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Topic: Collinear

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In the News (Sun 26 May 19)

  PlanetMath: collinear
In a geometry, points are said to be collinear if they all lie on a straight line.
This is version 13 of collinear, born on 2002-02-20, modified 2006-07-24.
Object id is 2281, canonical name is Collinear.
planetmath.org /encyclopedia/Collinearity.html   (44 words)

 Collinear antenna array - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In telecommunication, a collinear antenna array is an array of dipole antennas mounted in such a manner that every element of each antenna is in an extension, with respect to its long axis, of its counterparts in the other antennas in the array.
Note: A collinear array is usually mounted vertically, in order to increase overall gain and directivity in the horizontal direction.
When stacking dipole antennas in such a fashion, doubling their number will, with proper phasing, produce a 3 dB increase in directive gain.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Collinear_antenna_array   (126 words)

 Collinear Systems, Inc. || Types of Service
Collinear first analyzed their data requirements, and recommended an improved relational database schema to replace their legacy flat-file system.
Collinear's first assignment was to port a problematic C++ data decompression application to Java, and prove that Java was suitable for I/O intensive computing.
Collinear consultants were able to implement the new changes on time and budget and are now on a long-term contract to support the ongoing upgrades to this simulator.
www.collinearsys.com /cs.html   (647 words)

 Collinear Corp.
Collinear Corporation is developing revolutionary solid state RGB light sources to replace the last remaining analog component in projection systems.
Collinear’s solid state light source replaces existing lamp technology and eliminates expensive illumination optics, to deliver an optimal combination of performance and cost.
Collinear was founded in December 2004 by veterans of the optics, photonics, semiconductor, and consumer electronics industries and is funded by Tallwood Venture Capital, Allegis Capital and Narra Venture Capital.
www.collinear.com   (129 words)

 Finite geometry - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The parallel postulate: Given a line L and a point P not on L, there exists exactly one line through P that is parallel to L.
The last axiom ensures that the geometry is not empty, while the first two specify the nature of the geometry.
A permutation of the Fano plane's seven points that carries collinear points (points on the same line) to collinear points is called a "symmetry" of the plane.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Finite_geometry   (894 words)

 Directional Harmonic Theory   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
A different pattern is observed in figure 2 B which shows a collinear grouping of dots in columns, each dot being connected by an illusory grouping contour that extends out from that dot in opposite directions, as shown schematically to the right of the figure.
This percept is considerably less salient than the collinear and orthogonal grouping percepts, and is complicated by the fact that it is not entirely clear whether the grouping lines connect adjacent line endings directly, as suggested schematically to the right in the figure, or whether diagonal rows of line segments form intersecting diagonal "streets", i.e.
the dots are perceived to be in a collinear alignment.
cns-alumni.bu.edu /~slehar/webstuff/dirhr2/dirhr2.html   (9813 words)

 The Simple Collinear   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Wherever there is a need for a vertically polarized omni-directional antenna with gain, a collinear is used.
The vertically polarized collinear takes the form of two or more half waves in-line and in-phase, resulting in an omni-directional pattern with maximum radiation near the horizon.
Collis, “Omni-Gain Vertical Collinear for VHF and UHF”
home.comcast.net /~ross_anderson/sc.htm   (992 words)

 Collinear Corp. - Jobs
Collinear is always looking for extraordinary people.  If you have special skills in any of the following areas than please send us your resume and we will contact you directly.
Collinear is a Silicon Valley high technology start-up developing high brightness solid state light sources for digital front and rear projection displays.
Collinear is an early stage technology start-up developing high brightness solid state light sources for digital front and rear projection displays.
www.collinear.com /jobs.php   (396 words)

 Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Collinear Polymer Nanoparticle Collisions: Reaction and Scattering   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Collinear collisions of polyethylene nanoparticles are studied, with a particular emphasis on the transition between sticking and reactive scattering trajectories.
The former are characterized by collisions where the two polymer particles form a particle dimer, the latter by collisions resulting in the gross change of particle structure, such as particle fragmentation or transfer of polymer chains from one particle to another.
It is observed that in the collinear case there are no scattering trajectories where the particles undergo nearly elastic collisions and rebound with small energy change.
pubs.acs.org /cgi-bin/abstract.cgi/jpcbfk/2001/105/i46/abs/jp012646z.html   (205 words)

 Home-brew Compact 6dBi Collinear Antenna
A variation of the coax collinear is constructed from brass rod and brass tubing, but is still just as fiddly to construct.
I was particularly intrigued when a friend pointed out a much simpler collinear, consisting of just a length of copper wire appropriately bent, as detailed here, with a claimed gain of about 6dBi.
When building my first collinear using this design, I made the loops in a similar way to those seen on many commercial antennas which have multi-loop coils, with the wire above and below the coil being centrally located with regards to the loop.
martybugs.net /wireless/collinear.cgi   (1227 words)

 Journal of Vision - Synchronous activity in cat visual cortex encodes collinear and cocircular contours, by Zhou, ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
A 10x10 microelectrode array was used to record from 51 cells in areas 17 and 18 in two paralyzed and anesthetized cats.
Collinear cell pairs showed greater synchrony under drifting grating stimulation than under concentric ring stimulation.
We believe that coherent perception is maintained through synchronous neural activity that is primarily induced by the temporal character of the stimuli, such as common fate, though the spatial structure does augment the synchrony.
journalofvision.org /5/8/675   (408 words)

The problem described in the Prolog is collinearity, where variables are so highly correlated that it is impossible to come up with reliable estimates of their individual regression coefficients.
Collinearity does not affect the ability of a regression equation to predict the response.
Collinearity (or multicollinearity or ill-conditioning) occurs when independent variables are so highly correlated that it becomes difficult or impossible to distinguish their individual influences on the response variable.
www.tufts.edu /~gdallal/collin.htm   (1560 words)

 3.4 Soft and collinear properties of gravity amplitudes from gauge theory   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
From the structure of the KLT relations it is clear that a universal collinear behavior similar to Eq.
The value of the splitting amplitude may be obtained by taking the collinear limit of two of the legs in, for example, the five-point amplitude.
Figure 8: As two momenta become collinear a gravity amplitude develops a phase singularity that can be detected by rotating the two momenta around the axis formed by their sum.
www.maths.tcd.ie /EMIS/journals/LRG/Articles/Volume5/2002-5bern/node10.html   (891 words)

 Consistency of Multi-year gapped DSC Residuals with Collinear Altimetry
Since there is no current collinear altimetry extending into the 1980's we can only verify the consistency of our results by checking with 1990's data.
We chose Ers1/Ers2 collinear data because it was more convenient in terms of the DSCs available but more important because the addition of Ers2 altimetry added another degree of independence to the consistency test.
Aside from the different media corrections involved in Ers1, Ers2 and T/P the collinear differences (Ers2-Ers1) here should involve no geopotential signals, should be a fair transfer of average sealevel between 1995/96 and 1992/93 and thus the agreement says our DSC residuals are also compatible with real sealevel differences.
ibis.grdl.noaa.gov /SAT/pubs/papers/wagner_2000/node15.html   (532 words)

 CiteULike: Collinear context (and learning) change the profile of the perceptual filter.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
The effect of collinear context on the filter mediating the detection of a Gabor stimulus was investigated by using the classification image method.
Classification images were estimated for a 1.5cpd horizontal Gabor target and the same target flanked by two collinear Gabors horizontally 1.7 degrees displaced from the target.
@article{citeulike:506718, abstract = {The effect of collinear context on the filter mediating the detection of a Gabor stimulus was investigated by using the classification image method.
www.citeulike.org /user/Terkko/article/506718   (397 words)

