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Topic: Collecting

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  Coins and Coin Collecting
Or you may use a coin collection to help you visualize the history of your state or country.
Collecting State Coins - With 50 states to collect from, you may want to start collecting state coins just from your home state and then branch out to neighboring states rather than tackle the whole of the US at once.
Collecting Roman Coins - The Roman Empire spread over a large area, so Roman coins are a surprisingly cheap way to start your coin collection as well as being a unique piece of history.
www.coinsandcoincollecting.com   (358 words)

  Collecting - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
These collections of things are often highly organized, carefully cataloged, and attractively displayed.
Some collections are capable of being completed, at least to the extent of owning one sample of each possible item in the collection (e.g.
Someone who has the financial means to collect stamps might not be able to collect sports-cars, for example.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Collecting   (398 words)

To begin collecting, you need to have some knowledge about what you are going to collect, how you are going to do it and where the item can be found.
In collecting for value, you are looking for rifles that are unique, produced in smaller numbers, hard to find and have qualities and characteristics that separate them from the rest of the rifles in their type.
Collecting for history can either involve collecting rifles connected to a single event in history or rifles associated historically with one nation or group of nations.
www.russian-mosin-nagant.com /collecting.htm   (3685 words)

 Comic Book Collecting History @ OurLocalColor.com (Our Local Color)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Comic book collecting is the result of an interest in antiquity, and nostalgia, as is all collecting by its very nature.
Comic book collecting is like all other collecting; while most collectors do so for personal interest in the enormous capabilities of the medium and the vast casts of characters, a few also collect exclusively for profit.
Most of the original comic books had not survived to the present era, having been thrown out in the trash or discarded as worthless children's waste by parents (stories of uncaring parents throwing out their kids' comic book collections are well known to the Baby Boom generation).
www.ourlocalcolor.com /encyclopedia/Comic_book_collecting   (1055 words)

 [No title]
The collection tends to have many rarities, but not the common coins of the dynasties covered.
A catalogue of a collection of coins of the Islamic Seljuqs of Rum.
Catalogue of approximately 1800 coins from Serbia and Bosnia from the collection of the author (who died in 1987, so it is obviously a posthumous publication).
www.islamiccoinsgroup.50g.com /Jims_Bibliography.txt   (16751 words)

 Collecting Rocks
An active collection constantly improves as specimens are added or as poor specimens are replaced by better ones.
You may try either to collect as many different types of igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks as possible or to collect all the related kinds of rocks from your own particular area.
Collections usually differ depending on where the collector is able to search for rocks.
pubs.usgs.gov /gip/collect1/collectgip.html   (2133 words)

 COIN COLLECTING   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Collect and show your counselor five different quarters you have acquired from circulation.
Collect and identify 50 foreign coins from at least 10 different countries.
Collect a date set of a single type since the year of your birth.
www.usscouts.org /usscouts/mb/mb035.html   (503 words)

Collecting is permitted on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, escorted by Jeri Jones.
Best collecting is located to the south of the driveway across from the building on the mine dumps.
Quarry is open for collecting to groups and clubs by appointment only.
www.pennminerals.com /collecting.htm   (1419 words)

 Open Directory - Recreation: Collecting
Collectibles at About.com - Features information on starting collections and includes links to related sites.
Country Living: Collecting - Articles on collecting items from antique furniture to vintage flea market finds, plus features on caring for your collectibles, appraisal quiz, and calendar of antique shows.
The Delphi Collectibles - Community including chat and message board, for collectors of all types to exchange information.
www.dmoz.org /Recreation/Collecting   (584 words)

 Collecting Micrometeorites
After some time, collect the sheet, roll the sides up, and gently tap all material into the center of the sheet.
An alternative to this procedure is to collect dust from areas such as the leaves from plants kept indoors or outside, or from window sills.
Use a brush to collect the particulate matter into a small container, then pour it onto a piece of paper or plastic.
www.madsci.org /experiments/archive/913517663.As.html   (226 words)

