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Topic: Cold reading

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  cold reading
In cold reading, salespersons, hypnotists, advertising pros, faith healers, con men, and some therapists bank on their subject's inclination to find more meaning in a situation than there actually is. The desire to make sense out of experience can lead us to many wonderful discoveries, but it can also lead us to many follies.
Successful cold readings are sometimes a testament to the skills of the reader, but they are always a testament to the ability of human beings to make sense out of the most disparate of data.
In evaluating cold reading, it is a common mistake to focus mainly on the reader rather than the sitter (the one for whom the reading is done).
skepdic.com /coldread.html   (2842 words)

 Gypsy psychic reader fortune teller coldreading scams
Cold Reading is the very clever technique at the heart of the Gypsy woman's so-called "psychic powers".
Cold reading is also, unfortunately, the hook that gets you caught up in this entire mess to begin with.
Cold reading is basically pretending to be able to know things about someone that no one could otherwise possibly know unless they were psychic.
www.gypsypsychicscams.com /cold-reading.html   (891 words)

 The New England Skeptical Society - Articles
Cold reading is a skill used by tarot card readers, psychics, palm readers, iridologists, astrologers, and even salesmen to gather information about a subject.
Cold reading is not one simple trick but a number of different methods for gleaning surprisingly accurate information about someone’s personality characteristics and problems, all with ostensibly little effort.
Cold readers begin by taking in as much of the subject as they can, the clothes, manner of speech, apparent age, physical attributes, socioeconomic status, and mannerisms.
www.theness.com /articles.asp?id=61   (1022 words)

 Cold Reading - SkepticWiki   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Cold Reading is a time-honored techinque used by stage performers such as mentalists to simulate psychic abilities (mind-reading, spirit mediumship, etc) when in fact all that is going on is a sort of verbal and psychological slight-of-hand.
However, fraudulent psychics and fortune-tellers use cold reading to fake an ability to read minds, talk to the dead, etc. When used in this way, cold reading is an effective means to manipulate vulnerable people out of their money.
A cold reader can say (regarding a "spirit"): "I am sensing there was a health problem with this area of the body" while making a gesture indicating his chest and abdomen, confident in the fact that a large segment of deaths involve injuries and/or diseases of those areas of the body.
www.skepticwiki.org /wiki/index.php/Cold_Reading   (506 words)

 X-Project: Cold Reading, A skeptic's veiw on fortune reading...
Cold reading is a skill used by tarot card readers, psychics, palm readers, iridologists, astrologers, and even salesmen to gather information about a subject.
Cold reading is not one simple trick but a number of different methods for gleaning surprisingly accurate information about someone's personality characteristics and problems, all with ostensibly little effort.
Cold readers begin by taking in as much of the subject as they can, the clothes, manner of speech, apparent age, physical attributes, socioeconomic status, and mannerisms.
www.xprojectmagazine.com /archives/paranormal/coldreading.html   (1058 words)

 Ian Rowland: The Mindreader, The Mind Motivator. Items To Buy > Cold Reading Book
This is the only Cold Reading book endorsed by Derren Brown, and the one which provided all the source material for one of Derren's earliest TV appearances.
Cold Reading is the most powerful inter-active psychological technique in the world.
Cold reading is also often used by people who pretend they give 'psychic' readings, and it enables them to give 'amazingly accurate' readings to complete strangers.
www.ianrowland.com /ItemsToBuy/ColdReading/ColdReadingMain1.html   (511 words)

 Denis Dutton on Cold Reading
Cold Reading is the term of art used in the magician’s trade to describe the practical use of the Barnum Effect in the give-and-take of an interview situation.
However, as with a pianist gifted at improvization, her readings were constructed from from a large, but not unlimited, set of elements, or “bag of tricks.” In listening to her, it was possible in the first hour or two to be very much impressed by her skills.
Similarly, good cold readers know that the trick to appear as though they are providing definite information, and yet provide only strategically vague suggestions which can be imaginatively interpreted by the client according to his or her idiosyncratic situation: the cold reader supplies the hints, letting the client do all the actual work.
www.denisdutton.com /cold_reading.htm   (6300 words)

 Rorschach Inkblot Test, Fortune Tellers, and Cold Reading (Skeptical Inquirer July 2003)
Intriguingly, scholars who have studied the psychology of palm reading and astrology agree that although some psychics are conscious frauds, many sincerely believe in their paranormal powers.
Professional cold readers even have a term, "shut eyes," to describe individuals who engage in psychic cold reading while sincerely believing in their own paranormal powers.
Cold reading: How to convince strangers that you know all about them.
www.csicop.org /si/2003-07/rorschach.html   (3658 words)

