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  Coin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A coin is usually a piece of hard material, generally metal and usually in the shape of a disc, which is issued by a government to be used as a form of money.
Some coins have coin orientation, where the coin must be flipped vertically to see the other side; other coins, such as British coins, have medallic orientation, where the coin must be flipped horizontally to see the other side.
Coins are popularly used as a sort of two-sided die; in order to choose between two options with a random possibility, one choice will be labeled "heads" and the other "tails," and a coin will be flipped or "tossed" to see whether the heads or tails side comes up on top.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Coin   (1140 words)

 Coin Costa del Sol Spain by Coin-Andalucia.to
Coin is situated in the fertile valley of the rio Grande approx 21 Km inland from Marbella and there is little doubt that a community of some kind existed on the spot long before the Roman conquest.
Coin is located in an area acknowledeged as an excellent golfing area, and boasts more Coin activities than you could imagine.
Coin's main Coin attractions include its title as the Town of the Fountains, due to the large number of public fountains around the streets and squares, used until relatively recently as the only source of drinking water in the town.
www.coin-andalucia.to   (312 words)

 [No title]
Personally, I specialize in VF coins because they show most of the detail of the coin and are a fraction of the cost of higher grade coins.
For example, a coin might have XF wear, but have been scratched, corroded, cleaned, etc. Often, such a coin will be given a "net" grade, say VF reflecting the undesirable issues.
This is meant to reflect that while the coin may technically grade XF, the market value should be somewhere close to that of an average VF coin.
www.acoin.com /grading.htm   (1553 words)

 Milton Keynes - COIN - MKWeb
COIN is a community database compiled and maintained by Milton Keynes Library Service, providing a wealth of information about the local area.
COIN finds records using an exact match of the words you type in (including any spaces) but it is not case sensitive.
If COIN finds a postcode in the address, or meeting location which is within the city boundary then it will create a link to the city map to show its location.
www.mkweb.co.uk /coin   (503 words)

 Coin Collecting Supplies - 03.04.06
Coin Collecting Supplies are our business and we have a large selection of supplies available.
While there are many different manufacturers and vendors of coin collecting supplies, we have chosen to pick the most popular and, we feel, the best value and quality of coins collecting supplies to offer to our customers.
The coin values listed here are compiled from data supplied by more than ninety contributors around the country, providing the most extensively researched data available.
www.coin-collecting-supplies.us   (319 words)

 The Error Coin Encyclopedia | American Coin Collection Indian Stamp | Rare Coin Jewelry | Buy Coin Machine We   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
As the internet develops ancient china coins businesses learn more in offering their products and services for sale Perhaps the major advantage that Internet based coin operated vending machine stores have on physical outlets the error coin encyclopedia enterprises is the reduced cost of conducting business operations..
Sometimes when you're taxed to the eyeballs with info on what were the names of ancient roman coins it's amazingly hard to pick the shrewd guidance from the bad advice.
Our year 2000 1 gold liberty coins website is brand new so we have not yet managed to supply lots of information, but what we have done so far is researched the very best 1902 gold coins value sites on the net.
monacoinvestmentbank.net /the-error-coin-encyclopedia.htm   (512 words)

 Coin Collecting FAQ Part 1
A coin that is corroded, scratched, holed (drilled through so that it can be hung on a chain), altered, artificially toned, "dinged" on the edge, or simply unattractive for the grade is less desirable than a problem free specimen.
These coins are popular with collectors and, unless damaged or severely worn, can usually be sold for more than their silver value.
If you have a coin like one described in the previous paragraph or cannot find a seam even under magnification, a coin collector or dealer in your area may be able to assist you in determining if it's genuine.
www.telesphere.com /ts/coins/faq.html   (1722 words)

 Coin Collecting and Rare Coin Guide by CGO
We provide you with easy access to rare coin dealers, collecting supplies, books & periodicals, major coin shows, auctions, mints, articles, exhibits, and more.
A Guide Book of United States Coins: 2006 Affectionately referred to as simply the "Redbook".
This is the Bible of all United States Coin Collecting Guides.
www.coin-gallery.com   (82 words)

 Coin Connection Supplying on Demand and Request a Service to our Clients that is of Remarkable Quality and Excellence
This £10 Britannia coin is struck in 22 carat gold to frosted Proof standard.
This £25 Britannia coin is struck in 22 carat gold to frosted Proof standard.
Introduced on the £1 coin in 1997, the three lions welcome the year of the World Cup.
www.coinconnection.co.uk   (476 words)

