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Topic: College town

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In the News (Thu 23 May 19)

  College Town Issues :: The Opportunities and Challenges of College Towns
In neighborhoods in college towns, it's often difficult to achieve the type of balanced diversity that creates an optimal environment for all residents.
So too, the American college town (at least many of the walkable, pre-WWII, residential neighborhoods near campuses) as it was known in the mid-twentieth century and earlier is a vanishing cultural asset.
For many people, they are what gives a college town its unique appeal.
www.collegetownlife.com /college   (794 words)

 Moving Into Town--and Moving On: The Community College in the Lives of Traditional-age Students -- Executive Summary
It sees the community college as just such a human settlement, and for the convenience of narrative, calls it a "town," the fundamental commerce of which is the delivery of learning in different districts (subject matter) by various means and schedules.
Representatives of community colleges, for example, cannot answer typical inquiries from feeder high school sophomores and juniors (such as questions about recommended credit loads) on the basis of institutional data that include those of their parents who are community college students.
This is the type of analysis necessary for community colleges to build empirical profiles of curricula likely to be congruent with current knowledge and skill practice in the labor market, and from those profiles, rearrange the pathways (curricular sequences), signs (advising), and transport (course scheduling) of the town to produce optimal results.
www.ed.gov /rschstat/research/pubs/comcollege/index.html   (4603 words)

 Capitol College: Student Town Hall Meeting
Students are invited to an informal meeting with the college administrators.
Learn more about the new college brand means to students and hear about plans for offering a campus meal plan.
College leaders will be available to answer any of your questions regarding student life.
www.capitol-college.edu /newsevents/10068_22.shtml   (54 words)

 Building proposal cools once-warm town-college ties - The Boston Globe
Richard Doherty, president of the Association of Independent Colleges and Universities in Massachusetts, said the popularity of such developments among suburban colleges is a natural response to demographic changes.
But Regis's attorneys are prepared to argue that the college is exempt from local zoning ordinances under the Dover Amendment, a state law that applies to educational and religious institutions.
Doherty, of the college association, said that residents should consider Regis East in the context of the college's history of social service and commitment to women's education.
www.boston.com /news/local/articles/2005/10/02/building_proposal_cools_once_warm_town_college_ties   (1209 words)

 College Affordability | E-Town Hall | Congressman Steve Israel (D-NY) | Official Website
I agree that colleges and universities should be held financially accountable and that there should be a degree of transparency within a school’s finances.
College education provides people with critical thinking and communication skills that help in both their professional and personal lives.
As a father of a college freshman with another daughter in high school, I understand firsthand how difficult it is to afford sending your children to college.
www.house.gov /israel/issues/eduetownhall_text.htm   (8363 words)

 College town - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A college town or university town is a community (often literally a town, but possibly a small or medium sized city, or in some cases a neighborhood or a district of a city) which is dominated by its university population.
The university may be large, or there may be several smaller institutions such as liberal arts colleges clustered, or the residential population may be small, but college towns in all cases are so dubbed because the educational institution(s) presence pervades economic and social life.
The college town is largely an American phenomenon, according to Blake Gumprecht, an assistant professor of geography at the University of New Hampshire who has researched the subject considerably[1]; in continental Europe and Asia, most institutions of higher education are found in major cities.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/College_town   (1435 words)

 College Town Realty - Davis Wiki
College Town Realty is a small, family-owned property management company handling about 300 properties within Davis; for this service they charge 6% of the tenant's gross monthly rent.
Ching Chang, the principal owner of College Town, is a UC Davis Masters graduate of the Food Science and Biochemistry departments and has lived in Davis since 1968.
College Town was a bit more run down, but there was new carpet and linoleum, was clean and had the (I've heard rare) feature of washer/dryer hookups in the apartment.
daviswiki.org /College_Town_Realty   (1686 words)

 College, town courted as customers for local hydropower project | Addison County Independent
College and town officials last week acknowledged interest in the Holm project, though they stressed the need for more study.
Dealing exclusively with the college and town, Holm said, would involve a less complex process of extending power feeds to the nearby campus and municipal system.
The college has also made an increasing commitment to purchase locally produced foods and has been operating a wind turbine to provide some electricity for its recycling facility.
www.addisonindependent.com /node/1294   (931 words)

