,...
Code Name(s) of the Week: DIAZ, Emergejust, Freedom, Highpoint, PASSGEAR, Viceroy The National Security Agency is in the process of building a new warning hub and data warehouse in the Denver area, realigning much of its workforce from Ft. Meade,...
Code Name of the Week: Wargoddess In this week of the New York subway scare and an announcement that the CIA is being recast as the National Clandestine Service, we should ponder the risks associated with the post-9/11 love affair...
blogs.washingtonpost.com /earlywarning/code_name_of_the_week/index.html   (483 words)

 [No title]
Typically, your camera and desktop software will catalog this data by naming the photos in sequence and maybe place these in a folder according to the date that the photos were taken.
The code in Figure 4 will fail at run time because in the store, members of Categories are nested elements, which are owned by a single item and cannot be shared between items.
That change may be from code in the same process, in another process, or on another machine.
msdn.microsoft.com /msdnmag/issues/04/01/WinFS/default.aspx   (4365 words)

 Code Name: Viper for PS2 on Gamerhelp.com
Getting to beat it is and will be treated as optional.] In Code Name: Viper, you play as a secret agent known as Viper whenever he's been assigned a task.
The enemies' names have been made up as they were never called anything to my knowledge.
I have made up the names according to their appearance (since most of them are the same basic drawings with different colors -- check the "Miscellaneous Info" section) unless something odd struck me and I could not control my madness anymore.
www.gamerhelp.com /nes/CodeNameViper/100530.shtml   (11734 words)

 U.S. Military Code Names
Project Names and Code Words were used by military and intelligence organizations around the world for many years.
Code Words are also cancelled, if the project, program, operation, or mission they were assigned to, was either completed or disbanded.
Code Words can be assigned to virtually everything that might be classified, including Programs, Projects, Geographical Areas or Locations, Operations, Objectives, Missions, Plans, Tasks, Information types, etc. So called "Special Access (required) Programs" (SAP), also known as "fl" programs, may have a classified Code Word assigned to them, but this is optional.
www.designation-systems.net /usmilav/codenames.html   (2822 words)

The Code Name Laurentians represent the latest project from Toronto songwriter and musician, Royal Nasager.
After an extended period pursuing solo projects abroad and at home, 2003 saw Royal return to the city’s music scene with the assembly of the Code Name Laurentians.
The Code Name Laurentians have been likened to the Band played really fast, torch bearers of the Magnetic Fields legacy and a latter-day Kinks.
www.cestwhat.com /music/codenamelaurentians.asp   (244 words)

 Code Name Laurentians
The Code Name Laurentians are one of Toronto's best up-and-coming indie rock bands.
Where the Code Name's differ from other in the genre, is the range and complexity of their songs.
Royal is backed up by an amazingly tight and dynamic cast which do more than their fair share to raise the energy of Code Name's compelling performance.
www.blogto.com /music/2006/01/code_name_laurentians   (948 words)

 purevolume™ | Code Name Condor
Take the punk put out by rancid, the electronic sounds of motion city soundtrack, the blink- 182 power, and the hip-hop vibes created by Transplants, you have Code Name Condor.
Code Name Condor hasn't posted a blog yet.
Code Name Condor hasn't posted any shows yet.
www.purevolume.com /codenamecondor   (111 words)

 [No title]
These names can be meaningful (like "Longhorn," which is a bar between Whistler and Blackcomb), quirkily descriptive (like "Aurum," the SQL Server 2000 data-mining code name and also the Latin word for gold), or just plain goofy (we'll withhold examples of this one).
Many times a beta code name will stay in the public consciousness for some time.
Then there are other technologies that have a pretty snappy code name, but when the final product name is announced, it is more descriptive than fun.
msdn.microsoft.com /msdnmag/issues/06/02/EditorsNote   (675 words)

 HTML NAME - HTML Code Tutorial
assigns a name to the input field, and is required in most circumstances.
For radio buttons and submit buttons you can use the same name in more than one input to indicate different options.
The input object is in the elements collection of the form object, and can be referred to by its name using dot notation.
www.htmlcodetutorial.com /forms/_INPUT_NAME.html   (148 words)

 What's in a code name? - Network World
While most technology companies do not have official policies on how they create product code names, they are almost always dreamed up by engineers with the understanding that the code names will be for internal use only.
Though larger companies sometimes tell their development teams to pick code names that have not been trademarked - geographical locations or species of fish, for example - engineers typically are given latitude in the names they can use.
But some products are the subject of such intense media scrutiny that their code names take on a momentum of their own.
www.networkworld.com /news/2004/0405widernetcodenames.html   (888 words)

 Country Code Domain Name Registration (ccTLDs) - Domainz Limited.
Of course the.nz domain name is more familiar to you - and that's the reason why Country Code Top Level Domain Names (ccTLDs) are an exceptional investment for New Zealand businesses wanting to sell products or promote themselves in national markets for the Asia-Pacific region, Europe, Africa, The Americas and elsewhere.
And of course if you have brands, products, trade names and trademarks that you want to protect in these markets - your domain names are the most important place to start.
Your best option is to let us know what markets you operate in and we can give you further information and a no obligation, free quote on securing your names in those markets.
www.domainz.net.nz /info.asp?menu=domain_names&content=countrycodenames&page=other_country_domains   (409 words)

