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Topic: Cohabitation

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In the News (Fri 26 Apr 19)

  USATODAY.com - 'Cohabitation is replacing dating'
What's more evident, she suggests, is a probable increase in "serial cohabitation," or living with one partner for a time, then another.
Although most research suggests cohabitation before marriage increases the risk of divorce because couples are less committed to each other, Smock says newer studies might dispute those findings, except in the case of serial cohabitors.
Cohabitation research published in the journal Population Studies in 2000 found that within five years of a live-in relationship, about half of couples married, about 40% split up and the rest continued to live together.
www.usatoday.com /life/lifestyle/2005-07-17-cohabitation_x.htm   (1031 words)

Cohabitants have more health problems than married people, probably because cohabitants put up with behaviour in their partners which husbands and wives would discourage, particularly regarding smoking, alcohol and substance abuse.
Cohabitants are also much more likely to suffer from depression than married people.
All this means that children born to cohabiting parents are more likely to experience a series of disruptions in their family life, which can have negative consequences for their emotional and educational development.
www.civitas.org.uk /hwu/cohabitation.php   (2788 words)

 Racial-Ethnic and Gender Differences in Returns to Cohabitation and Marriage: Evidence from the Current Population ...
In fact, the extent to which cohabitation on average appears to be somewhere in between dating and marriage on various indicators may be because cohabiting relationships are split between those that are much like marriage, and those that are very little like marriage.
Cohabiting white and fl men work fewer hours (as well as weeks) than do married white and fl men, and the opposite is true for white and fl women.
The tendency for cohabitation to fall between marriage and never-married raises questions about discrimination as a mechanism for the effect, since being single is usually less of a taboo than living with an unmarried partner.
www.census.gov /population/www/documentation/twps0035/twps0035.html   (4805 words)

 Cohabitation Agreements - All U.S. States
A cohabitation agreement is a private contract between cohabitants, which typically tries to establish contractually for the parties the rights and obligations that married people obtain by custom, statute, and agreement.
A cohabitation agreement is a flexible, laissez faire document that is less subject to regulation than a marital agreement.
A cohabitation agreement will insure that you and your partner are protected at the same time that it clarifies your understanding of the relationship.
usmarriagelaws.com /html/cohabitation.shtml   (713 words)

According to recent studies cohabitants tend not to be as committed as married couples in their dedication to the continuation of the relationship and reluctance to terminate it, and they are more oriented toward their own personal autonomy.
Cohabitation that is an immediate prelude to marriage, or prenuptial cohabitation-both partners plan to marry each other in the near future-is different from cohabitation that is an alternative to marriage.
Cohabitation was illegal in all states prior to about 1970 and, although the law is seldom enforced, it remains illegal in a number of states.
www.smartmarriages.com /cohabit.html   (7410 words)

 HOW DOES POSSLQ MEASURE UP? Historical Estimates of Cohabitation
Because cohabitation may be an informal relationship which is subjectively or culturally defined by either or both partners, its identification is unusually prone to variation depending on the measurement techniques employed.
Cohabiting relationships have important implications for the decline in marriage (Bumpass, Sweet and Cherlin 1991), family formation and fertility (Bachrach 1987; Bumpass and Lu 1998), race and ethnic differences in family structure (Manning and Landale 1996; Loomis and Landale 1994), single-parent families (Bumpass and Raley 1995) and step-families (Bumpass, Raley and Sweet 1995).
We argue that documenting changes in cohabitation over time using this data is the first step in assessing how shifts in the composition of the cohabiting population may have implications for some of these other types of research.
www.census.gov /population/www/documentation/twps0036/twps0036.html   (7720 words)

 Cohabitation, separation and fatherhood
Cohabitation has become widespread and separation in these relationships is more likely than it is in marriage.
In interviews with fifty parents who had cohabited and then separated, it looked at how fathers and mothers described their cohabitation, the role of the father in the relationship and his continued involvement once the relationship dissolved.
A majority described cohabitation as a moral obligation or commitment equivalent to marriage, but also as more 'honest', with change and dissolution seen as part of a negotiation process rather than a breach of marriage vows.
www.jrf.org.uk /knowledge/findings/socialpolicy/552.asp   (1973 words)

 The Verdict on Cohabitation vs. Marriage
But cohabitation does not lead to marriage in the majority of cases; among cohabitors who do marry, their chances of divorce are actually increased.
Cohabiting relationships are relatively shortlived- after five years, only about 10 percent of couples who cohabit and do not marry each other are still together.
Cohabitation has more costs than rewards but, unfortunately, continues to be popular, especially among young adults, even though cohabitors fail to receive the benefits or avoid the risks they think they will.
marriageandfamilies.byu.edu /issues/2001/January/cohabitation.htm   (2662 words)

