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Topic: Collagen

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  Collagen - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Collagen's insolubility was a barrier to study until it was found that tropocollagen from young animals can be extracted because it is not yet fully crosslinked.
Collagen means "glue producer" (kolla is Greek for glue), derived from the early process of boiling the skin and sinews of horses and other animals to obtain glue.
Collagens are still employed in the construction of artificial skin substitutes used in the management of severe burns.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Collagen   (1758 words)

Collagen is a major component of the connective tissue meshwork that runs through animal bodies.
Collagen is first synthesized as a large precursor protein containing over 1400 amino acids.
Glycine is the smallest of the amino acids and in the collagen triple helix, the glycines of adjacent polypeptide chains are packed close together.
algoart.com /music/collagen.htm   (476 words)

 Collagen Injections
Collagen is a natural protein that nature uses as a building block.
Collagen in human skin is very similar to collagen found in certain animals.
Small amounts of the collagen are injected directly into areas where the body's own collagen has been weakened, thus raising the depressions to the level of the surrounding skin.
www.skinsite.com /info_collagen_injections.htm   (503 words)

 What is collagen protein's function?
Most of the collagen is organised in bundles running horizontally through the dermis, which are buried in a jelly-like material called the ground substance.
Collagen accounts for up to 75% of the weight of the dermis, and is responsible for the resilience and elasticity of the skin.
Both collagen and elastin fibres are made by cells called fibroblasts, which are scattered through the dermis.
www.pg.com /science/skincare/Skin_tws_30.htm   (302 words)

 Collagen   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-18)
Collagen’s function in the body is to convert its natural protein molecules into the essential amino acids that are required by the body.
Collagen contributes to the robe-like structure of a tendon and to its strength.
When the collagen matrix is introduced into the body, the cells doing the attacking devour some of the new collagen Type II cells that are produced and then identify them as a friend and not an enemy.
www.genacol.ca /collagene_a.htm   (3570 words)

 What is Collagen? Facts about Collagen Injections – Treatment, Benefits, Cost, and More (via CobWeb/3.1 ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-18)
Collagen is also used to create fuller lips and cheeks and can be used to treat areas of the chest, back, and neck; however, facial collagen injections are by far the most common.
Collagen is a protein found in bone, cartilage, skin, and tendons; there are 27 different types of naturally-occurring collagens in the body.
Of the four types of collagen injections, the cost of bovine treatments such as Zyderm® and Zyplast® is usually the least expensive, but as the collagen is not human, the risk of allergic reaction is often higher.
www.collagenfyi.com.cob-web.org:8888   (1114 words)

 Injectable Fillers
Collagen injections are generally off limits for pregnant women, individuals who are allergic to beef or bovine products, patients who suffer from autoimmune diseases, and those who are allergic to lidocaine (the anesthetic agent contained in the syringe with the collagen material).
Collagen: Because the anesthetic agent lidocaine is mixed in with collagen, additional anesthetic is usually not used.
Collagen is used primarily to fill wrinkles, lines and scars on the face and sometimes the neck, back and chest.
plasticsurgery.org /public_education/procedures/InjectableFillers.cfm   (2188 words)

 Los Angeles Collagen Frequently Asked Questions & Answers
Collagen is made up of a network of fibers that provides a framework for the growth of cells and blood vessels.
Collagen is commonly used for the finest of facial lines, as well as some of the deeper facial lines.
Collagen is found naturally in the connective tissues of the human body and, as a result, injected collagen is reabsorbed into the body within a few months.
www.kalologie.com /faq-los-angeles-collagen.html   (435 words)

 What is Collagen?
Collagen, the most important building block in the entire animal world, is the tie that binds the animal kingdom together.
The mesh itself is primarily collagen -- the tie that binds.
Although the role of collagen as a scaffolding has been known for some time, we now know that collagen controls cell shape and differentiation, migration, and the synthesis of a number of proteins.
www.biospecifics.com /collagendefined.html   (702 words)