 Lecture Notes 20 - Math 4220
If only 4 points are collinear, then the repeated line is no longer a possibility, and the second line of the pair can be any line through the 5th point.
If there are 3, but no more, collinear points, the pair of lines containing the set is uniquely determined - the line containing the three collinear points and the line determined by the other two points.
The condition that P, Q and R are collinear, using the determinant method, is that c(b-a) + a(d(b-a)) - dc(b-a) -a(d(1-a)+c(b-1)) = 0, which simplifies to ad(b+c-1) -bc(a+d-1) = 0.
www-math.cudenver.edu /~wcherowi/courses/m4220/hg2lec20.html   (1109 words)

 Journal of Vision - Collinear facilitation is largely due to uncertainty reduction, by Verghese, Petrov, & McKee   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Starting with Polat and Sagi (1993), several studies have shown that the presence of collinear flankers improves the detection of a central Gabor patch.
We also used an adaptive procedure to measure the slope of the psychometric function to determine whether the slopes were considerably lower in the presence of cues that reduced uncertainty, as predicted by signal detection theory.
More importantly, the slopes of the psychometric function are much shallower in the presence of the circle or the collinear flankers, indicating that the improved thresholds in these conditions are largely due to significant reductions in uncertainty.
journalofvision.org /5/8/721   (386 words)

 Xah: Introduction to Real Projective Plane
Each of A,B,C are collinear with one of its sides, meaning each of A,B,C must lie on one of its side, and thus A,B,C are in the same plane as P1,Q1,R1.
Four collinear points A,B,C,D, are said to form a harmonic set if there is a quadrangle of which two opoosite sides pass through A and two other opposite sides through B, while the remaining sides pass through C and D, respectively.
A quadrangle with collinear diagonal points would constitute a configuration of seven points and seven lines such that every two of the points are joined by a line containing a third.
xahlee.org /projective_geometry/projective_geometry.html   (6397 words)

 guerilla.net/Lucent/Maxrad Collinear Omni   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Although I have been aware of the guerilla.net low power collinear omni for some time, I have hesitated to build it due to its complexity, and the fact that I didn't fully understand the design.
Although the guerilla.net folks claim that the antenna is their own original design, one day while surfing the FCC site for information about Lucent's ORiNOCO cards, I happened upon an interesting document.
The main difference between the gnet collinear and the Maxrad is just the wire diameter.
www.lincomatic.com /wireless/collinear.html   (1107 words)

 Antenna Comparison Testing
Over the past several months, I'd constructed a number of antennas, including some biquads, an 8-element collinear omni, and a cantenna, and Marcus had recently constructed some 8-slot 180-degree waveguide antennas using cheap downpipe.
The collinear was constructed using 8 elements of CNT-400 coax, as per the details at wireless.gumph.org, with the dimensions appropriately adjusted to suit the velocity factor of CNT-400 coax.
For horizontal polarisation, the waveguides are vertical, the biquad is vertical, the collinear is horizontal, the cantenna feed element is horizontal, and the Conifer dish is vertical.
martybugs.net /wireless/antennacomp.cgi   (1342 words)

 Collinear Hoe @ Territorial Seed Company
Reduce strain on your back, neck, and shoulders with this long handled hoe that encourages you to stand straight while you work.
Many hoes force you to adopt a stooped position, but the length and shape of our Collinear Hoe makes weeding a pleasure.
Collinear Hoe is a Heavy Item and may increase your shipping charges.
www.territorial-seed.com /stores/1/Collinear_Hoe_P9560C275.cfm   (69 words)

 Comparison of a Brassica oleracea Genetic Map With the Genome of Arabidopsis thaliana -- Lukens et al. 164 (1): 359 -- ...
Nested collinear runs are identified and evaluated by the algorithm but for clarity are not shown here.
Positions of significant collinear regions between the Brassica oleracea genetic map and the Arabidopsis thaliana genome sequence.
A line through a box indicates that a new collinear run from the same chromosome was initiated.
www.genetics.org /cgi/content/full/164/1/359   (6073 words)