 A support network for victims, Santeria, Lukumi, Palo, Ifa, Voodoo, Vodou, Spiritualism, related religions.
Cold reading is a technique used by tarot card readers, psychics, palm readers, astrologers, and even con men to get people to believe that the cold reader knows all about them, even though they have never met.
Cold reading relies on an inventory of vague statements about the person's personality, tailored feedback, selective recall of correct impressions, and an assortment of other tricks.
But even readings that would ordinarily be rejected as inaccurate will be accepted if the reader is viewed as a person with prestige or as someone who knows what he is doing.
thebelievers.freeservers.com /coldreading.htm   (5252 words)

 Cold Reading | Trickshop.com Magic eBooks | Trick Shop
Our top-rated manual, Tradecraft, takes you step-by-step through the process of developing YOUR cold reading abilities - from gaining a solid grasp of the underlying scientific principles at work to the practical application of specific methods and techniques.
Robert Nelson's classic "how-to" manual on the cold reader's art takes you step-by-step through the process of cold reading - from explaining why people get "readings" to learning how to recognize certain "types" of men and women.
Nelson even gives you a composite cold reading formula and then, provides you with a sample script that touches upon all of the elements.
www.trickshop.com /cold_reading.html   (303 words)

 Guide to "Cold Reading"
There are many people who promote themselves as psychics or clairvoyants, and who claim that their powers enable them to read your character, make contact with dead relatives, or provide insights into your life and your future.
Your reading will only succeed to the degree that the subject is made an active participant in the reading.
Even during a cold reading, a liberal sprinkling of stock phrases will add body to the reading and will help you fill in time while you formulate more precise characterisations.
www.skeptics.com.au /journal/coldread.htm   (1077 words)

 Result Details
What Is Cold Reading Cold reading is a technique used by salespeople, interrogators and psychics to convince other people that they know more about them than they actually do.
Cold Reading To Build Rapport In rapport phase you want to use these to have her feel like you really understand her and so she will open up to you.
Cold reading is powerful because it provides a way to get her to open up to you without her feeling like it's an interview.
fastseduction.com /cgi-bin/search.cgi?action=retrieve&grp=6&mn=1127897618254806   (1740 words)

 Cold War Reading List - Recommended Books
In one of the first comprehensive retellings of the cold war, Norman Friedman offers a broad survey of events from the end of the Second World War to the unexpected collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.
The Cold War was the longest conflict in American history, and the defining event of the second half of the twentieth century.
The Columbia Guide to the Cold War is the first in a series of guides to American history and culture that will offer a wealth of interpretive information in different formats to students, scholars, and general readers alike.
www.militaryreadinglist.com /Cold-War/cold-war-reading-list.htm   (1077 words)

 Cold Reading Resources
Not so much a reference on cold reading (although the book does include a useful “Psychic System” for such purposes), but an excellent crash course on a variety of traditional oracles: palmistry, graphology, numerology, astrology, etc. It is a particularly good reference on several techniques for fortune-telling by playing cards.
A collection of cold reading approaches that correspond to various commonly-drawn figures (such as might be seen when asking someone to “draw something”), these allow a performer to elucidate the possible meanings of such visual expressions.
Although this is not specifically a book on cold reading per se, it is the classic text on population stereotypes, and its study will yield great benefits as a consequence of understanding the life story that is common to us all.
www.deceptionary.com /aboutreading.html   (3030 words)

 Goldberg, William, MSW: "Cold Reading: The Tricks of the Psychics
A cold reading occurs when the psychic (or "reader") tells a person whom he or she has never met before facts about that person and that person's life.
Cold readings also occur when a customer goes into a psychic's parlor to ask for help with a problem.
Stock readings, combined with the unique, individual characteristics that the psychics are able to trick their customers into revealing make up a cold reading.
www.csj.org /infoserv_articles/goldberg_william_coldreading.htm   (2062 words)

 Building Prizability Through Cold Reading
Cold reading is telling a woman about herself without having ANY prior knowledge about her.
So, for example, when a woman is acting a bit cold or aloof towards you, she might be conveying that she is not interested in you and that she is the PRIZE.
When you use a cold reading similar to the example I gave above it acts as an attraction coup by redefining the underlying meaning as her being the one who is trying to win you over - that you are the one who is the PRIZE.
www.sosuave.com /articles/cold.htm   (1113 words)

 SkepticReport * Dead Man's Hand - Playing the Game of Cold-Reading
While most of us know what cold reading is and how it is done, it is not an easy thing to explain.
The question is often asked "Where can I see a cold reader work, to compare that to a psychic or medium?" While there are mentalists who do perform cold reading for entertainment purposes, they are not mainstream and well known.
In comparison, a cold reader is using the same skills: observing the subject, reading the subject, understanding human nature and the odds of common experiences and making predictions (statements) based on those.
www.skepticreport.com /skepticism/pokercoldreading.htm   (1476 words)

