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Topic: Collision

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In the News (Wed 22 May 19)

  Rain leads to collision at I-75, Route 4 interchange
Rain leads to collision at I-75, Route 4 interchange
Flash player is required to view weather conditions.
A Dayton dispatcher said crews had not removed any victims from the crash but did not know when the interchange would reopen.
www.daytondailynews.com /n/content/oh/story/news/local/2007/12/02/ddn120207weatherweb.html?cxtype=rss&cxsvc=7&cxcat=16   (155 words)

  Cryptography Research - Hash Collision Q&A
The collisions against MD4, MD5, HAVAL-128, and RIPEMD were found by the Chinese researcher Xiaoyun Wang with co-authors Dengguo Feng, Xuejia Lai, and Hongbo Yu.
In contrast, a collision attack finds two messages with the same hash, but the attacker can't pick what the hash will be.
For example, a devastating attack would be one that enabled adversaries to obtain a legitimate server certificate with a collision to one containing a wildcard for the domain name and an expiration date far in the future.
www.cryptography.com /cnews/hash.html   (1054 words)

  Elastic and Inelastic Collision   (Site not responding. Last check: )
This Java applet deals with the extreme cases of a collision process illustrated by two wagons: For an elastic collision it is characteristic that the sum of the kinetic energies of the involved bodies is constant.
After a perfectly inelastic collision, however, both bodies have the same velocity; the sum of their kinetic energies is reduced, compared with the initial value, because a part of it has changed into internal energy (warming up).
The movement of the common center of gravity (indicated by a yellow dot) is not influenced by the collision process.
www.walter-fendt.de /ph11e/collision.htm   (219 words)

 moock>> web>> flash>> actionscript>> collision detection
we create a subroutine that evaluates whether or not the two objects are in contact (for normal collision this means the objects are simply overlapping; for containment, one object must be entirely encompassed by the other).
there are lots of kinds of collision, all of which provide varying levels of accuracy and realism depending on the physics they use to calculate the overlap.
since collision detection is a common programming issue, i won't go into great detail about the actual calculations, i'll just describe the general approach.
www.moock.org /webdesign/flash/actionscript/collision   (848 words)

 Gamasutra - Features - "Advanced Collision Detection Techniques" [03.30.00]
Collision detection in 3D is many magnitudes more difficult to implement than a simple 2D Pong game.
The object-object collision detection, for the most part, will be the same for both types of engines, depending upon your current implementation.
Building a quick collision detection hack near the end of a development cycle will probably ruin the whole game because it’ll be impossible to make it efficient.
www.gamasutra.com /features/20000330/bobic_01.htm   (1172 words)

 Collision Detection
While responding to the collision is computationally much easier than discovering a collision, it can still pose several problems in how objects are going to react to each other.
Detecting collisions with a sphere tends to be easier to calculate because of the symmetry of the object.
When checking for a collision, two points are important: the distance between the sphere and a plane should not become zero, and the numeric sign of the distance also should not change.
www.edenwaith.com /products/pige/tutorials/collision.php   (1547 words)

 Avian Collision and Electrocution: An Annotated Bibliography   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Sixty-three percent of all deaths were attributed to turbine collision, 12 percent to electrocution, 5 percent to wire collision, and 20 percent to unknown causes.
Collision with overhead wires was responsible for appreciable losses among all species except the common gull which suffered considerable mortality due to vehicle collision.
Three hypotheses about bird collision and wind turbines in the Altamont Pass were tested from August 1988 to August 1989: birds can not see the blades under specific conditions, collisions tend to occur at ends of turbine strings, and collisions tend to occur at swales or hill shoulders.
www.energy.ca.gov /reports/avian_bibliography.html   (18071 words)

 UnrealWiki: Collision Cylinder
The collision cylinder was the basis of the collision system in Unreal Engine versions up to and including UT.
In UT2003, collision is far more complex, but an actor can still be made to use a collision cylinder by setting the property Collision → bUseCylinderCollision (see Actor/Collision for more).
The collision cylinder is defined by a height and a radius, set in an actor's collision properties.
wiki.beyondunreal.com /wiki/collision_cylinder   (520 words)