 Journal of Vision - Collinear facilitation is largely uncertainty reduction, by Petrov, Verghese, & McKee   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
We also used an adaptive procedure to measure the slope of the psychometric function to determine whether the slopes were considerably lower in the presence of location cues or flanking Gabors, as predicted by signal detection theory when uncertainty is reduced.
As observed previously, the presence of collinear flankers improved detection thresholds by a factor of two.
The slopes of the psychometric functions were much shallower in the presence of these location cues or the collinear flankers compared to the target-alone condition.
journalofvision.org /6/2/8   (326 words)

 Plato's Cave: A New Gestalt Model   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
When two such edges are aligned in a collinear configuration, their diffusing fields of activation interact spatially, resulting in a positive feedback which enhances the illusory boundary along the smooth curve joining the inducers as shown schematically below.
A careful analysis of the behavior of the illusory contour in these and other figures reveals certain underlying laws of non-collinear completion which offer clues as to the mechanism by which such completion is subserved.
This model is not complete as it stands, because there are two components to the percept, a collinear percept of an edge, and a surface percept of the occluding triangle, which even has a different surface brightness than the white page that it occludes.
cns-alumni.bu.edu /pub/slehar/webstuff/pcave/gestalt_model.html   (1468 words)

 EPGY Theorem Proving Environment
Theorem 3.4 If P, Q, and R are collinear then P, R, and Q are collinear and Q, P, and R are collinear and so on.
B, A, B, P are collinear, A, B, Q are collinear, and A, B, R are collinear then P, Q, R are collinear.
Theorem 3.7 If P and Q are distinct, A, B, P are collinear, A, B, Q are collinear, and P, Q, R are collinear then A, B, R are collinear.
epgy.stanford.edu /tpe/?exercises/M015.html   (1494 words)

 Quantum Transition State Theory for the Collinear H + H2 Reaction   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
The recently formulated quantum transition state theory (QTST) in which the quantum projection operator is approximated by its parabolic barrier limit and the symmetrized thermal flux is evaluated numerically exactly, is applied to the collinear hydrogen exchange reaction.
The results are found to bound the exact results from above for temperatures ranging from T = 200 K to T = 1000 K. The QTST rate is almost exact at high temperature and is a factor of 3.7 greater than the exact rate at T = 200 K, where there is extensive tunneling.
Contour plots of the quantum transition state theory reactive flux reveal that the theory accounts well for the "corner cutting" observed in the collinear hydrogen exchange reaction at low temperatures.
pubs.acs.org /cgi-bin/abstract.cgi/jpcafh/2000/104/i09/abs/jp993865b.html   (189 words)

 Emergent Properties of Layer 2/3 Neurons Reflect the Collinear Arrangement of Horizontal Connections in Tree Shrew ...
Because of the collinear bias in the arrangement of horizontal connections, there will be greater convergence of horizontal inputs for the collinear configuration than for the orthogonal configuration at all stimulus distances.
Facilitation of population response to collinear arrays of Gabor stimuli.
C, Comparison of collinear and orthogonal histograms with the use of the facilitation index reveals that for most experiments greater activity was observed for the collinear condition (positive value for the facilitation index) than for the orthogonal (negative value).
www.jneurosci.org /cgi/content/full/23/7/2947   (9799 words)

 Kevin's Collinear Ideas
You might think from this calculation that the length of the antenna can be shorter by using solid dielectric instead of foam, however, remember it's not the number of elements that determines the gain, it's the overall length of the collinear.
I have been successful in saving this part of the commercial antenna and adapting it mechanically to the homemade collinear.
Commercial antenna construction differs from one manufacturer to another and this may not be a possibility with all types.
www.repeater-builder.com /rbtip/uhfcoll.html   (1731 words)

 The HO Collinear   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
If you decide to use the same diameter for the vertical and horizontal elements, then nec can be used, but it may not be possible to get to 50 ohms.
One further comment: The spacing between the loops is smaller than is usually used in collinear arrays.
This is because the electrical length between the centers of each loop is a half wavelength.
home.comcast.net /~ross_anderson/HOCollinear.htm   (646 words)

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