 College Town
College Fest 2004 is aimed at college-age students and is presented by College Town of Spartanburg, a consortium of the six colleges in Spartanburg - Converse College, Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic, Spartanburg Methodist College, Spartanburg Technical College, the University of South Carolina Upstate and Wofford College - in partnership with the City of Spartanburg.
College Town of Spartanburg is a collaboration of the six colleges, initiated by Spartanburg Mayor Bill Barnet, aimed at collaborative social and academic programs to showcase the institutions of higher education in the community.
College Fest 2004 is the second back-to-school concert hosted by College Town.
www.collegetownsc.org /news0002.asp   (414 words)

 ePodunk College Towns Index
As more Americans look to college towns as places to live, we thought it was time to assess these communities in a new light.
Because of college towns' vulnerability to rundown rental property, we also omitted towns and small cities with low rates of owner-occupied housing.
College towns were arranged by population, as recorded in the 2000 Census:
www.epodunk.com /top10/colleges/index.html   (418 words)

 About the City of Whittier: College Town
The City of Whittier and Whittier College share a common heritage, both founded by the same group of visionary pioneers.
Don Bremme, associate professor of education at Whittier College, supervises a tutoring program at the nearby Boys and Girls Club, benefiting local elementary and middle school children as well as Whittier’s students interested in careers in education.
And Whittier College faculty and staff volunteer more than 7,000 hours of service to the community, ranging from volunteering on an occasional basis, to membership in service and social organizations, to leadership positions with a variety of community organizations.
www.whittier.edu /about/city/college_town.htm   (275 words)

 Snow College | Utah.com
Snow's rural location is a wonderful setting for a college community, far away from the problems common to many urban areas.
The specific mission of Snow college is threefold: 1) to educate students, 2) to inspire them to love learning and 3) to lead them to serve others.
Many of Snow's students are representing the third or fourth generation of their family at the college.
www.utah.com /colleges/snow.htm   (403 words)

 The Real Estate Adviser: Get smart before buying in college town
However, it is located in a college town next to rental properties, mainly duplexes to four-unit buildings.
But if college enrollment is high, the university is well established and campus-area homes are stately and for the most part well-maintained, you'll probably fare better on the real-estate side of the equation.
If they plan to attend college in the town you're moving to, consider the dorm/housing savings you'll enjoy if you decide to remain in your neighborhood until they attend the university.
www.bankrate.com /brm/news/real-estate/20041009a1.asp   (536 words)

 Rutgers Focus - The vision of College Town
College Town will be a vibrant community designed with “smart growth” principles featuring retail shops, university space and green spaces to encourage outdoor gathering and preserve wetlands.
And planners are counting on College Town to be an attraction for sports fans after leaving the Louis Brown Athletic Center or returning to nearby parking lots.
Sara cautioned that College Town should not divert attention from the student center expansion.
ur.rutgers.edu /focus/article/The+vision+of+College+Town/1473   (691 words)

 Durham, New Hampshire - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The town is drained by the Oyster River.
The racial makeup of the town was 94.55% White, 0.77% African American, 0.21% Native American, 3.10% Asian, 0.13% Pacific Islander, 0.27% from other races, and 0.97% from two or more races.
The median income for a household in the town was $51,697, and the median income for a family was $83,609.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Durham,_NH   (727 words)

 Symposium: Creating a 21st Century College Town
Good college towns realize considerable revenue in property and sales taxes while creating the less tangible, but equally important value of another vibrant neighborhood that serves the varied needs of its citizens.
Understanding how campuses and towns have interacted successfully in the past, and are doing so again today, is essential to defining strategies and goals for new college town projects.
The group is actively involved the college town the University of Connecticut is creating.
architecture.nd.edu /news_and_events/symposium_college_towns.shtml   (726 words)

 CampusProgress.org | From Parking Lot to College Town?
College Park is a city few love and most students are glad to move away from upon graduation.
With many institutions interested in building or expanding college towns near their campuses, students are in a unique role to ensure the development agenda includes what they value, whether it is sustainable design, affordable housing, socio-economic diversity, or the protection of small businesses.
We believe students should be actively engaged in the design of their campuses and towns, and a website can be an effective tool to build a group of like-minded students and share knowledge about what is happening in your community.
campusprogress.org /tools/1398/from-parking-lot-to-college-town   (1314 words)

 Storrs Center: Putting The Town Back In 'College Town' - News
The town of Mansfield is known for preserving its history and culture.
In 2001, UConn and the town of Mansfield came together to form the Mansfield Downtown Partnership - a collaboration that would plan for the construction of a town center to benefit the UConn community, the local community and university visitors.
The plan is to bring a variety of non-corporate retail shops and restaurants to the center, in an effort to provide a destination for outsiders and a "place to go" for locals, whether they want to run errands, mail something at the post office or simply walk their dog, she said.
media.www.dailycampus.com /media/storage/paper340/news/2008/01/25/News/Storrs.Center.Putting.The.Town.Back.In.college.Town-3168977.shtml   (546 words)