Winston Churchill's collecting began as early as age 7, noted in a letter he wrote to his father talking about his toy soldiers, flags and castles.
He was particularly interested in the Napoleonic era reflected in the collection he amassed of over 1500 soldiers on display in the home of his birth, Blenheim Palace.
When he collected toy soldiers, they took him back to his favourite battles in history and he heard the cannons roar, the drums pound and the bagpipes play.
www.storesonline.com /site/778233/page/393640   (993 words)

 Technorati Tag: collecting
Yesterday, I was searching through Proquest for articles about collectors and collecting in the 1910s and came across many articles about people...
Collecting stamps - the early stamps May 11th, 2006 Did you know that…..In 1847 Mauritius, a tiny british Colony in the Indian ocean, was next to...
Caviat Emptor Posted in On Book Collecting on May 11th, 2006 So I figure Beloved is a decent book to acquire in First Edition.
www.technorati.com /tags/collecting   (555 words)

 Collecting News
With nearly 12 years in the office of Independence County Tax Collector, Chief Deputy Collector Janet Perkey says she wants the top job in the office and thinks she is best qualified for it.
BY ALLEN ESSEX Valley Morning Star Collection of delinquent taxes for Cameron County is up 31 2 percent from this time last year, an attorney from the law firm that collects taxes told county officials Tuesday.
State efforts to collect taxes from Arizona corporations and businesses could be scaled back if top Republican lawmakers get their way.
www.topix.net /hobbies/collecting   (636 words)

 Collecting Herman Melville
Great institutions are built with collections of collections, and it is sometimes discouraging for the private collector to contemplate what has gone beyond reach in research libraries, even if one happens to be fond of those libraries.
A collection of American Melville can be formed without great difficulty, excepting the first two books in wrappers and the final two books of poems.
The largest collection by far was the Bradley Martin collection, but here the arrangement of the sale and other factors were a handicap.
www.reeseco.com /papers/melville.htm   (5119 words)

 HobbySpace - Space Collectibles   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Collecting memorabilia of space exploration has become one of the most popular and lucrative of space hobbies.
Collectibles, on the other hand, is used as a general term for items, new or old, that come in a series, such as patches, or fall into some general category, such as toys, that lend themselves to collecting.
Collecting such space stamps has grown into a popular hobby and there are many groups and websites devoted to it.
www.hobbyspace.com /Collecting   (2907 words)

 Lachrymatory Tear Bottle Collecting
There are many reasons to begin collecting lachrymatory: a desire to own a piece of history, a passion for beautiful objects, and some of us are simply inclined to collect.
The first consideration for your collection will be the type of items you wish to collect.
Check out the design of the bottle, what other bottles are made by the same company or source, and the type of cap or seal.
www.lachrymatory.com /collecting.htm   (414 words)

At the same time, you'll not only relive the days of your youth, but get insight into the world of collecting and the money that can be made from the stuff in your own home...
The book consists of numerous chapters devoted to the many different types of collectible stuff we might be saving.
As well as the materials they are made of, the risks your stuff faces and how to take care of family treasures...
www.noseforthenet.com /collecting.html   (277 words)

 Coin Collecting | Coin Values
Coin collecting is one of the most interesting hobbies, which can be also very rewarding.
Numismatic or Coin Collecting is the science of coins under an economic, legislative, metrological and artistic point of view.
Doing research on coin collecting is vital to making a good investment and you should do as much research as you can.
www.mycoincollecting.com   (724 words)

 Collectors Corner-collectorscorner.org (Home Page) ..."Collecting U.S Coins and Currency "
You see, don't let the fact that coin collecting was once a rich man's hobby scare you away.
Your collection will fit into one corner of your dresser drawer, or in small blue coin folders and coins don't make any noise.
These web pages will introduce you to the world of Coin Collecting or as it is called "Numismatics." Coin collecting is so vast, this area should give you a fairly good idea of coin collecting and what it is all about.
www.diskworks.com /collectorscorner.html   (542 words)