 Collagen & Fibrel
Collagen implants and Collagen Replacement Therapy is a proven, non-surgical treatment from which you can obtain immediate results.
number of collagen treated patients who were diagnosed with two rare connective tissue diseases (PM)/(DM) with the expected number of these diseases, suggests that the rate of occurrence of these two rare diseases appears to be higher than expected in the collagen treated population.
An understanding of the safety of injectable collagen is based on clinical data from 1978 to the present.
www.jrapaport.com /collagen.htm   (2533 words)

 Collagen Injection
Injectable collagen is a liquid made from the connective tissue of cows or pigs that is injected into and under the skin for cosmetic purposes.
Collagen allergies can take the form of rash, hives, joint and muscle pain, headache, and, in a few cases, severe reactions that include shock and difficulty breathing.
Because collagen stays in the body and continues to be absorbed, the possible effects of collagen injections before or during pregnancy are unknown.
www.perfectlips.net /collagen.htm   (1114 words)

 Collagen   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-18)
The most common forms of collagen are completely natural substances derived from bovine (cow) collagen and are used to replace the collagen your skin loses over time.
Collagen treatments are priced by area and number of injections.
Collagen is an extremely safe and effective way to slow the effects of aging and return your skin's youthful look and feel.
kayouclinic.com /collagen.htm   (293 words)

 Pfam 20.0 : Collagen   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-18)
Collagens are generally extracellular structural proteins involved in formation of connective tissue structure.
Some members of the collagen superfamily are not involved in connective tissue structure but share the same triple helical structure.
Collagens are post-translationally modified by proline hydroxylase to form the hydroxyproline residues.
pfam.wustl.edu /cgi-bin/getdesc?name=Collagen   (211 words)

Collagen is also lost from the lip border as we age, resulting in an apparent shrinkage of the lips.
The replacement collagen is used as a filler material to plump up the skin in the areas where your own collagen has been lost.
Dermologen is similar to Collagen, being produced from human skin, and is a good alternative for patients who are sensitive to bovine collagen.
www.drbarnett.com /collagen.htm   (856 words)

 Raleigh Collagen Treatment : Fine Line Treatment Lip Injections Cosmetic Implants in NC North Carolina
Collagen is a naturally occurring protein that provides support to various parts of the human body: the skin, the joints, the bones and the ligaments.
Injectable collagen, patented by the Collagen Corporation under the trade names Zyderm and Zyplast, is derived from purified bovine collagen.
Collagen is a substance that is either human derived or animal derived that is used primarily to fill wrinkles, lines and scars on the face and sometimes the neck, back and chest.
www.drgmdavis.com /collagen.html   (326 words)

 CosmoDerm and CosmoPlast Human Collagen Information
Collagen is the most abundant natural protein found in the body and provides structural support to skin, muscle, tendons and bone.
Collagen Replacement Therapy is a safe, non-surgical wrinkle correction treatment in which highly purified collagen is injected into the skin to replenish the skin's lost collagen, restoring skin structure.
An emerging trend is to use collagen and hyaluronic acid-based fillers in combination to temporarily replace lost structure and volume, smoothing away unwanted lines and wrinkles.
www.lookingyourbest.com /face/faq.php   (1159 words)

 Collagen and Other Injectable Fillers
Although collagen is the best known filler, there are many other substances doctors can use to plump up your skin, including fat from your own body and synthetic materials.
Because it is the primary component of the dermis, collagen acts as the support structure for the skin.
In young skin, the collagen framework is intact and the skin remains moisturized and elastic.
www.medicinenet.com /collagen_and_injectable_fillers/article.htm   (466 words)

 Collagen treatment, bovine collagen implants, human collagen replacement therapy. DermNet NZ
Collagen treatment is a safe, non-surgical procedure that softens lines and furrows on the face.
Collagen is a natural substance that is found in skin, muscle, tendons and bones and provides structural support.
Collagen injections can be used to improve the skin's contour and fill out depressions in the skin due to scars, injury or lines.
www.dermnetnz.org /procedures/collagen.html   (1329 words)