 CNN.com - Town trying to tame 'Animal House' style - Feb. 17, 2003
On shady residential lanes near the University of Alabama campus, swaybacked sofas and overstuffed den chairs sit on front porches, and front yards are full of cars plastered with fraternity and sorority decals.
This scene is just life as usual for college students, but their grown-up neighbors have had enough.
Acting at the request of both university administrators and neighborhood groups, city officials are cracking down on the town's "Animal House" style.
cnn.com /2003/US/South/02/17/college.town.cleanup.ap/index.html   (701 words)

 Town & Country: College Admissions - Finding the Right Fit
Seven tips from a high school college counselor will help you and your college-bound child make the right choice.
With your college counselor's input, help your children identify schools at which they would be happy and challenged and where they might reasonably expect to gain admission.
Each college admits the students it wants to admit, for its own institutional reasons, which means it also denies a great many worthy applicants.
magazines.ivillage.com /townandcountry/guides/college/articles/0,,166585_366804,00.html   (256 words)

 College town questions - Opinions
The idea for a college town on Livingston campus, complete with stores, a movie theater and a restaurant, is a lofty goal aimed at making Livingston a more popular and habitable place.
Building an artificial college town on Livingston would most certainly increase the sense of community on campus, and it might be a great draw for incoming students to attend Livingston College when compared to its current sparse landscape.
Since there is no funding for the college town, another source of money besides Piscataway taxes must present itself before the plans can proceed.
www.dailytargum.com /news/2004/11/11/Opinions/College.Town.Questions-801263.shtml   (352 words)

 Is charlottesville a good college town?
College Discussion Forums: Individual Schools: US News Top 25: University of Virginia: 2004 Archive: Is charlottesville a good college town?
Also the town seems to be friendly and safe to boot.
Between the town and the grounds, you'll never have to worry about being bored, or having a lack of options for things to do, places to eat, go out etc. However, C'ville is not like being in a major metropolitan city -- it's just a nice college town.
www.collegeconfidential.com /discus/messages/8/38750.html   (733 words)

 Business Digest article: College Towns Compared
Two of the schools, King's College and Wilkes University are located within a couple of blocks of the downtown center.
In Blacksburg, Va., a college town because of the presence of Virginia Polytechnic Institute (Virginia Tech to Big East football fans), Dennis was struck by its attention to beauty.
One of the attributes common to all the college towns he visited is the obvious support for the college populations by the downtown retailers -- something lacking in Wilkes-Barre.
www.vermontguides.com /1997/profile7.htm   (1035 words)

 College Town
Spartanburg is truly a "College Town," boasting six institutions of higher learning providing opportunities for students interested in a variety of paths.
With more than 10,000 students matriculating in Spartanburg County each year, the College Town atmosphere is enhanced each fall as they return to classes.
The colleges and the community have begun offering joint social and academic programming to bring the strength of these institutions together to enhance the quality of the college experience for the students and faculty while showcasing the importance of the institutions to the community.
www.collegetownsc.org   (121 words)

 Why college-town property investing is a wise move - MarketWatch
College towns are typically more expensive -- as much as 20% or 30% more than nearby areas.
In college towns, demand is at least steadier, if not more destined to grow, than the average real estate market.
According to the Department of Education, college enrollments are expected to rise by almost 1.6 million students, or 15%, over the next 10 years.
www.marketwatch.com /News/Story/Story.aspx?guid={B86E3F5D-247B-4E0D-BC3B-5909B3DD8933}&siteid=mktw&dist=nwhpf   (665 words)

 Real Estate Review
Robert E. Poole, president and CEO of SandA Homes in State College and John M. Millar, executive vice president of Divaris Real Estate, Inc. in Virginia Beach, Va., have formed a team to develop a “College Town Center” at the center of a 1,250-acre planned community.
Both Poole and Millar believe that college towns will be at the forefront of growth for the next ten to 20 years, as the two largest segments of the U.S. population – the “Baby Boomers” and the college bound “Echo Boomers” – intersect.
State College Town Center at Toftrees will also benefit from the completion in 2008 of the north-south extension of Interstate 99 (currently Routes 220 and 322), connecting to the east-west Interstate 80.
www.divaris.com /rereview/statecollegetct07.html   (851 words)

 College Town Williamsport, PA   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The College Town Committee developed the Web site as part of an ongoing effort to bring the community and businesses of Williamsport together with the City’s three institutions of higher education: Pennsylvania College of Technology, Lycoming College and Newport Business Institute.
Penn College students, led by Daniel Little, a senior from Beacon Falls, Conn., who is a Penn College student representative on the College Town Committee, developed and designed the Web site.
Williamsport City Councilman J. Michael Wiley, a member of the College Town Committee, said: “It has been a real pleasure working with Pennsylvania College of Technology students who are volunteering their time and energy to the College Town Committee.
www.williamsport.org /ot2010/collegetown/press_release.asp   (1249 words)

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