 Family Scholars Blog
Most studies find that cohabiting couples who go on to marry also face a higher risk of divorce, compared to couples who marry without cohabiting (although the risk of divorce for couples who only cohabit after an engagement does not appear to be higher than for married couples who did not cohabit).
Cohabitation does not entail the same level of moral and legal commitment as marriage; couples often do not agree about the status of their relationship; and cohabiting couples do not receive as much social support from friends and family for their relationship as do married couples.
Children reared by cohabiting couples are more likely to engage in delinquent behavior, to be suspended from school, and to cheat in school, compared to children reared by a married mother and father.
familyscholars.org /?cat=14   (4445 words)

 Divorce Revolution Spawns the Cohabitation Generation > The Good News : January/February 2000   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Cohabiting, they believe, will provide opportunity for the unmarried man or woman to experiment enough that he or she will find the ideal match before eventually entering into marriage.
In spite of such a vast increase in numbers of couples cohabiting without benefit of marriage, and in spite of the many reasons offered for their behavior, evidence is sorely lacking that cohabitation makes any positive contribution to marriage whatsoever.
Current cohabitation practices don't necessarily fall within the framework of existing law, which is geared toward marriage, not the avoidance of it.
www.gnmagazine.org /issues/gn26/cohabitation.htm   (2432 words)

 Topical Sermons - Cohabitation Before Marriage
Men who cohabit are especially less likely to commit in a marriage relationship a.
The experience of cohabitation itself is detrimental to the marriage bond 2.
Cohabitation is certainly no indication that one is serious about getting married...
www.ccel.org /contrib/exec_outlines/top/cohabit.htm   (788 words)

 UNHCR - Law on Confirmed Cohabitation
Subject to the provision of the second paragraph the provisions of Chapter II of the marriage Act shall apply as regards the conditions under which cohabitation may be confirmed according to this Law.
Cohabitation is confirmed by magistrates or their deputies with legal training.
Confirmed cohabitation is terminated with the death of one person in confirmed cohabitation, by annulment of confirmed cohabitation, by annulment of confirmed cohabitation, or by divorce.
www.unhcr.org /home/RSDLEGAL/3ae6b4e28.html   (450 words)

This project focuses on the financial hardship suffered by cohabitants or their children on the termination of their relationship by separation or death.
Cohabitants can normally only benefit from the estate in such cases if the courts (under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975) grant them a discretionary award on the basis of their needs.
Whether contracts between cohabitants, setting out how they will share their property in the event of the relationship ending, should be legally enforceable, and, if so, in what circumstances.
www.lawcom.gov.uk /cohabitation.htm   (702 words)

 Cohabitation: a Recipe for Marital Ruin
Cohabitation, the study observes, is often seen as entailing fewer responsibilities at a legal or financial level, and less fidelity than marriage.
Other studies show that couples who had cohabited had less positive problem-solving behaviors and were, on average, less supportive of each other than those who had not cohabited.
For children, cohabitation means a greater risk of living within an unstable family structure, especially when their mother cohabits with a man who is not their father.
www.ewtn.com /library/ISSUES/zcohabit.HTM   (1144 words)

 Cohabitating Couples
The reason for the massive increase in cohabitating is due to a number of factors including women in the workforce, changing religious attitudes, no-fault divorce laws, and greater visibility of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered people.
Some have been through the pain of a divorce and opt for cohabitation to avoid ever having to repeat the experience of a marital breakup.
Some people have strong religious convictions and this may cause an eventual breakup if their faith precludes cohabitation even though they enter into such a relationship with no obvious qualms inititally.
www.romanceopedia.com /P-CohabitatingCouples.html   (907 words)

 Cohabitation: Advancing Theory and Research
She is currently building a new research initiative in the area of work, family, health and well-being and is the program officer for the NICHD project on Exploring Family Change and Variation.
Her earliest work in cohabitation demonstrated that cohabitation is not monolithic and has different meanings for different individuals.
She has since examined transitions out of cohabiting relationships among people whose relationships serve different purposes, trends in cohabitation as they relate to changes in family structure, the factors that distinguish cohabitors from non-cohabitors, and the measurement of cohabitation.
www.bgsu.edu /organizations/cfdr/cohabitation/casper.htm   (369 words)

 Cohabitation: America's botched social experiment
Over five million couples are currently cohabiting in the United States, and research indicates that nearly half of all children today will spend at least a portion of their lives in a cohabiting household prior to the age of 16.
Amid the debate over the permissibility of cohabitation and unwed sex, the factual evidence on cohabitation — especially the impact this living arrangement has on women and children — is often brushed aside.
Statistically, cohabiting drastically increases the likelihood of a future break-up in the relationship, and children are often the unintended victims.
www.renewamerica.us /columns/bass/060211   (983 words)