 Coin Collecting - The Hobby of Kings
The team is analysing the coins by drilling a small hole in their outer edge to get beneath the treated surface and investigate their different layers.
A proof coin is a specially made coin with a mirror finish, while 65 is the coin's grade.
Jamestown officials had suggested that corn be one of the subjects on the coins, along with glassblowing, the first American industry, the waterways traveled by natives, the remains of the Jamestown Memorial Church, the oldest structure at colonial site, and the three ships that brought Europeans to Virginia.
www.coincollector.org   (3834 words)

 Fred Weinberg & Co. - Your Rarer Error Dealer
The coin you have is known as a "Magician's Coin".
Error coins are simply the result of coining mistakes made at the mint which escaped detection before leaving the facility in mint sewn bags.
There are some collectors who like an example of their favorite coin with a die crack or filled die, but they like to find them in circulation themselves or pay a few cents premium to trade with other serious collectors.
www.fredweinberg.com /faq.html   (978 words)

 Coin Connoisseur - The I E-zine for Rare Coin and Precious Metal Investors and Collectors
In the Dec. 1 WSJ “The Wealth Manager” writes, "Rare coins are starting to attract investors more at home with stock brokers than coin dealers..." Read More about the article.
Barry Stuppler, Publisher of Coin Connoisseur, believes "Knowledge is Power" learn more about Barry and the magazine.
The PNG and the ICTA have jointly released results of their 2004 dealer’s survey of rare coin authentication and grading services.
www.coinmag.com   (191 words)

 online german coin encyclopedia
Coin auctions, online shop and coin catalogues for german coins, european coins, world coins and ancient coins.
Online UK coin and paper money auction, registration required, fee to the seller.
Coin auctions, online shop and coin catalogues for german coins...
www.aboutcoins.info /coin/online-german-coin-encyclopedia.html   (350 words)

 Coinlink 2006 Rare Coins Directory and Numismatic News
US rare coins and coin collecting is one of the most dynamic area in all numismatics, from Morgan dollars to US gold coins, collectors of all ages vie for ownership of both the rarest of coins to common generic gold and silver coins.
CoinLink provides daily numismatic news and rare coin market news to keep collectors and investors up to date on what is happening in the rare coin market.
In addition we provide listings to rare coin dealers and resources, world mints, coin shows and coin auctions, paper money and bank notes as well as resources for world coins, ancient coins and bullion and precious metals.
www.coinlink.com   (206 words)

 Encyclopedia of Coin Sleights DVD Vol 1 - Only £29.95
Often this is a difficult and time-consuming venture as the sleights are scattered far and wide and finding just the right sleights takes a tremendous amount of time, searching, sorting and more searching.
The Encyclopedia of Coin Sleights, featuring Dr. Michael Rubinstein, provides a plethora of coin sleights making the creative process much easier and more focused.
Rubinstein is a superb teacher and really understands how to explain coin magic so that anyone can understand it from the beginner to the advanced performer.
www.emagictricks.co.uk /Encyclopedia_of_Coin_Sleights_DVD_Vol_1.html   (381 words)

 Coin Community | Coin Forum, Coins, Numismatic Education, and Collecting Information
Our Coin Forum is the main ingredient, although we have plenty more resources and are always adding to the site.
Pennsylvania: The standing figure on the coin is a pleasant classic-style design, but the state outline ruins it.
Minted by the RAM this two 50 cents silver proof coins is to commemorate the Queen's Birthday and her Royal Visit.
www.coincommunity.com   (2042 words)

 Koala Coins - The definite coin resource
The state is owed $13.5 million that allegedly was spent illegally as part of Ohio's investment in rare coins, the state auditor said in a report Wednesday.
When coin prices came crashing down in the early 1990's, it was ultra-high grade common issues that suffered the most.
By fundamental rarity, I mean a coin whose rarity and desirability is not wholly a function of its grade.
www.koala.gr /coins   (1090 words)

 Computational Infrastructure for Operations Research Home Page
Come to the DIMACS Workshop on COIN-OR July 17-20, 2006 at Rutgers University, NJ The Computational Infrastructure for Operations Research (COIN-OR**, or simply COIN) project is an initiative to spur the development of open-source software for the operations research community.
The name (but not the acronym) was changed to better reflect that COIN-OR is intended to host all types of OR software, not just "optimization" software.
General questions for COIN-OR should be directed to info@coin-or.org.
www.coin-or.org   (373 words)

 Coin Consumer Guide - Coin Consumer Protection
The electronic age has created marvelous new opportunities for coin enthusiasts to add to their collections and to their store of knowledge.
Not all of the coin collecting consumer information below is specific to the online world or to deception in numismatics.
Note: All of the coins illustrated on these pages that are in my possession are stored off site.
rg.ancients.info /guide   (130 words)