 UDN - Two - CollisionTutorial
Because collision models are part of the static mesh, they are 'instanced' in the same way as static mesh graphics, so are more efficient memory-wise than blocking volumes.
If this is TRUE and a collision model is present, the collision model will be turned into a set of convex hulls and used for calculate the collision of karma objects against this object.
An additional bonus of using collision models is that if you set all of the settings to true and you turn off the collision of every material, the static mesh will use much less memory.
udn.epicgames.com /Two/CollisionTutorial   (1716 words)

 Standard Collision Examples
For a head-on collision with a stationary object of equal mass, the projectile will come to rest and the target will move off with equal velocity, like a head-on shot with the cue ball on a pool table.
The spot on a pool table is placed so that a collision with a ball on the spot which sends it to a corner pocket will send the cue ball to the other corner pocket.
In a head-on elastic collision where the projectile is much more massive than the target, the velocity of the target particle after the collision will be about twice that of the projectile and the projectile velocity will be essentially unchanged.
hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu /hbase/colsta.html   (432 words)

 Collision Research Associates - Accident Reconstruction - Vehicle Documentation
CRA is uniquely qualified to determine rider/motorcycle control issues and to determine speeds in motorcycle collisions.
Vehicle acceleration, braking and handling performance must be evaluated in the reconstruction of a collision.
It is typically possible to determine the speed of the vehicle at the time of impact by using the vehicle and environmental data.
www.collision-research.com /pages/vehicle/vehicle_documentation.html   (627 words)

 Jason Stewart -- Collision Detection
When a collision is detected, a simple collision response is calculated.
For the collision response, it is assumed that all objects are perfect spheres of uniform density.
The spheres are perfectly rigid and thus the collisions are instantaneous.
www.cs.unc.edu /~stewart/comp259/collision.html   (395 words)

 White Papers
A collision domain is a group of Ethernet or Fast Ethernet devices that are directly connected by repeaters.
A collision occurs if DTE B begins transmitting before the signal from DTE A is heard by the CSMA/CD MAC of DTE B. If this is the case all DTE's in the collision domain will "hear" the collision and they send a collision signal onto the network.
The time is doubled in the case of the collision signal returning to the transmitting source from the furthest node.
www.transition.com /TransitionNetworks/Learning/Whitepaper/Domains.aspx   (1496 words)

 GameDev.net - Collision Detection
One thing to consider is that often, collision detection is really only needed for a rather small object hitting a rather larger object.
This means that this collision detection routine can be run safely (and with meaningful results) on objects that are not necessarily within the screen boundaries.
This is great for testing single-point, pixel-level collisions, and it works very well for detecting very small objects (bullets, missiles, etc.) hitting larger game objects (alien or enemy ships, dragons, or whatever).
www.gamedev.net /reference/articles/article735.asp   (1389 words)

 Products : Torque : TGB : Features : Collision :. GarageGames   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Collision polygons can be applied to any object as either a regular polygon with any number of sides or a custom convex polygon.
Collision detection is an expensive operation, and this can especially be true when you're dealing with accurate swept-polygon collision, as TGB does.
Objects can be configured with a script collision callback function to generate some sort of reaction upon collision.
www.garagegames.com /products/torque/tgb/features/collision   (551 words)

 The Diesel and Freight Car   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Before the collision, the diesel is in motion with a velocity of 5 km/hr and the flatcar is at rest.
The mathematics of this problem is simplified by the fact that before the collision, there is only one object in motion and after the collision both objects have the same velocity.
And after the collision, all the momentum was the result of a single object (the combination of the diesel and flatcar) moving at an easily predictable velocity.
www.glenbrook.k12.il.us /gbssci/phys/mmedia/momentum/dft.html   (534 words)

 NeHe Productions: OpenGL Lesson #30
If at any point collision is found (which means the spheres have already penetrated each other) then we take the previous position as the intersection point (we could start interpolating between these points to find the exact intersection position, but that is mostly not required).
This is the collision point on the offset primitive, to find the collision point on the real primitive we add to that point the reverse of the normal at that point (which is also returned by the intersection routines) by the radius of the sphere.
If a collision occurs during a time step (say after 0.5 sec with a time step equal to 1 sec.) we advance the object to this position, compute the reflection (new velocity vector) and move the object for the remaining time (which is 0.5 in our example) testing again for collisions during this time.
nehe.gamedev.net /data/lessons/lesson.asp?lesson=30   (3736 words)

 The Physics Classroom
Collisions between objects are governed by laws of momentum and energy.
Elastic collisions are collisions in which both momentum and kinetic energy are conserved.
The value 22 361 kg*m/s is the total momentum of the system before the collision; and since momentum is conserved, it is also the total momentum of the system after the collision.
www.physicsclassroom.com /mmedia/momentum/2di.html   (579 words)