 Law.com - Cohabitation's Consequences Examined
Cohabitation is a term of art, defined by statute with common law gloss.
He contended that the trial court could have terminated Dennis Knapp's obligation to pay alimony when it found both cohabitation and financial contribution, and that it was reversible error not to do so.
Taylor also argued that, if a court cannot revisit the rights of parties under an alimony agreement like this, it would create an incentive to hide the fact of cohabitation, and deceptively collect from both the ex-husband and the new boyfriend, then be beyond the reach of the law once the alimony term ends.
www.law.com /jsp/article.jsp?id=1082571457437   (704 words)

 Cohabitation (government) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Cohabitation in government occurs in semi-presidential systems, such as France's system, when the President and the Prime Minister come from different political parties.
A common problem during cohabitation is that each leader wants his or her own policies to be carried out so that the public are positive towards their strategies and will be elected when the time comes.
The theory of cohabitation is not limited to France, as a coexistence between the head of state and its parliamentary majority is possible in any country, for example between the Queen of the United Kingdom and the British Prime Minister.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Cohabitation_(government)   (1398 words)

 Legal Definition: Cohabitation
The law presumes that husband and wife cohabit, even after a voluntary separation has taken place between them; but where there has been a divorce a mensa et thoro, or a sentence of separation, the presumption then arises that they have obeyed the sentence or decree and do not live together.
A criminal cohabitation will not be presumed by the proof of a single act of criminal intercourse between a man and woman not married.
When a woman is proved to cohabit with a man and to assume his name with his consent, he will generally be responsible for her debts as if she had been his wife, this being presumptive evidence of marriage, but this liability will continue only while they live together unless she is actually his wife.
www.lectlaw.com /def/c246.htm   (209 words)

 Cohabitation agreements - Equality in Marriage Institute
A cohabitation agreement is a private contract between cohabitants, which typically tries to establish contractually for the parties the rights and obligations that married people obtain by custom, statute, and agreement.
A cohabitation agreement is a flexible, laissez faire document that is less subject to regulation than a marital agreement.
A cohabitation agreement will insure that you and your partner are protected at the same time that it clarifies your understanding of the relationship.
www.equalityinmarriage.org /bmagreements.html   (1030 words)

 The Current State of Marriage and Family   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Cohabiters presume that this intense test of the relationship over a significant period of time will offer a guarantee that their partner will not change in the future.
Cohabiters exhibit lower levels of marital interaction and higher levels of marital discord and instability than non-Cohabiters.
Economically, cohabitation appears to reinforce discrimination on the basis of gender since recent studies indicate that women contribute between 65-70% of the financial resources in these unions.
www2.duq.edu /familyinstitute/templates/features/csmf/cohab.html   (810 words)

The Cohabitants wish to establish their respective rights and responsibilities regarding each other's income and property and the income and property that may be acquired, either separately or together, during the period of cohabitation.
Each Cohabitant is represented by separate and independent legal counsel of his or her own choosing.
In the event it is determined that a provision of this agreement is invalid because it is contrary to applicable law, that provision is deemed separable from the rest of the agreement, such that the remainder of the agreement remains valid and enforceable.
www.menstuff.org /issues/byissue/cohabitation.html   (1462 words)

 Lair & Reifman IARR 2004 Cohabitation Study
cohabited, and those who perceived their parents and friends as supporting cohabitation were most favorable toward cohabitation.
Of the four correlations between the two cohabitation attitude measures and the destiny and growth measures, only one was significant (growth beliefs and the one-item cohabitation measure, r = -.29, p <.05).
Of the four correlations between the two cohabitation attitude measures and the two other-perception measures (parents and friends), all were positive (r’s between.33 and.59, all p ≤.01).
www.hs.ttu.edu /research/reifman/iarr2004.htm   (1186 words)

 Cohabitation, Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage
Cohabitation is more likely to turn to marriage if the woman comes from a two-parent home, has never been raped (14% for White women, 5% for Black women), values religion (7% more likely), has never suffered from GAD, and comes from a higher family education and income.
Community prosperity is related to relationship stability, with cohabitation being more likely to lead to marriage in prosperous areas (27% more likely for White women, 13% more likely for Black women), and both marriage and cohabitation being more likely to fail in poor neighborhoods.
Cohabitation before the first marriage was associated with a greater chance of divorce, but cohabitation before the second marriage was not related
www.psychpage.com /family/mod_couples_thx/cdc.html   (739 words)

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