 Fat Injections and Collagen - Cosmetic Surgery in Mountain View, California
Collagen is a substance useful for treatment of smile lines and frown lines and for improving the fullness of your lips.
Collagen plumps up the soft tissue, filling in lines and depressions by replacing the natural collagen that is lost from your skin over time.
Collagen has proven to be a safe and effective means of softening smile and frown lines, and it is an excellent means of enhancing lip fullness.
www.pearlmd.com /html/face_collagen.html   (923 words)

 Collagen - Collagen Treatments (Collagen Replacement Therapy) - Los Angeles CA
Collagen injections have been one of the top ten cosmetic procedures performed in the United States since they were approved by the FDA in 1981.
Injectable collagen is a natural substance derived from purified bovine (cow) collagen and is used to replace the collagen your skin loses over time.
Collagen injections are sometimes referred to as a "lunchtime" procedure.
www.marinaplasticsurgery.com /plastic_surgery/collagen.cfm   (431 words)

 Collagen Fillers
Collagen may improve deep and fine wrinkles on the forehead, crow's feet, laugh lines, frown lines, scars, thin lips, naso-labial folds (deep folds produced by sagging skin that hangs from the nose to the mouth), vermilion border wrinkles (wrinkles that accumulate around the mouth), or depressed scars.
Collagen is an essential protein complex found in the human body.
Collagen fillers do not necessarily result in 100 percent improvements, nor are the results permanent.
www.yourplasticsurgeryguide.com /injectables-and-fillers/collagen.htm   (1101 words)

Collagen also know as Zyderm and Zyplast is a safe, non-surgical approach that replaces the skin’s natural collagen and smooths out facial lines.
Collagen Replacement Therapy helps to smooth facial lines and augment the skin by supplementing the collagen under the skin.
Collagen can be injected in vertical lip lines and along the edge of the lip to enhance the definition of the lip border and make the lips appear fuller and more youthful.
www.lipimplants.com /2/Collagen.htm   (201 words)

 Collagen Little Rock, Arkansas, AR - Plastic / Cosmetic Surgery Jim English, MD - Little Rock, Fort Smith, North Little ...
Collagen has proven effective for the temporary treatment of small lines such as those found in the forehead, around the lips and in other areas of the face.
Collagen is a natural protein that provides structure in the body.
Collagen is usually administered over an initial treatment series of one to two office visits.
www.surgeonfacialplastic.com /collagen.htm   (377 words)

Collagen Replacement Therapy is a proven, non-surgical treatment from which you can obtain immediate results.
Made of purified bovine collagen, these materials can be injected into your skin to supplement your body's own collagen and actually fill certain lines and facial furrows.
Use of Zyderm Collagen Implant in an individual patient should be limited to 30 cc over a one-year period.
www.cosmeticskin.com /skin-collagen.shtml   (1702 words)

 Collagen Injections in Chicago Illinois, Collagen Chicago
The collagen is processed, purified, and sterilized so when it is injected into the body, it is accepted and actually takes on the characteristics of surrounding tissue.
Collagen is effective in smoothing shallow lines such as those around the lips and corners of the eyelids, and can also be used to fill deeper depressions like the furrows that form after years of smiling and frowning.
Collagen is not appropriate for treatment of tiny superficial lines such as those located directly under the eyes or for "ice-pick" acne scars and other scars with sharply defined margins.
www.bodysculptor.com /collagen.html   (369 words)

Restylane is a synthetic form of the natural filler material "hyaluronic acid" which resembles collagen and is found in skin tissue.
Collagen and Restylane can also be used on the lips to give them a fuller more attractive appearance.
Collagen and Restylane have been proven to be very safe over a long term as collagen has been used now for over 15 years!
www.cosmeticlasercenter.net /collagen.html   (770 words)

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