 Coin Values   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Whether they contain coins you actually own or coins you would like to own, you can compare, graph and keep notes on your favorite coins.
Prices for U.S. coins continue to increase across the board, for virtually all areas, forcing buyers to be ahead of the market.
World coins, including a number of important pieces from Great Britain, realized more than $1 million in an auction conducted by Ira & Larry Goldberg.
www.coinvaluesonline.com   (448 words)

 Coin Palace, Inc. Exclusive Source for ICG Signature Series Coins
Coin Palace, Inc. has an exclusive long term agreement with Elizabeth Jones and ICG to market, advertise, and sell each of the Proof and Mint State Gold and Silver Commemorative Coins that Ms.
Each coin in this limited special edition series will be personally hand signed and hand numbered # 1 to # 250, and encapsulated in an Independent Coin Grading Company Intercept Shield case.
Whether you are searching for coins for your collection, for investment purposes, or for a special gift, you will be thoroughly impressed with the U.S. coins we offer.
coinpalace.com   (334 words)

 Coin Software for coin collectors.
Coin Organizer Deluxe is a Windows software for coin collectors, hobbyists, dealers, and clubs.
You can create your own coin data organizers or you can try our ready-to-use solutions: Solution Center.
Save time organizing your coin records: Results of time consuming tasks or repetitive processes can be saved into templates.
www.primasoft.com /deluxeprg/coodx.htm   (406 words)

 Coin Collecting and Coin Collecting Values
Coin collecting is one of the most interesting hobbies, which can be also very rewarding.
Numismatic or Coin Collecting is the science of coins under an economic, legislative, metrological and artistic point of view.
Jeff Opdyke introduces his son to coin collecting and is torn between letting him collect just for fun or with an eye toward future value.
www.mycoincollecting.com   (708 words)

 Sudz coin laundry: Chicago's first 5 star rated coin laundromat laundry pickup, laundry delivery and drop off laundry ...
Chicago coin laundry delivery pick up service we are open 7 days a week for your convenience coin laundromat laundry for all your laundry delivery pickup needs in Chicago lincoln park university village wicker park loop buck town lakeview gold coast
Sudz Coin Laundry is Chicagoland's first 5 star rated Laundromat by Coin Laundry Association of America: Exceptional quality and service is what differentiates us from our competitors.
Coin changers, laundry supply and snack vending machines on premises.
www.sudzlaundry.com   (407 words)

 CoinGalaxy.com - Coin and Currency Information, grading and supplies   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
CoinGalaxy's sole purpose is the accumulation and distribution of information about coins, currency, collecting, grading, valuations, and so on.
There is nothing for sale on these pages, but there are links to other web sites that do sell coins, currency, and collecting supplies.
NGC 253 known as "The Silver Coin Galaxy" - copywrite Jason Lewis (
www.coingalaxy.com   (91 words)

 Random.org - Heads or Tails Service
The virtual coins on this page do not emulate this bias, i.e., they should come down heads exactly 50% of the time (provided you flip enough coins) no matter which currency you choose.
Angela Lorenz for the pictures of the Swiss 1 Franc coin and the Dutch Rijksdaaler.
European Commission who holds the copyright to the Euro coin pictures but lets them be used for non-commercial purposes.
www.random.org /flip.html   (488 words)

 [No title]
The nonprofit California Coin Laundry Association has produced educational seminars on how to BUY a coin laundry, how to OPERATE a coin laundry and how to SELL a coin laundry.
These programs were conducted by a nationally recognized coin laundry expert and C.P.A. with principles that apply anywhere in America....
From videotapes to show you how to buy a coin laundry, how to operate a coin laundry and how to sell a coin laundry to manuals about buying and operating a successful coin laundromat business, we have something for everyone.
www.coinlaundromat.com   (246 words)

 Coin Displays - Unique Displays For Coins
Almost any coin or medal will fit and like all of our products, both sides of the coin or medal can be seen.
The stand is made up of two free-standing pieces so that you can adjust each one based on the size of your coin or medal.
Each display comes with the stand, the coin holder, an information card on the wood you chose, and instructions on inserting your coin into the display.
www.coindisplays.com   (197 words)

 Celtic Coin Index: Main Page
The original Celtic Coin Index at Oxford is organized by Celtic Coin Index number, a unique identification number indicating the year and order in which each specimen was catalogued.
The coin records (within the broad divisions of British and Continental Celtic), are sorted Geographically by Region, then by Tribe within each region, then, in the British issues, by Van Arsdell numbers, which shows summaries of each coin, leading to individual detailed coin records.
The Celtic Coin Index was founded in 1960 by Derek Allen and Sheppard Frere.
www.writer2001.com /cciwriter2001   (468 words)

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