 Actingbiz - Cold Reading
Cold reading is the art of auditioning with script in hand.
This is why cold reading is such an important skill for actors wanting to work in commercials, film, and television.
With cold reading auditions, the personality of the character is more important than the lines.
www.actingbiz.com /articles/coldreading1.html   (846 words)

 Guide to "Cold Reading"
This method involves the psychic reading the subject's body language etc, and skilfully extracting information from the subject, which can then be fed back later, convincing the subject that the psychic has told them things they couldn't possibly have known!
Emphasise that the success of the reading depends as much on the subject's cooperation as on your efforts.
Afterward when I questioned the client about the reading she vehemently insisted that she had not uttered a single word during the course of the reading.
www.skeptics.com.au /articles/coldread.htm   (1077 words)

 Straight Dope Staff Report: How come TV psychics seem so convincing?
What's impressive about psychics is the number of times people go to a reading, or watch one of those "hotline to heaven" shows, and say, "He told us things he couldn't possibly have known." Psychics and their fans say it's evidence of genuine psychic ability.
Cold reading, the technique used by entertainers who claim no psychic powers, can explain most performances.
Cold reading is kind of interactive psychological game, where you fish for information and give the impression of knowing more than you do.
www.straightdope.com /mailbag/mcoldreading.html   (2179 words)

 Vic Skeptics: Cold Reading
Cold Reading received local media attention in late February 2004, when the sceptical community in Australia challenged visiting spiritualist John Edward to back up his claim to be able to communicate with dead relatives of selected audience members.
A good Cold Reader is aware of polls or surveys that can be used to make informed guesses about what a particular person is statistically likely to think or feel about any given topic.
From time to time, the Cold Reader may gain a new and important piece of information about his or her client, and this is referred to as 'a hit'.
www.keypoint.com.au /~skeptics/Cold_Reading   (855 words)

Cold Reading Trio explores the territory between original and imitation in a constantly evolving musical dialog.
Every time Cold Reading Trio performs the experience is completely different.
Large-scale form is important to Cold Reading Trio and each improvisation unfolds its form in a unique way.
www.myspace.com /coldreadingtrio   (312 words)

 Cold Reading Psychic Psychic Diary Psychic-Reading Life. ...   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Cold reading is also often used by people who pretend they give 'psychic'...
Cold reading is a skill used by tarot card readers, psychics, palm readers,...
Cold reading does have uses outside the psychic industry, although these are not Check out the all NEW Heavy.com where YOU are the Network!
www.kniazeva.ru /p6.html   (639 words)

 Library, The Art of Cold Reading
The currently-popular "psychics" like Sylvia Browne, James Van Praagh, and John Edward, who are getting so much TV space on Montel Williams, Larry King, and other shows, employ a technique known as "cold reading." They tell the subjects nothing, but make guesses, put out suggestions, and ask questions.
This is a very deceptive art, and the unwary observer may come away believing that unknown data was developed by some wondrous means.
In one such by Van Praagh, prepared by the "48 Hours" TV program, a reading that lasted 60 minutes, we found only TWO actual statements made, and 260 questions asked.
www.randi.org /library/coldreading   (1075 words)

 Cold Reading Psychic ... used cold reading technique, ...
A cold reading occurs when the psychic (or "reader") tells a perso Article looks at what one reporter found during his own investigation.
Cold reading, the technique used by entertainers who claim no psychic Live Personal Psychic Readings.
A cold reading occurs when the psychic (or "reader") tells a perso Heavy.com is the best broadband site on the internet, offering the best free videos, music and so much more.
www.nudge1.com /p6.html   (569 words)

 Tips for Cold Readings
A "cold reading" is playing a scene with script in hand with little or no preparation.
If you're reading with another actor, most of your lines will be communicated to him or her.
Don't be afraid to use space and movement during cold readings.
www.kanawhaplayers.org /coldreading.htm   (330 words)

 Cold Reading
Earle's Classic Reading is a good introduction to reading, but the best thing about it is the audio cassette where he teaches some of the ways to use the reading.
If you know absolutely nothing about cold reading and want some scripts and specific readings to get you started then you might want to start with one of the many other books, but for a comprehensive explanation of the various techniques, Ian's books is the best.
Furthermore, I am on a cold reading group and the only three of the members there that do it or have done it for a living believe it is worse than useless.
www.cs.wisc.edu /~roy/magictalk-wisdom/discussions/cold_reading.html   (3384 words)

 Language Log: The rhetoric of cold reading
In most psychic readings, there arrives a moment when the client begins to "work" for the reader, actively supplying information and providing clarifications.
It's at this critical juncture that a skillful cold reader puts new stratagems into action, such as the technique called the "push" (Rowland 2002).
In reading this article, I was struck by the kind of (informal) discourse analysis that the authors are doing.
itre.cis.upenn.edu /~myl/languagelog/archives/000081.html   (540 words)

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