 Code Name - Save on Action and Thriller Books (bookthrillers.com) - Small Town
As Jess's world gets tossed into the whirlwind of Navy SEALS and ransom deadlines, her best hope may be to hang on for the ride.
With CODE NAME: PRINCESS, Christina Skye features her signature blend of seduction and adventure that readers have come to love.
Sterns’s use of language is first class.”—Library Journal“There is something about Canada that breeds marvelous women novelists; and if Kate Sterns’s assured debut is anything to go by, it cannot be long before she is mentioned in the same breath as M...
www.bookthrillers.com /CodeName/Store/3189579   (769 words)

 PC World - Microsoft Drops Palladium Code Name   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Name change signals that the security plan is moving into its next phase, software giant says.
Dropping the Palladium code name signals a new phase for the plan that should create a more secure Windows computing platform, a Microsoft spokesperson said.
The change also puts a new name on a plan that has weathered a lot of criticism.
www.pcworld.com /news/article/0,aid,108994,00.asp   (487 words)

 Canadian Postal Codes Database Subscription | City | Province | Area Code
The province name of the city to that particular Postal code.
The telephone area code belonging to the particular postal code is located.
Includes ZIP code, city name, state code and phone area code in United States.
zipcodeworld.com /postalcodebasic.htm?s=ip   (279 words)

 Amazon.com: Code Name: Baby: Books: Christina Skye   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
In bestseller Skye's thrilling third Code Name romance (after Code Name: Princess), gorgeous dog trainer Kit O'Halloran works under government contract at her New Mexico ranch with four genetically enhanced fl Labradors that, unknown to her, are worth millions to outside forces as well as to U.S. covert operations.
I used to be a die-hard Christina Skye fan--I adored "Going Overboard" and have read it more times than I can count--but her new Code Name books left me feeling like something was just missing...but this last book was a HUGE improvement.
I've enjoyed other books in the author's Code name series but I was taken by surprise when I realized this was a paranormal romance - which is a departure from her other Code Name novels.
www.amazon.com /Code-Name-Baby-Christina-Skye/dp/0373770693   (2035 words)

 Code Name: Eternity TV Show - Code Name: Eternity Television Show - TV.com
Code Name: Eternity TV Show - Code Name: Eternity Television Show - TV.com
Meanwhile Laura and Ethaniel search for the weapon that Banning has built that would shift the Earth's axis and destroy all earth life on the planet before he is ready to activate it.
Tell the world what you think of Code Name: Eternity, write a review for this show.
www.tv.com /code-name-eternity/show/3440/summary.html   (282 words)

 Release notes for the preliminary release of Windows Code Name "Longhorn"
Windows Code Name "Longhorn" was distributed at the Windows Hardware Engineering Conference (WinHEC) in April, 2005.
In this preliminary release of Windows Code Name "Longhorn", the Print, Imaging, Fax, and Color feature sets are not included in Windows Code Name "Longhorn".
This release of Windows Code Name "Longhorn" includes a Beta 1 release of the Microsoft.NET Framework version 2.0 from June, 2004.
support.microsoft.com /default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;829967   (647 words)

 Project Code Name   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
I'm speccing out some code here at work today and am trying to think of a nice code name for the project so I don't have to type "Barcode Terminal Service for Oracle Applications 10.7" over and over and over again.
I thought about some random anime character name but decided it's probably best if the rest of the team can pronounce it without stumbling.
I thought about a word out of the dictionary but as I wrote a bit more I thought that perhaps a project code name should have at least some semantic resemblance to the project's purpose.
c2.com /cgi/wiki?ProjectCodeName   (289 words)

 Code Name: Sailor V
His name is Kaitou Ace and we really don't know much about him.
AS THE BAKA CAT WAS SAYING, Code Name: Sailor V is a manga series by Naoko Takeuchi.
The England storyline was created by the Anime version of Sailor Moon, and has nothing to do with the Code Name: Sailor V manga.
members.tripod.com /~Jaro/sailor_v.html   (598 words)

 Pentagon may change retaliation's code name
WASHINGTON -- Fearful of offending the world's Muslims, the Pentagon is rethinking and will probably change the code name "Operation Infinite Justice" that it initially suggested for the planned U.S. retaliation against those it considers responsible for last week's terrorist attacks against the United States, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said yesterday.
At a Pentagon briefing, Rumsfeld was told by a reporter that several Islamic scholars had objected to the name, arguing that only God, or Allah, can impose infinite justice.
But earlier in the crisis Bush came under criticism for describing the U.S. response as a "crusade," a term that evoked images of the bloody effort by Western Christians to expel what they considered illegitimate Muslim occupiers from Jerusalem.
www.post-gazette.com /headlines/20010921codename0921p5.asp   (342 words)

 Code Charts - Scripts
To get a list of code charts for a character, enter its code in the search box at the top.
For an alphabetical index of character and block names, use the Unicode Character Names Index.
For terms of use, conventions used in this table, access to additional charts and ways to access the code charts, see Character Code Chart Help and Links.
www.unicode.org /charts   (105 words)

 19 Pa. Code § 33.3. Name.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
The provisions of this § 33.3 adopted April 17, 1992, effective April 18, 1992, 22 Pa.B. No part of the information on this site may be reproduced for profit or sold for profit.
This material has been drawn directly from the official Pennsylvania Code full text database.
Due to the limitations of HTML or differences in display capabilities of different browsers, this version may differ slightly from the official printed version.
www.pacode.com /secure/data/019/chapter33/s33.3.html   (110 words)

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