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Topic: Collation

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In the News (Sat 20 Apr 19)

  FAQ - Collation
UTS #10 Unicode Collation Algorithm is defined with a particular base version of the Unicode Standard, but I am using characters from a later version of Unicode.
Q: UTS #10 Unicode Collation Algorithm is defined with a particular base version of the Unicode Standard, but I am using characters from a later version of Unicode.
The UTC is committed to ensuring that the Unicode Collation Algorithm is updated in a timely manner, so that the repertoire of characters in the Default Unicode Collation Element Table stays in synch with the Unicode Standard.
www.unicode.org /faq/collation.html   (1512 words)

  Character Collation Concept Dictionary
N-to-1 collation - collation in which a sequence of N characters are grouped together as a single unit for the purposes of collation.
If collation values are not specified in one or more collation order statements, then 1) only a primary weight is assigned to the corresponding character, 2) the primary weight is determined by the relative position of the character in the sequence.
Collating elements which are specified by a locale definition file may not duplicate a symbolic name in the current charmap file.
www.cit.gu.edu.au /~davidt/cit3611/C_UNIX/character_collation.htm   (1365 words)

 Collation Software
A translation-style collation assumes that a sentence to be collated begins with initials, optionally followed by a period or colon, and a space.
When the collation software doesn't correctly detect the end of an assignment, it may append signatures and other junk to the last portion of legitimate text.
The “unicode” command indicates you are collating Unicode text, as for example for a GreekStudy group.
www.quasillum.com /study/collate.php   (1608 words)

The convention of placing relatively newer characters at the end of the syllabary (including the zemede extensions) is required to maintain the Gematria encoding of the script and is also common in primary education but is generally not a concern when applied to electronic collation.
The "Abegede" collation should remain an option in a Ge'ez language locale when dealing with this class of literature where it is expected.
Collation is otherwise straightforward and no practices are known for Ethiopic script whereby two or more characters together sort in a higher or lower order than separately.
www.geez.org /Collation   (979 words)

 CollationElementIterator (Java 2 Platform SE v1.4.2)
Sets the iterator to point to the collation element corresponding to the specified character (the parameter is a CHARACTER offset in the original string, not an offset into its corresponding sequence of collation elements).
This function returns the collation element that the iterator is currently pointing to and then updates the internal pointer to point to the next element.
Because there isn't necessarily a one-to-one mapping from characters to collation elements, this doesn't mean the same thing as "return the collation element [or ordering priority] of the previous character in the string".
java.sun.com /j2se/1.4.2/docs/api/java/text/CollationElementIterator.html   (918 words)

 technical title for collation
Collations provide a multi-protocol abstraction layer for comparison functions so the details of a particular comparison operation can be specified by someone with appropriate expertise independent of the application protocol that consumes that collation.
Collations must be deterministic, i.e.given a collation with a specific name, and any two fixed input strings, the result MUST be the same for the same operation.
Collation specifications intended for "common" use are expected to reference standards from standards bodies with significant experience dealing with the details of international character sets.
www.w3.org /2004/08/ietf-collation/draft-newman-i18n-comparator.xml   (5024 words)

 N-Tier Is the New Frontier of IT Operations Management - Figure 1   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Collation Inc. is an application management software company that enables automated top-down management of entire heterogeneous distributed n-tier applications.
Collation Confignia is agent-free application configuration management software that automatically discovers all the components of complex applications and their underlying infrastructures, creating an end-to-end view of an entire application.
Collation's core technologies can be extended to manage many aspects of enterprise application planning, health, and problem resolution.
www.fawcette.com /special/opsmgmt/overview/collation.asp   (131 words)

 ICU Userguide
An ICU Collator is a data structure or object that maintains all of the property and state information necessary to define and support the specific collation behavior provided.
Examples of properties described in the ICU Collator are the locale, whether normalization is to be performed, and how many levels of collation are to be evaluated.
When a collator is created from a locale, the collation service (like all ICU services) must map the requested locale to the localized collation data available to ICU at the time.
www.icu-project.org /userguide/Collate_ServiceArchitecture.html   (2982 words)

 Folding and collation (comparing strings) in Descriptor concepts
Collation is a much better and more powerful way to compare strings and produces a dictionary-like ('lexicographic') ordering.
For languages using the Latin script, for example, collation is about deciding whether to ignore punctuation, whether to fold upper and lower case, how to treat accents, and so on.
The collation level is an integer that can take one of the values: 0, 1, 2 or 3, and determines how tightly the matching of two strings should be.
www.symbian.com /developer/techlib/v70sdocs/doc%5Fsource/DevGuides/cpp/Base/BuffersAndStrings/Descriptors/DescriptorsGuide1/FoldingAndCollating.guide.html   (759 words)

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