 Collecting [encyclopedia]
Collecting is a hobby consisting of the acquisition of items of a particular category and organizing or displaying them.
Most of the common collecting areas have specialized commercial dealers that trade in the items being collected, as well as in any tools or display mechanisms that collectors use.
Automobile license plate collecting, only possible in places where the plates are not government property.
www.artzia.com /Recreation/Indoor/Collecting   (242 words)

 Open Directory - Recreation: Collecting
Collectibles at About.com - Features information on starting collections and includes links to related sites.
Country Living: Collecting - Articles on collecting items from antique furniture to vintage flea market finds, plus features on caring for your collectibles, appraisal quiz, and calendar of antique shows.
Southeastern Antiquing and Collecting Magazine - A monthly publication on antiques and collectibles, focusing on the American Southeast.
dmoz.org /Recreation/Collecting   (811 words)

 Stardust | JPL | NASA
Although the captured particles will each be smaller than a grain of sand, high-speed capture could alter their shape and chemical composition - or even vaporize them entirely.
This is a silicon-based solid with a porous, sponge-like structure in which 99.8 percent of the volume is empty space.
This provides a method for determining which direction the dust came from, and is the basis of the approach of using single slabs of aerogel to collect both cometary and interstellar dust from both sides.
stardust.jpl.nasa.gov /tech/aerogel.html   (600 words)

 Cub Scout Academics - Collecting   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Begin a collection of at least 10 items that all have something in common.
If you collect coins or stamps, make a list of different countries in your collection.
Help a friend get started on a collection of his or her own.
www.usscouts.org /advance/cubscout/academics/collecting.html   (429 words)

 Oozing Goo Lava Line - "Collecting Lava Lamps"   (Site not responding. Last check: )
I live in WA state, and I've been collecting Lava since 1989 - I was ten, and begged my mom for one, which she kindly bought for me - a red/yellow Enchantress.
I also collect meerschaum and unusual corn cob pipes, as well as old doorbells and door chimes.
I have been collecting lavas for about 5 years, but most of my buys have come in the last 18 months.
www.archibot.com /dcforum_oozinggoo/DCForumID1/1062.html   (1363 words)

 Collecting Olympic Pins   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Pin collecting is a popular hobby among Olympic enthusiasts, so my mother, my son, and I all started collections in Atlanta.
Although none of us started collecting pins for their monetary worth, it was fun to learn what is and isn't considered "valuable" by collectors' standards.
Take the "guided tour" using the links at the right to see some of my pins as well as a few of my son's and my mom's.
kelly.jefferson.net /olympics/pins.htm   (158 words)

 Collecting Pez Candy Dispenser Online Resource
This site is dedicated to the hobby of collecting PEZ Dispensers from the '50s to today.
Whether you are a seasoned PRO or just a beginning collector, you'll find the info here to help you buy, sell, trade, or just learn and have fun.
Enjoy your visit, take your time to browse (there's a LOT of info here), and come back often to find out what's going on in the world of "Collecting Pez.com"...
www.collectingpez.com   (173 words)

 Art Collecting - Collecting Fine Art
Santa Fe Collecting art for love and profit is one of life's great pleasures.
Here is information on specialty areas and types of art collecting.
Each section includes links to the top galleries specializing in the type of art, articles on collecting the specific art media type, specialty museums, subject specific books and magazines, and other online resources.
art-collecting.com   (371 words)

We've shopped the shows and chatted with dealers to come up with our 14th annual hot list.
Slow down this summer and take your time assembling a wooden jigsaw puzzle-puzzles are affordable collectibles.
Plus, collecting nautical neckerchiefs, and great specialty and seaside shows.
www.countryhome.com /collecting/index.html   (171 words)

 Smithsonian Kids - Collecting
The Smithsonian Kids Collecting website requires the Flash and Real Player plug-ins.
If you do not see the 'Enter Collecting' button on the right, please download the Flash plug-in from the 'Get Flash Player' button below.
This site has been optimized for a display resolution setting of 800x600 and requires Netscape Navigator 4.0 or higher.
kids.si.edu /collecting   (68 words)

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