 Collision Repair Satisfaction Study
Consumers who initially had a collision repair shop in mind before contacting their insurance carrier, and subsequently learned their preferred repair shop was also on the carrier’s preferred list, were the most delighted with the collision repair process.
Nearly 80 percent of consumers who had collision repair or body work completed on their vehicle believed the body shop that repaired their vehicle was approved or affiliated with the insurer handling their claim.
The 2004 Collision Repair Satisfaction Study is based on 5,995 responses from consumers who had collision repair or body work performed on their vehicles in the past 12 months.
www.jdpower.com /corporate/news/releases/pressrelease.asp?ID=2004206   (700 words)

 Two Cars in 2-Dim. Collision (inelastic)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Collisions between objects are governed by laws of momentum and energy.
Elastic collisions are collisions in which both momentum and kinetic energy are conserved.
The value 22 361 kg*m/s is the total momentum of the system before the collision; and since momentum is conserved, it is also the total momentum of the system after the collision.
www.glenbrook.k12.il.us /gbssci/phys/mmedia/momentum/2di.html   (596 words)

 Colliding Galaxies
Possible evidence for the galaxy responsible for the collision with the Cartwheel is given in the adjacent image which shows a neutral hydrogen map of the region around the Cartwheel Galaxy constructed from radio telescope data (Ref).
Other examples of galaxies where collisions appear to be taking place include the The Sleeping Beauty Galaxy (M64), where the center of the galaxy seems to be rotating in the opposite direction from the outer regions, and the galaxy NGC 6240, where the motion of objects in the center is extremely rapid and jumbled.
In all three movies only the motion of the gas is shown---the unseen dark matter influences the collisions through gravitational interactions, but does not show in the simulations.
csep10.phys.utk.edu /astr162/lect/galaxies/colliding.html   (1228 words)

 Collision Literary Magazine   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Founded in 2001, Collision Magazine is one of two undergraduate publications in the nation dedicated exclusively to creative nonfiction prose and poetry.
Each semester, Collision publishes personal essays and narratives, travel pieces, profiles, and poems by undergraduate and graduate students from Pittsburgh and all over the United States.
Collision is one of four University Honors College publications.
www.pitt.edu /~collide   (57 words)

 Universe Today » Archive » Galaxy Collision Separates Out the Dark Matter
In a collision between giant galaxy clusters, hot gas clouds in the clusters encounter friction as they pass through one another, separating them from the stars.
The X-ray image shows the bullet shape is due to a wind produced by the high-speed collision of a smaller cluster with a larger one.
This was done by measuring the effect of gravitational lensing, where gravity from the clusters distorts light from background galaxies as predicted by Einstein’s theory of general relativity.
www.universetoday.com /2006/08/21/galaxy-collision-separates-out-the-dark-matter   (742 words)

 COLLISION   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Soon rumours about a young talented keyboardist reached the ears of the band, this “Ohleman” had spent some three years in the Caribbean region of Nicaragua, where he had been touring with one of the country´s leading reggae artist.
The music of Collision is constantly evolving, with the target set on spreading joy and positive energy to a broad and varied audience.
So far, Collision has mad no attempt to get a records deal or signing any kind of contract.
www.collision.nu /content/bio.php   (339 words)

 CNN - Crippled Mir turns to sun for needed solar energy - June 26, 1997
On Wednesday, the space station was operating at half power after the collision with a bus-sized cargo craft during a docking test.
It was the worst-ever space collision and the latest in a series of troubles that raise questions about the future of the 11-year-old Russian space station.
James Oberg, an expert on Russian space affairs, said the collision is just the latest example of why Mir should be abandoned as soon as possible.
www.cnn.com /TECH/9706/26/mir.collision.early/index.html   (1317 words)

 An introduction to the collision theory in rates of reaction
As a result of the collision between the two molecules, the double bond between the two carbons is converted into a single bond.
Where collisions are relatively gentle, there isn't enough energy available to start the bond-breaking process, and so the particles don't react.
Because of the key role of activation energy in deciding whether a collision will result in a reaction, it would obviously be useful to know what sort of proportion of the particles present have high enough energies to react when they collide.
www.chemguide.co.uk /physical/basicrates/introduction.html   (1150 words)

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